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What is Interactive Advertising?


nteractive advertising creates a brand experience by inviting the consumer to be part of the story. This is constantly evolving due to new medias and is achieved by thinking outside the box to include any means possible. Advertisements must create a story for the consumer to emotionally connect with; this is the foundation for the Brand experience. Interactive advertising takes the brand experience several steps further to include the consumer in the story through relevant games, products, inside jokes, social net- Red Interactive: Commiting to Interactivity Above is a screen shot of the scenery on the website for Red Interactive. works, and applications generally This shows different characters talking to each other about whatever they disire. in support of a larger advertising Users are able to create different characters while using the website. The entire campaign. concept is novel and exciting!

Table of Contents Interactive Advertising

When it was discovered.............1 Who is commiting.........................1 Advergames..................................2 M&M Flip the Mix.............2 Visa Olympics...................2 Why go interactive.....................2 Ambient interaction...................3 Cadbury egg.....................3 Pedigree...........................3 McDonalds.......................3 Sharpie.............................3 Online and beyond......................4 More ways to be interactive.....4 Where to go from here...............4

TravelZoo Interactive Ads (Right) These oversized slot machines projected on an airport wall display TravelZoo deals in real time.They attracted attention from potential consumers and several media outlets.

When was it discovered?


nteractive advertising is not a new trend by any means. However, with new technologies it is just now launching to include endless possibilities of involving the consumer. This trend is so big now that entire agencies are switching gears from traditional to Interactive. Some are jumping on the wagon whole-heartedly and others are just scratching the surface and calling themselves interactive1.

Who is commiting?


ed Interactive is a perfect example of an agency that has whole-heartedly jumped on the wagon of interactivity. Not only have they made fabulous interactive campaigns, but they have also made their site a very cool place to interact with people from all over the world. You enter the site to find that you are a character in a forest. You can choose who you want to be from a number of different characters and chat with other passersbys that you find in the forest. All of this is done while you peruse the website and flip through their superb portfolio at your own leisure. I personally know this website works because while I killed a good hour chatting with a girl from northern Iraq.

What is the Advergame? M&M’s Flip dvergames are a step M the Mix allowed above product placement & consumers in M in video games because inthe target to stead of placing an advertiseplay a match style game with F ment somewhere in the game, virtual M&Ms l the entire game is centered featuring advice i around the product or camfrom “Red” (one p paign of interest. There are of the M&M several different types of adcharacters). The game t vergames. The advergame will brought a lot h vary depending on what is right of traffic to the e for the personality of the brand website, generand/or product. However, most ated interest are centered around the prodand was one m uct of interest. of the first very i Visa’s Olympic Advergame successful x




he type of interactive media is very important to the campaign. The advergame is what immediately comes to mind when interactive advertising is mentioned. Perhaps because it is the most obvious form of interactivity, or possibly because it is one of the first ideas involving interactive advertising2.The advergame is a video game designed to incorporate a brand and support or add relevance to a larger campaign. Advergaming is the smallest and fastest growing part of branding and marketing entertainment2. It is very popular among the younger generation who tend to choose online media over traditional media2.

Why go Interactive?


study by the University of Missouri School of Journalism showed that with a relevant advergame, when attitudes toward the game were positive, attitudes toward the brand positively increased2 he European Interactive Advertising Association did research in the UK, Germany and France on the use of mixed-media campaigns. The research shows that using interactive Internet advertising in conjunction with traditional media improves the reach, brand recall, purchase intent, recall of ad details and brand image significantly3. ur media is constantly changing. Television and radio used to be new media and now they are traditional. The online banner ad used to be new media, but now people know better. We are now in an “interactive age,” people’s focuses are on relationships and how we interact4. Digital allows brands and campaigns to pursue new opportunities in forming relationships with consumers. With the economic crisis looming over everyone’s head, it is time to “embrace the inevitable” and innovate new interactive medias in order to advertise more efficiently5.


O For the Winter Olympics, Visa produced an Olympic-themed advergame. Consumers were able to play a variety of Winter games including: bobsleigh, giant slolam and snowboarding. This advergame prooved to be very successful with the average users play time around 47 minutes.

Ambient Interaction number of different prod ucts have introduced digital games as advertisement posters. These digital games are located around the city at places like bus stops and pay phones where people are generally waiting. Saatchi & Saatchi introduced a touch-screen game located at bus stations around the UK for Cadbury eggs. While people are waiting they are invited to try and shoot open as many Cadbury eggs as they can in 20 seconds in order to expose their creamy filling6.


Cadbury egg bus station ad

McDonalds: Sort your head out Sharpie: Write out Loud


Pedigree’s ambient, interactive advertisment The Tequila advertising agency produced an interactive bus stop poster for Pedigree where people who pass by are invited to play with a virtual puppy for their personal entertainment7.


harpie created interactive billboards that allow people DB Stockholm agency to write out loud on the billrecently created billboard board; it is permissible graffiti9.. ads for McDonalds called “sort Digital advertising posters are your head out” that are actually popping up everywhere and puzzles. Passersby are encourdrawing a great deal of attenaged to re-arrange the squares tion due to their interactivity. in order to re-assemble the models head. In the empty squares appears the logo8.

Interactive advertising online and beyond BK Cologne: Flame nteractive websites are also a great way to employ interactive advertising. Red Interactive has a great site and number of other products also have fun interactive websites. At the m&m’s website you can create your own m&m character. At the VW website (and a rispin has created product number of other car company plays for Burger King that inwebsites), you can customize cludes the BK cologne “Flame”11. your own car. Memac Ogilvy of They are making themselves Duba has created an interacrelevant in Pop Culture by includtive advertisement for Glaxo ing the consumer in the story and Panadol brand pain reliever making a sort-of inside joke with where viewers can make the the consumer11. It has created a lot of buzz that a traditional headache go away in three advertisement could not create. clever scenarios from the virMore ways to be Interactive tual person10.



ince interactive advertising is still relatively new, people are still working out the kinks. There have been big interactive campaign flops when people over invest in the destination and under invest in the means to get there12. Nobody is going to know that your amazing and innovative interactive website exists if you don’t give it enough exposure. ou must understand your audience, especially with interactive marketing because it is all about the audiences experience12.\. The brand also must be true to itself, consumers can sense when a brand is being fake and they will react12. nteractive advertising is the perfect way to get your product or service out there and make an impression. When used in conocial media is also a great junction with a campaign, it can way to be interactive. By do wonders. For the advertisers making a MySpace, facebook or and their client, they can be sure a Twitter for a brand, it tells the that people have paid attention to consumer that the brand is his/ the advertisement because they her peer. This makes the brand have interacted with it. much more relatable. The conhether you interact with sumer feels connected, which is your consumers through key for interactivity. advergames, interactive posters, interactive sites, social media, product development, cell phone applications, these things in conjunction or a new interactive medium, your audience will be relevant iphone application is sure to identify with your brand also an amazing way to reach and its story by recalling positive, the consumer by becomming a innovative brand experiences. part of thier everyday lives.


You are an M&M

Where to go from here





gencies are also using brand development as a way of interacting with the consumer and including them in the brand story. This is a form of interactivity.



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