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June 2014 Issue 121

22 inspiring designs for summer!



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Your complete beading resource ®

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Learn to make these beaded beads

Stitch easy beaded beads with Rizos and pearls.

p. 30

Make a scalloped necklace with pearls p. 26 Create a sizzling soutache bracelet p. 54 Whip up a quick and easy pendant p. 36


Hot finds from the Tucson bead shows p. 14 A young philanthropist gives back through beading p. 98 Use scrapbooking supplies for a mixed-media look p. 40


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June 2014



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PROJECTS 17 | Chic & Easy

Pearl palisade necklace: Stitch and string beaded bead caps with large-hole pearls for an instant classic. by Jane Danley Cruz

20 | Technique Workshop

Making bead mosaics: Embellish pre-fab bracelets with cylinder beads set into epoxy clay. by Becky Nunn


26 | Clearly Crystals

Scrumptious scallops: Bring together four sizes of pearls for a necklace of fan-shaped components. by Carolyn Cave

30 | Quick Stitch

Rizo florets necklace: Whip up textural beaded beads using the new Rizo shape, and string them into a necklace. by Sandie Bachand


36 | Coin toss pendant

Surround a fat focal with Rulla beads, two-hole lentils, pearls, and seed beads for a two-sided accessory. by Michelle McEnroe

40 | Bead-embroidered stamped leather cuff Use rubber stamps to jazz up a leather bracelet, and then embellish the design with backstitch and a beaded edging. by Abigail Engelking

44 | Flower bud necklace


Showcase B&B’s 20th anniversary focal with beaded beads featuring SuperDuos, two-hole lentils, drops, and more. by Connie Whittaker

50 | Surfin’ the waves

Transform peyote stitch into a curved Cellini necklace simply by switching up the bead sizes. by Jimmie Boatright

TECHNIQUE GUIDE bead embroidery ....................................... 40 bead weaving ....................17, 26, 30, 36, 44 brick stitch ................................................. 60 Cellini.......................................................... 50 cubic right-angle weave ............................ 66 epoxy clay.................................................. 20 peyote stitch ........................................ 50, 60 soutache .................................................... 54 stringing .........................................17, 30, 66 wirework..................................................... 70


June 2014 Issue 121


54 | Serpentine soutache bracelet

Frame a Luna Soft cabochon with bands of soutache punctuated by pockets of SuperDuo beads. by Alexandra Sydorenko

60 | Twin flower lariat

Work in tubular brick stitch with Twin beads for a lengthy necklace ending in a pair of fower buds. by Kerrie Slade

66 | Studded bracelet

Combine two-hole bead studs with cubic right-angle weave tubes for a really wearable bracelet or bangle. by Dana Rudolph


70 | Wire Expressions

Charmed by the sea necklace: Create a seaside sensation with fancy chain, charms, and colorful bead dangles. by Alison Jayne Layton

SPECIAL FEATURE 48 | Artist Profile Beading before it was cool: Bead artist Phyllis Dintenfass refects on the last 50 years of beading. by Stacy Werkheiser

IN EVERY ISSUE 6 | From the Editor 11 | Bead Soup

Didn’t make it to the Tucson gem and mineral shows? Check out our “Findings from Tucson” for the hottest beads and trends. Also, don’t miss our “Handy-Dandy Guide” on clasps, a brilliant (as in colorful!) design challenge, new book reviews, and free online projects.


18 | Your Work 24 | The Business of Beading Setting up shop: Compare and contrast your options for selling jewelry online or at juried and non-juried shows. by Leslie Rogalski

86 | Basics

A guide to techniques in this issue

98 | Spotlight

Crystals for a cause & a cure: Rachel Marolda designs and sells jewelry to beneft a children’s hospital. by James B. Goldsmith

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June 2014

From the Editor

Summer beading Beading has no season. You don’t have to wait for beads to fall from the sky or migrate to your area (although I love the idea of the heavens opening up and releasing beads!). Some people report beading more in the winter, perhaps because it’s a great activity when you’re snowbound. But there is something so delicious about summer beading that I look forward to every year. It is a wonderful indulgence to be able to enjoy the outdoors and a favorite pastime all at once. We have several projects in this issue that are great for showing off your summer style while basking in the breezes. The beautiful turquoise Rizos and bronze pearls in the cover necklace by Sandie Bachand are the perfect palette for the season. For a summer evening out, Carolyn Cave’s scalloped pearl necklace, p. 26, is a must. Alison Jayne Layton’s “Charmed by the sea” necklace, p. 70, sports soft pastel dangles with plenty of sparkle. Michelle McEnroe’s colorful “Coin toss pendant,” p. 36, is bright and cheery, as is Alexandra Sydorenko’s “Serpentine soutache bracelet,” p. 54. And Jimmie Boatright’s fabulous “Surfin’ the waves” necklace, p. 50, is a fitting tribute to your favorite shoreline. And there’s lots more, including helpful advice for choosing clasps, p. 11, Leslie Rogalski’s guidance on finding the right venue to sell your handiwork, p. 24, and a profile of Phyllis Dintenfass, p. 48, who has seen many changes in the beading landscape since she took up the art 50 years ago!

d Fitn he d beaand! str

Be sure to scour the pages of the magazine to find the hidden bead strand (it will look like the one at left). When you find it, email me at by June 30. Everyone who correctly identifies the location will be in the running to win a trio of books from our Stitch Workshop series — Peyote Stitch, Right-Angle Weave, and Herringbone Stitch. Congratulations to Bonnie Cipollone who spotted the strand on p. 60 of the February issue! Happy summer beading!

Editor, Bead&Button

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INSIDE: Findings • Design Challenge • New on the Bookshelf • On the Web

Bead S up -Dandy Handy

B&B’s Guide to

choosing clasps by Hans Kutter

he clasp is a crucial element in jewelry design. If it doesn’t work properly or if it is not appropriate for the type of jewelry, the value of the entire piece may be compromised. Beaders spend many precious hours and often use expensive beads and components for their creations, so using low-quality clasps to complete them doesn’t pay off. A clasp that loses its color, doesn’t open or close properly, or breaks can render a piece of jewelry almost worthless despite the splendor of the design. A high-quality clasp has three main characteristics: long-lasting functionality, superior design, and distinctive craftsmanship with the best materials and quality plating. Using the best clasps you can afford in your work will elevate your jewelry and help it retain value over its lifetime. There are many types of clasps available on the market. Here is a sampling of the most commonly used types and their best uses.


CLASP TYPE Toggle clasp

Lobster claw clasp

Fish hook clasp

Box clasp Hans Kutter is CEO of Claspgarten. Contact him via Photos provided by Claspgarten (except those for the S-hook and hook-and-eye clasps, by Kalmbach Publishing).

BEST USES The toggle clasp is probably the mother of all clasps since its origins can be traced back thousands of years. It is often a simple functional finding but can also be decorative. The toggle is an all-purpose clasp that is useful in both necklaces and bracelets. Toggles come in many shapes and sizes to go with a wide range of looks.

The lobster claw is the most popular clasp because it is easy to use and is produced in lots of metals using both casting and stamping methods. They can be difficult to open with one hand when used in bracelets, so the best usage is in necklaces of any weight.

The advantage of the fish hook clasp is that it has a built-in safety function — if the spring mechanism loosens, the hook remains attached to the clasp, preventing the jewelry from falling off. The fish hook clasp is usually quite fine, so it is best when used for delicate jewelry. Some people find it difficult to open and close the fish hook clasp.

The box clasp is usually used for multi-row necklaces or bracelets since the box mechanism allows for wider or multiple rows. The box mechanism needs precise manufacturing to ensure smooth operation.



June 2014


Bead Soup


You Said It


Magnetic clasp

Magnetic clasps are becoming more and more popular because they are so easy to use. Magnetic clasps are best for necklaces because they are less likely to get bumped or otherwise jarred loose. Adding a safety chain to any jewelry using a magnetic clasp is generally a good idea.

Bayonet/slide clasp

The bayonet or slide clasp is ideal for bracelets or tight chokers. Because these clasps open sideways, there is no need for additional length to allow the piece to open. These often feature multiple loops, as in the photo at left, so they are great for multistrand designs. Other bayonet or slide clasps have a bar attachment. The bar attachment works well for a flat piece of stitched beadwork, such as a peyote band, which gets looped through the bar and sewn in place, thereby capturing the bar within the beadwork. It is a very secure clasp option, especially for bracelets that are worn frequently.

S-hook clasp

The S-hook clasp is a good option for necklaces. It’s usually not reliable for bracelets, though, because the movement required to open and close the clasp can cause a bracelet to be too loose, sometimes to the point that the clasp comes open inadvertently.

Hook-and-eye clasp

Sometimes beautifully decorative, hook-and-eye clasps are similar to S-hook clasps in that both a hook and a loop are prominent. Hook-and-eye clasps are best for necklaces.

In the article on beading on a budget in the April 2014 Bead Soup, a crucial source was left out — local bead shops. Many bead shops will special order a larger quantity of product for you and will often offer it at a discounted price. Building a relationship with your local bead store by shopping regularly, attending classes, events, or sales, or popping in just to browse allows the customer to become known to the shop and form a relationship that can involve discounts, special purchasing offers, and the like. I know how important these relationships are to me as a beader and a shop owner. In addition, your local bead society is an excellent source of reference for budget bead shopping as they often host de-stash events or trades. – Lois Venarchick Wynwoods Gallery & Studio Port Townsend, Wash. I want to share how much I enjoy and look forward to receiving your magazine. I’m especially pleased with B&B Extra. It makes me feel special to receive B&B Extra, which has such good projects to add to what we already get in the magazine. What a deal! – Susan Robinson Oro Valley, Ariz.

New on the Bookshelf


Marcia DeCoster Presents Interviews with 30 Beaders on Inspiration & Technique

World on a String A Companion for Bead Lovers

by Marcia DeCoster Marcia DeCoster Presents is the next book in the "Spotlight on Beading" series. Get to know 30 beaders from around the world as they answer questions about their methods, inspiration, and how they use the Internet while you admire beautiful photographs of their work. This book will inspire you from cover to cover.

by Diana Friedberg This beautiful book explores the history of beads through the ages and around the world. Created from images the author took over 10 years in more than 40 countries, this book features beads both modern and ancient. It is a celebratory meditation on the jewelry, objects, textiles, and more discovered on one woman’s bead odyssey.

Lark Crafts ISBN: 978-1-4547-0797-4

ISBN: 978-1-62620-778-3



Contrasting colors design challenge Challenge supplies: 150, 110, and 80 seed beads, Luna Soft cabochons, and Preciosa matte bicone crystals in shades of purple and orange. Kits provided by Fusion Beads,

Gail Wing

(B&B reader) I love the combination of purple and orange beads — I think they’re great colors for summer! Peyote is one of my favorite stitches, so I used it in the bezels and the oval shapes from Diane Fitzgerald’s book Shaped Beadwork.


I bezeled a large Luna Soft cab with a variety of seed beads and crystals. For the rope, I stitched a Russian spiral using two colors and sizes of seed beads. For the bail, I stitched a little flower component from Anna Elizabeth Draeger’s latest book, Creative Designs Using Shaped Beads, available for preorder at

Judy Markworth

(B&B reader) My necklace is rooted in right-angle weave. I started each bezel with a round of RAW and then transitioned to peyote on each edge to capture the cabs. The neck straps and the connecting segments are cubic RAW embellished on each edge to create a squared-off shape.


Purple is one of my favorite colors, so I was thrilled with the beads in this kit. I love to mix different finishes, so I combined some new suede-finish two-hole CzechMate lentils, metallic two-hole triangles, and matte crystals to create my pendant.


I extended the color range of the kit by adding red, yellow, and black seed beads to create a beadcrochet bangle with a focal section of 4 mm crystals.


June 2014


Bead Soup

FINDINGS Cool stuff for beaders

from Tucson

The Tucson gem and mineral shows are just the place to discover new and innovative jewelry items. Here are some of our favorite finds from the 2014 shows.


Beads and pendants

b a

Miyuki Half Tilas (half the size of the original) two-hole tiles (a).



Polymer clay cab builder set; (b).

Czech glass buttons; (a). 3 mm stud buttons; (b). German glass buttons; (c).

Laser-cut wood pendants, made from sustainable alder wood; (c).

Components b

Clasps and findings; (a), www.alacarteclasps. com (b), and www. (c).

Ceramic and porcelain beads; (d) and (e).

a c d


New bead ďŹ nishes

Leather and ribbon a

Polychrome-finish two-hole tile beads (a) and halo-finish beads in assorted shapes (b).

Leather bands (plus a line of rivets and tools); (a).

Prints, studs, and eyelets; (b).

Bling a


From Swarovski — latest colors crystal iridescent green and tangerine (a) and the new skull bead (b).

Shredded leather necklaces, chokers, and bracelets; (c). Bison leather straps; (d). e Colorful animal print silk ribbons; (e).


b 14


ON THE WEB Project storage

& Extra


Your complete beading resource

Great storage for beading on the go;


B&B Extra

Subscribers — download your June issue of B&B Extra on June 1 at www.BeadAndButton. com/extra!

2014 JUNE

Su b

Go casual



with piggy beads, leather, and rivets

SUMMER BEADED BRACELET BONANZA Create dimension with Tilas, crystals, and pearls

Try a new material Ð WireLuxe

Stitch a purr-fectly adorable version of a popular fabric motif

Houndstooth cat bracelet by Lesha McPhearson

Once upon a time bracelet by Yvonne King

Pinwheel flowers bracelet by Julia Gerlach



Treasure trove bracelet by Monica Han

Free project Download this sparkling bicone bangle by Samantha Mitchell at freeprojects. b

c Follow us online! We keep you in the know about upcoming issues, free online projects, videos, and everything else going on at Bead&Button. Follow us at: • • •

Tell us what you think Give us feedback about this issue at


June 2014


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Chic & Easy

Bead Weaving / Stringing Difficulty rating


palisade necklace

Stitch bead caps for large-hole pearls, and then string them all on a leather cord for a distinctive look. by Jane Danley Cruz

stepbystep Beaded bead caps [1] On 18 in. (46 cm) of thread, pick up six 80 seed beads, and tie them into a ring with a square knot (Basics, p. 86), leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Retrace the thread path through the ring three or four times. [2] Pick up an 110 seed bead, and sew through the next 80 in the ring. Repeat this stitch to complete the round, and step up through the first 110 added in this round. [3] Pick up an 110, and sew through the next 110 in the previous round. Repeat this stitch to complete the round, using a firm tension to snug up the beads. Step up through the first 110 added in this round. The beadwork will begin to form a cup. [4] Pick up a 3 mm bicone crystal, and sew through

the next 110 in the previous round. Repeat this stitch to complete the round, and step up through the first 3 mm added in this round. [5] Pick up an 110, and sew through the next 3 mm in the previous round. Repeat this stitch to complete the round, but do not step up. [6] With the thread exiting a 3 mm, pick up three 150 seed beads, and sew through the next 3 mm in the previous round. These three beads will form a picot on the outside of the cup. Repeat this stitch to complete the round. Retrace the thread path using a firm tension and skipping the center 150 in each set. End the working thread and tail (Basics). [7] Make a total of six bead caps.

Necklace [1] On one end of a 16-in. (41 cm) piece of leather cord, use chainnose pliers to attach a crimp tube cord end. [2] On the other end of the cord, string three color A 10 x 8 mm large-hole pearls, a color B 10 x 8 mm largehole pearl, an A, a bead cap from outside to inside, a B, and a bead cap from inside to outside. String this pattern once more. [3] String an A, a B, three As, a bead cap from outside to inside, a B, a bead cap from inside to outside, an A, a B, and three As. Center the beads on the cord. [4] Attach a crimp tube cord end on this end of the cord. [5] Open a jump ring (Basics), and attach half of the clasp to a cord end. Repeat for the other cord end. w

Materials necklace 161⁄2 in. (41.9 cm) • 10 x 8 mm large-hole pearls ( 16 color A (peacock) 7 color B (soft white) • 36 3 mm bicone crystals • 1 g 80 seed beads • 1 g 110 seed beads • 1 g 150 seed beads • toggle clasp • 2 8 x 3 mm crimp tube cord ends, 2 mm inside diameter (Eclectica, 262-641-0910) • 2 6 mm jump rings • 18 in. (46 cm) 1.5 mm leather cord • Fireline 6 lb. test • beading needles, #11 • 2 pairs of chainnose, flatnose, and/or bentnose pliers

DESIGNER’S NOTES: • I used a variety of colors of seed beads and crystals in my necklace. Each pair of bead caps is slightly different. • Try substituting 3 mm fire-polished beads for the bicone crystals.

Jane Danley Cruz is an associate editor at Bead&Button. Contact her at jcruz@


Your Work

Fishy necklace

I made this delightful necklace featuring glass fish beads, a crystal starfish, and seed beads that I purchased in London while on vacation. I love the tropical color palette and the “coral,� which is created by stitching branched fringe with seed beads. Eileen Giannico Bethpage, New York

Coral reef

The base of my bracelet is peyote stitch with three colors of 80 seed beads. The fish and starfish are a combination of peyote and herringbone stitch. For the sides, I used a looped edging that I have used on many projects during the past 15 years. I like to include some whimsy in my designs, so I made my own clasp using a toy fish. Barbara Klann Contact in care of Bead&Button




Your Work submissions: Neptune’s garden My bead-embroidered collar features shells, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, coral, seed beads, and drop beads. I also added a few peyote stitch fans, which represent coral sea fans.

We’re always looking for new works of beaded art from our readers! Send a 300 dpi digital image of your work, a description of the work, and all your contact information to editor@ If your piece is selected, we will ask you to send it to us to photograph.

Donna Sutton Placida, Florida

Diamond bangle redux I adored Susan Harle’s reversible bracelet that was published in the August 2013 issue. My black-and-white version is based on her design. I customized it by overlapping the diamonds instead of making each one individually. David Garcia Palm Springs, California

Lionfish I often address aquatic themes in my work. This bead-embroidered lionfish swims past a background of batik fabric. The entire piece is 11 x 14 in. (28 x 36 cm). Eleanor Pigman St. Petersburg, Florida


June 2014


Technique Workshop

Epoxy Clay

Making bead mosaics Use two-part epoxy clay to create jewelry inlaid with seed beads in your favorite summer palette. by Becky Nunn

ne of the things that I love about creating mixed-media jewelry is the joy of exploration and being curious just for the sake of seeing what will happen. This is what led me to play with seed beads and epoxy clay in a technique that is similar to making mosaics with glass and grout. The finished jewelry looks complicated but is really quite simple to create. Who doesn’t love that?! Prior to making my mosaic channel cuff, I did a couple of sample charms to explore how various seed bead palettes looked with different colors of epoxy clay. This helped me visualize the finished piece prior to committing to a full bracelet. The colors I chose remind me of a field of California poppies on a sunny day.



[1] Don your gloves, pinch off a dimesize ball of both part A and part B of the epoxy clay, and start mixing (photo a). Keep blending the clay together until the color is consistent and there is no marbling. Once the parts are mixed, the clay is activated, and you have approximately 90–120 minutes to work with it before it hardens to the point where you can no longer embed beads. [2] Remove your gloves. Roll the clay between the palms of your hands to create a 6-in. (15 cm) snake (photo b).


d 20



of the cuff. Press the tail down firmly at one end of the cuff, and using your thumbs, push and stretch the entire length of clay flat to fill the channel (photo c). Try to keep the clay flush with the edges.


e Bead&Button

[3] Place the snake into the channel


BNB • 06/01/2014 • 2C • 1/4 V


Difficulty rating

Materials TIP I like to frequently clean my hands with a wet wipe to make sure I’m not getting epoxy clay on the cuff. When hardened, the clay is like cement, so I try to be very tidy as I work.

[4] Place your cylinder beads onto a flat surface, and mix them to evenly distribute the colors. Use two straight edges (like business cards or rulers) to create a 6-in. (15 cm) strip of beads about the width of the cuff. If you like, make sure some of the bead holes are facing up and others are not. [5] Starting at one end of your strip, press the cuff loaded with epoxy clay onto the beads (photo d). Use the tips of your fingers to gently press down on the cuff along the inside curved surface as you roll the bangle across your strip of beads. Continue until you have covered the full surface of the cuff. [6] Use your fingers to gently press the beads into the epoxy clay. If there are bare patches, pick up additional beads with your fingertip and fill in (photo e). Make sure that excess epoxy clay isn’t spilling over the sides of the bangle. If you do have excess, use a wet wipe to clean away the epoxy while it is soft. Set the bracelet aside for about an hour. The beads should be firmly set, but the clay should not be completely hard for the next step. [7] If you had excess clay from step 3 that is still soft, you can use it for this next step. If you don’t have extra clay, you will need a pea-size ball of both parts A and B. Mix them together completely, and roll the clay out into a long, thin snake. You will be using this thin strip of epoxy clay to make a slip (like when working with pottery). With your fingertips, apply a dab of water over a small patch of the embedded beads. Lay the thin strip of epoxy clay over the wet area. Apply a little more water to the strip of epoxy clay to get the clay

cuff bracelet 21⁄2-in. (6.4 cm) inner diameter • 1–2 g 110 Miyuki Delica cylinder beads in each of 3 colors: orange (DB1593, opaque mandarin), green (DB733, opaque lime), blue (DB755, opaque turquoise blue) • 21⁄2-in. (6.4 cm) channel cuff blank ( • two-part epoxy clay (Crystal Clay, white) • latex gloves • toothpicks (optional) • warm water • wet wipes

DESIGNER’S NOTE: Try using this technique with metal bezels — they make really cute charms and pendants!

