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2013 - Media Kit

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ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

ALIVE offers integrated marketing solutions to reach STL’s most active consumers.


ALIVE is the lifestyle authority for St. Louis’ emerging, aspiring and affluent consumers. Through our print and online media, signature events and brand extensions, we create innovative, relevant content and develop deep relationships with readers that keep them engaged.

ALIVE Magazine ALIVE is the lifestyle authority for St. Louis’ most active, style-conscious consumers. Over the last 10 years, ALIVE Magazine has become a mustread for the city’s aspiring, influential and affluent set. As the leading lifestyle publication in the market, ALIVE delivers its fresh editorial to over 150,000 readers each month, covering the topics of fashion, dining, home, bridal, the arts and people. ALIVE’s digital media team delivers the most engaging lifestyle content in the region across multiple platforms., the go-to resource for 25- to 49-year-old influential audiences seeking the most up-todate information. Our list of email subscribers is unmatched in the region and offers readers the chance to receive the content they want directly in their inboxes. ALIVE also utilizes the power of social media to interact with readers on a daily basis editorially and on behalf of our clients.

ALIVE Events ALIVE is known for its high-quality and well-attended events. ALIVE hosts issue launch parties, special events and custom soirees for clients and produces the annual Saint Louis Fashion Week. Event sponsorships offer the ideal environment to capture the attention of ALIVE’s active, on-the-town consumers, while our ability to create custom events—from grand opening parties to anniversary events—helps clients gain broader reach at a great value.

ALIVE Integrated Marketing Solutions ALIVE is a publishing house, digital marketing firm and event producer, all in one. We understand that to achieve the best results for your business, you need to custom-fit your marketing to your industry, your market and your customers. ALIVE offers an integrated approach, combining print, online and experiential advertising, allowing you to create the best marketing campaigns to reach your audience effectively and efficiently. 2

ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

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AGE AGES 21–34 AGES 21–44 AGES 25–54

45% 73% 79%





76% 69% College/ Advanced Degrees

71% Some College/ College Grad


Earning more than $70,000/YEAR


68% of ALIVE readers say they frequently purchase products or services after seeing an ad in the magazine. 58% of readers pass along their copy of ALIVE to friends and family after they read it.

56% of ALIVE readers say ALIVE is their #1 source for information on upcoming events happening in St. Louis.

Source: ALIVE Reader Survey, Fall 2011 and CVC readership audit, 2012


ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

ALIVE Magazine delivers STL’s most coveted consumers

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Monthly circulation


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Source: CVC Readership Audit, 2012; ALIVE Reader Survey, Fall 2011


94% of ALIVE readers say they read 3 out of every 4 issues.

ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

ALIVE Magazine delivers STL’s most coveted consumers

68% of ALIVE readers say they made a purchase after seeing an advertisement in the magazine.


ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

In Every Issue: Fashion, Dining, Nightlife & Culture

Editorial OVERVIEW ALIVE’s editorial offers a consistent, in-the-know point of view on what’s new, now and next in St. Louis.

“iT'S alwayS aMazinG Lost and found

Mel Trad SculpTure arTiST


On any given day of the week, Mel Trad might be found exploring abandoned buildings or poking around architectural salvage yards. The resourceful artist searches for inspiration and interesting materials wherever she can find or buy them, then manipulates those materials into one-of-a-kind sculptures that connect us to our past. A “big turning point” came this year when she achieved a major financial and career milestone as a 2012 winner in the Contemporary Art Museum’s prestigious Great Rivers Biennial. But, it’s the process that motivates her more than the finished work. For Trad, it’s about the journey of discovery, where her finished work exists not only as an art object, but as a window into ideas and the perception of meaning. Although she has demonstrated artistic skill since she was young, it’s only in the last four years that she has concentrated on sculpture, much of which addresses gender and the human body—the push and pull of masculine and feminine combined in the same piece. In addition to CAM, her works have been shown locally at Pig Slop Studios and Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, as well as in California at the Under the Bridge and Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Galleries. Trad is currently busy developing her own STL gallery, Lemp308, where she’ll serve in a loose curatorial role and as an artist. Until then, Trad hopes to keep on her current path: working in her Lemp Brewery studio creating art that explores how we express ideas and value objects. She acknowledges that there will always be new chapters, new developments and new avenues that she’ll find herself on, but one thing is certain: She’ll “always, always, continue to make art.”


