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2018 Swansea St Nicholas on the Hill and St Jude

A family, rooted in Christ, committed to transforming lives by:

A family, rooted in Christ, committed to transforming lives by:

Gathering as God’s people, Growing more like Jesus, Going out in the power of the

Spirit. as God’s people, Gathering Growing more like Jesus, Going out in the power of the Spirit.

“Here’s another way to put it: We’re here to be light, bringing out the Godcolours in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on the hill.” Adapted from Matthew 5.14-16 (The Message paraphrase translation)

Although we try to continue our vision to be a light on the hill by which others might see God’s love for them, there is only a small amount of willing energy and support available to do so in the congregation. Community gatherings and connections with schools and local community have been made but there is a still stronger desire to keep things as they ‘always’ have been. This has brought the church to a place where it is almost unviable, with a tiny PCC and ‘Bishop’s appointment’ for a churchwarden needed for next year. Mission in Townhill, Mayhill and Mount Pleasant needs more than a token nod by the church in the direction of those who live in the parish. Working out how we are truly to love God and neighbour as ourselves means we must challenge what we do at the moment and line it up with the good news of Jesus Christ. Having vibrant hall user groups and continuing our plans to get them to transfer to one building which is both community and worship space means connecting with them in some way. New diocesan and cathedral responsibilities take my time and attention away from parish initiatives which then sadly fail for want of support. Team working whether in the parish or the Ministry Area is needed to make a difference. Resurrection can come from death; and the church must believe and be willing to be Christian witnesses in this place.

Vicar Alison Service times Sunday 10.30am Wednesday 10am

2|P ag e Community Gatherings We held a ‘Gathering Community’ service in February as an experiment to see if we could bring community groups together at a time other than a festival. We had a good turnout, with some ecumenical friends, a good representation from the Penderi Ministry Area and contributions from Circus Eruption, Voices on the Hill and others. Sketty Open the Book Team told us about their school assemblies along with an example story which was well received. We had displays from Friends of Mayhill Washing Lake and Community Food Garden – with Councillor Lesley Walton answering questions, and a display from Townhill Library. The Loughor Brass Band played at this event and joined us for The Big Sing in the summer.

The Big Sing was an event in the heat of a beautiful summer’s day where we sang praise to God through a number of favourite hymns carefully introduced, followed by a Hog Roast in the grounds outside the church.

3|P ag e

In October we held an ecumenical service in aid of Christian Aid which was also well supported by the Ministry Area. We were delighted to be able to send a surprising donation which with match funding amounted to £1500.

St Nicholas and St Jude Patronal


St Jude’s patronal day was celebrated Eucharist at which prayers and anointing healing were offered.

with a Holy with oil for

On St Nicholas Day, celebrations again took the form of “Santa’s Community Carols” by popular request of the local community though there were few regular church members in attendance. The church was full for the community gathering which drew a slightly different selection of community groups together, friends old and new, some meeting for the first time. We had carols chosen from Little Lions our After School Club run in partnership

4|P ag e with The Phoenix Centre, Circus Eruption, and Jo Humphreys music therapist from Nordoff Robbins with one of her service users performing.

Voices on the Hill Community choir sang a new arrangement of Away in the Manger written by their choirmaster Dan Harris followed by a blessing of the crib. Townhill School choir sang Silent Night, the Philsharmonics sang, and a video of the weekly exploits of The Seniors group was shown.

The festival was also celebrated traditionally by the few on the following Sunday by request to the PCC. The Lantern parade weather was unsuitable but we still had good support from the local community for our Christingle service.

For the second year we had an informal service on Christmas morning where a mix of ages enjoyed “The Sweet News of Christmas�.

5|P ag e

At Home

Sheila Stevens and Dorothy Hayward (in her 99th year) continue to be regular Home Communicants and several others are visited if they so request because they are unable to get to church. We miss all those whose health declined during the year so they infrequently or no longer attend. Sadly we report the church member Steve Jones on St Nicholas Day. Our condolences go to all who have been bereaved in the last year.

Electoral Roll The electoral roll was revised in 2018 having been remade in 2015. There are currently 41 names and 28 regular worshippers..

Attendance figures The average attendance on a Sunday morning in 2018 was 21 adult communicants compared with 25 in 2017. When the service was Morning Prayer rather than a Holy Eucharist the average attendance was 18. On Easter Sunday there were 35 adult communicants and 5 child communicants. The average attendance on a Wednesday morning was 8, the same as 2017. For some weeks were were joined by baby Charleigh who was christened at Pentecost with her family and friends in attendance. For our Candlemas service in February we were joined by students

6|P ag e and staff from Dylan Thomas’ OWL (Other Ways of Learning) unit. Another service to highlight was a Teaching Eucharist where our regular Wednesday congregation were joined by around 17 staff and 75 students from year 3

Townhill Primary School. We commend Joyce Holland and Tony Henley and all those who regularly offer lifts to enable others to come to the services here or attend Ministry Area services. Healing services were held at intervals through the year offering prayer and anointing with the oil of healing blessed by the Bishop at the Chrism Eucharist in Brecon Cathedral during Holy Week.