Becky Nunn is the designer and founder of Nunn Design. Over the past 20 years, Becky has designed and manufactured products for the stationery, gift, craft, and jewelry industries. As a working artist and designer, she is passionate about instilling the belief that artists can follow their hearts and create a living for themselves through creating beauty in the world. To learn more, follow Becky’s blog at

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One Bead Event for All Ð Beginner & Advanced Beaders Designers, Jewelry Makers Craft Lovers & Gift Seekers Tel. 845.352.9735 thoroughly moist. With wet fingers, gently rub the epoxy clay down into the beads (photo f). The clay will start to fill all of the holes. If desired, use a toothpick to fill holes with wet clay. [8] Use a wet wipe to wipe away the excess clay. Run your fingernails or a toothpick along the outside edges of the cuff bracelet to clean up the edges. Let the clay harden completely (12–24 hours) before wearing. w

Visit the best bead shop locator search engine on the Internet! can help you find a bead shop close to you or across North America. The ultimate resource for finding bead shops nationwide! Petticoat Pearls by Marina Nadke, April 2013 Bead&Button

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The Business of Beading

Where to Sell

Setting up shop Where you sell your jewelry — online, in person, or both — is an important business decision with lots of options. by Leslie Rogalski


for each site, and see what both sellers and buyers report. Our “5 favorite online markets” (below) is a good place to start. Online selling will teach you what it takes to get organized and be competitive without a huge investment of time or money. No booth or display is needed, but you are running a business. Hone these skills: • Marketing your shop via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs • Tracking your competition • Monitoring your shop activity — who’s looking at your shop, who’s leaving, and who’s buying? • Creating a mailing list • Taking and uploading (quality) photos of your work • Writing enticing, accurate descriptions of your work • Tagging your items with keywords to help buyers find your shop within the overall structure of the site

ou have great work (see the February column), and everything’s priced and ready to go (per the April column). Now what? It’s time to find a place to sell. Let’s start with online marketplaces and retail craft shows, because they are arguably the most popular venues for us beaders.

So much more than Etsy Selling online is fast, easy, and inexpensive. The disadvantage is the competition — you are swimming in a crowded pool and will need to stand out. You’ll want to study and employ tags and keywords with savvy. Type jewelryrelated keywords into a search engine. Which designs appear for different terms? Which online markets show up most often and closest to the top of the results? Visit those sites, read their terms of use, and be sure to check out the competition already selling there. Search for reviews

• Keeping your shop updated and refreshed • Opening and maintaining a PayPal account • Recording your income, expenses, and tax data There’s a reason why that first bullet point is number one. Just because you “build it” (that is, an online shop) doesn’t mean “they will come.” Sharri Moroshok is the owner of The Beaded Bead (www., and she gets to the heart of the matter: “It makes little difference where your shop is. You must market it yourself. The traffic [your chosen] site sends you is gravy. You have to create not only your art but also your business.”

The art show circuit Juried and non-juried craft shows can work in tandem with your online shop to promote your work. However, you’ll

Not sure which online marketplace is right for you?




Here’s the low-down on five you’ll want to at least consider. Most popular and arguably best known of online craft marketplaces. Listing categories include handmade, vintage, and supplies. Fees are $0.20 per item per three-month listing. PayPal account required. Your URL would be yourstorename. Store names are fixed and cannot be changed more than once.

$12.95 per month with no other fees. Allows commercially produced products but has them clearly defined and categorized. Storefront template allows for a more personalized banner. Pages for a blog, bio, and gallery. Your URL would be ext/shop/yourstorename.

“If you market/advertise your store with links, it doesn’t matter which store...people will follow the link.”

need to carefully consider which shows to pursue, as they will require you to invest a good deal of time, energy, and money. Juried shows

The better art shows are juried and require submission of quality digital images to a panel of experts who choose who gets into the show. These shows charge nonrefundable fees to apply, and there will be more expenses if you are accepted (more on that momentarily). There are free websites that many shows use for one-stop application. There, you can post many images and send the desired images to multiple shows. Not all sites work with every show, and each show has their own application fee, deadlines, and rules for images. Top submission sites include: • • • There are many prestigious, high-end art shows. Jewelry is quite possibly the most competitive category — be prepared for that! My familiarity includes the following U.S. shows, although there are plenty more and international opportunities as well: • Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show (Pa.) • Smithsonian Craft Show (Wash., DC) • Craftsboston Holiday and Spring (Mass.) • American Craft Council Shows (Minn., Md., Calif., Ga.)

– Mikki Ferrugiaro

• • • • •

Washington Craft Show (Wash., DC) Morristown CraftMarket (N.J.) Westchester Fine Craft Show (N.Y.) American Craft Exposition (Ill.) Bellevue Festival of the Arts (Wash.) If you are juried into shows like these, exhibiting is costly. Booth fees can easily exceed $1,000 before you pay for airfare, hotels, and on-floor expenses, such as electricity. But these shows provide exposure to a very discerning, educated, and usually affluent market of collectors and art lovers. Doing high-end shows requires a high-end booth. Many shows ask for a booth shot in your application. Booth setup and display are such monumental topics that we will cover them in a future article. In the meanwhile, attend high-end craft shows and note the professional artistry of the booths. They are literally mini showrooms. Non-juried shows

but they tend to showcase crafters at all different levels of artistry. There’s room for everyone in this world, but it is challenging to sell $100 earrings next to someone selling $10 earrings. Check local publications for shows at schools, churches, and civic events. Also, check out these online guides for selling opportunities by state and region: • • • Guild of Craftsmen (join by state and region) • And remember — bead and jewelry magazines advertise shows, too, and there are online show calendars, such as As you start considering where to sell your work, you might have a few questions about how to best market and brand your jewelry for ultimate curb appeal. Luckily, that’s the topic of our next column! w

Leslie Rogalski hosts classes and workshops and appears on Jewelry Television and the PBS show Beads, Baubles, and Jewels. To learn more, go to her online store,, or visit

Local and regional non-juried shows abound — think craft fairs, farmer’s markets, art crawls, and the like. These events can be lucrative and low cost, Canadian company, international range. All handmade craft items; nothing vintage or mass produced. $25 one-time registration fee with plans from $5 to $35 per month. Very basic storefront template without frills. Your URL would be www.icraftgifts. com/yourstorename.

Welcomes handmade, vintage, fine art, and supplies. Shop template allows for personalization, listing of your favorites, and featured items. Plans start at free and go up to $79 per year for more features, including SEO help, shop stats, no ads on your pages, video capability, and more. Totally free. Limited to basic template, but interface is similar to other sites. Only handmade items and supplies/ services related to crafts and the needs of artisans; nothing mass produced. PayPal account required. Site includes pages for bio, blog, and contact information. Your URL would be yourstorename.

*Statistical sources for online marketplace rankings and reviews:,,, and


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Clearly Crystals

Bead Weaving

Scrumptious scallops

Create an elegant necklace of scallops using crystal pearls in a variety of sizes. Add crystal teardrops for movement. designed by Carolyn Cave





Difficulty rating




b c




c d


e g





stepbystep Necklace [1] On a comfortable length of thread, attach a stop bead (Basics, p. 86), leaving a 10-in. (25 cm) tail. [2] Pick up a color B 6 mm pearl, four 150 seed beads, a color C 4 mm pearl, two 150s, a color D 3 mm pearl, and two 150s, and sew through the C again (figure 1, a–b). Pick up four 150s, and sew through the B again (b–c). [3] Pick up two 150s, a color A 6 mm

13 x 6.5 mm crystal teardrop 8 mm pearl

6 mm pearl, color A

6 mm pearl, color B 4 mm pearl, color C 3 mm pearl, color D 110 seed bead 150 seed bead



pearl, and three 150s, and sew back through the A, snugging up the beads (c–d). [4] Pick up two 150s, a B, four 150s, and a C, and sew through the existing two 150s between the C and the D added in the previous step (d–e). [5] Pick up a D and two 150s, and sew back through the C (e–f). Sew through the following four 150s and B (f–g). [6] Repeat steps 3 (g–h), 4 (h–i), and 5 (i–j). [7] Pick up two 150s, an A, five 150s, a 13 x 6.5 mm crystal teardrop, and five 150s, and sew back through the A (j–k). [8] Repeat steps 4, 5, and 3, twice. Then repeat steps 4 and 5 once more. [9] Sew through the next four 150s and C (figure 2, a–b). [10] Pick up two 150s, and sew through the next C, pulling tight (b–c). Repeat this stitch four more times (c–d). [11] Sew through the next four 150s and B (d–e). Pick up an 110 seed bead, and sew through the next B (e–f). Repeat this stitch four more times (f–g). Pick up

Materials bronze necklace 18 in. (46 cm) • 10 13 x 6.5 mm crystal teardrops (Swarovski #6000, crystal champagne; Eclectica, 262-641-0910) • crystal pearls (Swarovski) 1 8 mm (antique brass) 56 6 mm, color A (antique brass) 54 6 mm, color B (gold) 54 4 mm, color C (light gold) 62 3 mm, color D (cream rose light) • 1 g 110 seed beads (Toho 22F, frosted silver-lined light topaz) • 4 g 150 seed beads (Toho 221, bronze) • Fireline 6 lb. test • beading needles, #11 or #12

EDITOR’S NOTES: • The 8 mm pearl and 3 mm pearls used for the toggle clasp can be any of the colors from the necklace. • Substitute glass pearls and Czech crystal drops for a more budget-friendly necklace. – Connie

June 2014


Clearly Crystals

a 150, an A, and a 150 to be in position to create the next scallop. [12] Repeat steps 2–11 to add three more scallops. End and add thread (Basics) as needed. [13] To work the center scallop, repeat steps 2–6, and then work step 7 as follows: Pick up two 150s, an A, a 150, an A, five 150s, a crystal teardrop, and five 150s, and sew back through the A, the 150, and the A. Continue with steps 8–11. [14] Repeat steps 2–11 four more times, ending and adding thread as needed.

Toggle ring With the working thread, pick up a repeating pattern of a D and a 150 eight times, and sew through all the beads again except the last 150 added, forming the toggle ring. Pick up a 150, and sew through the last A and 150 at this end of the necklace (figure 3). Do not end the thread.

Toggle bead [1] Remove the stop bead. With the tail, pick up a 150, an A, four 150s, an 110, an 8 mm pearl, five 150s, a crystal teardrop, and five 150s (figure 4, a–b).

Sew back through the 8 mm, and cross through the next 110 (b–c), pulling tight. Pick up four 150s, and sew back through the next A and 150 (c–d). Sew through the beadwork, and retrace the thread path through the toggle bead. End the tail. [2] Test the fit of the toggle bead with the toggle ring. Add or remove beads from the toggle ring if needed. [3] With the working thread, retrace the thread path through the toggle ring, exiting the last 150, A, and 150 in the necklace with your needle pointing toward the other end of the necklace. [4] Sew through the Bs and 110s in the next scallop, and continue through the following 150, A, and 150. Repeat this stitch for the remainder of the necklace, and end the thread. w

Carolyn Cave lives in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, and enjoys the endless creativity of beading. She has been published in several magazines and will have a book out later this year. Email her at, or see her work at Lady Beadle Designs on Facebook.


a d

b c FIGURE 4






Inspired by the Mandarin garnet gemstone, the romance of the new Tangerine color recalls a beautiful sunset and provides a vibrant addition to the Swarovski crystal color palette. Tangerine is joined by Crystal Iridescent Green, a mysterious metallic blue-green dual-tone effect that suits both traditional and modern designs, and Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl, which brings a shimmering spirited vibe to opulent vintage styles in jewelry and fashion accessories with its unique gold-green semi-matt pearl coating. Find these and other Swarovski innovations at: • FIRE MOUNTAIN GEMS — • ARTBEADS.COM — • FUSION BEADS — • DREAMTIME CREATIONS — • BLUEMUD.COM —

Designed by Susan Kazarian


For more information scan QR-Code with your SmartPhone or go to


Quick Stitch

Bead Weaving / Stringing

Rizo florets necklace

Stitch up cute little beaded beads using Rizos and pearls, and then string them together for a floral look that’s great for summer.

designed by Sandie Bachand





Difficulty rating








stepbystep Beaded beads [1] On 4 ft. (1.2 m) of thread, pick up a 4 x 6 mm crystal rondelle and three 2.5 x 6 mm Rizo beads, and sew through all the beads again, leaving a 9-in. (23 cm) tail. Tie the working thread and tail together with a square knot (Basics, p. 86), and sew through the rondelle. [2] Pick up an 110 seed bead, three Rizos, and an 110, and sew through the rondelle (photo a). [3] Repeat step 2 eight more times using a moderate tension for a total of nine loops with Rizos and 110s. [4] On one end of the rondelle, sew through the nearest 110 with the needle pointing away from the center of the beaded bead, and continue through the next 110 with the needle pointing toward the center of the rondelle (photo b). Using a moderate tension, continue sewing

through each 110 with the needle pointing toward the center of the rondelle to form a ring of 110s (photo c). You may have to adjust the 110s a little to get them to form a ring. Sew through all the 110s again. [5] Using the tail, repeat step 4 at the other end of the rondelle, and end the tail (Basics). [6] Using the working thread, sew through the nearest three Rizos to exit the other end of the beaded bead. Pick up a 3 mm pearl, and sew through the next three Rizos (photo d) back to the first end. Repeat this stitch around the beaded bead, adding 3 mm pearls on both ends. Continue this stitch to add a 3 mm pearl between the existing 3 mm pearls (photo e) for a total of nine 3 mm pearls on each end of the beaded bead. [7] Sew through the ring of 3 mm pearls on one end of the beaded bead to tighten

(photo f). Sew through three

Rizos to the other end of the beaded bead, and sew through the ring of 3 mm pearls on this end to tighten. End the working thread. [8] Repeat steps 1–7 to make 14 more beaded beads.

necklace 17 in. (43 cm) • 15 4 x 6 mm crystal rondelles (jet) • crystal pearls (Swarovski, rose gold) 30 6 mm 270 3 mm • 14 4 mm cube beads (Miyuki 1053, metallic gold) • 32 g 2.5 x 6 mm Rizo beads (jade AB) • 3 g 110 seed beads (Toho PF557, starlight metallic galvanized permanent finish) • 28 3.5 mm square heishi spacers (item 0430, gold; • clasp • 2 crimp beads • 2 4 mm crimp covers (gold) • flexible beading wire, .014 (Soft Flex) • Fireline 6 lb. test • beading needles, #11 or #12 • chainnose pliers (optional) • crimping pliers • wire cutters

Necklace [1] Cut 2 ft. (61 cm) of

Sandie Bachand has

beading wire. On one end, string a crimp bead and half of the clasp. Go back through the crimp bead, crimp it (Basics), and trim the excess wire. Using chainnose or crimping pliers, close a crimp cover over the crimp. [2] String a 6 mm pearl, a beaded bead, a 6 mm, a 3.5 mm square heishi spacer, a 4 mm cube bead, and a spacer. Repeat this pattern 13 more times. [3] String a 6 mm, a beaded bead, a 6 mm, a crimp bead, and the other half of the clasp. Go back through the crimp bead, crimp it, and add a crimp cover as before. w

been beading for four years with a constant stream of encouragement from her husband and local bead shop teachers. Email her at

www To print all materials for the projects in this issue, go to www.BeadAndButton. com/resources, choose this issue, and click the Materials List downloadable file.

June 2014




Soldering Techniques! In Soldering Beyond the Basics, respected teacher and jeweler Joe Silvera presents key soldering techniques to help you create 17 high-end jewelry designs. You’ll improve your skills, learn to work with mixed metals and materials, and discover new ways to connect and finish your jewelry pieces. Joe’s step-by-step instructions and photos make it easy for intermediate jewelry makers to advance their craft.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Soldering Beyond the Basics Companion DVD See Joe’s techniques in action! The 90-minute companion DVD recaps how to use the butane torch or a small-tank setup for soldering and guides metalsmiths through a stepped bezel ring project not found in the book.

#15084 • $19.99

#64600 • $21.99

Buy now from your favorite bead or craft shop! Or at or 1-800-533-6644 P22114

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST. Outside the United States and Canada call 262-796-8776, ext. 661.



Coin pendant toss The beads surrounding this pendant have a different arrangement on each side, so the piece looks great no matter which side is facing out.

designed by Michelle McEnroe




Difficulty rating






stepbystep [1] On 3 yd. (2.7 m) of thread, attach a stop bead (Basics, p. 86), leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. [2] Pick up a 23 mm coin bead, and then pick up a repeating pattern of a 3 x 5 mm Rulla bead and a color A 110 seed bead seven times. Pick up a Rulla, and sew through the coin, positioning the beads around one half of the coin. Retrace the thread path, exiting the coin. Lay the beadwork on your bead mat, and position the Rullas so they stand perpendicular to the surface of your mat, with the available holes toward the top. This is to assure the proper tension and that the Rullas will lie properly for the remaining steps. Tie a half-hitch knot (Basics). [3] Work as in step 2 to add Rullas and As around the other half of the coin, and tie a half-hitch knot. [4] Sew through the beads around the first half of the coin, pick up an A, and continue through the beads around the remaining half. Pick up an A, and sew through the next Rulla. Do not pull the beads tight; there will be a slight gap at each end where the new As were added.

Sew through the available hole of the same Rulla (photo a). [5] Pick up a 3 x 6 mm two-hole lentil bead, and sew through the available hole of the next Rulla. Repeat this stitch (photo b) to complete the round, and retrace the thread path using an even tension. Reposition the Rullas if necessary. Sew through the first lentil added, and continue through the available hole of the same lentil. Flip the beadwork over to the other side. [6] Pick up a 4 mm pearl, and sew through the available hole of the next lentil. With the Rullas in the correct position, the pearls will sit on top of the Rullas. Repeat this stitch (photo c) to complete the round, and retrace the thread path using an even tension. Tie a half-hitch knot to hold the tension of the beads, and continue through the next pearl. Remove the stop bead, and end the tail (Basics). [7] Pick up an A, a color B 110 seed bead, and an A, and sew through the next pearl to form a picot. Repeat this stitch (photo d) to complete the round. Sew through the outside hole of the next lentil, and continue through the inside hole of the same lentil.

green pendant 1½ in. (3.8 cm) • 1 23 mm Czech coin bead (pale green Picasso; • 16 3 x 6 mm two-hole lentil beads (P65431, green opaque luster; • 16 3 x 5 mm Rulla beads (BT6303, blue turquoise bronze Picasso; • 16 4 mm Czech druk beads, in place of pearls (BP-0191, opaque green luster; • 1 g 110 seed beads in each of 2 colors: A (SB1598, light matte olive over opaque light yellow;, B (SB1568, transparent grey; • 1 g 150 seed beads (SB3448, transparent olive green pink luster; • Fireline 6 lb. test • beading needles, #10–12 pink pendant colors: • 23 mm Czech coin bead (pink Picasso; • 3 x 6 mm two-hole lentil beads (P65491, rose gold/topaz opaque; • 3 x 5 mm Rulla beads (BT6303, blue turquoise bronze Picasso; • 4 mm pearls (Swarovski, powder rose) • 110 seed beads: A (SB2350, transparent dark red gold luster; www.fusionbeads. com), B (Toho 994, crystal transparent gold luster; • 150 seed beads (SB3452, transparent reddish brown/purple luster; blue pendant colors: • 23 mm Czech coin bead (transparent aqua blue Picasso; • 3 x 6 mm two-hole lentil beads (P65431, green opaque luster; Materials continued on p. 38 June 2014


Materials continued from p. 37

• 3 x 5 mm Rulla beads (SB4394, dark bronze; • 4 mm pearls (Swarovski, powder almond) • 110 seed beads: A (Miyuki 2008, matte metallic patina iris;, B (Miyuki SB2582, cocoa permanent galvanized; • 150 seed beads (Toho 82, metallic navy iris;





Michelle McEnroe started beading in 2008 and finds it the most fulfilling of all her crafts. Contact her at, or visit

www To print all materials for the projects in this issue, go online to, choose this issue, and click on the Materials List downloadable file.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Add a jump ring to the top of the pendant, making sure it is large enough to accommodate the necklace of your choice. – Connie




[8] Pick up two 150 seed beads, an A, and two 150s. Skip the next Rulla, lentil, and Rulla, and sew through the inside hole of the following lentil. Repeat this stitch (photo e) to complete the round, and continue through the first two 150s, A, and two 150s added in this round. [9] Pick up a 150, a B, and a 150, and sew through the next two 150s, A, and two 150s added in the previous step. Repeat this stitch (photo f) to complete the round, and retrace the thread path through all the beads added in this step and the previous step. Sew through the inside hole of the following lentil, and continue through the outside hole of the same lentil. [10] Pick up a B, an A, and a B, and sew through the outside hole of the next lentil. Repeat this stitch (photo g) to complete the round, and continue through the next pearl. Flip the beadwork over to the other side. [11] Pick up three 150s, and sew through the existing A between the adjacent Rulla beads. Pick up three 150s, and sew through the next pearl. Repeat these two stitches (photo h) to complete the round using a tight tension. [12] Rotate the pendant so the top of the image on the coin bead is positioned at the top of the pendant. Sew through

the beadwork to exit the B in the picot that is at the top of the pendant. [13] Pick up five Bs, and sew through the B your thread is exiting to form a loop. Retrace the thread path. [14] With your thread exiting the B in the picot, pick up a 150, and sew through the next B in the loop. Repeat this stitch around the loop, and retrace the thread path of the loop and the join. [15] If the beadwork still seems a little loose, sew through the pearls and the top hole of the lentils along the outside edge using a tight tension. You can also sew through the beadwork to the inside ring of beads on each side of the pendant, and retrace the thread path through the beads and the coin. End the thread. w

Actual Size

Portico bracelet featuring CzechMates™ Triangles in Metallic Suede Pink by TrendSeter Nichole Starman.

Use these intensely colored metals in to your favorite designs to instantly modernize their depth and texture. Exclusively manufactured by Starman.

CzechMates™ 2-Hole Beading System Tile

79021: Purple

79086: Pink

79031: Blue

Dagger Brick Lentil Triangle

79080: Gold

79051: Lt. Green

79082: Dk. Green

Consistent hole spacing ensures no warping or bunching.

Ask for CzechMates at your local bead store! BEAD STORES – Register as a reseller: 1-888-683-BEAD [2323] • •


Bead embroidered designed by Abigail Engelking

stamped leather cuff

When you think of creating stamped leather, you probably don’t think of rubber stamps and bead embroidery! 40



Difficulty rating




stepbystep Purchase a leather cuff complete with closure, or create your own following these easy steps.

Preparing the band [1] Measure your wrist. Using a razor blade tool, a steel ruler, and a cutting mat, cut a 2-in. (5 cm) wide band of leather that is equal to the length of your wrist plus 2 in. (5 cm). [2] Determine which side of the band is the front, and place the band on your wrist so that the ends overlap. Mark the location for the snaps with a permanent marker. [3] Using a leather punch, make holes large enough to fit the snap shaft. [4] Using a rawhide or rubber hammer and the mini anvil and setter that came with the snaps, assemble the snaps following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Band embellishment [1] Stamp the desired design(s) on the front of the band (photo a). Allow the ink to dry. [2] Determine where you want the beaded embellishments to go, and use a sewing pin to pierce small holes in the band along the desired path (photo b). Space the holes to match the bead size. [3] Tie an overhand knot (Basics, p. 86)

c at one end of a comfortable length of thread. Tie a second overhand knot, and slide it down over the first. Sew up through the band from back to front at the desired location of the first bead embellishment. Use a variety of seed beads, drops, and charms to embellish the band as desired using beaded backstitch (Basics and photo c) and/or stop stitch (Basics). Retrace the thread path through each bead for a secure connection. [4] End the thread on the back of the band by tying two overhand knots, one on top of the other, as you did in step 3. Apply a small dab of superglue to both the starting and ending knots, and trim the threads.