Dining/Nightlife/ PARTY COVERAGE




Fashion & STYLE

ARTS, CULTURE & CHARITIES ALIVE is passionate about the arts, and so are our readers. Each month, we feature in-depth info on arts and culture events. We also profile local charities, letting readers know how to get involved.

Heavy MettLe

Gina alvarez Fiber arTiST, vSa execuTive direcTor

To be recoGnized For your work. There are a loT oF STronG woMen in The arTS in ST. louiS.” - Gina alvarez

“I feel like I’m still in a trajectory,” says Gina Alvarez, a well-established St. Louis fiber artist, arts administrator and teacher. To top it off, she was just named the Executive Director of VSA Missouri, the statewide organization on arts and disability, where she’ll organize art exhibitions throughout the state to create opportunities for artists with disabilities. As a person who’s accustomed to jumping right in and getting her hands dirty, Alvarez tested her mettle by taking an arts administrator position in Italy right after college without even knowing the language. The international position left her well-equipped to take over as the education and gallery director at St. Louis Artists’ Guild, and now VSA, where she’ll use her knowledge of contemporary art to help others. Then there’s her own art, seen in galleries from New York to Chicago and locally at Fontbonne, SLU, UMSL, Fort Gondo, The Sheldon, Art St. Louis and Craft Alliance, where she was the first fiber artist-in-residence—not to mention a recipient of a 2012 Grand Center Visionary Award. Most recently, Alvarez received a grant from Critical Mass, along with two collaborators, to produce a book titled “366 Skies,” featuring a picture of the sky taken by Alvarez every day of the leap year, accompanied by an original poem produced by Jessica Baran and printed by Amy Thompson of Paper Boat Studios. Meanwhile, she’s adding to her already full palette by opening a studio this October in South City to teach classes, hold exhibitions and provide opportunities for other artists. That’s what she loves about being an administrator, and it’s exactly where she sees herself in the future—giving others a chance to create and show their art.

September 2012




BRIDAL ALIVE covers wedding engagement stories of St. Louis couples every month. Four times per year, our editorial team also puts together the ALIVE Bride wedding planning guide, offering scores of resources for the modern St. Louis bride-to-be.


2% 2% 2% HOME


A Game of Numbers

Work/ Career

Dan Kantrovitz, 33 Director of Scouting, St. Louis Cardinals When he Was a high school intern with the cardinals more than 15 years ago, Dan Kantrovitz’s career goal was to play shortstop out on the field. it didn’t work out—but now, as the team’s director of scouting, he can’t imagine a more perfect position. throughout his life, Busch stadium’s magnetism has proven hard to resist. there was that internship, but better by far was being drafted in the 25th round in 2001. “Being on the other side of that now, when i call some of the players immediately after we draft them, i know the excitement that they’re feeling because i can’t remember a more exciting day in my life. except for when i got married,” he adds quickly with a smile. a shoulder injury in college ended his minor league career almost before it began, and Dan left baseball to apply his management degree as an investment banker. it wasn’t the career for him. Baseball beckoned. he sent résumés, emailed teams and applied for openings. “i wasn’t going to give up,” Dan says. “it became clear that whether somebody was going to pay me to work in baseball or not, i was going to do it.” he found a startup in seattle that was developing software to analyze player stats. it was perfect, with one catch: no paycheck. “i went from working on Wall street to living in a garage in seattle, but it was phenomenal,” Dan says. During spring training, the company demoed the software to Major league teams, including the cardinals. “that might have planted a seed,” Dan admits, because he later got a call suggesting he apply for a low-level assistant job in the scouting department. “i said, ‘i’ve gotta get this job—it’s what i’ve been working


