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Intro ALIST Magazine is a non-profit publication dedicated to bringing mainstream attention and interest to Asian American leadership and excellence. ALIST highlights stories of success and leadership for Asian Americans and Canadians. As a publication initially envisioned and funded by the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), we strive to share compelling stories of Asian Americans who have succeeded in unique and outstanding ways with an audience of not only Asian Americans, but also anyone who may be interested. We welcome your intellectual and financial support, no matter how small or large. The print edition of ALIST Magazine is circulated across the U.S. and Canada and we print 3 issues a year (Spring, Summer & Holiday). Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of the individuals who have earned a place on the ALIST.

Asian Consumer Demographics •

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The attractiveness of the Asian American market has long spurred interest by key players in the financial, telecom and automotive fields. In more recent years, spirits manufacturers along with pharmaceuticals, quick-service restaurant and travel & leisure companies have taken notice and implemented Asian American marketing plans. * By tapping into the fastest growing demographic with the highest purchasing power per capita, there is an opportunity to offset the decline in growth of the non-Hispanic White population. * Marketers need to have a strong understanding of the dynamics within the Asian American market and an appreciation for both the common cultural themes as well as the unique diversities.* Traditional media, grassroots events, out-of-home advertising, social media, online video and smartphones represent part of the vast number of growing touch points used by brands to deliver marketing messages and engage Asian American consumers.*

*Source: State of the Asian American Consumer Nielson Report 2012

Distribution We distribute over 30,000 copies a year and endless copies digitally. Hard copies are distributed in the various outlets: • Hotels in major metro areas • Offices in major metro areas • Bulk ship to 25 NAAAP chapters across U.S. and Canada • Direct ship to subscribers in U.S. and Canada • University campuses • Corporate Employee Resource Groups and Diversity & Inclusion Executives across U.S. and Canada

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ALIST Ad Rates & Specs  
ALIST Ad Rates & Specs  

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