Edging [1] With the sewing pin, pierce a line of holes along each edge of the band approximately 2 mm from the edge. The beads will sit between the holes, so space the holes accordingly. Also, make sure to leave a little extra space to accommodate the thickness of the cord on each side of the beads. [2] Cut a 16-in. (41 cm) piece of S-Lon cord, and tie two overhand knots at one end as before. With a thread burner or lighter, trim the tail close to the knot. String enough 4 mm round beads (or a pattern of 4 mms and accent beads,

both cuffs • 8 x 2-in. (20 x 5 cm) piece of leather or pre-cut soft leather strip, semi-polished on one side (JoAnn fabric and craft stores)* • 2 5⁄8-in. (1.6 cm) brass snaps with included mini anvil and setter (JoAnn fabric and craft stores) • Fireline 6 lb. test • S-Lon beading cord to match edging beads • beading needles, #10 • glover’s needle or Big-Eye needle • Bead Stopper • cutting mat • leather hole punch • permanent marker • rawhide or rubber hammer • razor blade tool • sewing pin or quilter’s pin • solvent ink, such as StazOn brand (JoAnn fabric and craft stores) • steel ruler • superglue • thread burner or lighter cuff with bird design 71⁄2 in. (19.1 cm) • 13 15 x 5 mm dagger beads (Czech, blood red with peacock finish) • 73 4 mm round beads (blue howlite) • assorted bugle beads, drop beads, and 110, 130, and 150 seed beads • rubber stamps (Stampin’ up “Always” collection; cuff with shell design 8 in. (20 cm) • 38 x 13 mm brass seahorse ( shopdetails/2180/calliopesattic) • 5 mm round beads 47 blue (dyed howlite) 24 white (shell beads) • assorted seed beads and pearls • rubber stamps (Michaels stores) * You can also purchase a blank leather cuff with the closure already attached at or

June 2014




Quality in the Making

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Lead Free Pewter ~ Made in the USA EU Nickel Compliant ~ Original Designs

W W W. T I E R R A C A S T. C O M 42



such as daggers) to create a strand the same length as the band, and attach a Bead Stopper to the end without the knot. [3] Cut a 16-in. (41 cm) piece of cord, tie an overhand knot at one end, and thread a glover’s needle or a Big-Eye needle at the other. Stitch from back to front through the first hole along one edge of the band. Align the strand of 4 mm beads along this edge. [4] Using a couching stitch, loop the thread over the 4 mm strand between the first two beads, and sew from back to front through the next hole in the band (photo d). Continue using couching stitches to secure the 4 mm strand to this edge of the band. Use a consistent tension so the couching stitches drop down slightly between the beads.

DESIGNER’S NOTES: • Make sure to use a solvent ink. Solvent inks contain no water and are therefore fade-resistant and waterproof. • When sizing the band to your wrist, be sure to leave enough room to slide your finger between your wrist and the band to close the snap.

e The 4 mm strand will tighten up as you work, so loosen the Bead Stopper a little bit at a time to allow more slack. This will also prevent the edge from puckering and allow the finished cuff to lie flat. [5] When you reach the last stitch, end the thread by looping back between the last two beads, and sewing under the thread bridge on the back of the band (photo e). Tie a couple of half-hitch knots (Basics), and then trim the cord close to the last knot with a thread burner. Dab the knot with superglue if desired. [6] Remove the Bead Stopper from the 4 mm strand, and tie two overhand knots on this end. Trim the cord close to the knot with a thread burner, and dab the knot with superglue if desired. [7] Work as in steps 2–6 to embellish the other edge of the band. w

Abigail Engelking has been making jewelry for 16 years, having started with wirework and gemstones. Contact her at, or visit and to see more of her work.

BNB • 04/01/2014 • BW • 1/3 V

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June 2014




lower bud necklace

Connect beaded beads made with two-hole lentils, SuperDuos, and magatamas to highlight the Bead&Button 20th anniversary bead. by Connie Whittaker




Difficulty rating c

2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo, color A



2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo, color B


a 3 x 6 mm two-hole lentil 3 mm pearl 3 mm magatama drop bead 2 x 3 mm crystal rondelle FIGURE 1

150 seed bead

e b d c

c a




stepbystep Beaded beads [1] On 18 in. (46 cm) of thread, pick up seven color A 2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo beads. Sew through all the beads again (figure 1, a–b) to form a ring, leaving an 8-in. (20 cm) tail, and sew through the available hole of the first A (b–c). [2] Pick up a color B 2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo bead, and sew through the available hole of the next A (c–d). Repeat this stitch to complete the round (d–e). Retrace the thread path using a tight tension so the beadwork begins to cup slightly. [3] With the tail, pick up a 3 mm pearl, skip two As, and sew through the inner hole of the next A (figure 2, a–b). Sew back through the pearl and the A your thread exited at the start of this step (b–c). End the working thread and tail


(Basics, p. 86) to complete the first half of the beaded bead. [4] On 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, repeat steps 1–3, but end only the tail. [5] With the working thread, sew through the available hole of the B your thread is exiting (figure 3, a–b). [6] Pick up a 150 seed bead, a 3 x 6 mm two-hole lentil bead, and a 150, and sew through the available hole of the next B (b–c). Repeat this stitch to complete the round (c–d), and retrace the thread path (not shown in the figure) using a tight tension. Sew through the next few beads to exit a lentil, and continue through the available hole of the same lentil (d–e). [7] Bring together the two halves of the beaded bead so that the 3 mm pearls are to the outside. [8] Pick up a 150, and sew through a B on the other half of the beaded bead. Pick up a 150, and sew through

Materials necklace 18 in. (46 cm) • 1 Bead&Button 20th anniversary bead by Lydia Muell (www.BeadAndButton. com/anniversarybead) • 2 6 mm crystal rondelles (Preciosa PC3055, crystal Celsian; • 16 2 x 3 mm crystal rondelles (Chinese, wheat; • 24 3 mm pearls (Swarovski, mauve) • 70 3 x 6 mm two-hole CzechMate lentil beads (P65431, luster opaque green) • 9 g 2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo beads in each of 2 colors: A (P15726, Vega on chalk;, B (pastel Montana blue; • 12 g 3 mm magatama drop beads (Toho Y185, hybrid luster opaque gold/smoky) • 1 g 150 seed beads (Miyuki 4220, Duracoat eggplant) • toggle clasp (brass) • 8-in. (20 cm) chain (brass) • 4 6 mm jump rings (brass) • Fireline 6 lb. test • beading needles, #11 or #12 • 2 pairs of chainnose, flatnose, and/or bentnose pliers • wire cutters

Connie Whittaker is an associate editor at Bead&Button. Contact her at cwhittaker@ www To print all materials for the projects in this issue, go online to, choose this issue, and click the Materials List downloadable file.

June 2014




the available hole of the next lentil (photo a). Repeat this stitch to complete the round, and retrace the thread path. Your thread should be exiting a lentil. [9] Pick up three 3 mm magatama drop beads, and sew through the corresponding hole of the next lentil (photo b). Repeat this stitch to complete the round, and sew through the first two drops added.

[10] Pick up a drop, and sew through the other hole of the next lentil. Pick up a drop, and sew through the center drop from the previous round (photo c). Repeat these two stitches to complete the round. End the thread. [11] Repeat steps 1–10 to make nine more beaded beads. Necklace assembly [1] Add 4 ft. (1.2 m) of thread (Basics) to a beaded bead, leaving an 18-in. (46 cm) tail. Exit a center drop along the edge. [2] Pick up a 2 x 3 mm crystal rondelle, and sew through a center drop along the edge of another beaded bead. Pick up a rondelle, and sew through the drop your thread exited at the start of this step. Retrace the thread path several times. [3] Sew counterclockwise through the beadwork as shown in figure 4 to exit the center drop in the third set of drops. These drops will be slightly offset from the previous connection. This will curve the neck strap as the beaded beads are added. [4] Repeat steps 2 and 3 to connect a total of five beaded beads. [5] Pick up nine 150s, and sew through the same drop to form a loop. Retrace the thread path several times, and end the thread.






[6] Cut a 4-in. (10 cm) piece of chain. Open a 6 mm jump ring (Basics), and attach an end link of the chain to the loop of 150s. [7] Open a jump ring, and attach the other end link of the chain to half of the clasp. This completes the left side of the neck strap. [8] Work as in steps 1–7 to complete the right side of the neck strap, but sew in a clockwise direction in step 3 to make the neck strap curve in the opposite direction. [9] With the 18-in. (46 cm) tail from the left neck strap, sew through the beadwork in a clockwise direction to exit the center drop in the third set of drops from the connection point, with the needle pointing to the outside of the neck strap. Be sure the neck strap is curving inward. [10] Pick up a pearl, a 6 mm crystal rondelle, the anniversary bead, a 6 mm, a pearl, and a 150, and sew back through the pearl, 6 mm, anniversary bead, and 6 mm. Pick up a pearl, and sew up through the center drop in the third set of drops from the connection point on the right neck strap, making sure that both neck straps are curving inward. Pick up a pearl, and sew through the drop your thread exited at the start of this step. Retrace the thread path several times, and end the threads. w




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Rings by Kelli Burns • October 2010




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before it was cool

Phyllis Dintenfass has had a front-row seat to what she calls the Golden Age of beading. by Stacy Werkheiser


s Bead&Button celebrates its 20th anniversary, we can’t help but nod to those beaders who learned the art long before there were magazines to teach it, beaders like Phyllis Dintenfass. Phyllis has been stringing, stitching, teaching, traveling, shopping, and soaking up all there is to know about beads for 50 years. Here’s where she’s been and how her story intersects yours and mine.

The geography of a hobby When Phyllis talks about her roots in beading, her journey is inextricably tied to places. First there was New York City, Phyllis’ hometown. She says, “I spent my childhood seeing lots of fabulous things in museums, shops, and on people in the street,” all serving as her introduction to adornment. Then came Kenya, where she saw beaded Maasai necklaces during the 1960s while serving its neighboring country, Ethiopia, in the Peace Corps. In 1966, on a return trip to NYC, Phyllis purchased a big bag of plastic beads on a whim while getting ready to attend graduate school in Iowa City. And so she went to Iowa. At a university craft fair, she sold or bartered a dozen pairs of earrings she had made with those 48



Phyllis browsing beads in Kenya during the ’60s (above) and at home with her beads today (below).

plastic beads. “My beading career was launched!” Phyllis exclaims. Two years later, she moved to Wisconsin. There, after 30 years of stringing “big” beads, she took a loomwork class at a Sheep & Wool Festival. Once Phyllis found out she could thread a beading needle, she was hooked on working with “little” beads. For the next 20 years, she continued to stitch with seed beads while beginning a collection of lampworked beads. “I am again using more of these ‘big’ beads in combination with my beaded beads and modules,” she says. “I’ve gone full circle.”

Big Apple throwback While making that circle, Phyllis’ connection to New York City gave her access to the beader’s paradise so many of us have heard about: the NYC Garment District. “On a school break, I discovered the mecca for buying beads on 37th Street. There, wholesale license in hand, you would sort through stacks of boxes or be accompanied by someone who pulled the strands. If you were lucky, you’d get to go to the back room or up a creaky elevator to explore those beads not on display.” Though it sounds like a dream, remember: The bead sources of yesteryear were nothing like they are today. “Those

stores did not sell seed beads,” Phyllis points out. “I found some at local shows, but colors and quality were very limited.” What a difference compared to browsing a local bead store today, attending a show, or shopping online. “Even the big-box stores have been expanding their beading supplies.” It’s just one of the many changes Phyllis has witnessed over the decades.

The Golden Age of beading Another change is that the process of stitching one bead to another is going places it’s never been before thanks to

new products and the dissemination of knowledge. “Recently, there’s been a proliferation of new bead shapes being made in the Czech Republic and Japan, thus encouraging seed bead weavers to produce new designs,” Phyllis points out. “Polymer, resin, metal, and wire also continue to expand the jewelry maker’s repertoire.” Don’t forget the new techniques and supplies with new names we have learned to pronounce, like kumihimo, soutache, and shibori. These represent a blending of cultures, an environment of lending, borrowing, transforming, and evolving the art that, in Phyllis’ mind, makes this the Golden Age of beading.

Perennial teacher With so many changes in the last 50 years, Phyllis is thankful that “you are no longer on your own as a beader.” Books and magazines, DVDs, and Web outlets like Facebook, YouTube, and blogs have made beading accessible to everyone. So have teachers, like Phyllis, who have travelled far and wide to instruct those who are eager to learn. “I have always been a teacher,” says Phyllis of her career both inside and outside of beading. She’s taught elementary school children, college students, and adults in subjects ranging from reading to Asian cooking. “Teaching has given me lots of pragmatic experience and tends to make me err on the side of detailed, complete information,” she says. “Watching people throw away the heads of broccoli or struggle to unlock symbols on a page of print so they can read has made me a sympathetic teacher.”

Right: When seed beads took over, Phyllis’ work branched out in many new directions.

the Middle East; that a fusion of materials not unlike what we are seeing today resulted in European glass beads being featured in traditional Native American beadwork; and that in Ethiopia, even in places where shoes are a luxury, folks are still adorned with strings of copal beads, amulets, silver crosses, and filigree pieces. In short, Phyllis predicts that beading will continue to be an important expression of our humanity because, thus far, it always has been! The real question is, what will beading look like in the future? If Phyllis knows, she isn’t saying: “I’d love to see what the results will be 50 years from now!” w To learn more about Phyllis and her bead journey, visit

Stacy Werkheiser is an associate editor at Bead&Button. Contact her at swerkheiser@

The big question With all the bead history she’s seen, perhaps Phyllis can intuit what comes next. Will beadwork continue to be important after this Golden Age has passed? “Beads have been part of human accessories for more than 100,000 years,” says Phyllis, “so they are likely to continue to be.” With a library of beading knowledge that spans much more than five decades, Phyllis reminds us that glass beads have been discovered in ancient tombs all over

Above: Phyllis combines lampworked beads (this one is by Beau Barrett) with bead weaving.

Above: Strung necklaces launched Phyllis’ bead career.


June 2014



Surfin’ the waves

Make waves with this flat Cellini necklace using everything from 110 seed beads to 60s! designed by Jimmie Boatright




Difficulty rating













blue necklace 17 in. (43 cm) • 8 g 60 Baroque pearl beads, color I (Miyuki 3951, Baroque white) • 4–5 g 80 hex-cut seed beads, color H (Miyuki 342, berry-lined light topaz AB) • 4–5 g 80 seed beads, color G (Miyuki 4506, transparent seafoam Picasso) • 5 g 110 hex-cut seed beads, color F (Miyuki 462, metallic gold iris) • 5 g 110 seed beads in each of 2 colors: D (Toho 1205, marbled opaque white/ blue), E (Toho 167F, transparent rainbow frosted teal) • 110 cylinder beads 4–5 g color A (Miyuki DB1763, emeraldlined cobalt AB) 2–3 g color B (Miyuki DB0322, matte metallic dark bronze) 2–3 g color C (Miyuki DB0608, dyed silver-lined blue zircon) • 5-strand slide clasp • Fireline 6 lb. test • beading needles, #10


110 cylinder bead, color A 110 cylinder bead, color B 110 cylinder bead, color C 110 seed bead, color D 110 seed bead, color E 110 hex-cut seed bead, color F 80 seed bead, color G 80 hex-cut seed bead, color H 60 seed bead, color I







n p

q s





stepbystep Necklace [1] On a comfortable length of thread, attach a stop bead (Basics, p. 86), leaving an 8-in. (20 cm) tail. [2] Pick up two color A 110 cylinder beads, two color B 110 cylinder beads, two color C 110 cylinder beads, two color D 110 seed beads, two color E 110 seed beads, two color F 110 hex-cut seed

beads, two color G 80 seed beads, and two color H 80 hex-cut seed beads (figure, a–b). These beads will form the first two rows as the third row is added. [3] Work in flat even-count peyote stitch (Basics) as follows, picking up one bead per stitch and referring to the figure: Row 3: H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A (b–c). Row 4: A, A, B, C, D, E, F, G (c–d). Row 5: G, F, E, D, C, B, A, A (d–e).

bronze necklace colors: • 60 seed beads, color I (Toho 223, antique bronze) • 80 hex-cut seed beads, color H (Toho 274, teal green-lined crystal) • 80 Japanese seed beads, color G (343A, amber/black-lined AB) • 110 hex-cut seed beads, color F (Miyuki 462, metallic gold iris) • 110 seed beads in 2 colors: D (Toho 221, bronze), E (Toho 1208, marbled turquoise/Ceylon grey) • 110 cylinder beads in 3 colors: A and C (Miyuki DB0324, matte metallic rainbow), B (Miyuki DB0322, matte metallic dark bronze)

Jimmie Boatright is a retired public school educator who teaches her original designs at Beadjoux Bead Shop in Braselton, Georgia. Visit to see more of her designs or to purchase patterns. Contact Jimmie at

June 2014


DESIGNER’S NOTES: • Lay out your beads in order on your work surface, and label them A–I. This will help you pick up the beads for each row, alternating between ascending and descending order. • To make your necklace more comfortable to wear, add a few rows in the pattern at the beginning and end of the necklace so you do not start or end with a “wave.” This will also help your clasp to lie flat. • In this purple necklace, I omitted the Cs so each row is one bead shorter than the other two necklaces.

Row 6: A, A, A, B, C, D, E, F (e–f). Row 7: F, E, D, C, B, A, A, A (f–g). Row 8: A, A, A, A, B, C, D, E (g–h). Row 9: F, E, D, C, B, A, A, A (h–i). Row 10: A, A, A, B, C, D, E, F (i–j). Row 11: G, F, E, D, C, B, A, A (j–k). Row 12: A, A, B, C, D, E, F, G (k–l). Row 13: H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A (l–m). Row 14: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H (m–n). Row 15: Color I 60 seed bead, H, G, F, E, D, C, B (n–o). Row 16: B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I (o–p).

Work an increase turn: Pick up an I and an A, and sew back through the I just picked up (p–q). This creates a point in the wave.


Fine Replicas of Antique & Vintage Folk Artifacts, Rosary Findings & our own Exclusive Designs, Cast in Antique Sterling Silver and Bronze.

Row 17: I, H, G, F, E, D, C, B (q–r). Row 18: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H (r–s). Row 19: H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A (s–t). Row 20: A, A, B, C, D, E, F, G (t–u). Row 21: G, F, E, D, C, B, A, A (u–v). Row 22: A, A, A, B, C, D, E, F (v–w). Row 23: F, E, D, C, B, A, A, A (w–x). Row 24: A, A, A, A, B, C, D, E (x–y).

[4] Repeat rows 9–24 for the desired length necklace, ending and adding thread (Basics) as needed. You’ll notice the addition of the Is creates “waves” in your beadwork. Our 17-in. (43 cm) necklace has 30 waves.

All items cast in the USA • Wholesale only • 800-995-9188 • 52



Clasp [1] Align half of the clasp along one end of the necklace. With the working thread, sew through the beadwork to exit an up-bead in the last row that corresponds with the first loop of the clasp. [2] Sew up through the loop of the clasp, and pick up a G and an E. Sew back through the G and the loop, and continue through the next up-bead in the last row. [3] Work as in step 2 to attach the remaining loops of the clasp. Retrace the thread path, and end the thread. [4] Remove the stop bead from the tail, and repeat steps 1–3. w

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June 2014




soutache bracelet designed by Alexandra Sydorenko

stepbystep Cabochon component [1] Cut a 11⁄4-in. (3.2 cm) square of beading foundation, and draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner. [2] Apply a thin coat of E6000 on the back of the 22 mm square cabochon, and place it in the center of the foundation. Allow the glue to dry, and then trim the foundation, leaving a 2–3 mm border on all four sides (photo a). [3] Tie a double knot (Soutache Basics, p. 57) at one end of 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread. Trim the tail close to the knot. [4] Cut a 51⁄2-in. (14 cm) piece of soutache braid in each of the three colors, and create a stack by laying one braid on top of the other, with color C on top, color A in the middle, and color B on the bottom. Make sure the center Vs of all three braids are pointing in the same direction.




[5] Locate the center of the stack, and sew through the center Vs of all three braids from bottom to top. Sew down through the stack about 1⁄4 in. (6 mm) away. [6] Lay the stack along the edge of the cabochon, with the B braid closest to the cabochon and the knot aligned with an unmarked corner of the foundation. Sew down through the foundation next to the cabochon, and then sew back up through the foundation and the stack about 1⁄4 in. (6 mm) away. Repeat these two stitches until you are within 1⁄4 in. (6 mm) of the next corner (photo b). [7] Pick up a 4 mm bead, curve the stack around the bead in the opposite direction, and sew through the stack where it meets the hole of the bead (photo c). Make two or three small stitches through the stack, bring the stack around the other side of the bead, and end the stack (Soutache Basics and photo d).

