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1/14/16 4:52 PM

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” -Maya Angelou


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1/14/16 4:54 PM

Introducing ALIVE Wedding ALIVE weddings are unique, unconventional and celebrate a new perspective. They bring together creative couples who care deeply about crafting a beautiful day that leaves a lasting impact on everyone involved. ALIVE weddings embrace personal style, individuality and original rituals. Most importantly, ALIVE weddings honor true love, intimate ceremonies and enduring commitment above all else.


Share your special day using #ALIVEwedding for the chance to be featured on the ALIVE Wedding Facebook page.

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1/14/16 5:38 PM

meet the team Editor Rachel Brandt

Office Manager Laura Runde

Managing Editor Kelsey Waananen

Executive Assistant Jennifer Elliott

Fashion Editor Sarah Stallmann Community Manager Mackenzie Taylor

Editorial Advisor Jennifer Dulin Wiley Creative Director Amanda Dampf

Contributors Attilio D’Agostino, Jessica Leitch, Matt Pfaff, Jennifer Silverberg Cover Photographer Jennifer Silverberg Fashion Assistant Jeremy Gatzert

Contact 2200 Gravois Ave., #201 Art Assistant St. Louis, MO 63104-2848 Lexi Sesti Tel: 314.446.4059 Fax: 314.446.4052 Sales: 314.446.4056 Senior Account Executive Susie Jensen Account Executive Devon Crouse Account Manager Micaela Hasenmueller Sales Consultants Molly Fontana, Brigid Pritchard

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Co-founders Elizabeth Tucker + Kelly Hamilton + Attilio D’Agostino


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1/15/16 10:36 AM

Garden Party Draw inspiration from Mother Nature with earthy elements that are fully in bloom.


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1/14/16 5:42 PM

Manolo Blahnik “Carolyne” pump, Gucci heel and Yves Saint Laurent floral bag available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200. Filagree earrings available at The Vault, Brentwood, 314.736.6511. Auden choker, D&M Designs Keshi pearl necklace and Volcanica floral taper candle available at Vie, Ladue, 314.997.0124.

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1/14/16 5:42 PM

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1/14/16 5:43 PM

Gucci sneaker available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200. Scotch & Soda “Barfly” cologne, Nixon two-tone watch and Bellroy travel wallet available at 10denza, Central West End, 314.361.1010. Lonesome Traveler necktie, tie clip, cuff links and pocket squares available at

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1/14/16 5:43 PM

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1/15/16 9:47 AM


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1/15/16 9:47 AM

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1/15/16 9:46 AM


or couples that love to show off their bohemian spirit, crafting a visually stunning and budgetfriendly tablescape can be easy with the right tools and inspiration. Here are three simple ways to express your love for nature while creating a memorable experience for your guests and loved ones.

Custom Candle Holders (page 9) Using a variety of bottles, create a lighted centerpiece that casts the ultimate romantic glow on your dinner party. Materials needed: + Glass bottles of varying sizes and shapes + Rubbing alcohol and paper towel or cloth

2/ Cover your painting area (preferably outdoors or in a well ventilated area) with newspaper. Spray prepped bottles upright, using short bursts from 10 inches away, continuously turning the bottle until fully covered. 3/ Allow the first coat to dry completely, then repeat step two for the second coat. 4/ Using a lighter, heat the bottoms of the candles until wax begins to melt, placing about 1 inch of candle firmly in the bottles. Light and enjoy. Tip: For a shinier finish, spray a few extra coats.

Golden Leaf Name Cards Garnish your guests plates with a gilded place holder.

+ Spray paint in color of choice (we used Rust-oleum specialty metallic in gold for an even, matte finish)

Materials needed:

+ Classic drip or non-drip taper candles in varying heights

+ Spray paint in color of choice

Steps: 1/ Prep bottles by soaking in soapy warm water for 10 minutes to clean and easily remove labels. Let bottles air dry and wipe with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining particles and fingerprints.

