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I can confirm that Alistair Dolphin worked at South Winchester Golf Club,



Executive for the months of January 2010 - March 2010. He was provided with a detailed society database from the past 10 years of previous golf day bookings. It was his responsibility to phone up and make sure that all the details were correct. It was important for Alistair to liaise with each member. As a member himself and knowing the game of golf, he was able to build up a rapport with his clients and provide excellent customer service. His main role was to drive golf days and generate as many bookings as possible. From the beginning Alistair drew up areas where the golf club could exploit golf day bookings. This was conducted thorough a detailed brainstorming session which produced some very interesting ideas, clearly highlighting his initiative to work independently.

Alistair then created his own separate database in ACT by researching contacts from the local area and inputting them accordingly. From here Alistair began phoning each client introducing them to South Winchester Golf Club and promoting the opportunity for a golf day. He had to keep account of how many sales he had made and report back to me on a weekly basis on his progress.

Alistair will develop his sales technique with further training and experience and he has he potential to be very successful in this industry.

Alistair was involved with a lot of other tasks as well outside of this role, including sourcing entries for forthcoming events such as the Winter Open from which he produced a marketing analysis of where the Club in general could improve. He had to manage his time well, as a lot of the promotions work was scheduled around his current job in the main bar. Additionally Alistair was paid on a commission only basis, so it was crucial that he brought in as many new sales to the company to make his placement worthwhile.

Alistair developed a number of skills whilst on this placement including telephone time management, communication, organisational and self motivation which I believe can be transferable into any marketing environment.


would therefore thoroughly recommend Alistair for a similar role within marketing

where his creative ideas and great attention to detail is appreciated.

Martin Skinner General Manager South Winchester Colf Club, Romsey Road, Pitt, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22 5QX Telephone: 01962 877800 o Facsimile: 01962 877900 Email: . www.southwinchestergolf rri;iiir:,r,,ri r:iiri,,:

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