Difficulty rating


Create ribbons of soutache braid that meander through clusters of SuperDuos and flow around a cabochon.





green bracelet 71⁄2 in. (19.1 cm) • 1 22 mm square cabochon (Luna Soft, olive) • 80 2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo beads (full amber) • 10 4 mm fire-polished beads (magic apple; • 12 3 mm fire-polished beads, optional (magic apple; • 1 g 80 seed beads (Miyuki 9577, dyed cream silver-lined alabaster) • 1 g 110 seed beads (Miyuki 9577, dyed cream silver-lined alabaster) • 1 g 150 seed beads, optional (Miyuki 3564, peach-lined transparent chartreuse AB; • 2 3 mm daisy spacers (gold) • toggle clasp • 1⁄8-in. (3 mm) domestic soutache braid 27 in. (69 cm) color A (rose) 43 in. (1.1 m) color B (celery/ivy stripe) 27 in. (69 cm) color C (celery) • Fireline 6 lb. test • beading needles, #12 • 11⁄4-in. (3.2 cm) square of beading foundation, such as Lacy’s Stiff Stuff • 3-in. (7.6 cm) square of leather or Ultrasuede backing • E6000 adhesive • paper • pencil or marker • small craft scissors blue bracelet colors: • 22 mm square cabochon (Luna Soft, spearmint) • 2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo beads (moon dust turquoise) • 4 mm fire-polished beads (turquoise Picasso) • 80 seed beads (Czech, green iris) • 110 seed beads (Toho 264, inside-color rainbow crystal teal) • 3 mm daisy spacers (silver) • 1⁄8-in. (3 mm) domestic soutache braid: color A (teal), color B (beige), color C (silver) • Nymo nylon beading thread (cream), in place of Fireline Materials continued on p. 57 June 2014










[8] Bring the thread across the back

[4] Sew back through the stack about

[7] Pinch the two stacks together after

of the cabochon, and sew through the foundation and the stack near the knot. Work as in step 6 to secure the stack to this side of the cabochon. Then repeat step 7 to add a 4 mm bead. End the thread (Soutache Basics). [9] Repeat steps 4–8 along the other two sides of the cabochon (photo e).

1–2 mm away from where your thread exited, with the needle at an angle (photo g). Pick up a SuperDuo, sew through the available hole of the existing SuperDuo, pick up a SuperDuo, and sew through the stack where it meets the hole of this last SuperDuo (photo h). [5] Sew back through the stack about 1–2 mm away from where your thread exited, with the needle at an angle. Sew through the available hole of the nearest SuperDuo, pick up a SuperDuo (photo i), sew through the available hole of the next SuperDuo, and sew through the stack where it meets the hole of this SuperDuo. [6] Sew back through the stack about 1–2 mm away from where your thread exited, with the needle at an angle. Sew through the available hole of the last SuperDuo, and sew through the other stack where it meets the hole of this SuperDuo (photo j).

the last SuperDuo, and sew through all four braids close to the last bead (photo k). Make two small stitches about 1–2 mm apart through all four braids. This completes the first SuperDuo cluster. [8] Work as in steps 3–7 to add three more SuperDuo clusters (photo l). Do not end the thread. [9] Make a second center strap.

Bracelet bands Center straps

[1] Tie a double knot at one end of 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread. Trim the tail close to the knot. [2] Cut an 8-in. (20 cm) piece of color A and color C braid. Create a two-braid stack with color A on top. Locate the center of the stack, and sew through it from bottom to top. [3] Sew back through the stack, pick up a 2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo bead, and sew through the stack on the other side of the SuperDuo (photo f). 56



Side straps

[1] Tie a double knot at one end of 2 ft. (61 cm) of thread.

[2] Cut an 8-in. (20 cm) piece of color B braid, and fold it in half.

[3] Sew through one of the center straps from inside to outside near the top hole of the first SuperDuo (photo m). Sew through the B braid near the fold, pick up an 80 seed bead, and sew through the other side of the B braid where it meets the hole of the bead

Materials continued from p. 55





purple bracelet colors: • 22 mm square cabochon (Luna Soft, lilac) • 2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo beads (Vega on chalk; • 4 mm Czech glass pearls, in place of fire-polished beads (rose) • 3 mm bicone crystals, in place of 2 of the 4 mm fire-polished beads (Swarovski, crystal AB) • 80 seed beads (Miyuki 274, amethystlined crystal AB) • 110 seed beads (Toho 395C, raspberry clear-lined rose; • 3 mm daisy spacers (silver) • 1⁄8-in. (3 mm) domestic soutache braid: color A (navy), color B (beige), color C (mauve) • Nymo nylon beading thread (rose), in place of Fireline


q (photo n). Sew back through the B braid,

the 80, the B braid, and the stack of the center strap. [4] Sew back through the stack and the B braid about one bead’s width away, pick up an 80, and sew through the B braid where it meets the hole of the bead. Sew back through the B braid, the 80, the B braid, and the stack. Repeat this step to add a total of three 80s. [5] Sew back through the stack and the B braid, pick up a SuperDuo, and sew through the B braid where it meets the hole of the SuperDuo. Continue to work as in steps 3–7 of “Center straps” to add a total of three SuperDuo clusters between the B braids, making sure to secure this side strap to the center strap (photo o). [6] Work as in step 7 of “Cabochon component” to add a 4 mm bead (photo p), and end the stack. [7] Work as in steps 1–6 to make a second side strap, and secure it to the

r other side of this center strap. This completes one bracelet band. [8] Repeat steps 1–7 to secure two side straps to the other center strap, completing the other bracelet band.

Assembly [1] Position one of the bracelet bands behind the cabochon component at one of the marked corners. With the working thread from the center strap, secure the band to the foundation with small stitches up through the foundation and back down through the band (photo q). [2] Sew through the stack above one of the 4 mm beads at the end of a side strap. Pick up an 80, and sew through the corresponding stack in the cabochon component. Retrace the thread path, and then repeat this step to add another 80 (photo r). [3] Bring the thread across the back of the piece, and repeat step 2 for the other side strap on this bracelet band.

Double knot Tie one overhand knot. Tie another overhand knot, but slide it down to the first knot before pulling the thread tight. Ending a stack Push the loose ends of the stack to the back of your work, and fan them out so they lie as flat as possible. Sew up from the back through all the layers, and exit the side of one braid on the front of your work. Sew down through all the layers as close as possible to the point where the thread exited, sewing through the side of the same braid. Repeat this stitch several times to secure the stack, and trim the ends. Ending the thread To end the thread. Sew to the back of your work, and make a few small stitches in the closest braid. Tie a knot, and trim the thread close to the knot.

June 2014





[4] Sew up through the band and the

[4] Tie a double knot at the end of

foundation at the marked corner of the cabochon. Pick up a 3 mm daisy spacer and an 110 seed bead, and sew back down through the spacer, the foundation, and the band (photo s). [5] Sew up through the center band and the foundation at the base of the nearest SuperDuo cluster, pick up a 4 mm bead, and sew down through the center strap in the band (photo t). Retrace the thread path, and end the thread. [6] Work as in steps 1–5 to assemble the other bracelet band on the opposite side of the cabochon component.

15 in. (38 cm) of thread, and sew through the edge of the foundation around the cabochon, hiding the knot between the backing and the foundation. [5] Sew up between the two outside braids to the front of the piece. Making a 2 mm stitch, sew down between the two outside braids, the foundation, and the backing. Repeat these stitches around the entire backing. End the thread.

Backing [1] Trace the outline of the cabochon component and the bracelet bands up to and including the 4 mm beads of the side straps onto a piece of paper (photo u). Cut out the shape. [2] Trace the shape onto a leather or Ultrasuede backing, and cut it out. [3] Apply a small amount of E6000 to the back of the piece, covering the ends of the stacks. Place the backing on the back of the piece, and allow it to dry completely.




Clasp [1] Tie a double knot at the end of 1 ft. (30 cm) of thread. Sew through the available end of the center strap on one side of the SuperDuo from inside to outside. Pick up a 4 mm bead, an 80, five 110s, and half of the clasp. Sew back through all the beads and the stack. Retrace the thread path several times. [2] Sew back through the beads, the clasp, and the five 110s. Pick up an 80 and a 4 mm, and sew through the center strap on the other side of the SuperDuo (photo v). Retrace the thread path several times, and end the thread. [3] Repeat steps 1 and 2 at the other end of the band.


Optional embellishment [1] Tie a double knot at the end of 2 ft. (61 cm) of thread, and sew through the stack around the cabochon near a 4 mm bead. [2] Pick up a 3 mm fire-polished bead and a 150 seed bead, and sew back through the 3 mm and the stack. [3] Sew back through the stack about one bead’s width away, pick up an 80 and a 150, and sew back through the 80 and the stack. [4] Repeat steps 2 and 3 to embellish the edge of the cabochon component. [5] Sew between the backing and the foundation to exit the opposite edge of the cabochon component, and repeat steps 2–4. w

Alexandra Sydorenko has been beading since childhood. She teaches at a bead store near where she lives in New Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a mischievous cockatiel who likes to test the durability of her designs with his beak. Contact her at, or visit her online shop at shop/alexandrabeads.

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Difficulty rating


Materials purple necklace 32 in. (81 cm) • 16 6 mm Czech glass pearls (matte gold) • 2.5 x 5 mm Twin beads 80 g color A (Preciosa 28998, matte dark purple) 20 color B (Preciosa 01710, matte gold) • 2 g 100 Czech seed beads (matte gold) • Fireline 6 lb. test • beading needles, #10 and #12 • bobbin


Stitch a textural, organic rope with floral finials and a smooth slide. designed by Kerrie Slade


gunmetal necklace colors: • 6 mm Czech glass pearls (matte silver) • 2.5 x 5 mm Twin beads color A (Preciosa 28949, gunmetal) color B (Preciosa 01700, matte silver) • 100 Czech seed beads (matte silver)

through the last A added in this round (figure 3).

Rope [1] On 3½ yd. (3.2 m) of thread, center three color A 2.5 x 5 mm Twin beads, and sew through all the beads again to form a ring (figure 1, a–b). Wrap the tail around a bobbin. [2] Work a round of modified tubular brick stitch as follows, ending and adding thread (Basics, p. 86) as needed: First stitch: Pick up two As, sew under the thread bridge between the adjacent two As in the previous round, and sew up through the last A just added (figure 2, a–b). Second stitch: Pick up an A, sew under the thread bridge between the next two As in the previous round, and sew up through the A just added (b–c). Join: Sew down through the first A added in this round, and sew up

[3] Work as in step 2 to make a rope the desired length. Do not end the working thread or tail.

All beads are Preciosa traditional Czech beads; see them at

Flowers [1] Work in rounds as follows: Round 1: Pick up an A, sew down through the next A in the rope, and sew up through the following A (figure 4, a–b). Pick up an A, sew down through the previous A in the rope, and sew up through the next A in the rope (b–c). Pick up an A, sew down through the next A in the rope, sew up through the following A, and then sew through the first A added in this round (c–d). Sew through the available hole of this A (d–e). Round 2: Pick up two As, and sew through the available hole of the next A


Kerrie Slade is a beadwork designer living in Mansfield, England. She has been beading for more than 10 years and has had her work published in numerous books and magazines around the world. Kerrie now teaches beadwork internationally and sells patterns via her website,





2.5 x 5 mm Twin bead





top view






June 2014



in the previous round. Repeat this stitch to complete the round. Step up through the first A added in this round, and then sew through the available hole of the same A (figure 5). Round 3: Pick up an A, and sew through the available hole of the next A in the previous round. Repeat this stitch to complete the round, adding a total of six As in this round. Step up through the first A added in this round, and then sew through the available hole of the same A (figure 6). Round 4: Pick up two As, and sew through the available hole of the next A in the previous round. Repeat this stitch to complete the round, adding a total of 12 As in this round. Step up through the first A added in this round, and then sew through the available hole of the same A. Rounds 5–13: Pick up an A, and sew through the available hole of the next A in the previous round. Repeat this stitch to complete each round. Step up through the first A added in each round, and then sew through the available hole of the same A. Retrace the thread path through the last two rounds for stability. [2] Pick up two As, and sew through the available hole of the next A in the previous round. Sew through the other hole of the same A, the nearest hole of the adjacent A in the previous round, the nearest hole of the A your thread exited at the start of this step, and the other hole of the same A. Sew through the two As added in this step, and sew through the available hole of the second A (figure 7, a–b). [3] Pick up an A, sew through the available hole of the first A added in 62








the previous step, and then sew through the next nine As as shown (b–c). [4] Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add a total of six points. End the working thread. [5] Add 8 in. (20 cm) of thread to the flower where it meets the rope, and exit the end of the rope inside the flower. Pick up eight 6 mm pearls and a 100 seed bead. Sew back through the pearls, continue through a few Twins at the end of the rope, and end the thread. [6] Unwind the tail from the bobbin, and repeat steps 1–5 to add a flower to this end of the rope.

Beaded slide [1] On 1½ yd. (1.4 m) of thread, pick up an A, and sew through the available hole of this A, leaving a 12-in. (30 cm) tail. Pick up seven As, skip the last two As, and sew through the available hole of the next A (figure 8, a–b). [2] Work in modified flat odd-count peyote stitch as follows: Pick up an A, and sew through the available hole of the next A. Repeat this stitch, and then


pick up an A, and sew through the available hole of the same A (b–c). [3] Work three peyote stitches with one A per stitch (c–d). [4] Work as in steps 2 and 3 for a total of 20 rows. Do not end the working thread or tail. [5] Fold the rope in half, wrap the beadwork around the two ropes, and using the tail, zip up (Basics) the ends to form a tube. End the tail. [6] With the working thread exiting an edge A in the slide, pick up a color B 2.5 x 5 mm Twin bead and three 100s. Sew through the available hole of the B, sew down through the nearest hole of the next edge A, and sew up through the other hole of the same A. Repeat this stitch to complete the round. You will have a total of 10 Bs along this edge. [7] Sew through the beadwork to exit an A along the opposite edge, and work as in step 6. End the thread. w


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Making designer jewelry with crystal beads

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with your next piece.




Stitch cubic right-angle weave tubes to string between two-hole bead studs for an easy-to-wear bracelet. designed by Dana Rudolph

stepbystep CRAW tubes [1] On 18 in. (46 cm) of Fireline 6 lb. test, pick up four 110 seed beads, and sew through all the beads again to form a ring, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Retrace the thread path of the ring, and then sew through the first three beads to exit opposite the tail. This is the first rightangle weave stitch. [2] Make a flat strip of rightangle weave (Basics, p. 86) that’s three stitches long. Form the strip into a ring: Pick up an 110, sew through the end 110 in the first stitch (figure 1, a–b), pick up an 110, and sew through the end 110 in the last stitch (b–c). Sew through the four 110s on top of the cube, and then do the same on the bottom (figure 2). This completes the first cubic right-angle weave (CRAW) unit. [3] Subsequent CRAW units will be worked off of the four top 110s in the previous unit. For clarity, the next unit is worked in a different color bead in the photos. With your thread exiting one of the top 110s, work the following stitches: 66



Difficulty rating b a c


Materials FIGURE 2







First stitch: Pick up three 110s, and sew through the top 110 your thread just exited and the first 110 just picked up (photo a). Second stitch: Pick up two 110s, sew through the next top 110, the side 110 in the previous stitch, and the two 110s just picked up (photo b). Third stitch: Sew through the next top 110, and pick up two 110s. Sew through the side

110 in the previous stitch, the third top 110, and the first 110 just picked up (photo c). Fourth stitch: Pick up one 110, and sew through the side 110 in the first stitch, the fourth top 110, the side 110 in the previous stitch, and the 110 just picked up (photo d). To complete the unit, sew through the four new top 110s (photo e).

Elasticize me! For this fabulous stretchy stud bangle, I used sturdy elastic — like Elastoma by BeadSmith — and strung 80 seed beads between the CRAW tubes and the bead studs. Instead of a clasp, I strung another bead stud, tied overhand knots, and dotted the knots with Super New Glue. – Jane

[4] Work step 3 again to make a tube that is three CRAW units long. [5] With your thread exiting a top 110 in the last unit, pick up a 130 Charlotte, and sew through the next top 110 (photo f). Repeat this stitch to add a 130 between all of the four top 110s. [6] Sew through the next side 110 and the top 110 in the next CRAW unit. Work

cream/gold bracelet* 61⁄2 in. (16.5 cm) • 6 12 mm two-hole bead studs (opaque beige lumi) • 4 80 seed beads (Miyuki 196, 24kt yellow gold-lined opal) • 5–6 g 110 seed beads (Miyuki 196, 24kt yellow gold-lined opal) • 1 g 150 seed beads (Miyuki 196, 24kt yellow gold-lined opal) • 2 g 130 Charlottes (24kt gold plate) • 2-strand box clasp • Fireline 6 lb. and 10 lb. test • beading needles, #11 bronze/green bracelet* colors: • 12 mm two-hole bead studs (antique bronze) • 80 seed beads (Miyuki 196, 24kt yellow gold-lined opal) • 110 seed beads (Toho 457, gold-lustered green) • 150 seed beads (Miyuki 91, 24kt gold plated) • 130 Charlottes (24kt gold plate) *All supplies for the above bracelets available at My Bead Gallery, (941) 460-8800. copper/green bracelet colors: • 12 mm two-hole bead studs (copper matte; Eclectica, 262-641-0961) • 80 seed beads (Miyuki 457L, metallic light bronze • 110 seed beads (Miyuki 2008, matte/metallic patina iris) • 150 seed beads, in place of the 130 Charlottes (Toho 721, galvanized blue gold)

June 2014



[7] Make a total of 14 tubes.

Assembly [1] On 1 yd. (.9 m) of Fireg as in step 5 (photo g). Repeat this step twice so that you have 130s at each corner of the three CRAW units that make up the tube (photo h). End the working thread and tail (Basics).

line 10 lb. test, attach a stop bead (Basics), leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. [2] Pick up a repeating pattern of a CRAW tube and a 12 mm bead stud six times, and then pick up a tube, an 80 seed bead, three 150 seed beads, a loop of half of the clasp, and three 150s. Sew back through the 80, and snug up the beads, but

not too tight. Retrace the thread path through the tubes and studs. [3] When you exit the first tube, pick up an 80, three 150s, the corresponding loop of the other half of the clasp, and three 150s. Sew back through the 80. [4] Remove the stop bead from the tail, and tie the threads together with a square knot (Basics). End the threads. [5] Repeat steps 1–4 by stringing the remaining tubes, going through the available holes of the studs, and attaching the available loops of the clasp. w

green/orchid bangle 21⁄4-in. (5.7 cm) inner diameter • 7 12 mm two-hole bead studs (opaque green turquoise Picasso; Eclectica, 262-641-0961) • 28 80 seed beads (Miyuki 274, amethyst-lined crystal AB) • 5–6 g 110 seed beads (Toho 267FM, frost crystal) • 2 g 130 Charlottes (sage green) • elastic cord, 1 mm diameter (clear) • Super New Glue

Dana Rudolph is a designer and the owner of My Bead Gallery in Englewood, Florida. Contact her at mybeadgallery@, or visit www. to see more of Dana’s work.

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Wire Expressions

Wrapped Loops

Charmed by the sea necklace

Combine a pastel palette of crystals and pearls with chain and charms for the perfect summer accessory. designed by Alison Jayne Layton

EDITOR’S NOTES • Use a Chain Staˉ during “Assembly” to make it easier to attach the clusters and dangles to the shell chain. • If desired, finish each end of the necklace with strung beads instead of the oval chain. • If the chain you use for your chain clusters has links smaller than 4 mm, consider leaving an empty link between dangles. – Julia 70



Difficulty rating Dangles Make dangles: On a head pin, string a 1.5 mm bead and a 4, 6, or 8 mm crystal or pearl. Make the first half of a wrapped loop (Basics, p. 86). Repeat with the remaining crystals and pearls. Select three color A 6 mm pearls and six 8 mm round crystals. Complete the wraps on the pearls but not the crystals, and set these nine dangles aside to use in “Assembly.”


With the remaining dangles, make three identical chain clusters as follows: • Cut a 2-in. (5 cm) piece of curb chain. Open a 6 mm jump ring (Basics), and attach it to an end link. Attach a color A 4 mm pearl dangle to the other end, and complete the wraps. • Attach dangles to the 2-in. (5 cm) chain as follows, completing the wraps as you go. Work from the top of the chain to the bottom of the chain: • 2nd link: Attach a color F 6 mm crystal to one side of the link and a color E 6 mm pearl to the other side. • 3rd link: Attach a color K 8 mm rondelle to one side of the link and a color G 6 mm crystal to the other side. • 4th link: Attach a color B 6 mm pearl and an 8 mm round to one side of the link and a color B 4 mm pearl and a color H 6 mm crystal to the other side. • 5th link: Attach a color I 6 mm crystal to one side of the link. • 6th link: Attach a color C 4 mm pearl and a color D 4 mm pearl to one side of the link and an 8 mm round to the other side. • 7th link: Attach a color A 6 mm pearl to one side of the link and a color J 6 mm crystal to the other side. • 8th link: Attach a color K 6 mm crystal to one side of the link and a color H 8 mm rondelle to the other side. • The lower 1 in. (2.5 cm) of chain should be free of dangles, except for the 4 mm pearl attached to the bottom link.

necklace 19 in. (48 cm) • pewter shell charms (TierraCast) 2 24 mm spindle shells 1 18 mm starfish • Swarovski crystals 12 8 mm rounds (crystal) 3 8 mm rondelles in each of 2 colors: H (golden shadow), K (chrysolite opal) 3 6 mm bicones in each of 6 colors: F (tanzanite), G (white opal), H (golden shadow), I (light amethyst), J (white opal Titan), K (chrysolite opal) • Swarovski crystal pearls 6 6 mm, color A (white) 3 6 mm in each of 2 colors: B (bronze), E (gold) 3 4 mm in each of 4 colors: A (white), B (bronze), C (powder rose), D (light blue) • 60 1.5 mm silver-plated beads • 10 mm lobster claw clasp • 60 1½-in. (3.8 cm) 24-gauge head pins • 8 6 mm outside-diameter jump rings • chain (matte gold finish) 7½ in. (19.1 cm) shell-fringe chain 11 in. (28 cm) oval-link chain, 5 x 9 mm links 6 in. (15 cm) curb chain, 4 mm links • 2 pairs of chainnose, flatnose, and/or bentnose pliers • roundnose pliers • wire cutters


Alison Jayne Layton

Open the jump ring at the top of a chain cluster, and string a color A pearl dangle that you set aside in “Dangles” on one side of the chain cluster and the starfish charm on the other side. Attach the jump ring to the center link of the shell chain. Attach an 8 mm crystal dangle to the next link on each side of the chain cluster. Working away from the center link, attach the following to each side of the shell chain: • 5th link: Attach a chain cluster. • 6th link: Attach an 8 mm crystal dangle. • 7th link: Using a jump ring, attach a shell charm and a color A 6 mm pearl dangle. • 8th link: Attach an 8 mm crystal dangle. • Cut two 5-in. (13 cm) pieces of oval chain, making sure there is a large link at each end. Use a jump ring to attach an oval chain to each end of the shell chain. Use a jump ring to attach the lobster claw clasp to one end of the necklace. w

is a mixed-media artist originally from the United Kingdom. She is the store manager and instructor at That Bead Lady in Ontario, Canada, and recently became a Create Your Style Ambassador for Swarovski. Contact her at

Chain clusters

www To print all materials for this issue, go online to resources, choose this issue, and click the Materials List downloadable file.