+ Plastic leaves + Sharpie or paint marker Steps: 1/ Cover your painting area (preferably outdoors) with newspaper.


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1/15/16 9:45 AM

2/ Spray one or both sides of leaf using short bursts from 10 inches away until fully covered. Let dry completely before the next step. 3/ Gently write the first name of guests using a Sharpie or a paint marker. Tip: Use Sharpie paint pens in water-based paint in black or white. Or for a more script-like font, use acrylic paint and a fine paintbrush.

Petite Seed Pouch Gifts Provide guests with an addition to their garden while adding a natural element to the place setting. Materials needed: + Variety of seeds 12

+ Cheesecloth cut into small squares + Twine + Fresh lavender or eucalyptus stalk + Optional: Small cardstock tags with instructions Steps: 1/ Choose seeds that complement the rest of your tablescape—wildflowers, herbs, or a seasonal floral bloom. 2/ Wrap a small bundle of seeds in a cheesecloth square, twisting the top. 3/ Secure pouch with twine. Garnish with a stalk of fresh lavender or eucalyptus. Tip: Attach a handwritten instruction label or include information on a thank you card or menu if they are used in the table setting.


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1/15/16 9:48 AM

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1/15/16 9:49 AM

Rustic Union Inspiration from one couple’s woodland wedding. PHOTOS BY BREA PHOTOGRAPHY

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1/15/16 9:52 AM

BRIDE + GROOM Colleen Fitzsimmons + Noah Wiviott DRESS + SUIT Leanne Marshall + J. Crew CAKE The Cakery Bakery CUSTOM STATIONERY Jane Fitzsimmons FLOWERS Bloomin’ Buckets VENUE Bridal photos: Heirloom Room Reception: Neo on Locust

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1/15/16 9:53 AM

These three unique shoe trends will have you dancing down the aisle. BY RACHEL BRANDT

Put your best foot forward on your big day and make every accessory count. If comfort is key, express your personal style with a pair of high-tops or a sneaker wedge. Knock out something borrowed and something blue by selecting the perfect pair of 16

vintage heels from a cherished family member. Don’t rule out a pop of color or bold print when choosing a dress shoe and accent your outfit with a pair of fun socks. Score bonus points if they creatively clash with your tie!

Top photo by J Elizabeth Photography. Bottom left photo by Cryrolfe Photography LLC. Bottom right photo by Erica Robnett Photography.

Style, In Step


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1/15/16 11:27 AM

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1/15/16 9:52 AM

A celebration of unorthodox wedding bands. BY RACHEL BRANDT

Rings are often a focal point of a wedding ceremony and the selection is uniquely important, as it may be the only piece of jewelry you wear your entire life. Break with tradition and select a colored gem or birthstone to serve as the statement piece on your big 18

day. Or pay tribute to a relative by wearing a timeless family heirloom or vintage ring. If you’re wearing only a band, choose an unconventional hammered texture or go the sustainable route and wear a polished wooden ring.

Top left photo by Cryrolfe Photography LLC. Top right photo by Untamed Heart Photography. Bottom photo by J Elizabeth Photography.

With This Ring, I Thee Wed


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1/15/16 11:28 AM

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1/15/16 9:53 AM

Something Old, Something New Ruby Francis brings a sustainable twist to tradition for modern brides. BY JESSICA LEITCH + PHOTOS BY MATT PFAFF

Stephanie Larimer, the hands behind clothier Ruby Francis, is crafting sustainable gowns for brides with the wedding line Intended by Ruby Francis. With a focus on utilizing vintage fabrics and keeping the designs simple, Larimer allows the bride’s natural spirit to show through: “The dress only accentuates the beauty that lies within.” Where did you learn your craft? I started about 20 years ago and was hooked. I would teach myself how to read patterns and how to drape on the dress form with guidance from my mother and grandmother. I’ve taken a few online courses to advance my skills, but it’s really just time built on a family tradition. What inspired the Intended wedding line? When I got engaged about three years ago, I was determined to make my own wedding gown. I made two of them: one for the ceremony and one for the reception. It was a 20

