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Photos by Emily Iovaldi.

A classic backdrop for an enduring commitment. 6300 CLAYTON RD • 314.647.7300 • CHESHIRESTL.COM

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9/16/16 11:55 AM

Photo by Ashley Switzer

Photo by Abbie Takes Pictures.

The setting is secluded, intimate and set in an enchanting native preserve offering outdoors ceremony and dining possibilities.

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314.993.1100 | 1335 South Lindbergh Boulevard | St. Louis, Missouri | 63131

9/16/16 11:14 AM

ALIVE Wedding ALIVE weddings are unique, unconventional and celebrate a new perspective. They bring together creative couples who care deeply about crafting a beautiful day that leaves a lasting impact on everyone involved. ALIVE weddings embrace personal style, individuality and original rituals. Most importantly, ALIVE weddings honor true love, intimate ceremonies and enduring commitment above all else. Share your special day using #ALIVEwedding for the chance to be featured on ALIVE Wedding social media.

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9/16/16 1:53 PM

Adam Foster An introduction to a St. Louis custom jeweler.


Tall, bearded, and slightly sarcastic, Adam Foster exudes the persona of a modern craftsman. He welcomed us into his clean, minimal Brentwood studio wearing a canvas-apron and stylish black specs, and warmed us with his laid-back style and masculine edge. He clearly has a keen eye for original design. We chatted among the grey walls, concrete floors and wooden furniture of his studio as he explained how his process is a far cry from what some might call a traditional jewelry buying experience. “I don’t sell,” says Foster matter-of-factly. “I really hated everything about the average fine jewelry buying experience and wanted to take that

completely out of the equation. Who wants to go into a store and feel pressured, or buy over a counter? This isn’t the ‘pick a band, then pick a stone, creating a ring that you customized because you picked a square instead of a round’ type of experience.” While most people would assume that having a personal jeweler is something that is reserved for a limited set, Foster is passionate about his commitment to cater to his clients, gauge their needs and create something beautiful for their budget. “It’s really all about them,” says Foster. “I want to know what they would want if money wasn’t an issue, what their interests are, their careers, and most importantly, what they hate. I want to


Winter Wedding 2016_Interview Adam Foster.indd 2


9/16/16 7:49 AM

hear about all of the girlfriends who got rings you didn’t like, basically, because that lets me inside your head.” Using a mix of rough sketches, 3-D CAD and 3-D prototyping, Foster creates a mockup product giving the customer a detailed visual of what the piece will look like. He says, “At that point, we will go back and forth about what you like about it, what you don’t like about it, cutting out the margin for error. This also allows me to gauge a price based on the stones, settings and amount of work that will go into it.” Foster’s approach takes out the middleman, creating less of a telephone effect when it comes to the creation process. “The same person who is talking to you initially about


what you want is the one who’s setting your stone and creating the piece from scratch,” Foster continues. “There’s no ‘was I talking to the same person?’ or ‘this doesn’t look like what I asked for.’ It’s a very personal and communicative experience for the client the entire time, unless you don’t want it to be. I can work that way too.” The customer isn’t just involved in the ring-making process, they’re learning the industry as well. “It’s not about me selling you a diamond—they aren’t my diamonds,” says Foster with a chuckle. “I don’t care if I sell it or not. What I care about is that you are picking something you really love, know where it was sourced, know why the price is what it is, and that the result is something you are excited about.”


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9/16/16 7:49 AM

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9/16/16 7:50 AM

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9/16/16 7:31 AM

Mark Cutright of Cutright Knives A conversation with a fervent St. Louis cutlery artisan.


Sharp as a tack in both process and result, Mark Cutright has fallen in love with a skill that went from a hobby to a passion: creating knives with the utmost precision. The self-taught crafter spares no detail; the shape, thickness, handle material and style of leather sheath are created using years of trial-and-error training. Even the timeconsuming heat treating process—which takes the highcarbon steel from its starting point to a knife edge ready for sharpening—is done by Cutright’s hand. The blades, fasteners and handles are fully customizable making one of Cutright’s knives a thoughtful gift from a bride-to-be to her betrothed, or a groom to his group of outdoorsy groomsmen. When did you start making knives? The first knife I created was made 13 years ago from an industrial band-saw blade and was quite rudimentary. Unlike most hobbies I had dabbled in, making knives resonated with me on a much deeper level. It has become one of the ways I identify myself. It just feels natural when I’m creating them. Perhaps most interesting, the more I create, the more I want to create; it has a compulsive snowball effect on me. What is your favorite part of the process? I think the grinding of the steel is my favorite part. It’s relatively easy work and goes fairly quickly. It’s also where you see the fastest gains. It goes from being a factory-fresh piece of steel to a knife. Conversely, it’s also the most intimidating because you’ve started the project and there’s much to do before it’s finished. The entire process has pros and cons; it’s a balancing act, always.