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Bead&Button Show Exhibitors


W H O L E S A L E AC C O U N T S AVA I L A B L E • (586) 201-9676 • Booth #1257

Designer: Marla Salezze


Create Unique Pieces of Wearable Art. Visit, to find wholesale jewelry findings, retail kits and a gallery full of inspiration. Call Cheryl for wholesale information! 1-800-761-3775. Nunn Design products are cast in the USA with lead free pewter. Connect with us on Facebook/Pinterest/Newsletters. To see Marla’s project and process, visit our gallery at



June 2014


Bead&Button Show Exhibitors

Glass seed beads 11˚ to 24˚ exclusive Czech molded beads books, videos & innovative supplies Wholesale with credentials

Artists & Teachers:

Instant cure UV resin.


 

Booth 1251 & 1253 Wholesale & Retail Sales 6520 Platt Avenue #605 West Hills, CA 91307




Bead&Button Show Exhibitors



2622 W. Lincoln Avenue, Suite 101 Anaheim, CA 92801 P: 714-236-0567 • F: 714-828-0567

Call us at: 1-800-260-0567 Email: ORDER ONLINE:

“Answers from the Magic 8 ball”



# 510

10 Boo 20 th & # 10 22

Sea Star

Focals and Jewelry Inspired by Heaven and Earth

Booth 921 & 919






Jewelry designed by Meredith Roddy

Tabletop Knotter Tool Patent Pending

The Knot-a-Bead tabletop knotter tool is a fast and easy way to hand knot between beads.



Make professional looking hand knotted jewelry quickly and easily


Ergonomic design allows for natural two-handed knot tying between beads


Spring-loaded stainless steel, auto-reset awl places knots with precision


Accommodates any shape beads up to 16 mm in diam


Use with all diameters and most types of bead stringing materials


Fast and easy-to-use, even for beginners

Use the Knot-A-Bead with these Knottable Materials • Braided Cords • Cotton • Dandyline • Hemp • Imitation Leather • Leather

• Linen Cord • Nylon • Poly Thread • Satin Cord (Rat Tail) • Silk • Sinew

Scan the QR code to watch a video of The Knot-a-Bead in-use!

• Suede • Sparkle Thread • Twine • Waxed Cord • WildFire • Wire


To find a Beadalon retailer near you, please visit




Adding thread

Half-hitch knot

To add a thread, sew into the beadwork several rows or rounds prior to the point where the last bead was added, leaving a short tail. Follow the thread path of the stitch, tying a few half-hitch knots (see “Half-hitch knot”) between beads as you go, and exit where the last stitch ended. Trim the short tail.

Pass the needle under the thread bridge between two beads, and pull gently until a loop forms. Cross back over the thread between the beads, sew through the loop, and pull gently to draw the knot into the beadwork.

Conditioning thread Use beeswax or microcrystalline wax (not candle wax or paraffin) or Thread Heaven to condition nylon beading thread and Fireline. Wax smooths nylon fibers and adds tackiness that will stiffen your beadwork slightly. Thread Heaven adds a static charge that causes the thread to repel itself, so don’t use it with doubled thread. Both conditioners help thread resist wear. To condition, stretch nylon thread to remove the curl (you don’t need to stretch Fireline). Lay the thread or Fireline on top of the conditioner, hold it in place with your thumb or finger, and pull the thread through the conditioner.

Ending thread To end a thread, sew back through the last few rows or rounds of beadwork, following the thread path of the stitch and tying two or three half-hitch knots (see “Half-hitch knot”) between beads as you go. Sew through a few beads after the last knot, and trim the thread.

Overhand knot Make a loop with the thread. Pull the tail through the loop, and tighten.

Square knot [1] Cross one end of the thread over and under the other end. Pull both ends to tighten the first half of the knot. [2] Cross the first end of the thread over and under the other end. Pull both ends to tighten the knot.

Attaching a stop bead Use a stop bead to secure beads temporarily when you begin stitching. Choose a bead that is different from the beads in your project. Pick up the stop bead, leaving the desired length tail. Sew through the stop bead again in the same direction, making sure you don’t split the thread inside the bead. If desired, sew through the bead one more time for added security.




Beaded backstitch

[1] To stitch a line of beaded backstitch, sew through the fabric from back to front. Pick up three beads, and lay them on the fabric as desired. [2] Sew through the fabric from front to back right after the third bead. Sew through the fabric from back to front between the second and third beads, and sew through the third bead again. [3] Pick up three more beads, lay them on the fabric, and repeat step 2. For a tighter stitch, pick up only one or two beads at a time.

Brick stitch [1] Work the first row in ladder stitch (see “Ladder stitch: Making a ladder”) to the desired length, exiting the top of the last bead added. [2] Pick up two beads, sew under the thread bridge between the second and third beads in the previous row, and sew back up through the second bead added. To secure this first stitch, sew down through the first bead and back up through the second bead. The first stitch in the new row will be centered above the second bead in the previous row. [3] For the remaining stitches in the row, pick up one bead per stitch, sew under the thread bridge between the next two beads in the previous row, and sew back up through the new bead. The last stitch in the new row will be centered above the second-to-last bead in the previous row, and the new row will be one bead shorter than the previous row, unless you work an increase.

Go to to watch demonstrations of techniques.

Stop stitch Sew through the fabric from back to front, pick up two beads, and sew back through the first bead and the fabric.

Ladder stitch Making a ladder

a b

[1] Pick up two beads, and sew through them c both again, positioning the beads side by side so that their holes are parallel (a–b). [2] Add subsequent beads by picking up one bead, sewing through the previous bead, and then sewing through the new bead (b–c). Continue for the desired length ladder. This technique produces uneven tension, which you can correct by zigzagging back through the beads in the opposite direction.

Peyote stitch Flat even-count

[1] Pick up an even number of beads, leaving the desired length tail (a–b). These beads will shift to form the first two rows as the third row is added. e d a

c b

[2] To begin row 3, pick up a bead, skip the last bead added in the previous step, and sew back through the next bead, working toward the tail (b–c). For each stitch, pick up a bead, skip a bead in the previous row, and sew through the next bead until you reach the first bead picked up in step 1 (c–d). The beads added in this row are higher than the previous rows and are referred to as “up-beads.” [3] For each stitch in subsequent rows, pick up a bead, and sew through the next up-bead in the previous row (d–e). To count peyote stitch rows, add the total number of beads along both straight edges.

Zipping up or joining

Herringbone stitch [1] Work the first row in ladder stitch

To join two pieces of flat peyote invisibly, match up the two pieces so the end rows fit together. “Zip up” the pieces by zigzagging through the up-beads on both ends.

(see “Ladder stitch: Making a ladder”) to the desired length using an even number of beads, and exit the top of the last bead added. [2] Pick up two beads, and sew down through the next bead in the previous row (a–b). Sew up through the following bead in the previous row, pick up two beads, and sew down through the next bead (b–c). Repeat across the first row.

Right-angle weave a

Flat strip

[1] Pick up four beads, and tie them into a ring with a square knot (see “Square knot”), leaving the desired length tail. Sew through the first three beads again. This is the first stitch of the strip. [2] Pick up three c beads. Sew through the b last bead in the previa ous stitch (a–b), and continue through the first two beads picked up in this stitch (b–c). [3] Continue working as in step 2, adding three beads per stitch, until the first row is the desired length. You are stitching in a figure-8 pattern, alternating the direction of the thread path for each stitch.



[3] To turn to start the next row, sew down through the end bead in the previous row and back through the last bead of the pair just added (a–b). c

b a

[4] To work the next row, pick up two beads, sew down through the next bead in the previous row, and sew up through the following bead (b–c). Continue adding pairs of beads across the row. Alternate turn

To turn without having thread show on the edge, pick up an accent or smaller bead before you sew back through the last bead of the pair you just added, or work the “Concealed turn” below. Concealed turn

Forming a strip into a ring

Exit the end bead of the last stitch, pick up a bead, and sew through the end bead of the first stitch. Pick up a bead, and sew through the end bead of the last stitch. Retrace the thread path to reinforce the join.

Sew up through the second-to-last bead in the previous row, and continue through the last bead added (a–b). Pick up two beads, sew down through the next bead in the previous row, and sew up through the following bead (b–c). Continue adding pairs of beads across the row. Using this turn will flatten the angle of the edge beads, making the edge stacks look a little different than the others. c

b a


June 2014


Basics STRINGING & WIREWORK Opening and closing loops and jump rings [1] Hold a loop or a jump ring with two pairs of pliers, such as chainnose, flatnose, or bentnose pliers. [2] To open the loop or jump ring, bring the tips of one pair of pliers toward you, and push the tips of the other pair away from you. [3] Reverse step 2 to close the open loop or jump ring.

Coming in the August issue

Crimping Use crimp beads to secure flexible beading wire. Slide the crimp bead into place, and squeeze it firmly with chainnose pliers to flatten it. Or, for a more finished look, use crimping pliers: [1] Position the crimp bead in the hole that is closest to the handle of the crimping pliers. [2] Holding the wires apart, squeeze the pliers to compress the crimp bead, making sure one wire is on each side of the dent. [3] Place the crimp bead in the front hole of the pliers, and position it so the dent is facing the tips of the pliers. Squeeze the pliers to fold the crimp in half. [4] Tug on the wires to ensure that the crimp is secure.

Make jewelry for every style!

Fun & sparkly




ers, make a right-angle bend in the wire about 2 mm above a bead or other component or at least 1Âź in. (3.2 cm) from the end of a naked piece of wire. [2] Position the jaws of the roundnose pliers in the bend. The closer to the tip of the pliers that you work, the smaller the loop will be. [3] Curve the short end of the wire over the top jaw of the roundnose pliers. [4] Reposition the pliers so the lower jaw fits snugly in the loop. Curve the wire downward around the bottom jaw of the pliers. This is the first half of a wrapped loop. [5] To complete the wraps, grasp the top of the loop with one pair of pliers. [6] With another pair of pliers, wrap the wire around the stem two or three times. Trim the excess wire, and gently press the cut end close to the wraps with chainnose pliers. w


Bold & geometric Floral & feminine

Wrapped loop [1] Using chainnose pli-

Learn to work with shibori ribbon Create a delicate St. Petersburg chain bracelet

And More!

BNB • 06/01/2014 • 4C • 1/12


Over 3500 exclusive patterns

Bead Renaissance Shows Retail & Wholesale - Free Admission

Las Vegas

May 30 -June 1

The Galleria

Fri - Sat 10 - 6, Sun 10 - 5 2411 W. Sahara Ave Palace Station Hotel / Casino


September 11 - 14

Denver Mart, Annex Thurs - Sat 10 - 6, Sun 10 - 5 451 E. 58th Ave Check web site for show & class information

575-894-1293 ª


Arabesque Kits & Tutorial Available


13 years spreading the love of beads Charleston, SC - June 14th & 15th Atlanta, GA - July 12th & 13th Check our website often for upcoming shows: Palm Beach, FL Deland, FL Tampa, FL Pompano Beach, FL Havana, FL

Manek-Manek Beads

Jewelry | Workshops | Kits | Tutorials | Beads

Inventory and Pricing Software for Jewelry Designers, Artists and Crafters 858.367.8236 •

Wynwoods Gallery & Bead Studio Charms in sterling, bronze & pewter


By Lois

Religious charms, medals and crosses




360-385-6131 • Retail & Wholesale

A grAin of SAnd

AylA’s OriginAls


One of the largest suppliers of Rare, Unusual Vintage, & Contemporary Beads and Findings. Includes: CLASPS, cabochons, chain, buttons, sequins, sew on beads & more. Looking for something unique? We have it!!! Great prices, service & selection!!

Time stands still when you enter our sumptuous world of beads. Extraordinary colors, shapes and creative possibilities await you.  We welcome you with genuine service and helpful hands.

Awesome handmade dichroic glass links, pendants, beads and barrettes by Janet Wolery; sterling silver and gold-filled Curly-Q beads; vintage, rare, unusual and special production Swarovski crystals; and more cool stuff!!! Email:



designer’s findings

Manufactures of: Wire Looper Machines, automatic or manual Wire Jump ring machines, Tack Welders, Pulse Arc Welders and Fusion welders for the Jewelry making industries. E-mail, Voice 888-494-2663, Fax 706-625-6624.

Thousands of Beads for Hundreds of Projects. Quality beads in many sizes, made of glass, bone, metals, shell and stone. Specializing in a large variety of seed beads and cut beads both Czech and Japanese.

Your bead embroidery headquarters for blank cuffs, collars, blank shapes, miscellaneous findings, mesh pins and pendants, stampings, vintage items, brass tubes, vintage doll parts, ceramic faces, kits, image sheets, Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, Ultrasuede, and more!



The premier source for vintage style jewelry components plated with rich antique patinas, lockets, cameos, intaglios, unique glass jewelry stones, bead caps, tools, display cards, settings, chain and beads. Free lessons and ideas!

For 25 years we have enjoyed providing a unique collection of beads, charms & jewelery supplies to the beading community. Peruse our Sterling, Glass, Porcelain, Patina metals And More!

We have hand-cut unique, natural rare gemstones with varying bezel thicknesses, rounded or flat surface. We drill cabochons and large beads and we specialize in unusual, classic, rare, obscure or difficult-to-work-with stone. ad/adornments Your trusted source for exceptional beads & supplies at low prices. FREE shipping in the USA on orders $10 or more! Great international rates - $1.99 shipping to Canada. Weekly specials and new products. Auntie’s BeAds No lousy beads! The best assortment of beads and supplies, customer-reviewed for quality, shipped lighting-fast. The home of SmartBeadShopping™ – member discounts and free shipping with Beader’s Advantage, Name Your Price Jewelry and more.

Advertise Here! To advertise in the Bead&Button Website Directory,

please call 1-888-558-1544 Contact Dawn Becker ext. 648 or Lori Schneider ext. 546


We carry all types of Czech glass beads, crystals, rhinestones, and jewelry making supplies, at really great prices! Check out our unique selection and set your creativity on fire! 20% off Use Offer Code BS001.

1000’s of 16" strings for $1! Overstock beads – cheaper than wholesale. Pressed Glass, Shells, Glass Pearls, Cat’s Eye, Turquoise and more... New items added daily. Sales in US only. No minimum order. $5.95 flat-rate shipping. Bead emBroidery Bead Embroiderers! We have everything you need to create beautiful bead embroidery. Our kits are high quality and our retreats are fun! Check out our show schedule because we’d love to meet you in person! EASY KNoTTER – DESigNS bY REENiE Create professional-quality knotted jewelry in minutes with the Easy Knotter! Evenly-spaced knots are a breeze! If you can tie a knot, you can use the Easy Knotter. For more information, please visit our website.

Bead Paradise


Specializing in all things old, antique, and rare. Antique Venetian seed beads, lampwork and pressed glass, and vintage cabochons. African trade beads, ancient stone, antique amber, coral, bronze, and silver from around the world.

Join us on a bead safari to Kenya. A unique experience providing you a lifetime of memories. Perfect for anyone who loves beads and has always wanted to go on safari in Africa. ItÕs extraordinary!


Beads for Europe! Everything for beaders including a large assortment of beads, seed beads, findings, crystals, gemstones and pearls. FIMO and felting wool from Latvia. Free shipping on orders of 70+ EUR.

Your online destination for an inspiring selection, exceptional quality, guaranteed service and volume discount pricing. New jewelry designs with step-by-step instructions every week on our inspiration page. Free Shipping Option!


Grace Lampwork Beads

Web store with more! Seedbeads, Crystal, Glass, Pearls, Metals. Everything you need (or want). Latest trends and all the classics. New stuff every week. Inspiring projects. Canadian. Free shipping Canada and US over $100.

Best selection of high quality lampwork beads. All beads are made of Venetian glass. 1000+ designs in different styles, matching clasps, Pandora style, large hole beads, and more. Wholesale discount is available.


Thousands of gorgeous Seed Beads and Delica Cylinder Beads at unbeatable prices!! Huge selection of Swarovski crystals, pearls, firepolish, triangles, bugles, cubes, lentils, tilas & tons more. FREE toggle for orders over $30!

Specializing in Rare gemstones in their natural organic states. Druzy beads, crystal point beads, agate beads, gemstone nuggets, geodes, African trade beads, Tibetan & Indian Mala, chakra sets. Blog & Projects Online. Wholesale welcome. Coupon ÒBB10Ó

for more information about this great advertising opportunity.

bobby bead

Direct Importer of Toho¨ Quality Japanese seed beads; Over 1,000 colors of Aiko¨ Precision Cylinder beads; Large selection of Toho beads & Full selection of PF Finish colors. Low International shipping rates. Free shipping on Domestic orders of $150. LIMA BEADS

Fresh new beads every week for unique designs. Use coupon BEADS71 for 10% off most regular price items!


June 2014



Chain Mail, knitted mesh, unusual and vintage chains in custom finishes you will find nowhere else. Large selection of matching findings, metal beads, original designed clasps, some using vintage buttons. ONE STOP SHOPPING!


Lo-Lo by bar-Maids


stormcloud trading co.

Beaders take care of your prized possession - your hands with Lo-Lo by Bar-Maids. Ecolifestyle product and packaging, it’s effective and long lasting. Natural skin loving oils and butters keep skin hydrated, moisturized, and healthy.

Save 50-70% Off On Jewelry Supplies! Huge selections at wholesale prices. We specialize in jewelry displays, supplies, boxes, tools, ďŹ ndings, beads and Swarovski Crystals. Check our web site for more savings!

Serving the on-line community for more than 14 years. A huge stock of seed beads & Czech pressed glass beads. More items available in-store. Can’t ďŹ nd it on our website? Email us – we probably have it.


Thread heaven

Best Prices - Fast Shipping - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Pony - Faceted - Gemstones - Glass Beads - Findings Pandora Style Beads - Charms - Wire/Cord/Thread Free Shipping Available

Specializing in Japanese & Czech beads. Get a Birthday credit. Check out our exclusive Monday’s Mixes & the Gallery of Color Suggestions! 20% off one time coupon: B&BJUN14

Unique, high quality thread conditioner and protectant prevents tangling, knotting and fraying, AND protects against mold, mildew and UV damage! Usage tips, health and safety information, worldwide distributor list, wholesale purchasing and much more at:


Toho Shoji

Wide assortment of beads, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Czech Glass, Wood, Semi-Precious, Pearls & more. Full line of craft supplies, jewelry ďŹ ndings, components. Polymer & Art Clay, tools, accessories. Wholesale pricing with discounts. World-wide shipping

Amee Runs with Scissors sells 1/8Ă“ Soutache for Soutache-and-Bead Embroidery. Largest selection of colors - Domestic & Imported NO MINIMUM ORDER! Supplies, Tutorials, Kits & Classes.

Find our exclusive ďŹ ndings, chains and components for your creations. Swarovski, Japanese seeds, quality silver and much more! Low Prices. Huge Inventory. Worldwide Shipping.


beading dreams We welcome beginners! We offer classes in stringing, wire wrapping, Metal Clay, cold connections, ďŹ ber crafts and more for beginner through advanced beaders. We also offer private lessons that can be scheduled at your convenience, just call for details!


FIREFLY STUDIOS Orlando, Florida, evening and weekend classes & workshops in soldering, sawing, wire wrapping, metal clay and more. Smaller classes ensure more personal instruction. Firey Studios new facilities located next to FDJ On Time, Florida’s largest jewelry tool supply house.

5629 W. Lovers Ln Dallas, TX 75209 (214)366-1112

The Largest Retail Bead Store in Denver Metro! From stringing basics to intricate wire wrapping, we have classes for every skill level-starting at just $25! All supplies included in class fees. 10% of every sale goes to a charity YOU choose! )0634 5VFT4BU 10BNQN

1700 W. Belleview Ave., Littleton CO 80120 (303)761-6100

BALTIMORE BEAD SOCIETY DonÕt miss our 7th Annual Winter Bead & Jewelry Show. January18-19, 2014, Sat 10-5, Sun 10-4. Beads, findings, pearls, crystals, buttons, artisan jewelry, free jewelry technique Mini Clinics & demos. Online glass registration available.

GREAT LAKES BEADWORKERS GUILD Meets 6:30pm on 3rd Tuesdays (Jan - Nov), First Presbyterian Church, 1669 W. Maple, Birmingham, MI. Sponsors numerous workshops & programs annually. BEAD BONANZA SALE with 80 vendors twice a year. Contact: Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild

THE BEAD SOCIETY OF LOS ANGELES Offering GRANTS for bead research April and November. Visit for more information. Yearly membership offers you access to monthly meetings with guest speakers, field trips, and bi-yearly Bead Bazaar extravaganza! Happy Beading!

PO Box 1639, Royal Oak, MI 48068

BSLA, PO Box 241874, Los Angeles, CA 90024-9674 E-mail:

NATIONAL BUTTON SOCIETY If you love vintage and antique buttons, learn more through NBS membership. Explore the website for membership, show information, publications and links to state societies. Contact: Susan Porter, Secretary

TORONTO BEAD SOCIETY Monthly meetings held September to June. Ryerson University - Jorgenson Hall, 380 Victoria St., Toronto, Canada. Classes, lectures, displays. Bead & Jewellery Fairs held Spring and Fall. Please check website for schedules.

DATES: Classes ongoing at Beading Dreams year-round

Society Directory

Munro Wholesale Crafts

Gary J. Arthur Community Center 2400 Rt. 97, Cooksville, MD 21723

BEAD SOCIETY OF GREATER WASHINGTON Meets 7PM on 2nd Thursday. Chevy Chase Community Center, Connecticut Ave. & McKinley St. NW, WDC 20015. November 8-9, 2014 at Bohrer Park, Gaithersburgh MD. Discount Tickets: PO Box 42519, Washington, DC 20015 202-624-4500 or

SHOP DIRECTORY ads are $354 for six consecutive issues, payable in advance, or $65 per issue (billed to established accounts for one year minimum). Color available for $10 per issue. Street address must be listed in the ad. No mention of mail order or wholesale business permitted.

1660 S. Alma School Rd, Ste 108 480-755-4367

106 N. Block Ave.


ARIZONA•Phoenix & Scottsdale

Best selection of quality gemstones, Tierra Cast, seed beads, chain, metals, SS, GF, Swarovski, pearls, leather, jewelry making kits and more. Classes daily.