challenge and I was a bit terrified, but it was so exciting I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I made a wedding gown. Some time went by and I was really itching to get back into making. I launched the first Intended line at the Off White Wedding Show in March 2015. The gowns are supposed to be a spin-off of the Ruby Francis aesthetic, which is Midwestern with less production and more heart. Really, more than anything, the dresses are meant to be simple in nature. The first Intended line was very bohemian. Will the new line feature that same aesthetic? Last year’s line was very flowy. The new line will display a few hints of more relaxed Edwardian and Victorian elements: high collars and button blouse concepts. The gowns will be more conservative in construction. There will definitely be a modest amount of sheer, lace, and ruffles.


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1/15/16 9:58 AM

Can you speak to the sustainability of the gowns you make? Every piece of the gown is vintage in some capacity. I get all the fabrics from thrift stores and estate sales. It gives the gowns a sense of history, and how exciting is it to say the dress is 100-percent vintage! What goes into creating a hand-made gown for a bride? From the bride choosing her fabric to her last fitting, the process can take as little as one month or as much as three months. It really depends on the bride’s schedule and wedding timeline. Since they are as involved in the process as I am, they may decide what kind of experience they want. They’ll pick a style from the line and we replicate that with fabrics from our collection. Every dress is one-of-a-kind in that way. I use both hand sewing and machine sewing methods to construct the gowns. There are details required in some of the construction process that only human hands can manage. I also use a serger to finish and secure edging. The serger gives you that professional look and helps the gowns last. My absolute favorite part of working with brides is that it is truly a collaborative effort. I have the privilege of meeting these amazing women and getting to know them in an intimate way. Slowly, they transform into a bride before my eyes. In their last fitting, I am able to see them exactly as they are intended to be: gorgeous. The 2016 Intended wedding line will be showcased at a trunk show at the Ruby Francis storefront on Feb. 13, 12-5pm at 2310 Cherokee Street. The Intended wedding line can also be viewed at

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1/15/16 9:59 AM

ALIVE Wedding is about inspiring creativity, celebrating the unconventional and honoring each couple’s own personal style. It is with these values in mind that we have handselected our partners and collaborated with them to share their stories and tips.

Photography by Attilio D’Agostino

Head to to read more about each of our partners’ inspiring stories, and turn to our partner directory on page 26 for more details.

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1/15/16 9:55 AM

Ease Your Mind

Allow yourself to enjoy every moment of your wedding day. To achieve a layered boho look like this one, partner with a professional wedding planner who understands your vision and can execute it. Planning a wedding is a big undertaking. Be inspired, not overwhelmed. Invest in your sanity and have no regrets.

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1/15/16 9:58 AM

Statement Style Few things in life make as dramatic a statement as a wedding gown. Amplify your personal style and wow your guests by choosing a stunning silhouette unique to you. A beautiful illusion back, accented with crystals or lace, will make the evening as memorable for them as it surely will be for you and your partner.

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1/18/16 1:50 PM

Forever Florals Create an unexpected twist to your wedding by incorporating florals that will last forever. Paper floral decorations can be added throughout the venue —tables, chairs, photo backdrops or interspersed with live flowers in your bouquet—to create a focal point and to add a feminine touch to your big day.

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1/18/16 1:51 PM

Featured Vendors Winter 2016 Preferred Partners

Catering backed by a history of providing dazzling dishes and personalized events for 40 years. 10405 Clayton Road, Frontenac, 314.991.6700,

Cyrano’s Café

A conveniently located venue with an interior design not seen in more traditional banquet rooms. 603 E. Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves, 314.963.3232, 26

Divine Events, LLC

Full-service wedding, event planning and coordination fueled by the lead consultant’s passion for bringing families together. 11425 Dorsett Road, Ste. 202, Maryland Heights, 314.669.5933,

Drury Hotels

Hotels that prioritize the guests’ comfort and experience with free Wi-Fi, hot breakfast and more. Multiple locations, 800.436.1169,

Photo by Brea Photography.

