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Fonterra After a successful installation of a similar system at Fonterra’s Waitoa Plant, Conveyor Industries were approached to design and manufacture a Truck Loading System for Fonterra’s Te Rapa Sludge Dewatering project

Conveyor Industries scope was for the design and manufacture of three shaftless screw conveyors and four pneumatically operated slide gates.

Continuous, Sectional & Ribbon Screw Conveyors

Waste water is trucked from Fonterra’s Hautapa site to Te Rapa and combined before entering a dewatering process.

Shafted & Shaftless Screw Conveyors

The system involves conveying dewatered sludge from two decanters into an unmanned truck/trailor which is parked on load cells.

By eliminating the centre pipe in the auger, product build up is almost impossible, this cannot be achieved in a conventional shafted screw conveyor.





Shaftless screw conveyors were chosen due to the sticky nature of the sludge material.

Auger Flighting

Drag Chain Conveyors Slide Valves Bucket Elevators

The load cells provide a live stream of data signalling to the transport dispatch office when the truck/trailor is loaded.

The pneumatic slide gates were used on the truck loading conveyor to distribute the sludge, evenly loading the truck/ trailer. The system has been successfully commissioned providing an output achieving all expectations.

Ancillary Equipment Air Supported Belt Conveyors inside .......

Kapiti Coast Council

Andritz Equipment

Kapiti Coast District Council Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge Dryer System

Kapiti Coast District Council tendered a system upgrade to deal with an increase in solids that the plant was beginning to process. Competing against local and international suppliers, Conveyor Industries successfully offered a turn-key package to satisfy all requirements. The new system incorporates a decanter, shaftless screw conveyors, and pneumatically operated slide-gates.

The dewatered sludge is conveyed to a storage hopper, and for redundancy purposes the sludge can be diverted via the slide-gates to two skip bins. From the silo the sludge is conveyed to a thermal dryer where the moisture content is removed, changing the sludge consistency to a dry small round pellet.

Conveyor Industries scope included project management, design & manufacture, structural engineering, civil’s, electrical, PLC interface; installation and commissioning, delivering a complete solution on time and on budget.

The drying process not only removes the moisture, it also removes all pathogens allowing it to be used for land fill. The layout also allows for future use of fully sealed, self-levelling skip bins that are also designed and manufactured by Conveyor Industries, and already installed at similar treatment plants around New Zealand.

New Press Brake Conveyor Industries has recently improved their manufacturing efficiency by upgrading their Press Brake. The old 150 Tonne press has been replaced with a 220 Tonne model. The

new press is CNC controlled, providing faster and more accurate pressing. This additional tonnage allows us to press heavier gauge materials. The longer bed length further increases our manufacturing capabilities and reduces the need for subcontracting. All of this increases our efficiency and the the team like it too!




Andritz Equipment

Conveyor Industries is a major subcontractor to the multinational company Andritz for the supply of conveying equipment. We have been chosen due to the quality of our product, our flexibility to tailor-make design, short delivery time and our competitive price.

While Conveyor Industries is able to supply equipment such as this, we believe we can be competitive while still offering a higher grade product, providing more value to our clients.

One of the significant issues we are currently faced with is the challenge of competing against overseas suppliers with mass production facilities and low cost labour.

Conveyor Industries were recently requested by Andritz Biofuel and Feed to tender to supply conveying equipment for a large feed mill plant project in Australia.

They also secured a high quality product at a price which was competitive with international manufacturers.

These companies often provide off the shelf, lighter gauge equipment at a lower price.

This equipment included screw conveyors, screw feeders, drag chain conveyors and bucket elevators (total of sixty-four) for the entire plant.

This facility is currently being constructed, due for commissioning June 2013.

This has been done by refining our equipment design without compromising quality, and expanding our manufacturing facilities to provide greater efficiency in fabrication.

We were told we were competing with companies from Asia and Europe on this project. By choosing Conveyer Industries for the project Andritz secured a full customised design service, with 3d models for their layouts, which allowed them to thoroughly check for problems in the plant and layout design before manufacture.


Wodonga Rendering Proximity to site is often seen as a major factor when companies are evaluating suppliers of key equipment. This requirement has been greatly reduced with the emergence of 3D draughting and online meetings to ensure projects progress to meet key deadlines.

Remote silo truck loading facility Conveyor Industries Ltd was recently involved with the successful implementation of an automatic fertiliser load out system. Traditionally fertiliser is delivered to, or collected by farmers, from bulk stores located throughout the country.

Conveyor Industries were approached by a rendering plant in Australia for advice on a Raw Material Intake System and were able to offer a solution combined with competitive pricing to fabricate the equipment in NZ and ship it directly to site for installation. Online meetings throughout the design process allowed for regular client input, and a clear vision of how the equipment would work in with the plant and existing equipment.

Due to the size of a large intake bin in the system, we arranged for the key components of the bin to be manufactured and test run in our workshop, while the large bin body was constructed on site in Australia from drawings provided by Conveyor Industries. 3D models of the bin and plant layout were supplied to the client, and fabricators in Australia were able the use the 3D models, or go online to see our computer screen when questions came up allowing for a trouble free construction. Our experienced installation team leader provided site supervision for key components in the system resulting in a smooth installation and commissioning of the equipment. The ‘online age’ has greatly improved the ability of Conveyor Industries to communicate with clients around the world. As we meet our client’s needs as if right in their office, the result is a happy business relationship.

This frequently requires farmers to travel long distances, often using a tractor and trailer to collect their fertiliser. A solution was devised to supply fertiliser from an automated unmanned silo by which farmers can load their own fertiliser 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The system consists of a silo holding 20t of fertiliser mounted on a structure which farmers can drive underneath. The silo is mounted on load cells which record the weight of product in the silo. A control panel allows farmers to swipe a card and key-in the required amount of fertiliser. The system checks via sensors the trailer is in position then fertiliser is discharged. Information is then sent via a GSM modem to the fertiliser company who can send an invoice to the farmer for the appropriate amount. On success of the first system installed in the Taranaki region a second system has recently been commissioned in Northland.

Replacement Augers and Conveyor Trough Liners Did you know? We can manufacture new augers and conveyor trough liners from a range of UHMW grades to replace your worn components.

Conveyor Industries Ltd 17 Ashley Place Papamoa 3118 North Island New Zealand

Regardless of the original manufacturer, we can visit your site, gather all the dimensions required and accurately reproduce these items. If you have augers or liners that need replacing get in contact with us today.

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