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droplet improving compliance with eye medication


droplet “57% of patients have difficulty with eye drops” The three most common problems are:


Directing the bottle correctly


Squeezing the bottle


Identifying the correct bottle

British Journal of Ophthalmology, 1990,74,477-480

“The text is far too small for those with glaucoma or recovering from cataract surgery to read” “Many sufferers not only require eye drops but ear drops and other medication, of course mixing these up can lead to very bad consequences.” “People missing their eyes when using drops not only leads to added cost of buying more medication, but is also incredibly frustrating and embarassing for patients.” Chris Benson Glaucoma, detached retina, Cataracts and Thrombosis of the eye patient


droplet Testing and iterating the design. refining prototypes for functionality and aesthetics.


Droplet introduces choice and desirability, both severely lacking in the aid market.

Droplet was designed with arthritic hands in mind, it has been repeatedly tested to ensure it is frustration-free.


The ‘bulb’ gives guaranteed positioning, eliminates all wastage and worry

gisst Designing the future of Gymnast performance monitoring


gisst problem: “There is no provision for anaerobic sports monitoring, eliminating bulky sensors that inhibit movement for gymnasts.”

Consulting sports scientists and further visits to the trampoline club yeilded more detailed information about what the gymnasts required and what technology is currently leading the sports science field

“Non-bulky item measuring body and blood composition rather than movement.”

Early stage workshop with doctors, physios and members of the public exploring attitudes and barriers to exercise that people have in society. Gathering insights into how sports technology could assist in bringing more to participate in exercise.

“Sampling non-invasively & measuring data that denotes metabolism.”

Visiting a local trampoline training session, it was apparent that there was no provision of any kind for gymnastic sports within the sports technology market. Conducting a focus group and urther research developed a clear design brief.


A central bar indicates the ideal operating point for the monitored data, also has a horizontal Blood lactate indicator which was important to sports scientists in interviews.

Day to Day interface

Training interface

Customisable quick view chart showing blood composition in a simple form

Using colour and size to represent positive and negative data was popular with athletes.

Possibilities for embedded internet connectivity would allow for weather updates to the device.

“It is the only thing I have ever seen that I could use for training” Aimee Sargent - Competitive trampolinist


“Conceptually it is very interesting”


Dave Taylor - Graphic Designer & PhD Wearable Tech.

Time and Date allows the device to replace a watch if desired.


improving compliance with ppe




“The Primary Reason for Non-Compliance [with PPE] is Discomfort (62%)�

an iterative process of prototyping and testing refined the design Prototyping was vital to the project, A full understanding both the ergonomic and usability characteristics cannot be achieved through CAD or sketches. Developing quick but functional prototypes is a valuable skill that I am constantly developing and see as key to my work.


Taking designs from initial concepts developed with users through testing then to finished prototypes ensured that the design was well considered and executed.

By employing Innovative design thinking, I was able to ensure that the entire system of PPE was reconsidered. Introducing intelligent design solutions throughout the project to improve different aspects of both the ear defenders and safety glasses. This was a comprehensive re-design of both products and their interaction with the user.


Accurate CAD development allowed for prototypes to be 3D printed, giving a real sense of function and scale. Having an item that can be touched and experienced is very valuable, it allows for realistic testing and feedback based on weight and comfort, rather than purely appearance.


designing an inclusive game for those with autism


d4autism Through conducting research with therapy professionals & parents, then detailed secondary research, design criteria were established.

Inclusive High build quality Fully customisable

testing an early prototype

Fun Physical & mental stimulation

using photoshop to demonstrate possible colour combinations

The game fulfils the criteria set by initial research, specifically providing the following benefits to all players:

Memory and spontaneity Visual planning of routes Co-operation & competition Understanding of forces Sequential motor skills


The final CNC cut prototype uses magnetic contacts to provide a completely customisable playing area. The solid plywood construction is hard wearing enough to be left in any play situation and with the manufacture method, individual pieces can easily be cut for a repair. The manufacture process also allows for custom designs to be produced in different shapes and scales, meaning a school or play centre could have an affordable but unique game.


The prototypes were all cut using a flat-bed CNC milling machine. The files were created on Adobe Illustrator and exported to suitable file types to use with the software. Economical and ecological use of materials is always a priority with any project and can be achieved easily with a good understanding of the machine process used. Both the order parts are cut and the bit size are important when creating the most efficient design.


Future Cooking

designing a sustainable future for western home cooking


cooking THE FUTURE OF COOKING? In a world of dwindling resources it is clear that the future will have to be different, this includes the way we cook our food. Cooking currently accounts for 10% of a homes energy use, in a future where we do not have access to natural gas and electricity is extremely expensive, how do we cook? By increasing the pressure whilst cooking, higher temperatures can be achieved with much less energy use, approximately 70% over a gas hob. With health and well-being a growing concern in modern life, surely rising over the next 50 years, cooking in a sealed pressurised container for shorter periods of time retains more nutrients than conventional methods. Cooking with pressure also takes much less time, even quicker than modern microwaves for many meals and is able to cook meats, vegetables and desserts





Studio: Concept Generation Hand drawing Time management Team-working Communication Presenting work UCD Research

Interpersonal skills

Graphic Layouts Branding Design theory Able to fail and learn Constructive criticism (giving and taking) Hitting Deadlines High pressure work

2D: Illustrator InDesign Photoshop Acrobat Pro Flash Catalyst MS Office Bamboo tablet

3D: 3DS Max Inventor Google Sketchup Dassault 3Dvia Blender Basic Rhinoceros

Making: Laser Cutter CNC router (2D) 3 axis CNC milling Card prototypes

Web: Moonfruit Wix Wordpress Basic HTML/CSS Social Media Blogging

Casting & moulding Rapid Prototyping Hand tools* Standard workshop**

* Router, Jigsaw, hand drills etc. **Band saw, pillar drill, band sander, wood lathe, linisher etc.


Design Specific work experience:

Other work experience:

Sept 2010 - Present: Falmouth University - BA (hons) 3D Design

November 2012 - present: Freelance CAD Developing 3DS MAX models showing environmental impact of buildings, using geographically accurate locations to support planning applications.

April 2011 - present: Student Mentor Providing support and information to new students, organising and facilitating events. Continued into position of greater responsibility at University’s request.

June 2008: CTS - Set Design 5 day experience of international set design production. Working on live projects and completely assigned painting and building projects.

March - Sept 2010: Next - Tailoring specialist Customer service focused, providing first class fitting and sales service. Hitting targets and multitasking led to department winning award.

June 2006: B3 Burgess Architects 3 day experience completing set project work within an active and award winning practice. Using AutoCAD and Sketchup software.

Jan - Feb 2010: Cardiff High School Examinations assistant Dealing with confidential information, ensuring correct paperwork was present at all exams, invigilating and overseeing collation of papers.

June 2006: Going Public Graphic Design 5 day experience of local graphic design agency, produced leaflet that was distributed to client, gaining visual and practical knowledge of the field.

Aug - Dec 2009: Hebron International School International Guest Voluntary post in South India, teaching assistant in Physical Education and DT. Dorm support, acting as older brother to 12-13 year old boys.

Degree focused on sustainability and user centred work, I have developed a great interest in user-centred design thinking, specifically regardin health care. Other responsibilites: - Course academic representative - Design department academic representative - Design department representative to SU - President of Christian Union - Voluntary Trustee of Students Union 2002 - 2008: Cardiff High School A Levels: History - A English - B Art - A AS Level: P.E. - A 12 GCSE’s

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Alistair Ruff Design portfolio  
Alistair Ruff Design portfolio  

Alistair Ruff Design portfolio