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5 August 201 0

To Whom lt May Concern:

Ref:Alistair Dolphin

lcan confirm thatAlistairworked for Larch ComputerServices Ltd from lhe27 May2010to the 15 August 2010 as Marketing Executive. He was employed on a commission only basis on the sales that he personally brought in. lnitially Alistair worked on a telemarketing task. This involved him having to manage a specific datablse of contacts and phoning them to introduce our services. He had to manage his time well and was given a daiiy target of 30 contacts to phone throughout the days he worked.

Once a potential lead was identified he had to follow this up with a standard email that he created himself. During this project Alistair was well trained in ACT.

a role as a Social Media Executive he was responsible for all of our social media presences including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedln. Using Twitter he demonstrated clearly our brand message and regularly "tweeted" about the latest trends in

Alistair then took on the lT market.

As a final project Alistair had to create an A4 newsletter / flyer to email to all the contacts in the database. He showed good creativity skills in producing the template and as result the email campaign is currently generating potential sales leads. I would definitely recommend Alistair for future employment. He was professional at all times and had very good telephone manners. He would be well suited to a creative environment where his skills and ideas are valued.

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.;R""Lr; Director