Tools & supplies for the bead artist! Sedona’s largest selection of beads and findings. Classes & private lessons. Mon.-Sat. 10-5; Sun. closed.


ALABAMA•Helena (min. from Birmingham)

Escape the stresses of everyday life & create at The Bead Biz. Japanese seed beads, Delicas and TohoÕs. Austrian crystals and great prices on gemstones. Supplies for all your bead needs. Tues-Fri 11-6, Sat 10-6, Sun 1:30-5:30, closed Mon.


3745 Helena Rd., Ste. 100


ARIZONA•Cave Creek

Indulge your need to bead in style and elegance. Grand selection of handmade glass beads, all the beads and findings you need. Great classes and inspiration.


6061 E. Cave Creek Rd., Ste. 1 |






Best selection & prices of Vintaj brass. Gorgeous focal gems. Unique quality kits. Metal stamping. Picture frame pendants by Nunn Designs & Tierracast. Czech glass, Swarovski crystals & pearls. Ranger Inks. Metalsmithing. Inspiring Classes.

602-240-BEAD (2323) 480-948-BEAD (2323)

395-A Fairhope Avenue



Nestled in the Ozarks in beautiful downtown Fayetteville is NWA’s largest full service bead store & boutique. 1000’s of beads and findings. Studio space, classes, parties, PMC. Est. 1991. Tues-Friday 11-5; Sat 9-5; Closed Sun & Mon



Online Shopping

1544 Park St.


CALIFORNIA•Arroyo Grande

Full service bead store. Large selection of seed beads and Swarovski crystals and pearls. We also offer a great selection of classes. Open Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat 10-5, Thurs 10-7. Closed Sun and Mon.


1054 E. Grand Ave., Suite A

Huge Showroom! Everything you need to bead: Semi, vintage beads & buttons & crystal, copper, seed beads, findings, fabulous twiddeleydoos, single beads to bulk quantities. Close to I-10, RV Parking. Call for directions. Mon. - Sat. 10-5.




THE BEADED LADY 7103 Samples Road


Stop in & experience Bead Heaven on Earth. Friendly service & all the newest beading trends at the best prices. New Delica selection. Conveniently located just south of LAX. Classes and parties. M, Tu & F 11-5; W & Th 11-7; Sat 10-4. Closed Sun.


319 Richmond St.


12210 Michigan St., Suite G


CALIFORNIAÂĽGrover Beach Glass beads, semi-precious stone, Swarovski crystal, seed beads, findings, silver, tools, wire, lampworking classes & supplies, direct importer. JEWELL'S BEADS


1443 W. Grand Ave.


43791 15th Street West



(5 min. from Hwy. 99)

Beading experience in the heart of Lodi Wine Country. Vast assortment of Beads, Stringing supplies, Findings & more for your unique jewelry making. Classes, parties, & Fun. Family owned, offering a Bead Friendly atmosphere. 501-794-2647

Enormous selection of beads of all kinds. Findings, chain, wire, earring and necklace parts in sterling and gold-filled and base metals. Tools, classes and glass for lampwork. Open M-F 10:30-5 and Sat. 10-4.

2051 Harrison Street, Ste. C


2059 W. Bullard


Friendly service and beads for your beading needs. Czech, Semi-precious, seed beads, Swarovski, Art Clay Silver, Lampwork, tools, books, findings and classes. We now carry yarn and fibers.

3301 E Pennsylvania St. Toll Free 877-696-9490

Scrumptious beads! Knowledgeable staff. Large selection of beads, tools, findings, S.S. wire and chain. Stop and browse. Classes and parties. We repair, restring, knot and restore costume jewelry. Thur - Sat 1 - 6pm.



Beads to thread, wire & just admire All for beading to your heartÕs desire Family owned since 2003


Located in the Pavilion West shopping center. Featuring unique beads, crystals, gemstones, Sterling silver, tools, books and a lot more. We have everything to bring out the bead artist in you. 805-489-6544



(800) 323-6091

All are welcome!




(407) 629-6906


Visit our beautiful showroom! We specialize in Swarovski crystals & pearls, naturals & Delicas. Best seed bead selection in the state. Known for original kits & classes. Events include guest teachers, trunk shows, Beadathon & Savvy Sunday.


1180 Solana Ave, Winter Park, Fl 32789


6068 North 16th St. 8764 E. Shea Blvd.

Excellent selection, prices, and quality service. Semi-precious, glass, pearl, wood and crystal. Tools, supplies, PMC. Classes, findings and pendants. Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

DATES: Year Round classes PH: 760-789-4133 or email:

Send your ad to: Bead&Button Shop Directory P.O. Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187-1612 or call 1-888-558-1544, Ext. 815.



Shop Directory

Shop Directory



100 W. Pine St.


Your source for all of your beading needs. Huge selection of semi-precious, glass & findings. Wide range of classes in a helpful & friendly atmosphere.




FLORIDA•Boca Raton

FLORIDA¥Ocala or

Wide selection of beads & supplies. Raku & lampwork beads made on site. Daily 9:00 to 5:00pm Fairplay Bead & Fiber Show, August 9 & 10, 2014. SOUTH PARK POTTERY & BACKROOM BEADS 417 Front Street


Our beautiful showroom is well stocked with the latest trends in beads, crystals, gemstones, findings, styles and colors. Small classes make for more individual attention. Conveniently located in Central Boca Raton. Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm IRIS MOONÕS BOCA BEADS¨ 21073 Powerline Rd., Ste. 35


Visit N Central FLÕs hidden treasure! Conveniently loc 3 miles W of 1-75 in Jasmine Sq. Offering the areaÕs best selection of Miyuki & Toho seed beads, Swarovski, Czech glass, GS, findings & more. See our class & events schedule online.

THE BEAD STRAND 6140 SW Highway 200

CALIFORNIA•Murrieta-Riverside/San Diego Cty


FLORIDA•Cape Coral


26145 Jefferson Ave., Ste. 303

Midtown Shopping Ctr. 1000 West 6th St., Ste. W 719-583-BEAD (2323)

130 Del Prado Blvd., Ste. 7



FLORIDA•Clearwater (Indian Rocks Beach)

A super-sized bead boutique with 2,500 sq. ft. of fun located off I-15! Offering Czech glass, pearls, crystals, gemstones, seed beads, tools, chain & findings. Large selection of charms. Birthday parties/classes. Mon - Sat 10-6



Ventura County’s largest selection of beads & beading books; Seed, Delica, vintage glass, Czech glass, Swarovski crystal, Pearls & gemstones, charms, findings, Sterling & gold-filled. Classes with nationally known teachers. Open Tues-Sun.


2321 Michael Dr.



Total sensory overload! Largest bead shop in Northern CA. Japanese & Czech seed beads, Czech glass, hemp & macrame supplies. Findings, semi-precious, TierraCast, bone, feathers, leather. Huge selection of chain, tools, wire, classes & more. Find us on Facebook


2619 Park Marina Dr.

CALIFORNIA•Redlands (Downtown) 909-798-2282

CALIFORNIA•Sacramento Largest selection of Japanese seed beads. Over 900 colors. Delicas, stone, pearls, crystals, lampwork, trade beads, charms, wood, bone and more. See our full size ad. Classes.


2525 Yorktown Ave.

A great San Diego bead store by the beach. We have a unique and complete collection of everything for the bead enthusiast at any level. All varieties of beads, chain, wire, findings, books, tools & more. Wed-Sat 10:30-7, Sun 11-6


Purveyor of unique beads, buttons, trims & treasures, worldly offerings to beginners, inspired, & collectors. Workshops-parties-gifts-supplies. Tu, W, F & Sat. 10-6; Th 10-8; Sun 11-4.


1700 Post Rd.



Extensive variety of seed beads, semi-precious and glass beads. Also wide variety of pearls, sterling silver, gold filled and base metal findings. Abundant tools, books, classes and workshops. Bead parties arranged. Open 7 days.


1310 Boston Post Rd.



Full service bead store offering a unique selection of beads, findings, wire, tools, buttons, books and seaside gifts. Classes/Parties/Workspace. Custom torch-fired enamels.


1519 Gulf Blvd., Ste. 4


FLORIDA•Cocoa Beach

Fun, full service bead shop! Huge selection of seed beads, findings, glass, stones, crystals, pearls, tools, wire, fusing supplies & much more. Come in & check out our local artists! Visit us on FB. 10% off with mention of this ad!


266 N. Atlantic Ave.



FLORIDA¥Davie (Ft. Lauderdale area) ABSOLUTE BEAD SHOP At Nature’s Art Village 1650 Hartford New London Tnpike 860-443-4367

5735 S. University Drive



Create something amazing! Open studio. Crystals, pearls, bone, wampum, semi-precious, Swarovski, Miyuki seeds, sterling findings, books. 5 million beads and counting. Classes offered. Open 7 days, 10am-6pm.

Parties. Jewelry classes including: Intro to beading, seed bead weaving & soldering/metalsmithing. Swarovski crystal, glass beads, semi-precious stones, unique findings & clasps. Wood beads, suede, leather cords.


274 S. Main St., Unit C-9


Family owned and operated. Beads, findings & stringing material of all kinds. Birthday/private parties and events. Classes, free open studio, consignment art and gifts. Mon- Sat 10-6, Thurs 10-8, Sun 11-5


55 Pennsylvania Ave.


CONNECTICUT¥Norwalk (Historic Sono)

Globetrotting buyers provide unparalleled selection of Precious & Semi-precious Gemstones, Pearls, Swarovski, Czech, Lampwork, 14K & 18K, Basics & Findings galore. Landmark for the bead enthusiast & novice alike. Parties & Inspiring Classes!


139 Washington St.

Voted the best bead store in So. FL. Largest selection of natural stones, freshwater pearls, Bali & Thai silver, crystals, Czech glass & seed beads. Extensive classes with patient teachers. Centrally located. New 3,200 sq. ft. facility.


Dana Rudolph’s new bead gallery. Unbelievable selection of gemstone, ethnic and exotic beads, Swarovski, Sterling, minerals, Czech. Tools, findings, work table, classes. Friendly Staff. Open Tues - Fri 11:00-6:00, Sat 11:00-5:00



3671 Access Rd. on SR 776

We honor your creativity! From beginner to full blown artist, we are S.W. FloridaÕs bead paradise! Classes and parties available. Volume buying welcome. Check out our eye candy.


Bead Bar - Full Service Bead Stores - Central Florida’s favorite since 1991. Huge inventory, talented staff, great customer service, very competitive prices. A Beader’s Delight. A must see in Orlando. Online catalog. Newsletter.



FLORIDA¥Orlando (Maitland)

OrlandoÕs finest full service bead store is now offering Wholesale prices on selected strands of gemstones. Large selection of seed beads, sterling, G-F, base metal, Swarovski, pearls, Czech, etc. Classes all levels. Customer service #1! BEADS ETC. 407-339-BEAD 110 N Orlando Ave., (new location) (2323)


A full-service store ready to meet all your beading needs. Offering basic-adv. classes & parties for all ages. Shop, bead & have fun in our showroom filled with selections from around the world.


1308 Malabar Rd. SE, Unit 1

More than just a bead store. Beads, Czech glass, Chinese & Swarovski crystals, pearls. Tools & findings. Classes with great artist. Beading, Polymer, resin, lampwork, leather & metalworking. Offering classes & parties for all ages & skills.


3422 Tampa Road

WOW! The LARGEST (1,500 sq. ft) Bead Shop on the Treasure Coast featuring Exceptional Beads, Supplies, and Customer Service. 100Õs of fun classes serving the beading community since 1998. Easy access via Turnpike, 95 & Rt. 1.

Largest selection of Gemstones in Southwest Florida. Huge selection of Miyuki Seed Beads. Over 600 colors of DelicaÕs. Czech Glass, Swarovski, Bone, Shell, Tools, Sterling silver, Copper and Gold-filled findings. Mon-Sat 10-5pm.


24600 Sandhill Blvd.

Free classes! Walk-ins welcome! Huge selection of Swarovski crystals, gemstones, pearls, seed beads, Delicas, cubes, tilas, drops, etc. Sea glass, sterling silver and gold-filled findings, handmade lampwork beads. So much - must come in to see!



1931 Tamiami Trail

Findings (pewter & sterling silver), Swarovski & Chinese crystals, lampwork beads, cabochons. Seeking hand-made beads & jewelry for sale on consignment. Summer hours start 6/1: M/W 10-4, Th/F 11-7, Sat 10-4, Sun 11-1, Closed Tu



1539 Mission Dr., Ste. A



YouÕll love our huge Swarovski selection; stone, pearls, pressed glass and seed beads all sizes. Czech & Japanese including Delicas. Instruction available; beginner to advanced. Check us out at:

BEAD DREAMS (around the corner on Dorris Place)

2103 Pacific Ave.




435 West J St.



The best bead selection in the High Country! A wide variety of beads including: DelicaÕs, bone, sterling, wood, semi-precious and glass. Buttons, mixed media supplies and rubber stamps. New this year, scrapbooking! Open 7 days a week!


224 South Main St.




We specialize in hard to find gemstones in natural state. Rare focal beads, 2 hole beads, druzy, crystal points, agates, gemstone nuggets geodes, African trade beads, Tibetan & Indian Mala. Classes, open studio.Coupon “BeadandButton10”


346 Quinnipiac St., Bldg. 1



One stop bead store from basics to exotic & extraordinary. Gemstones, organics, all metals, crystals, seed beads, glass. Stringing materials, findings, wire, chain, tools, books, classes. Friendly staff in an organized and inspiring environment.

With a warm and inviting atmosphere, LauraÕs Beads is a place to gather, learn and create. Specializing in bead weaving, we offer a wide range of classes and are stocked with a gorgeous selection of beads, findings and supplies. 8143 State Road 52



Are you a beginner or advanced bead weaver, come in for inspiration or classes. Great selection Swarovski crystal/pearls, Japanese seed beads, firepolish, preciosa and finds. Great prices & the friendliest gals in town. Come in & bead with us.


2717 Beneva Road



JacksonvilleÕs Premier Full Service Bead Store. Serving NE FL For Over A Decade! Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 6:00.

The Treasure CoastÕs best source for beading, wire & metalsmithing tools. Full line of craft/SS/GF wire. PMC & jewelry making sup, findings & beads. Classes in wire, silver smithing, cold connections & beading. WeÕre worth the drive.


14180 Beach Blvd.



Featuring handmade glass beads & jewelry by owners & other artisans. Pearls, natural stones, sterling beads & clasps for designers & hobbyists alike. Findings & beading supplies of all kinds available. Classes, workshops, parties & always fun!


8802 N. US 1 (in Wabasso Plaza) 772-581-0515

FLORIDA¥St. Augustine Certified ÒPainting with FireÓ enamel teacher! Specializing in classes of all kinds and beads, tools and supplies for all techniques. Repairs, parties, one on one. BEADAZZLED Where Beads & Inspiration Meet! 1507 Connecticut Ave. NW 202-265-2323 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS BEAD EMPORIUM AND STUDIO 531 Whitehead St. 305-294-3500

78B San Marco Avenue

FLORIDA•Altamonte Springs

FLORIDA•Lighthouse Point (Pompano)

FLORIDA¥St. Petersburg

3,000 sq. ft. of beading magic. Largest selection of Toho & DelicaÕs in Central Florida. Czech glass, Chinese crystals, silver, gold, brass, copper & Bali. Semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski, Lucite & aluminum, kits & books and so much

South FloridaÕs friendliest bead store. Tons of semi-precious, pearls, Czech, Swarovski, sterling, tools and supplies. Original lampwork beads. Classes and kits. Check out our website for store location and class schedules.

224 W. Central Pkwy., Ste. 1018 407-574-7164

5034 N. Federal Hwy.







We are a full-service Gem and Bead Boutique. We carry Swarovski; Gemstones; Glass; Lampwork; Seed Beads; Tools, Findings; and more. Classes available. Located inside the bookstore. Call for info.


7901 46th Ave. N.

727-424-4662 |

June 2014


Shop Directory

As an artist owned store, one will never be disappointed by the pricing and selection of beads. Unique and collectable glass and Polymer beads as well as stones, bone, clothing and coffee!Customized workshops available. Closed Tuesdays.

243 Hartford Turnpike


FLORIDA¥Port Charlotte




FLORIDA•Port Charlotte




FLORIDA¥Palm Harbor

A full service bead store. Incredible selection of Japanese seed beads! Lots of wonderful beads and great classes. Open 7 days a week.



FLORIDA¥Orlando (College Park) 239-432-1778

FLORIDA¥Ft. Pierce

203 North 2nd St.


8335 S. John Young Pkwy. 941-460-8800


16205 S. Tamiami Trail, #4

Largest selection of watch faces, Swarovski crystals & gemstone beads from around the world. Incl. Bali & gold-filled silver findings, books, tools, beadalon. All level beaders & beadshops welcome. Mon - Sat 10-7, Sun 11-6 954-880-0880 203-304-9264 408-293-2232

BEADED ENVISIONS 203-453-6681 619-222-2115


1068 Lincoln Ave.

BEADWORKS¨ 916-488-2323


5003 Newport Ave.

Fabulous gemstones, pearls & lampwork at full-service store with parties, inspiring classes & special events. The newest Beadworks, becoming known for its studio space & creative parties. Proud resource for beginner & expert beaders alike.

Unique Bead Store with complimentary coffee & soothing music. Miyuki seed beads, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, semi-precious stones, Tagua beads, Greek leather, tools & findings. Handcrafted jewelry/gifts. Classes & birthday parties.

California - Florida


FRANIÕS BEADS 530-243-8808

We carry everything a beader’s heart could desire! Owned and operated by a Graduate Gemologist with friendly and helpful staff. Open classroom daily. Great environment! 320 E. Citrus Ave.

Serving Southern Colorado ¥ Mon-Sat ¥ Seed Beads ¥ Glass Beads ¥ Gemstones ¥ Metalsmithing Tools & Supplies ¥ Wirewrapping Tools & Supplies ¥ Findings ¥ Classes ¥ Parties


Shop Directory


Shop Directory


KNOWN FOR THE LARGEST SEED BEAD COLLECTION IN THE TAMPA BAY AREA! Over 950 Delica colors, 107 Tila colors, SuperDuos & more! Huge selection of gemstones, freshwater pearls & Swarovski crystals. Visit website for hours & classes.

BEADS! 813-258-3900

12807 W. Hillsborough Ave., Ste. H


Largest selection of Delicas and seed beads in Tampa; Only authorized Art Clay distributor in Tampa. Classes and supplies for all your jewelry making needs. Coffee, Tea and Bead!


320 Fletcher Ave., Ste. 107



Large selection of beads & findings & jewelry making supplies - Crystal, gemstones, seed, hand-made glass, Sterling silver, charms, wire & more. Classes and workshops. Now located in Sears Town Mall.


Large selection of 500+ chains, semi-precious stones, pearls, seed beads, lucite, Swarovski crystals, bali & sterling parts, tools & essentials. Great place for parties & classes! Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5:30; Sat 11-5; Sun Closed.

THE BEAD GALLERY, HONOLULU 1287 Kalani St., #103


IDAHO¥Idaho Falls

AreaÕs largest selection of German Vintage beads, Tibetan silver, Czech glass, Trade beads, Japanese and Czech seed beads in all sizes. New beads in daily. Beginning to advanced classes. Open Tues-Sat 11-5:30.


FLORIDA¥West Palm Beach

One of S. FLÕs oldest bead stores. Wholesale to the public. Large selection of Swarovski crystal, flat backs, S/S, G/F, pewter, gemstones, pearls, wire, tools, hand-blown glass & seed beads. Over 150 beading classes. Open 7 days a week.


4603 Okeechobee Blvd. #117



WeÕve got it! Crystals, glass, lampwork, Dichroic glass, seed beads, Delicas, silver, gold, fine pewter, copper, local artists, tools, materials and inspiration! Make it here or take it home. Classes and parties a specialty. Come see us!


Fulfill your need to bead at Aurora’s only bead store. We offer many classes in stitching, wire wrapping & Chain Maille. Located behind Rush Copley Hosp. on Montgomery Rd. Open 6 days a week. Closed Mon. Come & stay for awhile!



GEORGIA•Atlanta area

Macrame Shamballa, paves beads, large hole beads, Swarovski crystal, natural gemstones, freshwater pearl, Bali Indian silver & Thai Hill Tribe silver, wires, charms, brass, silver & gold-filled chains & beading classes.



Where beads are always blooming! Offering the largest selection of natural stones, Swarovski crystal and seed beads in the area. We encourage all beaders with classes and on-site beading.


502 N. Prospect, Ste. 17



Seed Bead & AIKO Specialists! Nationally renowned teachers. Gary Wilson cabochons. Huge selection of Czech glass. Swarovski crystal in 2XAB & special coats. DISCOUNT PRICES! Open Tues. noon-5:00pm, Sat. 10:30am-4:30pm, or by appt.

8 S. Brockway

Beads+Baubles+Boutique... Beautiful selection of Sterling Silver Findings, Swarovski crystals, Czech Fire Polished, German, Vintage & natural Gemstone beads. BeadSmith authorized dist. Parties, classes, artist demos, trunk shows.


225 N. Northwest Hwy.

The only full-service bead store in the Peoria area. We offer pearls, semi-precious, silver, crystal, seed beads and much more. Tell us what you need and we'll get it! Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Check our website for class schedule.


3928 N Rockwell Street



Large selection of semi-precious beads, Swarovski crystal, Venetian glass beads, seed beads, pearls, Thai silver, Bali silver, findings, chain, tools, classes, jewelry, gifts & more! Open 7 days a week. Walking distance from downtown. 2nd location: 3446 N S 4th


1361 N. Wells Street



For all your beading needs. Ceramic, Czech glass, findings, wire, hemp, seed beads, gemstones and more! Classes available. Thursday - Sunday 12 - 6 or by appointment.


3301 N. Prospect Rd.

Large color selection of Swarovski crystals, pearls, Bali, gemstones, extensive findings, wire and chain. 900+ charms. Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4. GIA Graduate Gemologist. Engraving in store. Bring ad for $5.00 off $25.00 purchase.

SWEET EARTH Gifts, Jewelry, Engraving & Beads 341 W. State St. (Rt. 64)

Beads, Supplies, Classes and Parties. Huge selection of Czech, Swarovski, Seed, Vintage, Miracle, Silver & Semi-precious. Hours: Mon - Thurs 10-8, Fri & Sat 10-6; Sun 12-4.