April 2012

It became clear that whether somebody was going to pay me to work in baseball or not, I was going to do it. my whole life to do,’ and they said, ‘Well, don’t get your hopes up; there are about a thousand other people that are in the same boat.’” that motivated him like never before. “i was used to fighting for jobs; i was never the biggest player out on the baseball field,” he admits. “it never came easy for me to work my way up in the baseball world, so i tapped into that and kept fighting for that job.” he won the job in 2004. after several years of scouting from latin america to asia and across the United states, Dan wanted a deeper knowledge of the analytical side. he left for harvard, where one of the professors had done groundbreaking research in baseball, and from there, he went to the oakland a’s, where he spent three years with legendary general manager Billy Beane (portrayed by Brad Pitt in “Moneyball”).

then, in December 2011, the cardinals called again. this time, he wasn’t one of a thousand candidates for the director of scouting position—he was their guy. now, Dan is tapping into all of his experiences from the past eight years—the analytical skills from investment banking, the statistics modeling from the startup and the grassroots scouting. “ever since i left the investment banking world, i’ve loved getting up every day and doing my job,” he says. the die-hard scout admits, though, that “it’s tough to sit back and have a beer at a game.” not that he’s complaining. “People say, ‘can’t you just relax and watch the game?’ Well, i’m actually really enjoying every game i’m at, but it’s more thinking about it in my own way.” his wife—a cardinals fan herself—is well aware of that, too.

August 2012


FASHION & STYLE In our women’s and men’s fashion spreads, you’ll see the hottest names in fashion photographed in breathtakingly beautiful photo spreads. Every issue, we work with the city’s most coveted photographers and stylists to bring you the top runway trends available in St. Louis’ top fashion boutiques and department stores.

EVENT & PARTY COVERAGE Never one to miss a good party, ALIVE covers all the big club and store openings in town in addition to whatever else we can pack into our schedules.

DINING, NIGHTLIFE & ENTERTAINMENT ALIVE’s editors are out day and night to bring St. Louis the most recent updates and highlights on the dining and nightlife scene. Readers know to turn to ALIVE when going out on the town.

MV-Freese David Freese, 28, 2011 World Series MVP, St. Louis Cardinals Third Baseman è There's arguably no one more popular in St. Louis right now than David Freese, the man, in many ways, behind one of the biggest comebacks in the history of baseball. The smell of sweet victory is

Buzz List the

St. LouiS' moSt infLuentiaL peopLe, organizationS and ideaS of 2012.

By Katie Davis, amy De La Hunt, JiLL manoFF, Cristy miLLer, Gwen raGno anD matt sorreLL PhoTograPhy By tuan Lee art DireCtion by Kristin Kellogg eDiteD by Jennifer Dulin Wiley

still in the air, following what really began in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series—the match pegged as one of the greatest World Series games of all time—where fans watched as the Cards battled through a roller coaster of errors, then numerous comebacks of hits and home runs. And, if there's anything that sports fans love more than a do-or-die game, it's a hometown hero. Enter Cards third baseman, Freese, a Lafayette High School grad who's had his share of hurdles over the last few years, including a right ankle injury during the 2010 season and a fractured left hand that caused him to miss

two months of play in 2011. But, just as the Cardinals rallied after falling behind 10½ games in the NL wild card in August to make it into the postseason, Freese's epic walkoff home run in the bottom of the 11th inning of Game 6 won the game (and extended the series) for the Cards—and catapulted Freese into the spotlight that reached well beyond Cardinal Nation. “It's one of the greatest experiences to be down like that and come back as a team,” Freese says. “I really learned to believe in myself.” Freese set a postseason record with 21 RBIs and took home the title of 2011 World Series MVP and a 2012 Chevy Corvette. He also went on a whirlwind of media appearances afterward that included a stop at “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the Country Music Awards and a guest role on the ABC sitcom “Work It.” And, although “David Freese” is now a household name, he's still as down-to-earth as he was when he started in the majors just three years ago. Crediting the support of his family, Freese says that just making it to the big leagues was a dream come true, and the fact that he's now a world champion, well, that makes it all the more special. After all, he's still the same David Freese who played baseball in his backyard, mere minutes away from Busch Stadium. The only difference now, according to him: “I've got a ring.” – Cristy Miller

