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Built better to last longer An extensive new range for the serious cook, designed to work better, last longer and with outstanding guarantees.


Magimix products are designed to make life simpler for the serious cook. Most have their roots in professional products originally designed for commercial use. For this reason they work well and are built better to last longer. The range combines the best cooking traditions with today’s technology, and is supported by strong domestic use guarantees and after-sales service. Serious cooking should be fun and satisfying not hard work. With Magimix, the most demanding tasks can be accomplished quickly, easily and quietly. Perhaps that is why top TV chefs, cookery schools and food writers insist on Magimix.

Preparation Food processors A comprehensive range designed to cater for all your needs. Simple: 3 buttons to access all functions with one single speed. Robust: All our food processors are equipped with powerful, ultra-quiet, commercial-grade induction motors that automatically adapt the power to suit the nature of the task. They also come complete with a 20 year motor guarantee and a 3 year parts guarantee.* Efficient: 3 bowls so that you can carry out several tasks in succession; The Main Bowl for handling maximum quantities. The Midi Bowl for all grating and slicing and the Mini Bowl with separate Mini Blade for processing small amounts.

Juicers The Magimix Le Duo Plus XL range offers a truly comprehensive solution for making fruit and vegetable juices. Available in 2 different finishes with Le Duo Plus XL boasting a patented accessory that has revolutionised the making of fruit nectars and vegetable coulis. All our juicers are equipped with ultra-quiet, commercial-grade induction motors and carry a 20 year motor and 3 year parts guarantee.*

Ice cream With Magimix ice cream makers, you can make homemade ice cream and sorbets just as quickly and easily as you can eat them.

* Warranty - domestic use only.

Food processors A comprehensive range of multipurpose food processors manufactured in the heart of Burgundy for everyday cooking as well as special gourmet occasions.

3 bowls in 1*

Induction motor

High quality materials

Storage box N EW

BlenderMix XL models only

Warranty - domestic use only.

Recipe Book * with the exception of Le Mini Plus 3150 and 5150 models

Compact 3200 XL Ideal for the average family. A space saving and versatile food processor with all the functions you need every day in the kitchen. Compact 3200XL Available in:




Cuisine Systéme 4200 XL Ideal for the large family or if you entertain regularly. Cuisine Systéme 4200XL Available in:


Cuisine Systéme 5200 XL The ultimate workhorse for people with large families or who entertain a lot, batch bake or cook for deep freezing, this model gives you all the flexibility you need. Cuisine Systéme 5200XL Available in:


Warranty - domestic use only.



Compact 3150 Available in:


3150 Accessories: • 2 bowls - main and mini • 2 metal blades - main and mini • 1 dough blade • 2mm reversible grating and slicing disc • Egg whisk • Storage box • Spatula • User manual

Warranty - domestic use only.

Food processors Cuisine Systéme 5150 Available in:


5150 Accessories: • 2 bowls - main and mini • 2 metal blades - main and mini • 1 dough blade • 2mm and 4mm grating and slicing discs • Egg whisk • Storage box • Spatula • User manual Warranty - domestic use only.

Accessories included * Extra large feed tube Enables the slicing and shredding of whole or large pieces of fruit and vegetables. (Unique feature to XL models).

Mini bowl and mini blade Ideal for chopping herbs, onions, small quantities, making salad dressings and for baby food.

Midi Bowl Specially designed to capture grated and finely sliced fruits, vegetables and cheese. Ideal for all types of slicing and grating preparation. (Not in 3150 and 5150 models).

Main Bowl Ideal for all preparation of large quantities: mincing, mixing, chopping, kneading, grating, slicing, emulsifying, beating and much more.

Dough blade For professional kneading quality for heavy pasta dough, bread dough, brioche and pastry.

Stainless steel Sabatier knife blade For professional cutting quality, ideal for: chopping meat, crushing ice, chopping almonds, blending sauces, milkshakes and mixing soups.



A finer and improved blend for veloutĂŠ soups, smoothies and pancake batters. (Only in XL models). *except 3150 & 5150 - see separate page for accessories.

Egg whisk Ideal for whisking egg whites and creams for desserts such as meringues, mousses and soufflĂŠs.