Welcome to our creative atmosphere and see the extensive selection of Delicas, seed beads, crystals, stone beads, findings & much, much more. We offer many classes and workshops and have a friendly, knowledgeable staff.


GEORGIA¥Columbus Monthly classes. Swarovski crystal distributor. Glass, sterling, pearls, vintage, Delicas, seed beads, semi-precious and more. Bulk discounts available. Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm.


6401 Whitesville Rd., Ste. 300

706-221-GIFT 877-THE-BEAD


North GeorgiaÕs favorite one-stop bead store! Offering full service, fun beading ideas with beads and supplies from around the world. Open Mon-Sat. Classes ongoing. Also parties, repairs, DIY kits.


816 Waukegan Road

5912 Bethelview Rd., Suite D



Satisfy your need to bead! Delightful selection of beads, findings, tools, supplies & classes. Unique art glass from local artists. Studio work space with a helpful staff. Check us out at:


52 North Main St.


GEORGIA¥Watkinsville (Athens)

Artisan & focal beads, Czech beads & buttons, vintage beads, Swarovski, TierraCast, WireLace, WireKnitz & SilverSilk, Miyuki, Venetian beads, Hill Tribe, Kazuri, trade beads, pearls & stone. Classes. Wed & Fri 10-6; Thur 10-9; Sat 10-5


2200+ Sq. Ft. packed with all of your beading needs. Personalized classes, parties, custom jewelry, and more. Knowledgeable, friendly staff waits to serve you. Hours: 11am-7pm Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm Sat. Closed Sun. 1311 E. Prospect St.

913-888-0231 913-642-3131

KENTUCKY¥Louisville Bead variety! Glass, gemstone, crystal, metals, wood, bone, seed, Delicas, findings, books, minerals, wire, tools, supplies. Classes. Mon - Sat 10-6.


3816 Shelbyville Road


LOUISIANA¥Alexandria (Edge of the Garden Dist.)

A beading paradise! Multiple rooms for classes, parties and get togethers. Great selection of beads, tools, books and supplies. Tues - Sat open at 11:00am. Also on Facebook.


(near Hill St. traffic light) 2924 Jackson St.



Large full-service bead store. Specializing in glass, stone, Sterling, pearl and seed beads. Classes galore, parties & individual help from knowledgeable beaders. Open 6 days a week, closed Sun. Intersection of Coursey & Sherwood Forest Blvds.


11943 Coursey Blvd, Ste. A



French QuarterÕs Bead Store, Pearls, Semi-precious & Glass Beads, Bali, Thai, Silver Findings, Tools, Lamp worked Glass Beads by Local Artists. The Artist Market has 2 entrances, 85 French Market Pl. (across from Flea Market), the other below.


1228 Decatur St.



Our customers say we are the ÒBest Little Bead Shop in MEÓ. Friendly, helpful atmosphere. Large selection of silver, Swarovski, glass, bone, stones, seed beads, tools & supplies. Classes & parties. Bridal & repairs. Tue-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-3.


333 Water St.



MaineÕs largest selection of beads. Shop our full range of Miyuki products, C-lon cord, semi-precious, pearls, Swarovski, shell, porcelain, Czech glass, resin & more. Free instruction and work tables.


915 Forest Ave.


MARYLAND¥Annapolis (Edgewater)

We offer a diverse selection of gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, seed beads, Czech, vintage & Venetian glass, chain, findings, Hill Tribe, wire, tools, supplies.Classes, studio space & parties. Tues - Fri 10-6, Wed 10-7, Sat 9-5


167 MitchellÕs Chance Road

410-956-5529 BEADAZZLED, Where Beads & Inspiration Meet! 501 North Charles St. 410-837-2323

bodacious beads

1942 River Road

IMAGINE BEADS 847-699-7959

ILLINOIS¥Downers Grove

Largest selection of Swarovski in Illinois! 5,000 sq. ft. of gemstone, findings, chain, leather, Bali, pearls, porcelain, enamel, Chinese crystal, bone, pewter, Beadalon, TierraCast, classes & more! Beaders Welcome. Mon - Fri 10-5, Sat 12-4


1035 Havens Ct.

103 E. Morthland Dr., Ste. 1



Growing selection of Miyuki & metal seed beads, Swarovski, Czech, lampwork, tools, semi-precious, findings, wire, chain mail, books, pearls, Kumihimo & more! Classes! 630-963-0460


2340 Cumberland Square Drive

One stop bead store from basics to exotic & extraordinary. Gemstones, organics, all metals, crystals, seed beads, glass. Stringing materials, findings, wire, chain, tools, books, classes. Friendly staff in an organized & inspiring environment.


Your Only Limitation is your imagination! The Quad Cities only full-service bead store Located behind Cumberland Square Mall. Classes & party room available. 563-355-1519


922 N. East Street



IOWA¥Iowa City


A Bead and Jewelry Boutique Extraordinary Beads - Genuine Service Mon - Fri 10-6; Thurs 10-7; Sat 10-5 & Sun 12-5.

Since 1987. Broad range of stone, glass, seed beads, Swarovski, pearls, metal & organics. Proven instructioncreative environment. Monthly specials. Open 7 days a week.

Glass and African beads, jewelry findings, custom stamps, tools, cording, Polymer Clay paints, powders, videos. Also offer classes and studio workspace.


1511 Sherman Avenue


Not Your Ordinary Bead Shop! Classes, Parties, Trunk Shows, BYOB Girls Night Out. Findings, Sterling, Bead Smith Auth. Dist. Natural Gems, Handmade Pieces, Miyuki and Swarovski. Tools & Supplies T-W 12-5 Thur 10-7 Fri-Sat 10-5


220 E. Washington St.

Largest bead selection in KS with thousands of bead strands. A beading BAZAAR of wire, chain, findings & supplies. Same owners since 1975. Open Mon - Sat 9:30 - 5:30 Unique beads from around the world.



615 Commercial Street

A BELLA BEAD 847-328-4040


13964 Santa Fe Trail Dr. 9009 Metcalf


485 Main St D (Banyan Tree Mall) 630-793-9700



Largest selection for seed beads & Swarovski crystals in the area. Classes always available. Mon, Tues, Thur 10-5; Weds & Fri 10-6; Sat 10-4 Drop by to learn and share!


Heartland Bead Market/ The Bead Shop


16 N. Main St. (entrance at back) 706-769-2012


ILLINOIS¥Des Plaines (Near OÕHare) Best selection -- lowest prices! 100+ chains. Bali. Widest variety Swarovski beads. Japanese & Czech seeds. Pearls. Stone. Vintage & new Czech. Tribal. Books. Tools. Great Findings! Mon-Sat 10-6; Tues til 8.





Come to Browse. Stay to Bead. Amazing Selection, Great Service. See Website for Class Lists, Hours & Specials!

BEADS AMORE 618-893-6170




3834 East 82nd St.


309-682-BEAD (2323)




203 East Ash St.

6750 Hwy. 53, Suite 103

847-776-BEAD (2323)


2350 Cheshire Bridge Rd., Ste. 204 404-389-0817 770-993-9921 10800 Alpharetta Hwy., Ste. 184

New full service bead store northeast of Atlanta! Swarovski, Czech, seed beads and vintage crystal and glass beads. Exit 129 on I-85. Check out our website for classes.


A culturally-diverse selection of beads, jewelry and gift items from around the world, specializing in ancient and new Indonesian beads. Jewelry repair books - findings - body jewelry - classes - piercings.


KANSAS¥Lenexa/ Overland Park




5155 Highway 9 North

Find everything from jewelry making supplies to glass for lampwork and fusing at the largest bead store in Central Illinois with 6,000 square feet. Classes galore and many jewelry making kits! In the Field Shopping Center. 2059 S. Main St.




440 Park Avenue



1799 St. Johns Ave.


FLORIDA•West Palm Beach


1649 Montgomery Road

4058 Forest Hill Blvd.

Florida - Maryland

ILLINOIS¥Highland Park

Express yourself creatively and find your bliss! Enjoy our wonderful selection of curated beads, tutorial videos and kits, and all the inspiring goodies you need!

3550 S. Washington Ave., Ste. 15 321-383-1556

FL’s Largest, Most Complete Bead Shop Since 1990. Go wild in our 3,200 s.f. facility! Crystal Creations Bead Institute® specializes in Classes & Workshops not taught elsewhere. Open 7 Days.

Shop Directory



105 W. Main St.


MARYLAND¥Prince Frederick

FREE classes every week! Large variety of quality semi-precious beads, pearls, seed beads, Swarovski, Czech. precious metals, PMC, metalsmithing, chain maille, colored wire, findings, tools & eclectic fun stuff!




28 Solomons Island Rd. S.




NEW HAMPSHIRE¥Wilton SPRINGFIELD LEATHER & TOUCHSTONE BEADS 1463 S Glenstone 417-881-0223 LADYBEAD AND ROOK @ The Riverview Mill Artist 29 Howard Street 603-654-2805

5,000 S.F. Showroom. Awesome selection of Semi-precious, Czech glass, Bali, Swarovski Crystal, Pearls, Seed beads incl. Delicas, 14k, Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver Beads-Findings-Chain, Classes. New toll-free number, 877-262-9245.

ACCENTS BEADS 12112 Nebel Street


MichiganÕs largest bead store! Walls of unique Czech glass you wonÕt find anywhere, seed beads, vintage brass, clasps and findings, patterns, crystals and supplies. Shop online, we have kits! Open 7 days, free classes. Come find inspiration!


925 S. Main St. E1 (River Place)


Inspire yourself with a creative environment created by artist and bead enthusiasts alike. Explore our 2,500 sq. ft selection of irresistible stones, crystals, seed beads and everything else you could desire.

Beautiful quality beads to inspire your creativity & accentuate your style. Emphasis on European beads, Czech-pressed glass, crystal, seed, pearls, semi-precious. Artisan created jewelry for fine gift giving. Ample parking. Thurs-Sat 9-5:30, Sun 11-4


MICHIGAN¥Grand Haven


NEW JERSEY¥Bergenfield (Only miles from NYC)

A “must visit” for bead enthusiasts! Spacious & artful displays of stones, pearls, crystals, glass, pendants & accessories. Worktables, tools, books & design assistance. Classes, bead parties.


32 Elm Street



Full service shop with a fine, upscale selection of beads, findings, wire & tools. Original lampwork beads. Classes, workspace & artistic support. Bulk prices on precious metal beads & Swarovski crystals. Tribal textiles & lampworking classes.


457 N. Main St.



One of the finest selections of jewelry & art quality beads in New England! Swarovski, Bali, Tai Silver, Miyuki. Large selection of semi-precious stone, glass and pewter. Beading supplies, classes and friendly helpful staff.



Colorful, bright & spacious full service bead store. Surround yourself with inspiration. An array of exceptional jewelry findings from around the world. New products added monthly. Classes for all skill levels. Private group events for all ages. 413-782-0288


Semi-precious beads, Swarovski crystal, Czech & vintage glass, jewelry & craft supplies, unique centerpieces for beading, freshwater pearls, wire wrapping material. Stop in and see our wide variety of beads & supplies.


320 Main Street


MICHIGAN¥Grand Ledge

MidwestÕs Largest Seed bead selection. Tri, Cube, Hex, Megatama, Farfalle, Tila. We have it all. MichiganÕs Largest BEAD SUPERSTORE & Swarovski distributor. Onsite warehouse. 33+ years in business. 8 miles west of Lansing. Mon - Sat 11 - 6.

2,000 sq. ft. of beads, findings, Miyuki, Czech, Swarovski, Thunderpolish, Tierra Cast. Great wire selection, threads and cords. New products added daily. Classes and special orders available. Exit 15 off Rte. 495, 6.8 miles east on Rt. 1A.


More than beads & classes! Full service bead shop with beading supplies, accent beads and a large selection of seed beads, including 15/0, & Delicas. Great teaching staff ~ call for classes. Open 7 days.





7 North Washington (M-24)



Monroe County’s largest selection of quality beads! Seed, Delica, Swarovski, vintage & Czech glass, charms, Bali, & polymer clay beads. Classes in beading. Mon. - Sat. 11-5, Sun. 12-5.


141 Riley St.



Seed beads-oh so many seed beads. 6¼, 8¼, 11¼, 15¼, cut beads, Delicas, crystals. Free stitching classes. Mon - Fri 10:30-6; Sat 10:30-5; Closed Sun.


248-471-BEAD (2323)




31711 Grand River Ave.

MICHIGAN¥Farmington (Downtown)

Low prices • Friendly service • Unique selection. A wide variety of beads & components including semiprecious stones & Czech glass to artist pieces, seed beads, designer brass lines & more. Ask for your free “Bead Addiction” card! 248-474-9264

670 King Park Drive



MICHIGAN¥Traverse City

Your Up North bead store. A myriad of beads, from worldwide antiquities to local artists. One of the largest selections of beads, Swarovski, Sterling, gold, gemstones, findings. See our Legacy Bead Museum - 5000 years of beads. 231-932-9514

MICHIGAN¥Ypsilanti (Downtown)

Fun and classes, highlighting beading, wire wrapping and other jewelry classes. We stock -beads, findings, tools, supplies and rock specialties. Mon, Wed,Thur, Fri 12-6; Closed Tue; Sat 10-6; Sun 1-5 I-94, Exit 183, go North 734-481-9981

MICHIGAN•Ypsilanti Twp.

Supporting the artist inside of you! Huge collection of Seed & Czech Beads. Bali, pearls, stones, Swarovski. Lampwork & Polymer Clay by MI & National Artists. Classes, kits, books & so much more. Tue-Fri 10-6; Sat 10-4, Sun 10-2.

A full service boutique that inspires creativity. We offer a variety of Beads, Gemstones, Firepolish, Swarovski, Myuki, and Delicas. Classes - Parties - Special Events Available. Open Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm

702-432-BEAD (2323)


2080 W. Countyline Road

Nevada’s Most Comprehensive Bead Store. Catering to all beading disciplines. Huge selection of findings, pressed glass, seed beads. Full line of Swarovski. Free Classes Daily. Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun closed.


7664 W. Lake Mead Blvd. # 111

Great selection of f/w pearls, Swarovski crystals, semiprecious stones; our own Sterling silver box clasps set with unusual & vintage elements; unique sterling, vermeil, findings, Czech beads. 11AM-6PM, Friday until 9PM seasonally



Surround yourself in beads! Incredible collection of pearl, hand-selected stone, glass and shell beads. Plus, all the best seed beads, tools, books, findings, wire... Please call or stop by for info on our extensive class schedules.


NEVADA¥Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas? WeÕre the store youÕre looking for! StateÕs largest bead shop, carrying the biggest inventory of quality beads and findings, all priced right. Volume discounts available. Open seven days, 10 to 6. Call for travel directions.


411 Route 79

Visit our beautiful bead store for a huge selection of Swarovski, semi-precious, Czech crystal, seed beads, and many unique items. We offer many classes in a warm and friendly atmosphere. 2319 Bridge Avenue


NEW MEXICO¥Albuquerque


Worth the trip? YOU BET! Fabulous shop, chock full of semiprecious, FWP, Swarovski crystal, Venetian & lampwork glass. Czech fire polish & hanks, sterling, gold-filled, vermeil. Gorgeous clasps. S-M 12-5, Tu-W 10-6, Th-F 10-8, Sat 10-6.



NEW JERSEY¥Point Pleasant

4266 S. Durango Drive, Suite G/H 702-360-4266


NEW JERSEY¥Lambertville

NEW JERSEY¥Morganville

146 N. Main St.



NEVADA¥Las Vegas for directions



713 Haddon Ave

26 Bridge Street

2060 Whittaker Rd.


BeaderÕs Ecstasy! Huge inventory Miyuki seed beads, Delicas, Swarovski, Hill Tribe, Vintage, Fibers. Fabulous flamework/metal smithing studio w/classes & rental. Loom weaving, wire wrapping, PMC. Classes, supplies, parties, repairs.

1590 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy., #160


925 E. Front St.

42 N. Huron St.



NEW JERSEY¥Collingswood


Serving the Las Vegas community with the largest variety of beads & findings. Classes, parties, volume discounts & workshops Minutes from the strip. Open 7 days a week. Foir hours visit our website:



Voted Albuquerque's best bead shop. Largest selection of imported, ethnic, glass and gemstone beads in New Mexico. Findings, tools and books. Silver jewelry and handicrafts. Volume discounts. Mon-Sat 11-6 (at least), Sun. 12:30-5.



4008 Central Ave. S.E.



We carry a huge selection of top quality beads & beading supplies. Miyuki & Toho seed beads, Pearls, Czech, Preciosa, Lampwork, Swarovski, Gemstones & more. Classes & Parties. Plenty of parking. Handicap accessible. Awesome Staff!!

NEW MEXICO¥Bosque Farms

Handmade glass beads and original jewelry. Strands of stone and Czech glass, findings and stringing supplies. Classes and private lessons available in a peaceful, rural setting.



29029 County 33


MINNESOTA•St. Paul Seed beads (Czech & Japanese), Delicas, Swarovski, art glass Ð a beaderÕs paradise! Bone, stone, pearls, leather, books, findings & tools. Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, or by appt.


725 Snelling Ave. N.



Sterling, gold, glass, wood, shell, pearls, stones, crystals, findings, tools, and stringing materials. Classes • Parties Call toll free 877-974-2500 Open Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4 Email: 866-342-3237 248-888-9925

BillingsÕ largest bead store and getting bigger. Semi-precious, pearls, Swarovski crystals, Delicas, Czech glass, shell & metal beads. Silver & gold findings, tools, books and supplies. Free basic classes. Weekly workshops. Open 10-6 daily.

NEVADA¥Henderson (Las Vegas)



106 N. Washington Ave. 1-888-30BEADS

Specializing in beading & jewelry making supplies. Swarovski Crystals, Semi-Precious, Czech, Metal, Bone, Wood, Seed, Acrylic Beads, Findings. For more Info, visit our website. 28056 Woodward Ave.

Visit East CoastÕs premier bead shop. 3,000+ colors/styles of Japanese seed beads, glass, crystal, semi-precious, lampwork & more. Classes by local & nationally known artists. Extensive inventory for unlimited possibilities!

285 Calef Highway, Rte 125



Be PLUM overwhelmed by our thousands of bead strands in historic downtown Branson. A beading BAZAAR of bead wire, findings, chain, and supplies. Open 7 days/week year round, 9:30-5:30.

NEW YORK¥East Rochester

Looking for the real thing? We have a huge selection of semi-precious & precious gemstone beads, Miyuki seed beads, Delicas, Swarovski, Kazuri, Czech & more. Custom cutting & drilling. Classes/parties. Easy to locate. Helpful, friendly staff.


42 Water St.



We offer a large selection of bead weaving, stringing, and wirework classes. We carry a large selection of seed beads, precious stones, crystals, stringing supplies, findings & more. Located close to the MA border in southern NH exit 2 off 93.


22 Stiles Rd.

Gemstone beads and cabochons a specialty. Full spectrum of Czech pressed and FP glass. Japanese and Czech seed beads. Custom jewelry kits. Just one mile off scenic Route 16. Watch for blue sign.

2517 Wakefield Road (Rte. 153)



Bright, full-service 3200 sq. ft. bead shop. Ever-growing selection of beads, tools, books, stringing materials, findings, wire, chain maille, metal clay, Kumihimo supplies, Swarovski crystal and classes. Get friendly help at our design station.


349 W. Commercial St.



Exclusive bead boutique! Huge selection of quality semiprecious; gemstones; SS beads, charms/findings; seed beads; Delica; Pearls; Swarovski; artist lampwork; supplies & tools. Beading Classes. Closed Sunday. 40 min. north NYC.



123 E. Main St.

417-337-PLUM (7586)


1400 Bosque Farms Blvd.



398 Highway 51, Ste. 30



Just minutes South of Albuquerque. New location, spacious, friendly and fun! Large array of beads and findings. Huge selection of seed beads and Delicas. Great variety of classes, daytime, evenings and weekends. Come bead with us!


78 S. Middletown Rd., Ste. A



Beads on Fifth, Your biggest selection of semi-precious stones and findings. There is no other beading store like it!! (WeÕre all about quality). Quantity discounts available. Between 35th & 36th Street.



376 Fifth Avenue



June 2014


Shop Directory

We specialize in the Unique! And carry a wide selection of Swarovski crystals & Sterling silver. Beginner’s beading classes available. Shop hours: Mon - Fri 10-6; Sat 10-5; Closed Sun.

LADY BUG BEADS, LLC 248-969-7777


3925 Jackson Rd.

Voted 1 of the top shops in the US. 4000+ seed beads, Czech Glass, Swarovski, TierraCast Pewter, Semi-Precious stones, base metal chains & findings. Gold & Silver. Over 3000 sq ft. Classes listed online. Ask us about FREE classes.

Beadifferent is a comfortable, inviting and elegant full-service boutique. Vast selection of cut crystal, semi precious, Czech, Swarovski, pearl beads and findings, wire, tools and supplies. Affordable jewelry, apparel & accessories too!



7616 Big Bend Blvd.




770 N. New Ballas Rd.

BEAD ADDICTION 2000 Main St., Rt. 1A

ibella BEADS

1063 E. Grand Ledge Hwy. (M-43) 517-627-2333 508-347-9085



210 Washington Ave.

St. LouisÕ Newest & Largest Bead Shop - 4000+ sq.ft. SemiPrecious Stones, Swarovski, TierraCast, Thunder Polish Crystal, Czech Glass, AAA Pearls, Findings, Seed Beads, FREE Classes, Open Beading & Parties, Volume Pricing! Mon - Sat 9am-7pm

Maryland - New York

SIMPLY BEADIFUL, LLC 1916 1/2 Wilbraham Road

33321 Grand River Ave.



76A Front St. (rear)

22836 Orchard Lake Rd.

The largest bead store on the lakeshore offering an extensive selection of beading and jewelry-making supplies including silver clay, metalsmithing and lampworking supplies. Classes, parties & open workstations. Open daily.

Shop Directory

MARYLAND•Rockville (White Flint area)

Shop Directory

NEW YORK•New York City

OHIO•Cleveland (Oberlin)



New York’s leading supplier & importer of crafts, beads & jewelry supplies since 1971. Lowest prices & best selection of all beads, findings, sterling silver, gold-filled, Swarovski, semi-precious gemstones, crafts, apparel & accessory supplies.


1231 Broadway (@ 30th St.)


29 West College St.


KATÕS BEAD BOUTIQUE 725 North 19th St.