styLe /

Stl homeS

Designed for Life interior designer Denise Fogarty believes in surrounding herself with things she loves—and it shows.

When it comes to design accents, “accumulate things you love.”

by MAry BEArd

Denise Fogarty’s West County home mixes Nantucket coastal style with traditional and antique pieces, resulting in a relaxed yet rich milieu. The award-winning interior designer incorporates personal touches and inspired design without sacrificing her home’s functionality and comfort. AlwAys EvolvE As your life changes, so should your home. Denise is constantly rearranging or adding new pieces to tweak her home’s look. Throw pillows rotate in and out to reflect the seasons, and the walls are always fair game for a fresh paint job—it certainly helps that her husband used to run a summer painting business. Choosing a bold color for an accent wall is an easy fix for changing tastes and keeping it fresh. Find inspirAtion For Denise, nothing is off limits when it comes to finding inspiration. Her latest project, redecorating the first-floor master bedroom, stemmed from a set of lamps that she saw and fell in love with. She didn’t even end up buying the lamps, but they inspired a plan, and a few months later, she had a new favorite room. She routinely tears out magazine pages and recently has taken to Pinterest and the design blogosphere—her favorite sources for ideas are the blogs House of Turquoise and Cote de Texas. The inspiration for the Fogartys’ first-floor bathroom came from a visit to the Lexington Home Brands showroom in High Point, NC, where there is a replica of Arnold and Winnie Palmer’s home (the company


September 2012

once produced a collection inspired by the famous golfer.) Winnie’s dressing room was completely wallpapered in “The New Yorker” magazine covers, so Fogarty papered her own half-bath’s walls with old issues of “Architectural Digest”. KEEp it FunctionAl There is no point in having a gorgeous home if you can’t actually live in it. It was important to Denise for her home’s design to fit both her aesthetic vision and her family’s needs. Her daughter has space for homework and lounging in the sunroom, and she shares her office with her son, giving him his own place to hang out, watch TV and play video games. Modern glass doors on her husband’s office give him the privacy and quiet he needs. The kitchen is perfect for hosting parties, with ample countertop space for food preparation and entertaining, as well as two hidden dishwashers to speed the cleanup. FEAturE FAvoritEs When it comes to design accents, “accumulate things you love,” Denise advises. Among her collections are the blue and white porcelain vases on display in the entry hall, the tea cups that she mixes and matches for daytime entertaining and the Lladró porcelain figurines in her daughter’s room, which she has had since she was a girl. Other personal touches—like the antique chandelier in the master bedroom, the beautifully crafted Amish-made kitchen cabinets and the set of chairs found at a Parisian flea market—give the Fogarty home stories and character. photoS by AlisE o’BriEn

HOME & REAL ESTATE Each month, ALIVE spotlights the most interesting homes for sale in the St. Louis market, showing readers the best places to live in the city. Stories on home products, furniture trends and tips on interior design and remodeling round out our issues. BEAUTY ALIVE has become the go-to resource for beauty trends, from cosmetic surgery and skincare procedures to of-the-moment makeup and hairstyle trends seen on Fashion Week runways.

PEOPLE & CELEBRITIES Each month, ALIVE features in-depth interviews with national celebrities that have local ties, from actors and music stars to fashion designers and pro athletes.

on david: Hugo Boss vest available at Saks Fifth Avenue,

66 ALIVE STL february 2012

CAREER & HIGHER EDUCATION Each month, ALIVE features professionals with interesting careers on our “Job Envy” page and each August, ALIVE’s “Work Issue” includes several features on career, higher education and entrepreneurism.

Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200. Theory henley available at Moris Fashions, Central West End, 314.361.6800. february 2012 ALIVE STL 67


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ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

High-Impact Solutions For Your Brand



Susan M. Hais

Partner and Founder Hais, Hais, Goldberger & Coyne, P.C.


USAN HAIS has over 35 years of experience providing her clients with the finest legal services possible at the fairest prices. After getting her feet wet at a family law firm, she started her own firm just five years later. She attributes her success to hard work, courage and the will to stand up to bullies. In addition to a bachelor’s and master’s degree in liberal arts and a law degree, she has spent years continuing her education in multiple disciplines. “To me, success means achievement of my goal of always doing what is right,” she says. “It is all about keeping my values intact.” Susan spends a typical day exercising in the morning, working hard at the office and enjoying time at home with her family. When she’s not helping clients, she gets together with friends and family for strenuous outdoor activities like biking and hiking. Her passions include skiing, snowshoeing and, of course, justice.

ALIVE’s team of writers and editors will work with you to create custom-written and designed advertorials. These“ editorial-based stories ” allow readers to get inW S depth information about the services you provide and offer you a platform for showcasing your expert knowledge in your field.

Wrap an issue of ALIVE with your message and guarantee that our readers take note of your advertising message.

Owners, Savvy Surrounding Style

Sarah Garlich

Owner and Buyer, Cha Boutique

For inspiration, Susan looks to great lawyers in history, who demonstrated not only a love of the law, but the courage to persist when they were right.

Hais, Hais, Goldberger & Coyne, P.C. 222 S. Central, Suite 600 Clayton, MO 314.862.1300



Diane Fogerty & Pamela Calvert

“I love my job because it is all about helping others,” she says. “The most rewarding part is the gratitude of the good people I represent and the self-esteem I get from always striving to do a good job.”

Outside of the office, Hais, Hais, Goldberger & Coyne is actively engaged in the community. The firm takes a direct approach to mentoring young people and supports political activity consistent with their beliefs. “Our business is dedicated to doing the best work possible,” Susan says. “Our company’s mission is to work hard, fight for our clients and to maintain our passion for justice.”


ARAH GARLICH has loved fashion since she joined the retail industry at age 15. Now, she has fulfilled her childhood dream of opening her own boutique, and loves being able to make others’ wardrobes a happy place.

I love my job “because it is all about helping others.


“It’s the best when you see someone out in an outfit you helped them put together, and see how happy and excited they get about it,” she says. “It makes me feel so good that I could make someone else happy!”

Flexibility is key in Sarah’s daily life, because no two days are the same. In addition to caring for her 15-month-old son, she spends her days taking phone calls from vendors and representatives, keeping up with buying and preparing for Cha’s next event. In the future, she hopes to open a second location in a different area—maybe even a different state—and work on branding Cha as a clothing line. 9666 Clayton Road Ladue, MO 63124 314.993.8080

Our business is like a family,... and our enthusiasm and love of what we are doing radiates to our clients. HEN THEY FIRST OPENED Savvy Surrounding Style in November 2010, Diane Fogerty and Pamela Calvert each brought a unique set of skills to the table. Denise, who handles the business side, had worked in banking for a number of years. Her financial background provided her with excellent customer service skills and gave her the know-how needed to manage a retail space. Having always enjoyed working on her own homes, she decided to open a small interior design firm with her close friend, Pamela Calvert, who now oversees Savvy’s creative operations. “Our business is like a family,” Diane says, “and our enthusiasm and love of what we are doing radiates to our clients.”

Savvy Surrounding Style’s business philosophy is rooted in the belief that the home should be a retreat for the individual. Every client is unique, and every project customdesigned. Diane and Pamela believe that communication is the key to helping clients

create ideal personal spaces reflecting their own personal styles. They incorporate vital design principles while executing every aspect of the project proposed by the client. Most importantly, they want their clients to love the final product!