2mm slicing disc For very fine slicing of vegetables.

2mm grating disc For very fine grating of fruits, vegetables, cheese.

4mm slicing disc Ideal for slices of fruit or vegetables for gratins or salads.

4mm grating disc Ideal for grating fruit, vegetables and cheese etc.

Accessories optional Dice & French Fry Kit


This kit will cut a variety of fruits and vegetables into cubes for appetisers, salads, soups, and much more. The exclusive Magimixpatented kit can also cut French fries or vegetable strips. XL Models only

Ref: MA17639

Dough Bowl Kit Is a Magimix patent and is perfect for preparing bread, brioches, cakes and pastries easily. With this Magimix food processor accessory, you can knead, leave to proof, and bake directly in the oven. You will become a real baker! 3150/3200/3200XL Ref: MA17013 4200/4200XLL Ref: MA17014 5150/5200/5200XL Ref: MA17015

Creative Kit Ideal for being creative – the kit includes a julienne disc, an extra wide julienne disc and a fluted disc for cutting fresh fruit and vegetables. Specific to XL Models and

3200/4200/5200 3150/5150

Ref: MA17280

SmoothieMix Kit Perfect for the extraction of juices and thick and creamy jus or purĂŠe from most raw and cooked fruit and vegetables. Including XL Models. 3150/3200 Ref: MA17637 4200/5200/5150 Ref: MA17638

BlenderMix Kit

3150/3200/3200XL Ref: MA17453 4200/4200XL 5150/5200/5200XL Ref: MA17452

Mash & PurĂŠe Kit For delicious homemade mashed potato, purĂŠes and baby food. Specific to 3200/4200/5200. Including XL Models. 3150/3200/4200/5150/5200 Ref: MA17451 3200XL/4200XL/5200XL

6mm Slicing Disc Ideal for thick slices of fruit or vegetables. Ref: MA17371

6mm Grating Disc Allows thick grating of fruit or vegetables. Ref: MA17368

Julienne Disc Ideal for producing fine chips, small batons of fruit and vegetables.

Ref: MA17373

Parmesan/Rasping Disc Ideal for grating hard cheeses such as parmesan or hard chocolate. Ref: MA17372

Citrus Press Ideal for extracting a clear juice from all types of citrus fruits. 2 cones provided for smaller fruits such as lemons and limes and larger fruits such as grapefruit. Including XL Models 3200/4200/5200/ Ref: MA17359 3150/5150

French Fry Disc Not shown.

Ref: MA17365

Juice Extractor 3150/3200/4200/ 5200/5150 All XL Models

Ref: MA17361 Ref: MA17362





3150 3200XL

1kg 1kg

Bread dough



500g 500g


1 L

600g 1 L


750g 750g


800g 800g

Egg whites



Main bowl

2.6 L

2.6 L

Midi bowl

2.2 L

Mini bowl

1.2 L

1.2 L

Extra wide feedtube

Stainless steel blade


Blender Mix NEW • Dough blade

Egg whisk

2mm slicing/grater disc

• •

4mm slicing/grater disc

• •

Citrus press

Juice extractor


Storage box

Recipe book

6mm slicing disc

6mm grating disc

Julienne disc

Parmesan disc

Creative kit

Dice & French fry kit NEW

Smoothie Mix kit

Mash and purée kit

Disc holder (holds 6)


600W 650W

Choose the right processor for your needs

4200XL 5150


1.4kg 1.7kg 1.7kg




850g 1.1kg


1.3 L

1.8 L

1.8 L










3 L

3.6 L

3.6 L

2.6 L

2.6 L

1.2 L

1.2 L

1.2 L

• • •

• • •

• •

• •


• •

• •


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

950W 950W

1100W Optional accessories

Le Duo range Prepare delicious 100% natural fruit or vegetable juices.

Juicer Extractor


Citrus press

Extra large feed tube

Warranty - domestic use only.

