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Newsletter Spring 2012

Hey, we’re not all sandals and kaftans! When Daily Bread Co-operative was first started, we sold only a few simple commodity items. Now, some 30 years later, we boast over 5,000 different products. These products range from dried fruits and wholemeal flours to grains, pulses and breakfast cereals. There are massive benefits to you and your family when shopping with us! Firstly, you’ll be buying many health boosting whole foods that are making their way into mainstream diets these days, you’ll be helping give aid back to the Developing World farm workers who grow many of our products, and you’ll have a great time simply browsing our extensive range of hard to find ingredients!

So, what are we? INSIDE THIS ISSUE:

We sell an enormous range of grocery products, but we’re not a grocery store

Who are we?


We sell a lot of things in bulk but we’re not a true wholesaler

Keeping trade LOCAL introducing The Made in Northamptonshire Group


Going Nuts for Health!


Building Better Health from Within


Why come to us?


What’s going on? Focus on Coeliac Disease

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Offers and location


We pack many products on the premises but we’re not really a manufacturer We have trolleys and baskets for our customers, but we’re not a supermarket We are a Co-operative designed to give aid back to developing countries by setting aside a sum of money each year to be used in supporting various projects to help local producers. Our product range give good nutritional value and are exceptional value for money. Come and take a look at us - we’re based on the Bedford Road in Northampton, open 6 days a week and have plenty of car parking space!

Daily Bread Co-operative Ltd, An independent Christian Workers Co-operative business owned and controlled by the people working in it. FSA Registration No IPS 21612R

Let’s go NUTS!

Did you know that a handful of mixed nuts 4 - 5 times a week can help lower low-density lipoproteins or ‘bad’ cholesterol? They are cholesterol free and contain just a trace of sodium (well, that’s if you don’t choose the salted variety!). These properties make nuts a perfect choice to help prevent heart disease and high cholesterol.

Did you know that….. If you spend £1 in a local, independent shop, the chances are that that money will be kept in the local economy 5 times longer than if you spent it at a national store. ‘Made in Northamptonshire’ is a regional network founded last year that supports local high quality food and drink producers, retailers and eateries. People worldwide are rediscovering the benefits of buying and eating local produce. Our county boasts a wealth of award winning, tasty local delights and the ‘Made in Northamptonshire’ group supports these very worthy, hard working producers!

6 Ways with NUTS 1. It’s in the BAG! Simply pop a handful of nuts in a plastic bag or lunch box to enjoy when you’re on the move. 2. Just a little sprinkle - sprinkle nuts on pretty much everything from salads to pasta dishes. The crunchiness is magnificent and brightens up simple recipes. 3. Get the ‘toast’ out of your nuts! Intensify the flavour of nuts by ‘toasting’ them in a dry frying pan or in the microwave. 4. Grind your nuts to a fine consistency, add hot water and stir. You’ll have the most fantastic nut porridge. Simply add some fruit compote and enjoy! 5. Mix some dried fruit with a handful of nuts - a delicious and healthy little snacklet for the young and old alike! 6. Nut Butter - chuck some cashews in a processor and blend until they are the consistency of peanut butter. Enjoy on bread, oatcakes or…well, pretty much anything!

Been shopping here since you opened and love it just as much! Thank you, Jan


Building Better Health from


About one third of us don’t get enough Vitamin C, about half of the population don’t get enough Vitamin A and just over half of us don’t get enough magnesium. Even more astounding is that between 92 and 97% of us aren’t getting enough fibre or potassium! The only way to make sure that we’re getting the right nutrients into our bodies that Scientists know about is to eat plant foods in their whole, unprocessed form (or ground, if they’re grains and seeds).

Walnuts…… Are the plant version of omega 3 fatty acids. One for the guys—these crinkly little nibbles can help keep your prostate healthy in later life.

