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GLOBAL ISSUE: Food Production BY: Alejandra Gallegos, Jose Ignacio Chavez, Juan Isidro Mendizabal & Alejandra Pe単aherrera 8E


TABLE OF CONTENTS: EDITORIAL ------------------------------------------------- PG2 FOOD PRODUCTION NEWS ----------------------------- PG5 HISTORICAL INFORMATION --------------------------- PG8 USE AND EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY IN FOOD PRODUCTION ---------------------------------------------- PG10 WORK CITED ----------------------------------------------- PG13


EDITORIAL: Alejandra Peñaherrera


Food Production is a big and very important Global Issue. In my opinion, people shouldn´t produce so much food because it can cause many things to us humans, animals and the environment. Also if they produce so much food, they have to use it for a good reason. I think this problem need to be solved immediately because it is causing much damage to the whole world. First of all, all the food that is been produce more than the half of it goes to the cattle all around the world. We as humans need food as well as animals but animals can get food easily humans are so complicated that we need that food to live. Animals can survive by themselves, but have you think that we as humans need so much more to survive now. Food is getting a big issue in the world, is making people die of hunger and we give the food that we could use for this people to cattle, that is absolutely unfair. It is right to give it to cattle because we need does animals to be healthy so we can eat them, but not so much food! Also it affects humans, animals, and the environment because people use too much fertilizer in this “natural food.” People that are in charge of the food production use many chemicals and fertilizer to make the food grow faster or bigger. These fertilizers and chemicals are bad for our body and make us sick and even kill us. It can also kill the animals that are eating this food and make them sick and we cannot eat the meat from them. Also the environment will be damaged because the fertilizers make the land be no longer fertile. The humans will

~3~ be very affected because the chemicals that they give the food have a different flavor, make people want to eat them more and that is why there are many people in the world that are obese and have diabetes. In a summary, food production can change the whole world if they make it in a bad way. It can affect everything in the planet. It can kill everything with a little change. The amount of food in the world can change and also the lack of food in some places and it will makes us see the world differently. We have to change this and we all can do it together!



Food Production News Jose Ignacio Chavez


Urban Agriculture Now a day it’s very common to found urban agriculture in the cities, its gives fresh food to restaurant’s its cheaper and it’s closer. Urban agriculture is the practice of cultivating, processing and distributing food around the city, village, town etc. High ends restaurants on the cities want fresh and flavorful food, they search for neighbor farm and even from house gardens. Chefs are picking the products the same day they are cooking. So small farms that were producing food product in the outsides of the cities for the towns, villages and cities are in bankrupts, because restaurants and people in general are preferring the fresh products of the inside of the cities. Also the people that are now a day in the business of urban agriculture had bring a lot of benefits to the village, town or city. First it brings a lot wealth. Second there is an enormous quantity of food making it cheaper. On the other hand 50% of the world population lives in the cities, making huger a problem. But with the urban agriculture the inside hunger cities its solve because there is excessive food and very cheaper. This urban agriculture it have been so successful that people believe that in the future it will be able to plant in big buildings.

~6~ 3D Printed food Would you buy a printer and its components which you put the ingredients you want and create a delicious full meal that you could eat? The technology is so advance now a day that you could create any type of meal with 3D food printers. They are so amazing that the NASA is putting a lot of money on this printers for their astronauts. Furthermore the most amazing thing of the 3D food printer is that the flavor is not artificial which makes all meals 100% healthier and trustable. On the present the 3D food printers are not on the market for everyone, only big universities and big institutes have because it cost about 50,000$. But some scientist believes that these printers will be on the market and they will be cheaper so everyone could have a printer on his home.





Food production or food processing is transforming raw food into things we can eat, or also taking food and transforming it into another form. In the prehistoric ages, food processing included sun drying, fermenting, preserving with salt and many types of cooking. The modern technology we use to process food was made in the 19th and 20th centuries. Many types of food can be processed, but the most common processed foods are harvested crops and butchered animals. Processors take the butchered animal products and turn them into marketable foods, and they do the same with harvested crops.


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Food production has become a really important issue worldwide these years, with more than 7´000,000 people to feed and not that much of resources. Because of this, a lot of different types of food production have been applied. The food industry has developed by creating advanced technologies that can create healthier, better and more food. Millions of people worldwide, including children, suffer because of food scarcity. The United Nations and the political leaders had made lots of meeting, to help this entire people overcome their needs. Technology has been applied, and new machines that can make synthetic food, like meat or energetic bars have been created, with thousands of thousands of dollars invested. Anyways, this problem still exists, and our resources are finishing. Scientists from different countries have been creating new machines or process that can help make more, better and healthier food. Since the start of this century, clonation in animals or objects exists, and its being used for food. Statistics say that approx. 10% of the chicken we eat in big industries such as KFC, is cloned, chickens with no brain and red eyes. Also, the very common use of fertilizers in crops is applied technology. By introducing more chemicals, technology and lots of process food is being merchandised in a lower price, so bigger quantities are made. This is affecting a lot the environment. Since the start of the 1900´s, the number of population has duplicated, and the one that suffers is the planet.

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