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Cozy Composition Get head-to-toe fall style with four easy accessories

» Scarves and hats: Stay warm

and add style to your wardrobe by adding beanies and scarves to your ensemble. Neutrals will match almost anything, while patterns and colors will add a pop of life to a monotonous outfit.

» Layers: Layer cardigans, vests,

hoodies and parkas to stabilize your body temperature. Wear the layers when you step outside, take them off when you get back indoors. Switch up the color and pattern to add variety.

» Pants: Black or deep colored

pants keep your style season-appropriate. Pants that look too light will clash will fall pieces and look out of place. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a pair of faux-leather leggings as a statement piece.

» Shoes: Sandals won’t keep you

warm or match fall pieces. Switch your footwear to boots, tennies and flats. Add some styled socks for extra warmth and as a subtle accesory.

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