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The Great Garbage Patch

Alison Servis Visual Explanation, Process Book Grad Studio, Fall 2011 School of Design Carnegie Mellon

Table of Contents Project Overview

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Initial Sketches: “The Sea Monster”

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Project Overview The aim of this project was to take a topic containing -

Patch (GPGP). Taking all the information related to the topic and boil it down to a digestable amount was quite an endeavor. However, the purpose was to do the hard work tures, sound, and motion to make clear the elements of the issue. The issue was to be framed with the following questions: What is it?

topic in two parts: an explanation of the problem and a call to action.


Excerpts from my research that I presented to the class start

convergence zone, ocean currents come together and assuming it gets there. Most natural debris, like branches, plants, or Even man-made materials like glass will break down biodegrade, can get stuck in the convergence zone plastic and other man-made garbage has created the


Screenshots from my video where I illustrated the area of the contents of Garbage Patch

What do people To begin weeding out information about the Great knew about the problem. Does the average person know the depth of the problem?

highlight: the problems it creates, the small steps people could take to prevent its growth.


Sea Monster story board.

Initial Sketches: “The Sea Monster� idea that the garbage patch was something dangerthe issue of the garbage patch to create a fable-like presentation of its creation and existence.

to re-evaluate what information was most vital to the


A screenshot of plastic bag scene in American Beauty

The beginning of my American Beauty storyboard

A turtle mistaking a plastic bag for food

Initial Sketches:

scene to set the tone of the plastic bag as something

which would have made a nice visual comparison, as this idea and whether the movie scene would be wide-

And this bag was, like, dancing with me. Like a little kid begging me to play with it. For

going to cave in.


Excerpts of my

Final Sketch:

was a pre-requisite for grasping the garbage patch, it easier to move through the rest of the information. garbage reaches them and then what happens once photo degradation and microplastic, as well as the impact of the plastic.

and depth is impossible to estimate with complete

might also cause more environmental harm than good. it would be more productive to encourage them to prevent its growth and prevent the formation of new


Screen shot of my AfterEffects composition, which contained 70 layers

Screen shot of GarageBand, which I used to create my stand in “Ocean” soundtrack

tones that might be more appropriate to the mood. including cleaning up some of the graphics and cutting timing where text and graphics appear, as well as having a narrator would improve the video, since it would mean less reading for the viewer.


Excerpts from my storyboards

AfterEffects proved to be more intimidating to use

that creating more thorough sketches before moving

a more solid idea of what happens when and with sketching would also make me realize which ideas were most tenable and might force me to admit defeat cal ideas.


Great Pacific Garbage Patch Process Book  

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Process Book