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Rethinking a Classic JAWNS revamps the notebook to create an “everyday-carry” essential. written and styled by JESSICA LEITCH SPOT A CREATIVE PERSON—a writer, an

artist, an innovator—and chances are there’s a notebook lurking in close proximity. It’s a must-have holding place for inspiration where they can write and sketch an idea as it strikes. This crucial nature of notepaper is what drove JAWNS founders Daniel Roberts, Michael Vollman, Dan Mills and Dave Illig to launch their first product in early 2014. The hybrid notebook-wallet combines purpose and utility, rethinking the two separate items and how, together, they fit into your life.

pocket for everyday tchotchkes or change. It’s currently available in two designs, Topo and Incline, but the JAWNS team hopes to expand the product line through collaborations with like-minded artists and individuals. A Kickstarter campaign featuring four new cover designs is currently underway as well, which the team hopes will fund large-scale production of this creative essential. JAWNS can be found locally at East + West or at

Inside the durable cover, made from a specialty paper that is waterproof, tear-resistant, tree-free and 100-percent recyclable, you’ll find pages with a unique triangular grid for list-making, notetaking and sketching. Each JAWNS is assembled by hand from a single piece of paper—after two product releases, the team jokes that they’re masters of origami. Because the JAWNS team members come from digital backgrounds, it’s surprising that they chose to create a physical product. But that’s the nature of creativity: “We still carry around notebooks for ideas,” says Roberts. “Works of art, architecture, film, etc., all started on pieces of paper. That’s going to continue to be the case. The next Bob Dylan is most likely writing in a notebook, not using an app.” The ultra-light wallet has places for cash, cards and a replaceable notebook, plus a utility





October 2015  

Eat + Drink

October 2015  

Eat + Drink