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I Make My Own Sunshine A local wedding drenched in love. BY ERIN MCKEE + PHOTOS BY J. ELIZABETH PHOTOGRAPHY

Little did Kaitlin Thomure know, Cathy Ango only had eyes for her. During the time the two had known each other through mutual friends, Cathy had always felt that Kaitlin was the most beautiful girl in the room, but she had always been certain Kaitlin was out of her league. It had taken some mustering, but eventually Cathy worked up the courage to text Kaitlin to go on a date. Kaitlin agreed with a “Why not?” That quick exchange resulted in a first date that lasted an entire blissful day.

Fast forward through two years of dating to one evening when Kaitlin took Cathy out to dinner to celebrate Cathy’s upcoming birthday. It was a pleasant surprise for Cathy when the couple returned to their home to find flower petals and candles had been spread everywhere, but she didn’t suspect it was anything other than an early birthday gift. She even remained happily unaware as she paged through the elaborate scrapbook Kaitlin had made reflecting their years together. It wasn’t ALIVE WEDDING // ISSUE 4

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9/16/16 7:22 AM


Wedding Issue 4 2016

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