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This person is friendly and chatty and she is almost always smiling. She can be loud at times and is always polite. She can make anyone feel better about themself and gives the best advice. She has a great sense of humour and always has the funniest stories. She can be really hyper at times and she can always cheer me up. She has long blonde hair and amazingly blue eyes, she has one of the nicest hair in our year. She is so bubbly and and is never afraid to stand up for herself. She is very caring, smart and kind-hearted. She always thinks of others befor herself. She never cares about what anyone thinks in a good way though and she loves flappy bird. She has so much confidence and she makes a great friend and she is always there for people if they need her. She likes to play hockey and tennis and likes to watch rugby. She hates brussle sprouts and loves chinease food. She gets on so well with her two best friends and is a really lovely person. She is great at keeping secrets too.

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