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Alison Wittenmyer’s Portfolio

Alison Wittenmyer

Contents 1... Audrey Hepburn Fantasy Suite 3... Office Design 7... Residential 9... Urban Loft 11... Product Design 13... Research

Bedroom/bathroom suite honouring Audrey Hepburn. The design encorporates her lifestyle and her passions of youth and nature. A custom bathroom storage unit and built-in sofa were designed for this project.

1.Audrey Hepburn Fantasy Suite

3.Office Design This office was designed for an innovative graphic design firm. My design is done in a neo-modernist style providing a functional and sophisticated work environment.

Reflected Ceiling Plan


A client renovating her home worked hands on with my class, providing the real-world aspect of design. A traditional feel was specified by the client. I designed a custom window seating area as well as a 3-D model drawn from blueprints of the home.

7.Urban Loft

This urban loft is located in the River North district of Chicago. The challenge with this project was to provide luxurious living using only 800 sqft. A Japanese influence was incorporated in the design.

Ideation Board

9.Urban Loft

An exciting complimentary colour scheme enhances impressive views of the city, creating a grand view when entering the space.

11. Product Design Sofa Design

Storage Cabinet Front Elevation

Sectional Elevation

Top View

Section A

Built-in Sofa

Top View

Section B Section B

Section A


A Review in Societal and Economic Trends that Influence Housing Design


A collaborative research project between myself, Dr. Joy K. Potthoff, and Dr. Roberta Null, integrated my interior design and business interests. I presented this project at two professional conferences. Both national trends as well as trends specific to Bowling Green, Ohio were researched to base a projection of the interior design industry twenty years from now. Five key factors essential to sustainable progress within the industry were identified and I designed a residence appropriate to Bowling Green, OH utilizing the five defined factors.

Inverse relationship between average home square footage and average persons per household suggests we are increasingly living beyond our means. Average Home Square Footage

Average Persons per Household

Five Essential Design Factors

Consider function over square footage Technology is changing the way we live Multi generational housing Sustainable living Economic demands

Floor plan utilizing five proposed essential design factors. Geographically appropriate for Bowling Green, Ohio.

Interior Design Portfolio  

This is my first attempt at creating my interior design portfolio, as I am soon to attain my undergrad. degree in interior design. This ver...

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