Ces & Judy’s Catering


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1/15/16 10:01 AM

Event Centers, Catering, & Special Event Design

Catering to unique St. Louis venues including: City Museum | the Foundry Art Centre

The Mahler Ballroom | The Sheldon Concert Hall Neo on Locust | The Jewel Box

World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park

See our website for additional locations.

We can help with all of the aspects of your wedding including rentals and entertainment.

City Museum

The Jewel Box

Perfect for intimate weddings, The Sheldon Concert Hall

World’s Fair Pavilion

rehearsal dinners, brunches and guestroom accomodations.

Banquet facilities for 50-800 guests Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions Rehearsal dinners - Bridal Showers

SOUTH COUNTY 314.638.6660 MARYLAND HEIGHTS 314.453.9000

Winter Wedding 2016_GUIDE Wedding.indd 2

314-685-3418 or 6177 Delmar in The Loop St. Louis, Missouri 63112

1/15/16 9:41 AM

Flowers & Weeds

Create memorable gifts for guests or find the perfect plants and flowers to adorn your venue and wedding party. 3201 Cherokee St., Benton Park West, 314.776.2887,

Goodies for Guests

Personalized welcome boxes for your out-oftown wedding guests filled with St. Louis goodies. Let them do the work for you! 314.422.0974,

Gregory’s Creative Cuisine

Diverse catering service with an emphasis on excellence and attention to detail for 26 years. 4700 Adkins Ave., Bevo, 314.481.4481,

PK Paper Art

Handmade paper floral decor to create long-lasting backdrops and accessories for your big day. 314.467.8042,

The Sheldon

Grand, historic event spaces combined with contemporary event planning for parties from 50-500 guests. 3648 Washington Blvd., Grand Center, 314.533.9900,

Silver Oaks Chateau

An enchanting and intimate venue with multiple indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony and reception. 1168 MO-100, Pacific, 314.280.8890,

SqWires Restaurant

Celebrate, dine and dance for your wedding, rehearsal or engagement party in the SqWires Annex or SqWires Front Room. 1415 S. 18th St., Lafayette Square, 314.865.3522,

Style: Altar’d

Full-service planning and design celebrating the little things that make each couple unique. 2105 Marconi Ave, The Hill, 314.852.1630,


A menu that will please the whole family, conveniently found in seven different area locations in MO and IL. Multiple locations,

Offering 10,000 square feet of newly renovated event space—including a ballroom with sophisticated décor—for both ceremonies and receptions. 811 N. 9th St., Downtown, 314.421.4000 x104,

Mia Grace Bridal

A bridal boutique dedicated to helping brides look their most beautiful while retaining their own individual styles. 108 Chesterfield Towne Center, Chesterfield, 636.778.3433,

Moonrise Hotel

The most unique and funky STL wedding spaces, including the stellar rooftop. 6177 Delmar Blvd., Delmar Loop, 314.721.1111,

Orlando’s Catering and Banquets

A family-owned catering and event facility that handles your wedding needs from start to finish— including rentals, food and bar. Multiple locations, 28

St. Louis Union Station

A landmark that seamlessly blends historic elegance with modern, luxurious amenities. Find amazement in the majestic Grand Hall and 3-D light show while relaxing in the AAA 4 Diamond hotel. 1820 Market St., Downtown, 314.231.1234,

Left photo by J. Elizabeth Photography. Right photo by John Dolan.