Leading weekly intercessions continues to be shared by Richard, Suzanne and the Vicar and the Eucharistic Assistant role by Richard and Tony.

Our parish prayer‌ God of Mission, who alone brings growth to your Church, Send your Holy Spirit to give Vision to our planning Wisdom to our actions, And power to our witness. Help our church to grow in numbers In spiritual commitment to you, and in service to our local community, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen Attendance information for special services 2018 Service Ash Wednesday evening Maundy Thursday evening Community Gathering

Attendance Notes 7 16 Healing Eucharist 75 3 under 16

7|P ag e Big Sing Hot Cross Bun service Ministry Area service St Nicholas Patronal

70+ 16 94 100+

Christian Aid service


Lantern parade/Christingle Midnight Mass Christmas Day morning

32 40 15

Traditional Carol service Community Carols

15 150+

5 under 16 5th Sunday service, 4 under 16 Santa’s Community Carols, 50+ under 16 With Min Area and Terrace Road Presbyterians 12 under 16 31 communicants informal service, 5 under 16 50 under 16

8|P ag e

Holiday Club and After School Club We were sucessful in reapplying for grant funding and this enabled us to hold a very popular two week play scheme in the summer. The After School Club “Little Lions” continues to run weekly.

Sharing our space Through 2018 Circus Eruption used the church on a Tuesday for their sessions and during the year rented the upstairs office at the hall. Having youngsters in the church building brought it alive and we were always welcomed when we dropped in to visit. Through the hospitality we offered the group were able to support a good number of youngsters to better self-esteem and confidence using circus skills. The volunteers for the group found that clearing the church space was heavy work each week and so negotiations began with the PCC to change the fixed seating for stackable chairs. This took some time but eventually faculty permission was applied for and obtained and the old chairs were sold at the end of the year to be replaced with new ones funded with money from the sale of St Jude’s.

9|P ag e It was a real blow when we heard that Circus Eruption had been offered a free charity let of a commercial building and would be moving on at the end of January 2019. Music Therapy Another group who also work with autistic children and adults through the medium of music approached us to see if they could use the hall. Nordoff Robbins is the UK’s leading independent music therapy charity, working across the country offering vital support through its dedicated open access centres and alongside over 150 partner organisations. Music therapy can help a child with autism to communicate, reduce anxiety for a person living with dementia or provide comfort for someone facing a terminal illness or help stroke patients with recovery.

Jo has brought this help to the local area once a week. She has also brought real fun and laughter to our Seniors group as well as the individuals she helps and the school STF unit. She can only do that because we offer her reduced hall hire. She helped out at our Christmas community service. The charity has been recommended to Archbishop John as one which might be supported in his Lent Appeal next year.

The principal function of the PCC is "promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical."

10 | P a g e

Parochial Church Council The Parochial Church Council met ten times in 2018. We discussed a wide range of topics including mission in Townhill, the use of the money from the sale of St Jude’s, going to one building from two, chairs, repairs, fairs, heat, light and solar panels. A big thank you goes to everyone for all the contributions made through the year. Not all the conversations have been easy or comfortable and sometimes it has felt progress is slow but it is there as we look back on the year. We continue our vision that we might be like a light on the Hill and as we love God and our neighbour as ourselves draw others to see God’s love for them.

Wardens Report Our links with the schools and other organisations continue to grow, thanks to the time Alison has invested with them. The work with the schools will reduce from now on as the Vicar has taken on other diocesan responsibilities. She will give more time to it again if the church are going to support and be involved. She needs volunteers with a few hours each week to spare to help maintain these links and to help them to grow further. Some groups are slowly becoming more comfortable functioning within the church and the hall. This needs to be built upon, as the contact with the community is extremely important. We want to be a light to the people of the

