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About I have a passion for event planning and production; with extensive experience as director and production manager for stage and film productions I am passionate to transfer these skills into the execution of exquisite events that build the Toowoomba community. With a diverse background of employment ranging from owning and running my own Arts Education Troupe, a secondary Drama and English teacher, a primary Arts specialist teacher, a freelance blogger and graphic designer as well as a ballet teacher I have a love of learning and honing my skills. I am accredited in Adobe Photoshop, but continue to build my expertise in online and print media, exploring new platforms such as ISSUU.

Experience BellArt Productions


During my final year at USQ, following several practical teaching experiences and searching for further experience in the Arts field I found that there was a significant gap in the extent of Primary Arts Professional Development workshops offered in Toowoomba and the wider Darling Downs. In collaboration with a fellow Arts student I founded BellArt Productions which as a Arts Troupe offered both in class workshops for students, or professional development workshops for educators. We ran many successful workshops as well as travelling into the wider downs, such as Tara, to run Arts workshops. While we both loved BellArt Productions and found the experience very rewarding, other Arts opportunities presented.

Primary Arts Specialist – Canterbury College


As a primary Arts specialist teacher my role involved developing and implementing Arts curriculum, writing and producing a Primary Arts Night, and collaborating with colleagues.

Primary Visual Art Specialist – Toowoomba Prepartory College


As a primary Visual Art specialist teacher my role involved developing and implementing Arts curriculum, planning and producing the Annual Art Show and collaborating on in-school events.

Secondary English/Drama Teacher – Toowoomba Christian College

2008- 2010

As a Secondary English and Drama teacher my role involved developing and implementing curriculum, editing drafts and collaborating with other staff members in the English and Arts Departments. Additionally I worked to create, direct and produce Theatre productions and was Producer on the school’s first feature film project.

Personal Blogger

2011- 2012

My personal blog chronicles my experiences as a new mum juggling my daughter, life and work.

Michelle Tickle Published on Blogcritics


I am a member of and have published work online. These pieces are primarily non-fiction, opinion pieces.

Working with

2011- 2012

I currently work with as a freelance writer and graphic designer, creating blogs, banners and other articles as needed as they work to online presence.

Writing with


Primarily a copywrite engine with a range of articles from fashion, lifestyle, health, small business and how to.

Primary Arts Specialist – Toowoomba Christian College


As a primary Arts specialist teacher my role involved developing and implementing Arts curriculum, expanding from primarily Drama into Visual Arts and Media. Additionally I wrote, directed and produced a Primary Theatre production and continue to work on the costume, design and production aspects of the Secondary productions. Finally I was again Producer on the school’s second feature film.

Ballet Teacher – Living Dance

2013 - onwards

I currently teach pre-dance and pre-primary ballet classes, working to build a love of dance, coordination and the fundamentals of ballet.

Education Bachelor Education [major in Arts] – University of Southern Queensland


I graduated with a 5.7 GPA from USQ with a Bachelor of Education majoring in the Arts.

Bachelor Business/Bachelor Law – Queensland University of Technology


I undertook 1 year of a double degree in Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Law at QUT before deciding to transfer to teaching as this was where my passion lay.

Skills Time Management and Organization 3

Michelle Tickle

I see time management and organization as less of a skill and more of a life essential. In my role as an Arts teacher I have created and produced a variety of Theatre productions and Film projects. This has required proficient time management, scheduling and organization skills in order to meet deadlines and produce high quality events. I love lists, planning and ensuring that the details are not overlooked. Writing and Editing In my role as an English Teacher I have developed skills in editing drafts and personal writing skills. I have further refined these skills in my work as a blogger and online writer. Computer/Online skills I am proficient in a wide range of computer software and online products including: •

Adobe Suite - Photoshop (accredited)

Wordpress & Blogspot

Microsoft Office Suite






Michelle Tickle

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Michelle Tickle  

I have a passion for event planning and production; with extensive experience as director and production manager for stage and film producti...

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