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Alison Jewell Kieley 541.282.3560

Seeking opportunities in the world of creative advertising

PROFILE: I am a recent graduate from the University of Oregon looking for opportunities to break into the world of creative advertising here in Portland, Oregon. I have been trained as a creative strategist by amazing professors at U of O who helped me realize the importance of constantly striving to learn anything and everything. My instincts lie in the design side of the creative process. However, I enjoy copywriting and strategy very much too. I am a very valuable team member and love to work with people. I can always put myself in another’s shoes and am never afraid to confront a problem with honesty and compassion.

EDUCATION: University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication Focus in Advertising Bachelor of Arts 2005-2010

EXPERIENCE: ARTD250: DIGITAL ARTS. Winter 2007 Learned to think of possibilities outside the box while working with Adobe design programs.

SKILLS & QUALIFICATIONS Able to use social media as an effective marketing tool A brainstorming expert Comfortable and familiar participating in and observing the blogging world Design skills in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator An idea book entrepreneur Work well under pressure Love reinventing old sayings, clichés and notions into something new and relevant Do not accept anything at face value Able to write and speak Professionally Plays well with others Exceptional at organizing

J365: PHOTOJOURNALISM. Summer 2008 J444: AGENCY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT. Spring Sharpened my Photoshop skills and learned every 2009 picture must tell a story and evoke an emotion. Learned how to write effective creative briefs and explored the mistakes and victories of famous J410: CREATIVE WRITING & DESIGN. Fall 2008 Gained a higher understanding of strategy, concept advertising campaigns.

and brand development, learned/experienced advantages J448: CAMPAIGNS. Spring 2009 of group critiques and became an avid idea book user. Worked as an art director in a team to produce an entire campaign rebranding the United States of J410: NEW VENTURE CHAMPIONS. Winter 2009 Explored the ups and downs of teamwork while America. working with S.A.I.L.; an important U of O client.

Portland Children’s Museum Internship. Fall 2009 Worked closely with the Marketing Director J410: ADVERTISING & PR RESEARCH. Winter 2009 designing signs and flyers, researching potential ex Gathered primary qualitative and quantitative data using surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews hibits and picking up slack wherever it was needed. I to produce a research report for the University of Oregon learned a great deal about office politics and it left me thirsty for more. baseball team.

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