11 | P a g e parish, drawing them in and sharing the wonderful news we have with them. When we try a new idea it is encouraging to see the effect it can have. The Big Sing worked quite well - we are encouraged by what has been achieved so far. Please let us have your ideas for future services or gatherings. We now meet monthly for breakfast meetings, in our new ministry area, with Alison our new Ministry Area Leader. This has placed additional responsibilities upon Alison and, we, along with our brothers and sisters in our Ministry Area should offer her our fullest support. The good contacts and potentially lifelong friendships are being established. Andrew and I were very warmly welcomed to the Keys Club and we would recommend that group to all male members. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost loved ones in the year. We are being asked what our vision is and what we want for the future of our church. I appeal to you all to really consider this question and please talk to Alison and the PCC. Your thoughts and opinions are valued and respected. Unfortunately the lack of response thus far is not very encouraging for our vicar and those who volunteer to sit on the PCC. It can be frankly annoying to hear complaints or comments made privately but then no one speaking out when asked to. If you are not willing to accept change or at least support what others are attempting to ensure the church’s future, they might well decide to try elsewhere. Please do not fall into the trap of saying that we should do nothing because others are not doing anything. Church numbers are dwindling and we are all responsible for this fact of life. When I say ‘we’ I include not just our church people but also the people of the parish. We cannot adopt the attitude that they know where we are – it’s up to them. How many of you check with a friend or a relative before accepting an invitation to a party or family gathering? You would rather go with someone than walk in on your own. That is what goes through the mind of someone considering walking though church doors. The warm welcome we give is important, something I learned and appreciated from my meeting my friend, the late John Williams. The building is at the end of the day just a building. It is us, the people inside the building, that represent God when someone new walks through the door. On the subject of buildings we are planning to move towards just one. The working groups continue to take care of minor repairs, other major works being carried out by professionals to ensure the church or hall does not fall into disrepair. The bell tower is earthed and fully compliant.

12 | P a g e This is our last year as wardens and Sharon and I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement. I would urge you to build a functioning PCC as without one we will eventually close. As I said last year we all work better as a team and so long as we remain united, there is no end to what can be achieved, both at St Nicholas & St Jude, but also within the Ministry Area. Richard Nedin

11 | P a g e ST NICHOLAS ON THE HILL & ST JUDE INCOME AND EXPENDITURE ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2017 INCOME Loose collections Weekly envelopes Harvest appeal Magazine income Use of Hall General donations Burial fees Diocesan boxes Wedding fees HMRC gift aid rebate Income from fetes Use of church building Lent appeal

£ 3,332.30 9,994.82 329.30 566.67 5,113.20 1,038.13 1,574.00 200.28 585.00 862.50 1,769.12 400.00 171.24

25,936.56 Excess of income over expenditure

EXPENSES Organists incl PAYE Visiting priests Magazine expenses Altar requisites Fete expenses Electricity – church Electricity – hall Parish share Insurance – church and hall Repairs Gardening expenses Music licence Hall gas Vicarage expenses Vicar’s expenses Christening gifts /Flowers M Jones Toddler group Hall cleaning Water rates – church and hall Water rates – vicarage

£ 693.00 20.00 47.42 69.29 116.13 845.24 503.62 11,064.32 1,299.83 6,204.43 113.50 297.47 560.82 182.62 505.40 56.47 14.71 947.50 512.71 755.67 24,810.15 1,126.41

25,936.56 =========

25,936.56 ========

22 | P a g e

Treasurer’s Report

For the last four years in a row we have met our full obligation towards the Ministry Share, our most important expense. Our weekly offerings dropped again from £13,327to £12,614. The hall being used generated £6,688 income, an increase of over £1,000. We still value the success of our fetes which generated nearly £2,000. The use of the church building also brought in an additional £3,850, though sadly this has now been lost due to the departure of Circus Group. We are being asked to pay a similar amount of Parish Share in 2019 and I am confident that we can meet our ministry share again in full. To end the year we received the very welcome news that our historic arrears of over £30,000 had been written off in full, both St Jude’s and St Nicholas – that worry has been completely lifted and we can build on that. The next largest expense is then repairs. Small jobs are covered by our working group and we have had some help from community groups as well this year so my thanks goes out to them and to the team here for their time and hard work in both the hall and church, not forgetting the grounds. We have bought new chairs from the monies being held from the sale of St Jude’s. We then have to pay for electric, insurance, organist, as well as the water rates on all three buildings. I would like to record my grateful thanks again this year to Tony Henley, for his help. You do make my task a great deal easier. Ministry areas are beginning to form and we have albeit slowly started the conversation as to finances and future payment of Ministry share. We are yet unsure how the future looks for paying towards an incumbent, the amount of which will be determined when the Ministry Area is finally set up and we have

24 | P a g e the opportunity to explore new ways of generating income as part of the buildings audit. From now on, if a parish can’t meet their full share then the system is that we go to the rest of the Ministry Area first, then the deanery and then the hardship fund. A proposal for a revised system of ministry share has been made to the DBF. The two buildings ‘question’ is no longer a question. We do have to go to one building, as well as have a strong focus on mission (more than generating income). Richard Nedin