Holiday Inn St. Louis-Downtown at the Convention Center


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1/15/16 10:09 AM

Open Tuesday-Sunday 3201 Cherokee Street (314)776-2887

Romantic, garden-style floral design with a focus on sustainability Using seasonal and local blooms, (many of which come from our own cutting garden) we create lush, natural arrangements





Winter Wedding 2016_GUIDE Wedding.indd 4

Call The Director of Events at 314.533.9900 or visit

1/15/16 9:41 AM

To Have & To Hold Tips for crafting original vows BY RACHEL BRANDT + PHOTO BY JENNIFER SILVERBERG

1/ Let your betrothed and your guests know right off the bat that this is a personal moment for the two of you. Address your significant other by name, or if it’s more normal to use a nickname go with that. 2/ Next, lead with a personal statement. The most rewarding thing about writing your own vows is making them unique and heartfelt. Tell your partner that you love them here. 3/ Include a personal story. Remind your loved one about a first date, something funny they said to you or

how they looked when your eyes first met. 4/ Next, lead into the vows with a sentence about why you’re making them. 5/ List out your promises to your partner. Discuss beforehand how many promises you will make to each other to keep your statements similar. 6/ Some couples plan to close with the same line; decide beforehand if you want to mark this as a moment with your partner.

1/ My Love, 2/ I never knew I could want something so badly until I met you. 3/ Of course I played it cool and pretended like I didn’t like you, but I was hooked the first time your blond hair fell across your face as you played your guitar. 4/ You are hilarious, smart, weird, sensitive and perfect for me. Sometimes I feel guilty because our love is so great. But I know what I have. 5/ And so… I promise to try and never take it for granted. I promise to hold on to you forever. I promise to take care of you the best way I can. For richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, I promise to always stand beside you. I promise I’ll make mistakes, but I promise I’ll make up for them. I promise to always think you’re hot, even when that hair I love so much falls out. I promise to keep doing your laundry, even though you say you’ll do it someday. I promise to love our children as fiercely and consistently as I love you. I promise I’ll love you forever because from the moment I met you I knew I couldn’t do anything else. 6/ I promise always and forever, on and on, ’til death do us part, we’re playing for keeps.

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1/15/16 10:04 AM

Cyrano’s Cafe Private Banquet Room

Perfect for • Brunch • Rehearsal Dinners • Showers • Small Receptions

Syberg's On & Off Premise Catering

You deserve the best on your wedding day

For more information please contact Deneva at 314-963-3434 or

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603 E. Lockwood Ave • Webster Groves • MO 63119

Syberg’s Dorsett Event Space & Catering helps you create the best experience on your special day for you and your guests

! Indulge !

Celebrating 26 Award Winning Years Catering weddings, bat and bar mitzvahs, wine dinners, corporate catering and themed parties. We are ready to apply our considerable skill and enthusiasm to make your event a time you and your guests will remember with pride and happiness.

314.481.4481 | |

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More than 35 Years of Entertaining Experience When your wedding ends, don’t let the fun end. Syberg’s Dorsett has several on-site hotels and live music every weekend to continue the party all night long!


2430 Old Dorsett Road |

1/15/16 9:43 AM

Set the Mood Bookend your first day as a married couple with songs that channel positivity and love. BY RACHEL BRANDT + PHOTO BY JENNIFER SILVERBERG

Winding Up 1/ “God Only Knows,” The Beach Boys 2/ “Like a Virgin,” Madonna 3/ “Brand New Key,” Melanie Safka 4/ “Go,” The Chemical Brothers feat. Q-Tip

Winding Down 1/ “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins),” Father John Misty 2/ “Tennessee Whiskey,” Chris Stapleton 3/ “Let’s Stay Together,” Al Green 4/ “At Last,” Etta James

5/ “Friday I’m in Love,” The Cure

5/ “Crazy Love,” Van Morrison

6/ “Is This Love,” Bob Marley

6/ “It Had to Be You,” Tony Bennett

7/ “Drunk in Love,” Beyonce feat. Jay Z

7/ “Shelter,” Ray LaMontagne

8/ “What You Don’t Do,” Lianne La Havas

8/ “I’m on Fire,” Bruce Springsteen

9/ “You Never Can Tell,” Chuck Berry

9/ “I Do it for Your Love,” Herbie Hancock feat. Paul Simon

10/ “Something in the Water,” Pokey LaFarge

10/ “Let’s Get it On,” Marvin Gaye

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1/15/16 10:06 AM

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” -Maya Angelou


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1/14/16 4:52 PM

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