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If you could be granted one wish with regards to your fat loss workout, what would it be? Six pack abs? Thought so. You and about a million other people. Everyone wants abs - and for good reason. Abs are sexy. Abs show you are dedicated to a good diet. And more than anything, abs up your appeal to members of the opposite sex - which is why most people are in the gym every day crunching away, hoping for results. Only most wind up disappointed. It's a sad but true fact, so your job is to make sure you do not become one of those statistics. You need to start forming habits that will get you that six pack, so all your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Here are six smart habits for six pack abs. Work smarter, not harder. Start Your Day With Water and Breakfast Think about this. If you were to go all day long without consuming any coffee, tea, soda, juice, smoothies, beer (for some of you), or water, how would you feel? Not good. It doesn't take a nutritional scientist to figure that one out. But, when you sleep for eight hours straight, this is literally what you are doing. Therefore, it's critical that you start your day off with a good intake of water. Dehydration is a huge contributor to fatigue, and who wants to start the day off tired? (aside from the fact that 90% of you aren't getting enough sleep so are tired in the first place). Drink two glasses immediately upon waking and then break the fast with a smart breakfast. Studies show that breakfast eaters are much more likely to be overweight than those who 'bank' these calories for later meals (or their mid-morning donut, as the case may be). Eat, Don't Multi-task I'd be willing to place a friendly wager on the fact that about 25% or more of the people who are reading this are eating at the same time.

How often do you find yourself eating while doing some other activity? We eat and read. We eat and watch TV. We eat while we cook dinner (now there's a double whammy!). We eat while we... and the list goes on. Whatever else you're doing while you eat, STOP IT. The problem with this habit is that first, you will come to associate whatever you are doing with eating. Therefore, even if you aren't hungry, you're going to want to eat. Problem A. Secondly, when you're distracted while eating, you're not going to actually register the incoming food as much, won't feel as satisfied, and may eat much more than you actually need. Problem B. Put down what you're doing and focus on your eating. Pre-Plan Your Meals Six pack abs don't come without some pre-planning. If you want to get results, plan for it. Just as if you were starting a business, you'd want a business plan. For getting six pack abs, get a six pack abs plan. On that plan, should be your meal menu. Those individuals who plan out there meals and know what they're eating ahead of time are much less likely to suffer from 'impulse eating', therefore reach their goals faster. Get To Bed Earlier Did you know one of the biggest factors that could be hindering your ability to get six pack abs could be lack of sleep? Yup, that's right. Lack of sleep makes you tired, hungry, and irritable. Ever gone to work on a day of four or less hours of sleep? What got you through that day? Caffeine and carb-rich convenience snacks? Precisely. Not to mention that lack of sleep causes cortisol to be released, which encourages fat storage in the abdominal region. Definitely something you don't want going on. Sleep - seven or eight hours a night. Make that a priority if you want a six pack.

Give Up Your Cardio Already If you're still stuck on the notion that doing more and more cardio is the secret to six pack abs, it's time you stepped into the present. Cardio is out. Heavy weight training and a well designed diet are in. Cardio, while it will burn calories, won't help you much the next day. Weight training will. Which type of workout do you want? One that delivers once, or one that delivers over and over again for months to come? That choice should be easy. Some cardio is okay. Too much cardio is not. Vary Your Abdominal Exercises Finally, the abs are a muscle that quickly adapts, meaning if you do any given workout once, the next time you do it, it's going to benefit you less. Therefore, it's your job to keep challenging the abs, by doing different ab exercises each week. This will help shock your abs into responding, and help you keep seeing results. Do keep in mind though that regardless of how many types of ab exercises you do, if your body fat is not low enough, you aren't seeing six pack abs. So, don't use crunches as a means to an end, but rather as part of an overall program plan to get six pack abs. There you have it. The six smart habits you need to do for six pack abs. Abs don't come easily - if they did, we'd all be sporting them. But with some hard work - or rather, smart work, you can get them.

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==== ==== To learn more about the truth behind getting great six pack abs check this our now ... ==== ====

Smart Habits for Six Pack Abs  

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