Tell us about the materials you use. All of the blades are made of high carbon steel. It’s robust and easy to sharpen. For handles, I prefer stabilized wood—natural wood that is vacuum treated with polymers to minimize swelling, cracking and warping—plus Dymondwood brand laminated wood and Micarta. Natural untreated wood, bone and horn are also used from time to time. Silver, brass, bronze, copper, nickel and mokume gane—a Japanese laminated metal that I make in-house—is often used in accent work or fasteners. And lastly, sheaths are offered in leather. They are all made the same way as the knives, with Americanmade components, one at a time and by hand. What are your knives most often used for? A lot of people purchase knives for general chore work and for hunting, while others are purchased for collecting. Regardless of what they are actually used for, I think my favorite is when someone gifts one of my knives to a loved one. What is the biggest challenge during your creation process? Initially, the entire creative process was the challenge. There was a creative void until I found some inspiration. Later, as I discovered more about myself, it became about solving technical problems. Problem-solving is by far the most important asset I have. If I had to really decide on one facet that challenges me, it would be staying organized. I want to create and that creative tornado also makes a mess, and that mess won’t just clean itself up. And yes, Cutright is my real last name.


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9/16/16 7:26 AM

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par ties

corp o rat e e v ent s

co ckta i l s

812 U NIO N B LVD., ST. LOUIS 6 3 1 0 8 T. 314-224-5521 | HEL LO@BOOC ATCLUB.COM

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9/16/16 7:21 AM

I Make My Own Sunshine A local wedding drenched in love. BY ERIN MCKEE + PHOTOS BY J. ELIZABETH PHOTOGRAPHY

Little did Kaitlin Thomure know, Cathy Ango only had eyes for her. During the time the two had known each other through mutual friends, Cathy had always felt that Kaitlin was the most beautiful girl in the room, but she had always been certain Kaitlin was out of her league. It had taken some mustering, but eventually Cathy worked up the courage to text Kaitlin to go on a date. Kaitlin agreed with a “Why not?” That quick exchange resulted in a first date that lasted an entire blissful day.

Fast forward through two years of dating to one evening when Kaitlin took Cathy out to dinner to celebrate Cathy’s upcoming birthday. It was a pleasant surprise for Cathy when the couple returned to their home to find flower petals and candles had been spread everywhere, but she didn’t suspect it was anything other than an early birthday gift. She even remained happily unaware as she paged through the elaborate scrapbook Kaitlin had made reflecting their years together. It wasn’t ALIVE WEDDING // ISSUE 4

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9/16/16 7:22 AM

until Cathy turned to the last page and found a ring tied neatly to the paper that everything fell into place. Through Cathy’s shock, Kaitlin had to prompt her to respond. Fortunately, Kaitlin got the answer she wanted.

of Occasions by Keby), along with friends and family, pulled off a series of last-minute decisions and changes to ultimately bring the beautiful outdoor wedding off without a hitch.

The morning of their wedding, May 30, 2015, brought a deluge of rain to their venue on Kaitlin’s parents’ land in Imperial, Missouri. The downpour had Kaitlin feeling jittery about the fate of their outdoor wedding. As though she could sense her soon-to-be wife’s worries, Cathy sent her a YouTube link to the song “I Make My Own Sunshine” by Alyssa Bonagura, which immediately calmed Kaitlin’s jumping nerves. Despite the rain, their dear friend and wedding planner Keby Enloe (owner

Shortly before the wedding, the couple had their first looks. As soon as Kaitlin turned around, Cathy was struck once again by the feeling that Kaitlin was the most beautiful woman in the room, and in that moment, she felt endlessly lucky that she’d get to spend the rest of her life with the embodiment of all her dreams come true.


