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Floral Fiesta

Large Utility Tote (Stamp 'A' in Red), Lunch Break Thermal, & Zipper Pouch shown in Floral Fiesta

Floral Fiesta Thread Suggestions:    

Colors that POP: Aqua, Black

Colors that BLEND: Purple, Orange, White, Golden Yellow

The block initial "A" above is red (I don't know why red is used repeatedly and not listed as a suggested color - things that make you go um...). It shows up well because the red creates a large solid area of color and the 'knockout' of the print forms the initial.

This is what would be considered a 'busy' print. It has multiple (bright) colors that appear close together throughout. The design of the pattern is intricate and detailed. The pattern fills the print completely without any large areas of solid background color to separate the flowers into smaller sections and tone the print down.  

It is a beautiful print (our 'busy' prints typically are), so don't think I'm knocking it. I just want to point out that a lot of our embroidery options (that look great on simpler prints) will not show up well and might even disappear into a print like this. It is best to use contrasting/pop color(s) and/or choose an embroidery style that is large and really stands out. With this type of print, the phrase "Go big or go home" definitely applies. I don't want anyone to be unhappy with their embroidery choice & I'm always happy to help you decide.