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F INE DINING FACE P L AT E S Fall 2012: 2D to 3D: Surface and Form Porcelain, gold luster, laser decals, and birchwood 12.5 in x 12.5 in x 10.5 in Featured in Ligature Twenty Two

This series of porcelain plates explores the faux pas of eating, elevating them through the materials used. Words lettered by hand with gold luster, illustrations carefully rendered, and a laser cut box allow this undignified subject to be transformed into Fine Dining. The illustrations were applied to the porcelain through the use of laser decals, which were fired at a high temperature allowing the red iron oxide in the decals to fuse under the glaze of the plates. Aycrigg 1

F I N E D I N I N G FA C E P L AT E S ( D E TA I L )

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LY D I A & M AT T H E W ’ S W E D D I N G P R O G R A M S Summer 2012: Lure Design Inc. internship Screen printed on 80 lb. French Paper 24 in x 6 in

Tying the knot in an old train station, the couple desired a design with a modern twist on classic. With formal cues inspired by the Art Deco movement for embellishments and hierarchy, I incorporated crisp lines with fluid illustrations to create a feeling of movement throughout the program. Advice cards provided interactive prompts for well-wishers to leave the couple notes of advice and encouragement.

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LY D I A & M AT T H E W ’ S W E D D I N G P R O G R A M S ( D E TA I L )

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GREEK MY THOLOGY GRAPHIC NOVEL Spring 2013: Figure Drawing Mixed Media 8 in x 16 in spread

This graphic novel uses illustration and collage to depict legendary gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. The novel focuses on humans as a form of entertainment for jittery and blasĂŠ supernatural beings with too much time to kill. Hierarchy of scale and amount of formal development distinguishes the gods from their human distractions, who function as a form of alterable reality television show.

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G R E E K M Y T H O L O G Y G R A P H I C N O V E L ( D E TA I L )

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L I G AT U R E 22 AWA R D S Spring 2013: Vox Ligature extra curricular Laser etched plexi glass and poplar 5 in x 5 in x 7 in (3 of 5 awards)

Ligature twenty-two was a weekend-long design symposium that focused on design as a meeting point for ideas, solutions, and communication. To encapsulate the dynamic nature of design highlighted through the gallery exhibition, these awards were created to cross visual and spatial dimensions. With plexi glass laser etched to allow the overlapping of typographic and design elements with the logo of the event encased inside, this was created as a series of five to be presented to the winners. Aycrigg 7

L I G AT U R E 22 AWA R D S ( D E TA I L )

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NORMAN’S LIVING ROOM Spring 2012: Time Based Media Wheat pasted plotter paper in graffiti tunnel 24 in x 6 in Please watch the video at

This time-lapse video depicts the transformation of the Norman Tunnel, a highly trafficked pedestrian and bike route, into a space of community and comfort. This tunnel functions as an ever-changing graffiti forum, enabling free flowing communication and expression. As the mural of a cozy living room was overlaid in this environment one night, it fostered connection and discussion as friends and passersby stopped to interact with the artists and the mural itself. Aycrigg 9

P E T E R PA N P O P-U P S Spring 2013: Expiramental Drawing Mixed media 9 in x 16 in (3 spreads)

J. M. Barrie’s novel Peter Pan revolves around the precarious balance between remembering and forgetting. To illustrate this interplay, these pop-up spreads use positive and negative space to create a feeling of delicacy. Forms emerge from dynamic abstractions to personify the six quotes used in the three spreads. The dimensionality in the pieces focuses on connection, a meeting point of two sides, that still leaves a ghost space of where it once was. Aycrigg 10

P E T E R PA N P O P-U P S ( D E TA I L )

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STORY SHADOW BOXES Fall 2012: Information Design Laser cut poplar and mixed media 8 in x 8 in x 6 in boxes

Over the summer, I told countless stories for children I cared for as a nanny. When crafting tales, the ones that were the biggest successes were always the ones that gave the children prime roles and had a good deal of whimsy. This visual depiction includes drop down panels and shadow box layers to encapsulate these qualities. By engaging the viewer in epic stories through three-dimensional visuals, all ages are invited to use their tactile senses and interactive imaginations. Aycrigg 12

S T O R Y S H A D O W B O X E S ( D E TA I L )

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HOOKWORMS AND ALLERGIES INFOGRAPHIC Fall 2012: Information Design Laser print on cardstock 17 in x 11 in

The hookworm is a major cause of anemia-related death around the world. But can this parasite be used for something that is actually beneficial? This infographic presents recent research that suggests a new purpose for these troublemakers as relief from allergy symptoms. Illustrating the life cycle of these parasites as well as the exploration of their effects on allergies, this poster presents the information through relatable and straightforward methods. Aycrigg 14

THE YES & NO MANIFESTO Spring 2013: Personal project and collaboration Semi-gloss archival paper 30 in x 24 in

This poster serves as a manifesto for the Yes & No Movement started by Mallory Frye and myself. The hand-lettered yes and no that brand the movement are joined by the “s” of the yes, which mimics the characteristics of an ampersand. Those joining the movement are invited to question their auto-response of “yes” or “no”, enabling a departure from answers that are later regretted. The back of the poster is made up of perforated cards that can be torn apart and passed along to spread the message and manifesto of the movement. Aycrigg 15

T H E Y E S & N O M A N I F E S T O ( D E TA I L )

Aycrigg 16

SWING AERIAL BOOKLET Fall 2012: Information Design Birchwood and laser print on Bristol paper 12 in x 6 in Featured in Ligature Twenty Two

When learning swing-dancing aerials, the continual momentum and commitment required can be daunting for those transitioning from the basic step to the more complex moves. This booklet solves that problem by breaking down three swing aerials into still images with corresponding instructions for both the lead and follow as they learn the move. The color maps out the areas of contact between the dancer’s bodies, showing exactly what positions, lifts, and directions are involved in completing each move. Aycrigg 17

S W I N G A E R I A L B O O K L E T ( D E TA I L )

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Alison Aycrigg Design Portfolio  
Alison Aycrigg Design Portfolio  

This is my graphic design portfolio.