Find more wedding stories like Cathy and Kaitlin’s on


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9/16/16 7:22 AM

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9/16/16 7:22 AM

Winter Florals Craft your own bridal bouquet using the season’s muted tones and textures.


Spend a bright morning prior to your ceremony choosing from winter’s foliage to build a beautiful bouquet that will enhance your photos and weave yet another lasting memory into your wedding day.

while colors can either be seasonal—like shades of crimson and ivy—or be planned to correspond with your overall color palette.

Natural textures and florals found during the winter season are rich and vibrant, and include berries, twigs and seeds to accent your nosegay.

Small birch branches, Mondial roses, Rosemary, Blue thistle, Pheasant feathers, Silver brunia, White waxflower, Eucalyptus, Viburnum berry, Dusty Miller

Kira Mulvany of St. Charles-based Roses & Mint Florals suggests choosing several elements that will allow your bouquet to show off the beauty of the season. Off beat elements like feathers, branches and herbs add a touch of the unexpected,

Wedding Issue 4 2016 Floral DIY Feature.indd 1



Sturdy clippers, Scissors, Zip ties, Waterproof tape, Floral tape, Ribbon or leather strapping, Decorative straight pins

9/16/16 12:08 PM

TIPS: 1/ Add contrasting textures by using soft feathers, roses and dusty miller to round silver brunia, spiky sea holly and pine-like elements of the rosemary and wax-flowers. 2/ Look for inspiration right outside your door. Even during the winter season, you’ll be surprised by the variety you could use in your winter bouquet. 3/ When choosing a color scheme, think in terms of

shades. Just like you’ll use a variety of textures, use several tones in your bouquet. In this case, we went with a mostly white, blue and silver color scheme adding touches of brown with twigs, feathers and leather. 4/ If you’re inspired by the red berries of the season, consider adding some deep wine or raspberry roses. If you love the look of softer green eucalyptus, add a deeper green tone like that of camellia foliage to set it off. Most importantly, choose what you love. ALIVE WEDDING // ISSUE 4

Wedding Issue 4 2016 Floral DIY Feature.indd 2


9/16/16 1:43 PM

Wedding Issue 4 2016 Floral DIY Feature.indd 3

9/16/16 9:04 AM

STEPS: 1/ Start with your favorite rose, along with a stem of each accent flower in your bouquet. Hold them in your hand loosely. 2/ Continue adding the roses and other elements around that center grouping. Turn the bouquet after you’ve added stems to keep everything spread evenly

throughout. Keep a loose grip so you can easily adjust any stems throughout the process. 3/ Add an additional ring or layer of roses and accent flowers, until the bouquet is the size desired. 4/ Next, add feathers and small birch branches. Consider grouping the feathers together in one area to make a bigger visual impact. ALIVE WEDDING // ISSUE 4

Wedding Issue 4 2016 Floral DIY Feature.indd 4


9/16/16 9:05 AM

STEPS continued: 5/ Secure the bouquet with a zip tie at the top, which work great for winter’s woody stems. Then, wrap a few layers of waterproof tape around the zip ties and stems, for extra security. Next, wrap your stems with floral tape. This smooths the bouquet handle and sets the stage for the finishing touches.


6/ Finally, wrap the bouquet handle with ribbon, lace, leather or another desired material. Secure it with decorative pins or with a knot. For this bouquet, we chose rose gold- and camel-colored leather strapping. Give the bottom of your stems a final trim so they’re even with each other. Special thanks to model Tara Johnson @ West Model Management and Adam Foster Jewelry.


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9/16/16 12:08 PM

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9/16/16 3:37 PM

Exceeding Your Expectations Is Our Expectation! TheLodge Lodgeinin Des Peres The Des Peres

Proud preferred caterer for:

The Jewel Box in Forest Park

The World’s Fair Pavilion • The Jewel Box The Magic House • The Lodge in Des Peres Center of Clayton • The Old Post Office

Here, There, Anywhere, Any Menu


The World’s Fair Pavillion

“The Wedding Experts” Let us customize a special menu just for your wedding. We are a full-service catering and solutions company. Co-founders, Joe Fresta & Kim Tucci

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Bridal Gowns • Bridesmaids Mother of the Bride/Groom Flower Girl