Particular nutrients help lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes—and these are all found in wholefoods! Wholefoods contain ’good fats’ - the sort of which will help lower cholesterol rather than increase it. They’re an excellent source of fibre and they’re made just as nature intended them, with no added fat, sugar or sodium. So, a healthy diet should contain wholegrains, lots of fruit and veg, beans and pulses. You can always ’spice’ these up to give delicious flavours!

Come and take a look What a wonderful around our shop! You’ll be shop standing up for fascinated by our range of over 5,000 products that will help you build better health from within, for you all that is right. We and your family! shall You can now buy online at definitely come again!


Reasons to say ‘YES’ to



We have a great range of products for those on wheat-free, glutenfree, dairy-free or yeast-free diets. We have many health foods including a variety of flours besides wheat, including rice, soya, gram (chickpea), rye, maize, potato and buckwheat.

YES—WE CAN COMPETE WITH THE BIG SUPERMARKETS We offer really good value on the products we pack ourselves and specialist products likes soya milk which we buy in bulk. We constantly strive to offer fair prices, especially on basic commodities. We hunt out unusual products from smaller suppliers and offer a friendly, more personal shopping experience.

YES—WE CAN DELIVER We have a local delivery service for which there is NO CHARGE for orders over £25 within Northampton. We deliver to Milton Keynes on Thursdays and to the rest of the UK via Courier Service. For our delivery prices, simply give us a bell on

I come to Daily Bread Co“ operative because I want my family to eat well. I can get 01604 621 531 things here that I can’t find anywhere else. The depth of YES—WE DO SUPPORT LOCAL COMMUNITY PROJECTS range is fantastic and I like the We re-invest our profits in our business or simply give them away. We bulk, non fancy packaging. My donate a percentage of our profit to STRIVE—a registered charity husband loves the yoghurt supporting overseas aid, mostly to countries whose growers supply our business. We put people’s needs before profit. peanuts you stock! I love just having a browse around—it’s YES—WE CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT really interesting. I’ve been We keep our packaging to a minimum, especially for our own products. coming here for about 10 years We try to stock foodstuffs with nothing added and nothing taken away, now, and never get bored with preferably untreated by pesticides or herbicides. We avoid highly the product range. refined foods with chemical additives. We are keen on recycling and actively support ‘green’ causes. We are registered with the Soil Rachel Heap

YES—WE ARE A FAIR TRADE RETAILER And as one, we naturally promote fairly traded goods. We simply don’t deal with companies that have a poor record of greed or exploitation.


Association to pack certain organic products.

Buy online at

What’s going on?


As part of us supporting local communities and specialist societies, we have a whole heap of things going on!

6 days a week from

We’re open

Monday 21st—Sunday 27th May

8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Raising awareness of the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

(5pm Saturday)

23rd June—7th July Co-operative Fortnight

2012 is the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives - a year aimed at boosting understanding of the benefits that the co-operative approach to business brings to tens of millions of people across the world.

Focus on Coeliac disease

Coeliac disease (pronounced see-liac, spelt celiac disease in other countries) is an autoimmune disease. Gluten, which is found in wheat, barley and rye triggers an immune reaction in people with coeliac disease. This means that eating gluten damages the lining of the small intestine. Other parts of the body may be affected.

Diarrhoea and excessive wind

Nausea and Vomiting

Infertility or repeated miscarriages Depression

Iron, vitamin B12 or folic Acid deficiency

Mouth Ulcers and tooth Joint and/or enamel problems bone pain

Weight loss, but not in all cases

Hair Loss and skin Rashes (DH)

Diagnosis is easy by a simple blood test and if positive, a gut biopsy. Gluten free products are now much more available and there’s masses of information at—THE place to visit for support and advice on how to manage the disease with a glutenfree diet.



Recurrent stomach pain, cramping or bloating

0845 305 2060

Tiredness and/or headaches Osteoporosis

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Spicy Lentil Casserole

Find us at The Old Laundry Bedford Road Northampton NN4 7AD Tel: 01604 621 531

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