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Why you must contact a placement agency for executive assistant jobs If you are seeking a long­lasting career as an executive assistant, it is suggested that you  use the services of recruiting agencies in NYC that are specialized in the field. Some of the  benefits of using an experienced, local agency include valuable feedback, high­end clientele  and individualized attention.  1. Matching you with your  dream  job  –  Staffing firms that specialize in recruiting  assistants for their high­end clients, which can include CEO’s and even celebrities,  carefully analyze and verify each resume that comes into their company. This, often  tedious,   process   will   help   the   job   seekers   who   are   well­qualified   for   the   highly  regarded position. Furthermore, such agencies will interview you to ensure that your  expertise matches their clients’ needs. 2. Local positions –  When seeking a job in a specific area, it is suggested that you  deal with a local staffing firm. For instance, if you are looking to become an executive  assistant to an individual in New York City, it is best to find a staffing firm in that area.  Local   agencies   know   their   city’s   job   market   the   best   and   can   provide   you   with  valuable   feedback   and   advice   regarding   your   resume.   Furthermore,   experienced  agencies   have   a   network   of   companies   and/or   individuals   that   are   in   need   of  executive assistants in your local city, diminishing the need for you to relocate for your  dream job.  3. Specialized staffing firms –  If you were to have a problem with your heart, you  would be sent to a physician who is a specialist – a cardiologist – because they know  the heart best and are more likely to be able to help you. So, why would you choose  to go to a general staffing company when seeking a career as an executive assistant?  Like a cardiologist is best at advising you on any issue you may have with your heart,  a specialized  executive assistant staffing agency  is more likely to be able to match  you with the job you want. Considering the competitiveness of today’s job market, an increasing number of individuals  are   looking   for   employment   through   staffing   agencies.   High­paying   employers   are   also  utilizing   the   services   of   specialized   firms   to   get   the   ideal   employee.   Choosing   the   right  agency can help ensure that the two sides meet and establish a gainful and long­lasting  professional relationship.

Why you must contact a placement agency for executive assistant jobs  

It is suggested that you use the services of recruiting agencies in NYC that are specialized in the field.