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Art & Culture Book Review: Mind The Gap: Five Success Secrets from the London Underground

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"Mind The Gap: Five Success Secrets from the Lo Underground" carries a powerful message for ever seeking to achieve their dreams and live their hig potential. For those who have travelled through the m London Underground stations where the platforms are perfected to modern trains, "Mind the Gap" serves a immediate association with the polite but caring warnin to fall through the cracks in our own lives, get lost or direction.

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In the midst of your crazy daily "commutes" in life - are missing the obvious? Take a journey on the Lo Underground with Debbie Cameron as she offers 5 Suc Secrets. They will open your eyes to the potential pitfal your journey and the "secrets" that are right in front of face to help you create the systems that will suppor personal and professional success you deserve.

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"Mind the Gap: Five Success Secrets" from the Lo Underground headlines this success series that include other authors with messages of hope, victory, courage leadership. Debbie Cameron is a rising star in the fie success as she has demonstrated through her persona professional victories which she leverages to mak

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difference in the world.

About the Author: Debbie Cameron is a dynamic mother and businesswoman, living on the island of Mallorca, who believes that the currency of the 21st century will never be found in money but will be grounde relationships - starting with yourself and your very own belief systems.

She helps others quickly identify for themselves how to take care of and/or repair the systems in lives and in their minds, homes and businesses in order to achieve a happier, healthier and prosperous life. Debbie writes from experience and with great humility as she had to repair the system her own life in order to achieve the success and happiness she enjoys today. Like most entrepren Debbie's focus is so intense that very little can derail her. She firmly believes that failure gives us opportunity to begin again......more intelligently.... and with more wisdom if we're willing to learn from mistakes and grow. To get your copy of Debbie's book go to: - the website of The British Magazine Further information contact Alison Coplen at Webmaster: Ian Morrison, Porto Colom, Mallorca Mail:


Mind The Gap book review  

A review of Mind The Gap:Five Success Secrets from the London Underground

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