“The most rewarding part of my job is watching a project go from the initial concept to completion,” Diane says. “It’s wonderful to see our clients enjoying their new space. I love seeing their dreams become reality.” Savvy Surrounding Style handles any size project—nothing is too big or too small for Diane and Pamela. In addition to their design services, they also offer hostess gifts, jewelry, purses and other items for sale in the boutique.

November 2009

Savvy Surrounding Style 9753 Clayton Road St. Louis, MO 314-432-7289





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“ALIVE has been crucial to the success of Blush’s marketing strategy in building my brand. Not only have I seen results, but the ALIVE staff has worked one-on-one with me to tailor a strategy that caters to my needs.” - Sarah King; Owner, Blush Boutique


ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

ALIVE Magazine delivers STL’s most coveted consumers.

ALIVE connects St. Louisans to the best of STL dining, fashion, shopping and culture.


ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

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In addition to targeted and run-of-site ad placements, ALIVE creates custom online activations for national and local clients to increase their audience base for key programs and initiatives.

Source: Google Analytics, Smarter Stats, and CVC Readership Audit, 2012


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ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

ALIVE Magazine delivers STL’s most coveted consumers.

56% of readers turn to ALIVE as their #1 resource on things to do in STL.


ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

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Bridal event and fashion show featuring over 30 of STL’s top wedding vendors.

Women 21-34, Brides-to-be and their friends and family

Party celebrating STL’s most impressive and inspiring people, organizations and ideas of 2013.

Men and Women 21-45, power player and go-getters

March 21-23

Fashion show featuring Spring/ Summer collections on STL’s hottest runway.

Women 18-45

Annual VIP Pride Party kicking off Pride Weekend.

LGBT influentials 21-45

May 5


Jan 17

Attendance: 800+

Buzz List Reunion Party

Feb 8

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Spring Fashion Week

March 20-23, 2013

Attendance: 500

Produced by For more info log on to STLOUISFASHIONWEEK.COM

Cinco De Mayo Hair Show Tickets on sale sale February NOW at Tickets on 1st at WWW.STLOUISFASHIONWEEK.COM

Attendance: 800+

Hot List

May 31

ALIVE celebrates with the 2012 Hot List Winners, featuring the hottest places in STL to eat, drink, shop and play.


Men and Women 21-45 Attendance: 3,000

ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

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The biggest and hottest VIP Pride Party in STL, hosted during Pride weekend.

LGBT 21-45


June 28

Attendance: 500+

Top Chef

Peter Clark

Justin Haifely

Baileys’ Range

The Tavern Kitchen and Wine Bar

Wes Johnson

Cassy Vires

Kota Grill

Home Wine Kitchen

Nick Zotos Mike Shannon’s

Cook-off featuring STL’s best Sept/Oct TBD of the best chefs competing for Men and Women 18-45, foodies the title of Best

Taste these STL top chefs’ creations as they compete for the juiciest burger in the city!

SUNDAY, on sale now. SEPTEMBER 23 TicketsWeek Fall Fashion

Join ALIVE in its search for St. Louis’ best burger at Top Chefs. You’ll be amazed at the flavors these five local chefs can fit between two buns as they compete for the title of “Top Chef.”

Noon - 4pm | Circa Properties Office at 5501 Pershing Ave. | DeBaliviere Place Be a part of the action and enter our contest to become a Top Chefs judge. Details at #alivetopchef

Log on to to purchase tickets. $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

Admission includes: 5 mini burgers created by the top chefs, a complimentary sponsored beverage and entertainment.

The biggest STL fashion show stretching over a Sept/Oct TBD week featuring Fall/Winter collections from local and national designers.

Women 18-45

Holiday Bash

December 6

ALIVE celebrates the season in style with this annual bash.


Men and Women, 18-45

ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

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ALIVE 2013 Media Kit

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Media Kit 2013  

ALIVE Magazine's 2013 media kit.