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108 Chesterfield Towne Center Chesterfield, MO 63005 636-778-3433

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9/22/16 11:36 AM

Featured Vendors 2016 Preferred Partners A venue devoted to bringing together people in unexpected, extraordinary ways in a space that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 812 Union Blvd., Academy, 314.224.5521,

Ces & Judy’s Catering

Catering backed by a history of providing dazzling dishes and personalized events for 40 years. 10405 Clayton Road, Frontenac, 314.991.6700,

Cheree Berry Paper

They are paper people! As visual storytellers, 26

Cheree Berry Paper creates designs that are clever, unexpected and create anticipation for any occasion. 215 North Meramec Ave., Clayton, 314.533.6688,

The Cheshire

Featuring unique novelty suites and beautiful British charm, this hotel can be the crown jewel of your special day. 6300 Clayton Road, Richmond Heights, 314.647.7300,

Cyrano’s Café

A conveniently located venue with an interior design not seen in more traditional banquet rooms. 603 E. Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves, 314.963.3434,

Photo by J. Elizabeth Photography.

Boo Cat Club


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9/16/16 1:45 PM

Photo by J Elizabeth Photography.

Event Centers, Catering & Special Event Design

Kurtis Hall Photography

We can help with all of the aspects of your event including rentals and entertainment.

Catering to unique St. Louis venues including: •MAJORette! •Neo on Locust •World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park

Perfect for intimate weddings, rehearsal dinners, brunches

See our website for additional locations.

Stephanie Bannon Photography

and guestroom accomodations.

314-685-3418 or Maryland Heights • 314-453-9000 South County • 314-638-6660

6177 Delmar in The Loop St. Louis, Missouri 63112

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9/16/16 9:24 AM

Full-service wedding, event planning and coordination fueled by the lead consultant’s passion for bringing families together. 11425 Dorsett Road, Ste. 202, Maryland Heights, 314.669.5933,

Drury Hotels

Hotels that prioritize the guests’ comfort and experience with free Wi-Fi, hot breakfast and more. Multiple locations, 800.436.1169,

Goodies for Guests

Frontenac is dedicated to flawless coordination and unmatched personal service. 1335 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Frontenac, 314.993.1100,

Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch

Celebrate your special day under the Arch with wedding venues ranging from grand ballrooms to intimate spaces and a rooftop terrace. 315 Chestnut St., Downtown, 314.342.4655,


Personalized welcome boxes for your out-oftown wedding guests filled with St. Louis goodies. Let them do the work for you! 314.422.0974,

If you’re looking to put on a show, then you’ve found the right place. Majorette is a brand-new event space in St. Louis where all your ideas are possible. 7150 Manchester Ave., Maplewood, 314.224.5775,

Gregory’s Creative Cuisine

Mia Grace Bridal

Diverse catering service with an emphasis on excellence and attention to detail for 26 years. 4700 Adkins Ave., Bevo, 314.481.4481,

A bridal boutique dedicated to helping brides look their most beautiful while retaining their own individual styles. 108 Chesterfield Towne Center, Chesterfield, 636.778.3433,

Holiday Inn St. Louis-Downtown at the Convention Center

Moonrise Hotel

Offering 10,000 square feet of newly renovated event space—including a ballroom with sophisticated decor—for both ceremonies and receptions. 811 N. 9th St., Downtown, 314.421.4000 x104,

Hilton St. Louis Frontenac

From the rehearsal dinner to the bouquet toss and everything in between, Hilton St. Louis 28

The most unique and funky STL wedding spaces, including the stellar rooftop. 6177 Delmar Blvd., Delmar Loop, 314.721.1111,

North13th - at the Knickerbocker

From the historic architecture to the large picturesque windows, North13th at the Knickerbocker has the perfect mix of charm and history. 1300 Washington Ave., St. Louis,

Photo of Adam Foster Jewelry.

Divine Events, LLC


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9/21/16 3:46 PM

Photo of Adam Foster Jewelry.

Just anticipate the moment. We’ll handle the details.

Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch provides the perfect setting for any wedding occasion: from dynamic grand ballrooms and the inviting Park View room to the memorable rooftop Gateway Ballroom and terrace overlooking the Gateway Arch. For more information, call 314 342 4655 or visit HYATT REGENCY ST. LOUIS AT THE ARCH 315 Chestnut Street St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 63102 The trademarks HYATT®, Hyatt Regency®, and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt Corporation. ©2016 Hyatt Corporation. All rights reserved.

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6/8/2016 10:56:26 AM

Cyrano’s Cafe Private Banquet Room

Perfect for


• Brunch • Rehearsal Dinners • Showers • Small Receptions


For more information please contact Deneva at 314-963-3434 or CES & JUDY’S CATERING at LE CHATEAU 10405 CLAYTON ROAD | ST LOUIS, MO 63131 WWW.CESANDJUDYS.COM | 314-991-6700

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603 E. Lockwood Ave • Webster Groves • MO 63119

9/16/16 2:40 PM

Orlando’s Catering and Banquets

A family-owned catering and event facility that handles your wedding needs from start to finish— including rentals, food and bar. Multiple locations,

Overlook Farm

A perfectly gorgeous setting for your event. Enjoy farm-fresh fare and unwind in one of several historic inns or the Courtyard at Overlook Farm. 901 S. Hwy. 79, 573.242.3838,

Pasta House

The Pasta House Co. Catering is here, there, anywhere with any menu! Exceeding your expectations is their expectation. 2200 59 St., St. Louis, 314.644.1400

Peabody Opera House

Celebrate the happiest day of your life at Peabody Opera House in the heart of Downtown St. Louis. 1400 Market St., Downtown,

Roses & Mint Florals

floral experience. St. Charles, 314.502.9950,

The Sheldon

Grand, historic event spaces combined with contemporary event planning for parties from 50-500 guests. 3648 Washington Blvd., Grand Center, 314.533.9900,

Silver Oaks Chateau

An enchanting and intimate venue with multiple indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony and reception. 1168 MO-100, Pacific, 314.280.8890,

SqWires Restaurant

Celebrate, dine and dance for your wedding, rehearsal or engagement party in the SqWires Annex or SqWires Front Room. 1415 S. 18th St., Lafayette Square, 314.865.3522,


A menu that will please the whole family, conveniently found in seven different area locations in MO and IL. Multiple locations,

Helping you tell your love story with flowers, and offering every couple a fun and personal 30


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9/16/16 1:46 PM


Food & Beverage Packages | Available for on & off site events Syberg's Catering & Family of Restaurants - STL 314.832.4856



Catering weddings, bat and bar mitzvahs, wine dinners, corporate catering and themed parties. We are ready to apply our considerable skill and enthusiasm to make your event a time you and your guests will remember with pride and happiness.

314.481.4481 | |

Wedding Issue 4 2016_GUIDE Wedding.indd 6

Call The Director of Events at 314.533.9900 or visit

9/16/16 9:28 AM

My Girl Timeless song selections for a dance worth having.

While we encourage bucking convention on your big day, we believe some customs should be embraced. Enter the father-daughter dance. Whether that special person in your life is your father, mother or perhaps a special uncle or good friend, sharing a dance with a loved one at your wedding reception can be a moment you’ll treasure forever. We’ve compiled a list of songs that will please several generations in this coupling.

“Daughter,” Loudon Wainwright III “Blue Skies,” Frank Sinatra “Tiny Dancer,” Elton John “Unforgettable,” Nat King Cole “You Are the Sunshine of My Life,” Stevie Wonder “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys,” Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings “Stand By Me,” Ben E. King “You Are the Best Thing,” Ray LaMontagne “Forever Young,” Rhiannon Giddens feat. Iron & Wine “Sea of Love,” Cat Power

Wedding Issue 4 2016_EDITORIAL CONTENT Playlist.indd 1

9/16/16 7:56 AM

Photo by Ashley Switzer

Photo by Abbie Takes Pictures.

The setting is secluded, intimate and set in an enchanting native preserve offering outdoors ceremony and dining possibilities.

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314.993.1100 | 1335 South Lindbergh Boulevard | St. Louis, Missouri | 63131

9/16/16 11:14 AM

Photos by Emily Iovaldi.

A classic backdrop for an enduring commitment. 6300 CLAYTON RD • 314.647.7300 • CHESHIRESTL.COM

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Wedding Issue 4 2016


Wedding Issue 4 2016