Recipe Book

Le Duo Plus XL: Triple function Juicer Stainless steel large capacity juice extractor basket (700g). SmoothieM ix Excellent yield, more than 90% for strawberries. Citrus press 2 cones for large and small citrus fruits. Dimensions: H 420 x L 215 x D 215mm Power: 400W induction motor Weight: 8.3kg

Model 18052 Red

Recipe book with more than 40 ideas Can be easily dismantled for cleaning • Dishwasher proof 20 year motor guarantee 3 year parts guarantee

Warranty - domestic use only.

Model 18050 Black and Satin

Now make the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted, in just 20 minutes. It’s so easy. Now you can make the most delicious fresh ice cream and sorbets yourself quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the cost of shop bought. Unlike most ice cream makers, the ‘La Turbine a Glacé’ doesn’t need prefreezing, because it’s got its own built-in freezer. Just choose your recipe, switch on, pour in your ingredients, and in only 20 minutes your delicious ice cream is ready. With its own freezer, you make as little or as much ice cream in as many flavours as you like.

Model 11194

Experts agree it’s the real taste. With the Magimix range of ice cream makers, you can make your own favourite recipes or invent new ideas. Magimix ice cream makers are so easy to use, even a child could do it. They gently churn and freeze simultaneously, the ideal technique to retain the full flavour of your natural ingredients – and produce real ice cream that simply explodes with taste.

What the experts say about home made ice cream and Magimix: “Home made ice cream costs a fraction of shop bought – even when you use the best ingredients. Ten out of ten for value. Smooth firm delicious flavour. Made quickly and easily in 10-20 minutes.” The Daily Telegraph

“Impress your guests with delicious home made ice cream with the help of a super Magimix Le Glacier ice cream maker. Even those who are watching calories can achieve the same excellent results using skimmed milk or fromage fraise.” BBC Good Food Magazine

Ice Cream range Le Glacier 1.5 litres Delicious homemade ice cream from just 20-30 minutes. For the Le Glacier 1.5 litre, just pre-freeze the bowl for 12 hours in a freezer. Remove, replace lid, switch on and add your choice of ingredients. From just 20 minutes later you’ve made your very own delicious ice cream. Extra bowls are available, so you’re not limited to one idea at a time. Even more efficient motors and stainless steel bowls for the Le Glacier 1.5 allow faster freezing, and gives you a greater choice of textures. Le Glacier 1.5 Model 11121 Chrome

Stainless steel inner bowls

Easy pouring Warranty - domestic use only. 3 year parts and 1 year labour. Le Glacier 1.5 Model 11124 White

Vision toaster The world’s first see-through toaster. A truly visionary toaster. Model 11526





The result of 15 years research and design, Magimix’s new Vision Toaster uses revolutionary long-lasting quartz heating elements to perfectly toast bread and let you get a peek at the action through a window. Tucked away in the corners of the French appliance brand’s toaster, the hidden quartz parts replace the traditional metal components not only getting them out of the way for a clear panorama of the toast, but also heating more evenly. To defrost, warm and toast most types of breads, baguettes, bagels, croissants, buns, teacakes, crumpets, brioche and waffles. • • • • • •

Double insulated toughened glass windows Visual control etc High quality quartz elements Variable browning control Slide out crumb tray Extra lift lever

• Extra wide slots with automatic self centering • Easy to clean • Secure opening/closing • Polished brush finish • 3 Year Service Guarantee Warranty - domestic use only.

Blenders Unique Blendermix system produces an ultra fine blend for velouté soups, smoothies, pancake batters and much more. • Exclusive Blendermix system for a finer blend. • 1.8 L heat resistant glass jug. • 4 pre-set programmes for desserts, ice, soups, smoothies. • Spatula included to help fold in ingredients. • Energy saving mode - 0W consumption. • Recipe book included with more than 80 recipes. • Mill attachment for grinding spices, purees, baby food and sauces. (model 11615 only). • 1200W motor.

Model 11615

11610 Blendermix:

11615 Blendermix + Mill



Warranty - domestic use only. 3 year parts & 1 year labour.

Le Micro An invaluable addition in the kitchen. Includes recipe book with more than 65 exciting ideas, including a baby food section. Available in:


Metal blade

Blending tool

Easy to use Warranty - domestic use only. 3 year parts & 1 year labour.

Model 12243

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