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Truro College First Year National Diploma in Media

Maritime Photography Exhibition

Joe Williams I have always been inspired by nightscapes because they have unusual colour balance. These shots of Newquay harbour have a beautiful golden quality that really enhances the warm qualities of the setting.

Adam Weight-Cox I wanted to capture an accurate representation of the seaside port of St Ives. I love the image with the people in the sea and their emgagement with their environment.

Andrew Harvey The inspiration I had to take these pictures came from my experiences of ď€ shing which I have done for many years. During this time I have had many encounters with seagulls not all of them pleasant. However, they are a part of our seaside whether we like it or not. In my photographs I have tried to show the seagulls in a more positive way to make people appreciate that they are an important part of our maritime environment.

Jordan Devereux

Luke Painter These photos feature coastal erosion. However I feel that the images also demonstrate other meanings - strength, mystery and endurance. Can YOU ď€ nd another meaning for these photos?

Grant Carpenter What I ď€ nd interesting about the coastline is the way it is forever changing and therefore evry photo is unique to it’s time and place.

Imi Penny

Jess Fairclough I live and work in St Ives and I decided to take quite ordinary touristy photographs. By manipulating them I wanted to show a different side of St Ives rather than the typical picture postcards.

When walkin Ives a lot o out, but not as much as t old boat.

A typical scene f St Ives area, hap enjoying the suns embracing the pow that surrounds th The reason why I situation is beca what St Ives is a

ng around St of things stand thing stood out this peaceful

from the ppy tourist shine and wer of the sea he St Ives bay. I chose this ause it shows all about.

The pound shop is a seaside must. The shop most people don’t want to go into but have to to complete there seaside experience. That’s the reason why I chose this picture, because it is another old timer to the St Ives community.

The light house is the beacon of safety for ship and sea transport all around the world. I chose this picture because it stands tall above the rest of St Ives like the keeper of the small shing town, a guardian watching over them.

Ben French

Luke Thomas My photos show the impact that people have on our maritime environment and that the landscape in which we live is not always as beautiful as in the tourist brochures.

Perry Hall I took these shots on a dark, moody day. A sense of space and openess is what I am trying to capture. From the ragged to the smooth, the big to the small. These rocks are special and I was inspired to shot them to share the experience with others.

Sam Pond I took photos of St Ives on an overcast day and by manipulating them have produced much more vibrant images that feel much more like the Caribbean than overcast Cornwall. Wishful thinking....

Steve Mclean I wanted to try and capture a very classic portrayal of St Ives and to experiement with some more advanced camera techniques, such as having a shallow depth of ď€ eld. I love the photo of the birds eye view where he is in focus surrounded by the lovely blue that St Ives is famous for.

Tom May Through living in Cornwall I have seen the adaptation of the coast. The modiď€ cation of Cornwall’s industry is why I took photographs of classic Cornish life in contrast to the tourism we usually see as imagery.

As I look at the images I took in St Ives I get a peaceful feeling from them, as there is no sharp contrast between the different colours. The photo showing the coastal area gives a sense of loneliness, as there is a big open space and only one person in the shot surrounded by housing and the waters. The fact that I have edited it by decreasing the brightness and saturation, also brings a sense of loneliness, as it’s not as colourful therefore looks like its lacking in life and excitement. It also shows the end of the tourist season when everyone’s gone back home and the beach is left to itself again until summer once again comes around. The photo with the couple gives a sense of happiness and fulď€ lment and the couple are holding hands and taking a walk by the waters edge. Your eyes are drawn to them when you look at the photo, as they are in colour and so stand out. When you look you can see there connection through the fact they both have blue on. This photo also shows the beginning of the tourist season as you are beginning to see more people in the background enjoying the sea side. This photo is also lighter then the other although still not in full colour,

Bridget Bunnett

Josie Edwards The inspiration I had to take these photos came from moving down to live in Cornwall. I used to live in the Cotswolds, miles from the sea, and moving here has made me realise how lucky I am. Although the sun doesn’t always shine, these photos still show what a lovely place St Ives is.

James Hodson I took these shots under the sea at St.Ives Harbour at Mid-Day at Low Tide. I wanted to take a shot of how clear the water is and that there is no rubbish or any waste in the sea. I then edited the shot to make it look more tranquil and groovy

Hoby Allen These are photos taken at Super Yachts at Pendennis Point in Falmouth. They illustrate both the industrual heritage in falmouth but also the playground for the rich.

Josh Lowen These images were captured at Boscastle. By altering the colours I have changed the images to look more surreal and show a very different view of the landscape.

Roxy Stradling My inspiration for these images was to captuire the traditional seaside atmosphere. I enhanced the colours to give them a happy and holiday feel.

Abi Trevena These photos were taken at Portreath. I was trying to capture the beauty but also the energy of the sea.

We would really appreciate any feedback on our exhibition. Thank you.

Truro College ND Media Maritime Exhibition  

Exhibition of photographs on the maritime environment in which we live and play

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