SERIOUSLY UNIQUE BEADS: Gemstone beads (inc. diamond, ruby, sapphire, opal), pearls, art-glass beads, seed beads, silver, vermeil, chain, wire, findings, tools, private lessons, classes. parties & more.


5629 W. Lovers Lane


OHIO¥Columbus (Dublin)


6347 Sawmill (Trader JoeÕs Ctr.) 614-573-6452

1123 Pawlings Rd.

OHIO•Columbus (Gahanna)


TEXAS¥Pearland (So. of Houston)

A wide selection of beads for the beginner to serious beader. Sterling, findings, tools, supplies, vintage, all at reasonable prices. Hours: Tues - Fri 11-6, Sat 11-5, Closed Sun & Mon

Excellent selection Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones & silver, gold-filled & copper findings. Beading classes with helpful, friendly instructors. Special orders welcome.

From beads to crystals to trimmings and more. Beads World is your one stop shop. Quality selections in the heart of NYC’s fashion district, between 37th & 38th St. Mon - Fri 9-7, Sat - Sun 10-6


1384 Broadway


Exclusive selection of findings, chain and beads. Swarovski, Japanese seeds (Miyuki, Delica, Matsuno), Glass, Fire Polish and more! Mass production price available. Mon. - Fri. 9-7; Sat. 10-6; Sun. 10-5.

Columbus’ premier bead store. Studio tables. 90+ classes per quarter - beadweaving, wire, lampwork, metals, Kumihimo & more. Czech glass, 2000+ seed beads - Japanese & Czech. Swarovski, semi-precious & more! Shop our website.


Artisan focals, uncommon findings, fair trade beads and all the usual suspects await you at central Ohio’s most unique bead shop. Knowledgeable and friendly staff stand ready to help, or take one of our classes to jump start your creativity.


990 6th Avenue


NEW YORK¥Queens (Ozone Park)

Largest selection outside Manhattan. Classes. Swarovski, Precisoa, pearls, thunder & fire polish, 1000Õs of semi-prec strands, Myuki, Delicas, Toho, hanks, pendants, cabs, donuts, findings, chain all mtls & finishes. Tools, books. Open 7 Days


1028 N. Hamilton Rd.

(Belt Pkwy, Exit 17)


4040 Presidential Parkway

Bangles, baubles & bright shinny beads for any bead & jewelry lover! Friendly, warm, creative atmosphere. Extensive selection of semi precious, pearls, seed beads, Hill Tribe Silver, tools & findings. New items weekly. Classes & parties.


Beads to Beat the Band! Beads take center stage in our showroom and classroom. Whether you are looking for a rock star centerpiece or some great back-up beads, our selection and service are sure to make you twist and shout. (Easy access from Rte 590) 114 W. Dallas St.







Full-service bead store. Friendly, knowledgable staff. Buy to-go or create in-store. Classes, parties, group outings. Tues & Thur 12-7, Wed & Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 11-3, Closed Mon.


2122 Darby Road


PENNSYLVANIA¥Media A newly-located artistic venue that prides itself on a vast selection of beads and findings to encourage your creativity. Customers always come first & always return.


1165 W. Baltimore Pike

OKLAHOMA•OK City Metro (Midwest City)


CHEVRON TRADING POST & BEAD CO. ALOUETTE - unique bead shoppe! 2150 S. Douglas Blvd., Ste. H 405-733-5300

619 E. Passyunk Ave.


OKLAHOMA•Oklahoma City


40 N. Lexington Ave.


Express your creative energies without exhausting your pocket. A Bead Show every day! Durham’s largest & affordable selection of quality beads & findings. Visit our famous $5 a strand wall.


2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd.


Beads & Findings Everywhere - 2400 sq. ft. - Specialty Japanese Seed Beads, with a full selection of Czech Hanks. Swarovski, Tierra Cast, Natural Stones, Czech Glass Beads & Tools. GREAT CLASSES - Really a Full-Service Shoppe!

Specializing in vintage stones & findings. Wide range of costume jewelry supplies. Presses for riveting vintage components on site. Private classroom available. Located near the fairgrounds. Open Tues - Sat 12-5:30. Come have fun!


3623 NW 10th St.


OREGON¥Bend (downtown)

We are a full service bead shop that offers a unique variety of beads, Swarovski, tools, findings, stringing supplies, books, magazines, etc. Mon. - Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-4.

More Beads Than You Can Imagine! Open 7 days a week. Call for hours and directions.

2270 US Hwy. 74A

910 NW Harriman St., #100




Specializing in a vast array of Gemstones, this complete resource has Pearls, Swarovski, Glass, Chain, 14K and 18K, Basics and Findings Galore. A haven for the bead enthusiast and novice alike. Parties & Inspiring Classes!

BEADWORKS¨ 215-413-2323

Global marketplace of beads and findings. Swarovski crystal, Venetian, Czech, Bali & Hill Tribe Silver, Tibetan, Japanese Seed and Delicas, Semi-precious and Freshwater Pearls, classes. Mon - Sat 10-6, Thur 10-9, Sun 12-5



4521 Butler St.


SOUTH CAROLINA•Hilton Head Island

Treasures from pearls, beads & findings found around the globe, to lampwork beads made right here in the Lowcountry! Delica, Swarovski, Softflex & many trusted brands. Owner Steve Mardell teaches wirework, beading, lampwork & more.


SOUTH CAROLINA¥Mauldin (near Greenville)


509 N. West St.




35655 Shoreview Dr.



2517 Broadway St.

TylerÕs #1 full-service bead store. Awesome selection of semi-precious, Czech glass, findings, pearls, Swarovski crystals and seed beads. Classes. Tue-Fri 10-6; Sat 10-5:30; Closed Sun & Mon


6100 S. Broadway, Ste. 190


21 Taft Corners Shopping Ctr.

Largest selection of beads and jewelry. Tribal & ethnic beads, jewelry, and findings. Wide variety of beads, pendants, bone, precious, gold, silver, metal, brass. Open 7 days/week 11-6. Also in Lake Forest Mall, Gaithersburg, MD, 301-990-1668


7120 Little River Turnpike

Full service bead store with a huge selection of Delicas, seed beads, glass, semi-precious, pearls, polymer & more. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Visit website for class schedule and hours. STUDIO BABOO¨ ÒA Big Little Beadª StoreÓ 1933 Commonwealth Dr. 434-244-2905

VIRGINIA¥Chesapeake The Haus is back! Huge selection of seed beads, Swarovski crystal, glass beads, pearls and findings. Class schedule online. Southern Hospitality and European Charm. Try us!

Delicas, seed beads, crystals, semi-precious, Czech, pearls, sterling, lampwork, findings, tools and books. Beginner-Advanced classes. Friendly and helpful staff. Open Tue-Fri 11-6 and Sat 10-5.


400 S. Main St., Suite G

501 Kempsville Road, Ste. H 757-549-BEAD (2323)

VIRGINIA¥Falls Church

One stop bead store from basics to exotic & extraordinary. Gemstones, organics, all metals, crystals, seed beads, glass. Stringing materials, findings, wire, chain, tools, books, classes. Friendly staff in an organized & inspiring environment.

BEADAZZLED,Where Beads & Inspiration Meet! 864-963-0600

444 W. Broad St.

VIRGINIA•Fredericksburg BEADS & BRUSHSTROKES BY COUNTRY BUMPKIN ARTS 918-C Lansing Dr. 843-884-8808

2834 Reynolda Road


OHIO•A-Avon Lake

Cleveland Bead Show! Direct warehouse prices. Market Day open 4 days a month - call for show dates. Tons of beads. Semi-precious stones, crystals, wire and freshwater pearls. Call for business opportunities. BEAD WAREHOUSE/NL TRADING CO.

32961 Pin Oak Parkway


OHIO¥Cincinnati (Harrison)

ÒThe West sideÕs original Bead ShopÓ. Create your own jewelry from our ever-growing selection of Swarovski crystal, semi-precious strands, glass, metals, pendants, lampwork, clay beads & tools. 1-on-1 project assistance, classes & parties too. BEADED BLISS Always Follow Your Bliss 513-202-1706

1151 Stone Drive, #E-5





15830 SE McLoughlin




2121 NE BRoadway


Located in Historic Multnomah Village. Unique pearls, crystals, glass, stone, shells & more! Come visit our friendly staff for all your beading needs.


We have the jewelry-making supplies you need for your next project and those Òmust havesÓ for your stash! Visit us in our new Knoxville (Bearden) store or online. Seed Beads! Vintage! Czech Glass! Soutache!


5111 Homberg Drive

ArlingtonÕs largest bead store. DelicasÕs, 15Õs, seed beads, crystals, vintage beads, pearls, lampwork, gemstones & findings. Tools, books, silver art clay & wire. Custom & repair work. Classes. Open 7 days a week.



2833 Galleria Dr.


Just getting started or a pro, come be inspired by our huge selection of Czech glass, seed beads, silver, pewter, pearls, semi-precious stone and Swarovski. Great prices and the friendliest staff in town. Classes ongoing.


10013 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Ste. 105



Your home for beads in the Lynchburg area. We have a great selection of semi-precious stones, Japanese seed beads, Swarovski & Chinese crystals, pearls, Czech glass, tools, findings and classes too. Open Mon - Sat 10-5, Thur 10-7


TEXAS¥Arlington (close to Six Flags)


7807 SW Capitol Highway

6 mi. from Charleston. YÕall will love our prices & selection of semi-preciouus gemstones, Swarovski, Sterling, Czech glass, shell, freshwater pearls, books, metals and more. Beginners assisted. Designers thrilled. Volume discounts. Visit us on FB.


Retail/wholesale: Sterling, Gold Filled, Brass, Pewter, Chain, Beads and Findings.








3,000 sq. ft. of excellent beads. From the ordinary to the extraordinary. Let us help stimulate your mind with our friendly service. Great Classes. Open 7 days a week. Come visit!


Full-service bead store. Beads of all types, shapes & sizestubes, strands, singles. Stringing materials, books, tools, charms, metalsmithing supplies & findings. Birthday & adult parties. Evening classes. Instruction always available.


Specializing in Swarovski, Miyuki, Beadalon, WigJig, silver, gold, 100,000+ findings,1000’s of strands of stones. Designing, manufacturing, repairs, much more. Our specialty is designing/beading education. T-F 10-6, Sat 10-5, S - M Clsd.



GU'S HAUS OF BEADS 843-686-4367


Specializing in ÒQualityÓ glass beads from the Czech Republic and Japan in many sizes. We also offer a variety of authentic trade beads, Delicas & hex. Mon.-Sat. 10-5. E-mail:



32 Palmetto Bay Road #14A


Visit us for a wide selection of beads & metal, worktables, classes & the most helpful staff anywhere. We carry glass, ArtClay Silver, soldering, Kato Clay, paper crafts supplies, books & unusual ribbons. We’ll be your favorite bead store!


6900 Denton Hwy. (377 Hwy.) 610-892-2740

NORTH CAROLINA•Asheville/Buncombe Co. AshevilleÕs premier full-service bead store of 25+ years. Largest selection of seed beads, ancient trade & vintage beads in the region. Pearls, gemstones, crystals, etc. plus all the supplies you need. Classes/parties/workspace.

Your ImaginationÕs the limit - The largest variety of beads in Watauga. More than 500 colors of Delicas, over 400 colors of seeds, Czech glass & Austrian crystal. Classes for all ages. All your beading needs. Tue 1-8, W-Sat 1-6:30, closed Su & Mon

VERMONT¥Williston 918-806-8945

TEXAS¥Fort Worth


242 W. Penn Ave. 740-917-9008

OKLAHOMA•Broken Arrow

2314 Monroe Avenue

Let your creativity blossom in our cozy country setting. Classes, parties, oh-so-pretty sparkly things, and most of all, fun! One-stop shopping. Open workshop environment. Artisan/bead addict, owned & operated.


Full service bead store and more! Everything from crystals to tierra cast to yarn and knitting classes.

NEW YORK•Rochester



137-20 Crossbay Blvd.

BEAD SHOP at Lady Jane Craft Center

New York - Virginia


Biggest Little Bead Shop in PA. Full selection of crystals, seed beads, findings, tools, make-it take-it projects. Classes by local and nationally known teachers.

NEW YORK•New York City

NEW YORK•New York City

Shop Directory

Truly amazing selection! New and vintage glass, gemstones, Swarovski, metal beads and findings. African Trade Beads, ancient, antique and collectible beads in store and online. Just off the Ohio turnpike. Open every day.


101-A Hexham Drive


VIRGINIA•Richmond Inspiring, fun, full-supply bead store. Glass, stones, sterling, gold filled, charms & findings. If you canÕt find it, ask. We probably have it!

NORTH OF 6 FLAGS MALL 817-652-3232


3322 W. Cary St.


“A beader’s paradise”- 1,000’s of beads... Swarovski Crystals, Bali silver, Czech glass, semi-precious stones, seed beads, beading supplies, tools, books, classes & more-all in a paradise-like setting. Visit us online or in the shop!


5350 Kemps River Dr., #106



WISCONSIN¥Sun Prairie (Madison)

A wide selection of beads, charms, Delicas, books, seed beads, supplies, classes and more. Monday - Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-4

Come in for a little color therapy at a fun place to bead! Lots of Swarovski, Miyuki, stone & specialties. See you soon! Hours: Tues - Fri 11-5, Sat 10-3.

Full-service bead shop. Featuring classes, large selection of beads, books, tools, etc. Specializing in PMC and semi-precious stone. Mon - Fri 10-8, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4


BEAD BOPPERS 757-495-5400

410 N. Meridian


BEADALOTTA 19 W. Scott St.


MEANT TO BEAD 1264 W. Main Street

VIRGINIA•Virginia Beach




Travel the world: passport not required. Experience World Cultures without leaving home. Exotic, Unique, Rare Beads and Artifacts from around the world. It’s always a BEADIFUL DAY in Virginia Beach.


Visit the largest bead store in Seattle! With hundreds of classes, an amazing bead selection & friendly staff, we are where your jewelry begins! Monday - Sunday 10-6, Tuesday 10-7


757-463-5552 549 Progress Lane, #101 Toll Free 866-861-2323

3830 Stone Way N.

VIRGINIA•Virginia Beach


A friendly bead store offering affordable beads & findings. YouÕll find a great selection of glass, gemstones, wood & seed beads, charms, precious metal & non-tarnish wire, Swarovski, stringing supplies, tools & more!


2262 Seashore Shoppes







The worldÕs largest selection of beads! Czech pressed glass, seed beads, Preciosa crystal, findings, sterling, charms, books and more! Open 9am to 6pm 7 days a week!

Specializing in Austrian crystals, unusual stone beads, exquisite pearls, CZ’s & PMC related products, vintage reproduction beads. PMC certification, wire work, beading & specialty classes. Mon-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4.


WASHINGTON•Port Townsend

A great selection of beads, books, charms, findings, tools and more. Everything you need or desire plus charms designed by Lois! Open daily. Extraordinary Service by Extraordinary Beaders.




18900 W. Bluemound Rd.



Create the jewelry you want to wear! Limited Edition Designer Jewelry kits. Free assistance from our knowledgeable staff. Well lit design area to create in. Mon-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4.


18900 W. Bluemound Rd.



Come see Madison’s NEW premier west-side bead store. Our friendly staff and great selection will make us your new favorite. Lots of seed beads, gemstones, Czech glass, classes galore, and more! Mon - Fri 11-7, Sat 11-5, Sun 11-3


515 S. Midvale Blvd., Ste. 2



New bead shop with experienced teacher. Classes, birthday parties, good selection of beads, stone, Czech glass, seed beads and interesting focal pieces. Open beading when classes are not in session. Mon - Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 11-4


210 W. Cook St.



The latest styles & colors. Japanese seed beads, Swarovski crystals & pearls, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, kits & semiprecious. Helpful, fun staff. Extensive classes. WeÕre between Milwaukee & Chicago in a charming historic area. 7 days/wk.


324 Main Street

Sheboygan CountyÕs Bead Store! Offering a wide variety of beads, findings, tools, books & more. Workspace, tools & a friendly, knowledgeable staff avail.~ create right in the store! Classes & special events. Tues-Sat 10-7. Closed Sun & Mon.



CANADA–ON¥Newmarket Full assortment Japanese seeds & Delicas, Swarovskis & more. Notions, kits, tons of books, classes, friendly service. 45 minutes north of Toronto.


390 Davis Dr.



Over 400 colors of delicas; Miyuki seeds in size 15, 11, 8, 6; crystals; fringe & decorative beads; wire; tools; pattern books; needles; thread; Swarovski; classes & findings. Central to London, Hamilton, Kitchener. Call for store hours.


51 Ball St.



Bead store with more! Everything you need, everything you want. Stone, Crystal, Glass, Pearls, all the Metals. Nymo, Sono, C-Lon. Miyuki, Toho. New products every week. Latest trends & all the classics. Local lampwork & studio.



931 North 8th St.


33735 Essendene Ave.


World class bead collection. We feature a huge selection of gemstone, Czech, pearl, unusual ethnic, antique, seed & Delica beads and beading supplies. An amazing array. 621 W. Mallon Ave.

405 St. John Street

Come in & enjoy our relaxed atmosphere. Call for hours. Over 300 colours of Delica’s, 58 colours of 15/0, & we have also started a line of charlottes in 13/0. Visit our web, it’s under construction but growing daily. Shopping cart coming soon.

920-208-BEAD (2323)


19 Waterman Ave., Unit 2


CANADAÐON¥Woodbridge Full service Beadstore. Direct Importer. Swarovski, Miyuki, Beadalon, Sterling Silver and much more. Open 7 days a week.


5731 Highway 7


Class Act Designs ........................................82

John F Allen & Son Inc...............................74

Special Effects .............................................81

Clover Mfg Co LTD....................................81

JP Designs ...................................................78

Starman, Inc ................................................39

CraftOptics .................................................82

Kamal Trading Co Inc .................................84

Stars Clasps .................................................78

A Grain of Sand ..........................................84

Craftsy ........................................................65

Karen Bruns Designs ...................................73

Stinky Dog Beads ........................................90

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Crazy Crow Trading Post............................90

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Accent Bead Designs ...................................82

Credit River Art Glass.................................74

Lillypilly Designs .........................................78

T-Beads .......................................................84

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Dee Taylor LLC ..........................................74

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Antelope Beads ...........................................43

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Art Clay World USA ...................................79

Dreamtime Creations ..................................84

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To Bead True Blue .......................................10

Art Jewelry Magazine .................................22

Elemental Adornments ................................76

Metal Art Lab .............................................84

Toho Co., LTD ...........................................80 ................................................7

Eloxite Corporation ....................................22

Milky Way Jewelry Co LTD ........................32

Treasure Island Pearls .................................89

Austin Hamilton .........................................90

Emerald City Lights ....................................79

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Two Charming Chix ...................................78

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Urban Beader The .......................................82

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Fire Mountain Gems .................................100

Now That's a Jig!/Brenda Schweder ............76

Urban Raku ................................................73

Bead&Button Books .................34, 59, 63, 69

Frumin Leslee ..............................................90

Nunn Design ...............................................81

Venetian Bead Shop ....................................89

Bead&Button DVD.....................................64

Fusion Beads .................................................8 .............................................35

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Bead&Button Magazine .............................47

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Located in Smokey Point Center just off I-5 at Exit 206. Best selection north of Seattle with generous supply of both Czech and Japanese seed beads, lampwork, findings, pearls, stones, free classes. Open Mon - Sat 10-6, Sun 11-4

8560 Commerce Pl Dr NE

3,400 sq. ft. of the finest bead selection and supplies in the area. Friendly atmosphere and staff. Beyond Beads with unique clothes, accessories and unique gifts. Offering 3 classes per week. Open daily. Always your true north.


3131 Smokey Point Dr. Suite 5A


Beads and Jewelry as unique as the old church building weÕre in. Beads from all over the world. Featured Artists. Swarovski. Venetian. Classes. Parties. Custom Designs. Bridal. Monday - Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-3


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VIRGINIA•Virginia Beach


Rachel Marolda

Crystals for a cause & a cure

A teenager turned philanthropist sells jewelry to benefit cancer research. by James B. Goldsmith


ead enthusiast Rachel Marolda of Reading, Massachusetts, has an unusual bottom line item in her business, Crystals for a Cause: Half of the proceeds from the sale of her beaded jewelry goes to Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), where she underwent surgery for a benign pituitary tumor as a teenager. In 2009, she donated her first $10,000 (above). To date, she’s raised $20,000 and is still working hard to make sick children well.

A scary diagnosis Rachel’s headaches began when she was in middle school and led to two brain surgeries at BCH. When she came home, her mother, Ethel Marolda, realized her daughter needed a hobby to help her recover. Ethel did some beading and had extra supplies. Rachel says, “I dabbled with Swarovski crystals. It was simple but it kept me occupied. I used beading to motivate myself as well as to please other people.” It was the beginning of Crystals for a Cause.

Proceeds and progress Nicole Lonergan, Director of Development Communications at BCH Trust, has seen first-hand what the proceeds of Crystals for a Cause has done. “Boston Children’s is a research leader, so it’s philanthropy like this that allows us to push medical boundaries. We’re working toward more accurate diagnostic tools and more effective treatments for both children and adults battling diseases such as brain cancer and so many other conditions. And for the gifts to be coming from a brain cancer survivor, it means the world to kids facing their own battles.”

A special visit Crystals for a Cause has earned Rachel national attention, perhaps the most exciting being a 2010 visit from Jenna Wolfe, national correspondent and reporter for the Today Show (right).

Cultivating customers

Still on a mission

Now fully recovered, Rachel has grown her business in several directions. Most of her sales come from local shows and craft fairs. She also sells her jewelry at house parties throughout Massachusetts. She says, “I’m still working with Swarovski crystals as well as sterling silver, semiprecious gemstones, copper, Venetian glass beads, and hand-blown glass beads.”

Today, Rachel is a senior at Boston College whose idea of fun is “hanging out with my friends and family — that’s why my bead work station is in the family room.” She says her overall health is great, and the tumor is gone, although she does have some




lingering fatigue and goes into BCH for regular checkups. These visits serve as a reminder of what her work means to others, as well as what it means to herself: “Crystals for a Cause means giving other people who are sick hope. That’s why I’ll never stop.” w

James B. Goldsmith is a freelance writer living in Reading, Massachusetts. He has written profiles for regional and national magazines and newspapers for the last 45 years, including stories on the late Ted Williams and Julia (Ruth) Stevens, daughter of Babe Ruth.


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