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Sunset Medallion

Retro Metro Bag (with Large Signature Initial 'S' in Red), Zipper Pouch, & Flap for Studio Thirty-One Handbag shown in Sunset Medallion

Sunset Medallion Thread Suggestions:

Colors that POP: Kelly Green, Royal Blue

Colors that BLEND:  White, Burgundy, Sunset Gold, Oatmeal

The 'S' above is actually red - it shows up well because it is large. Something smaller (like a name) in a blend color might not show up if part or all of it fell on the same color in the print.

The area where the embroidery is placed on a product doesn't change, but what part of the print is in that area varies from piece to piece. This variation is a normal part of the manufacturing process based on numerous things such as the size of the product, the length of the design before it starts repeating itself, whether the design is fairly simple with large sections of one color (like large, wide stripes) versus an intricate design with numerous colors very close together (like this print).