Worship Leader Report

I simply cannot believe that a whole year has passed since I was last asked to write for the Annual Report. Looking back, I think it has been one of the quickest twelve months I have lived through, but what have I contributed to the worship in St Nicholas and St Jude? Well, not much! The year started well enough, with regular Morning Prayer, which I spent some time “tweeking”, and then in Holy Week I was able to lead a reflection during the Holy Hour, which I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing. Summer came and went, then just as I was beginning to think of Advent, I fell, breaking two bones in my right arm and tearing the ligaments in my right ankle – If you’re gonna do something, you might as well do it well! The result was six weeks in plaster, hardly able to hobble upstairs! Thankfully, that is now all behind me, and I sincerely hope and pray that I will be able to take a more active part in worship again, especially as I have been able to resume leading Morning Prayer. 2019 will not be a year without challenges. Please may I ask for your continued support and prayers, as I undertake a role which means so much to me. Suzanne Jones

25 | P a g e

Flowers We are grateful to Jan who makes sure that flower arrangements continue in the church through the year with special decorations at festival times. She coordinates the flowers with the seasonal colours, and visits through the week to water them. She makes everyone Mothering Sunday posies and with Carol and Dave’s help makes an Easter Garden and decorates the Christmas tree. She adds flowers through the year in memory of a loved one on request. Spare flowers are sometimes taken to those who are poorly and these are always greatly appreciated.

Garden of Remembrance

The Memorial Garden is carefully tended by Jan and Dave on a regular basis throughout the year. Flower holders have been provided for everyone to use in the garden. There is an ongoing problem with flowers (including artificial), wreaths and pots being left or sunk into the grass. This is not permitted by the Church in Wales regulations displayed on a permanent notice. This year seasonal reminders were put up asking for wreaths not to be left. They cannot be recycled, are difficult to dispose of and we rely on volunteers Jan and Dave to clear them. The permanent notice advises of the conditions for use. The garden is a peaceful sacred space for people to come and remember those who are buried there. We want it to be here for generations to come and kept available to this community and for it to be treated with respect. There is a fee set each year by the Church in Wales for bereaved families who ask for ashes to be buried.We also add the names in our Memorial Book in the

26 | P a g e Church, where there is a place to light a candle. For more information please ask Vicar Alison.

Parish Grounds

Land which is the responsibility of the Parish Council consists of the area around the Church and Hall. A small team of volunteers have during the summer months, either in the evenings or on the occasional Saturday, carried out maintenance tasks such as spring cleaning and minor repairs to the fabric of the Church and hall. We paid for the working parties moss from the hall. The closing hall were essential repairs Thanks are given Buller, Richard Henley and all throughout the

main hedge to be cut and several tackled other shrub tidying, removal of paths, and weeds from the side of the mechanisms for the fire doors in the replaced along with several other and maintenance. to David and Janet Shaw, Andrew and Sharon Nedin, John Morgan, Tony who have undertaken numerous jobs year.

Also to Richard Nedin who arranges quotes and gets tradesmen to do the work which the volunteers could not do. Quotes were obtained this year for installing CCTV around the building as we had some trouble with youngsters breaking windows. This is a local community

27 | P a g e problem and we continue to work with local police and other community

partners to find different options. In the Year ahead we hope to continue to do whatever we can and if you are able to help please let the churchwardens know. One priority will be to sort out the damp in the tower at the hall, another to make the holly trees safe.

Choir Notes We may only be a small choir but we have continued to lead the singing at the services during the year. We must again thank Mary Colebrook our organist for her work over the last year and also to Philip Jones who played on those occasions that Mary was unavailable. Andrew Buller

28 | P a g e

Community Engagement Fundraising

The weather was cold and wet for our Summer Fair this year and much better for the Autumn Fair. Each made a useful amount for church funds. Schools Work Class visits from Townhill Primary School continue for Easter and Christmas Experience.

In May we had a ‘mock’ wedding for pupils from year 4 to co-incide with the Royal Wedding. Year 3 attended the midweek service for a Teaching Eucharist, and students from Dylan Thomas OWL unit came to the Candlemas service. Townhill School brought their Christmas Concert to the church which was packed with parents and children on two occasions. Townhill School also welcome Vicar Alison in other ways. A weekly “Open the Book” style assembly is held. She was part of a committee looking at safer practices of IT in the school. Year 6 students were again offered the

29 | P a g e gift from the church of the Scripture Union Resource “It’s your Move” and time to talk about the move to secondary education through Godly Play style ‘Deep Talk’ code stories. The Vicar continued to work with the Presbyterian Chapel in Terrace Road to take Open the Book as an monthly

assembly in Terrace Road School. Dancing Ann Phillipart’s Line Dancing group met for the first six months of the year. There were fewer regular numbers so sadly the class was disbanded. The class run by the Mayhill Community Service also finished with the opening of their new Family Centre. Kaytee’s School of Dance continue to use the church hall twice a week and is very popular in the community. The #DontDanceAlone initiative of The Wave and Swansea Sound was brought to the hall by Bethan our Local Action Coordinator and a mixed generational afternoon of dancing was enjoyed by The Seniors and youngsters from three schools who were delighted to meet Kev Johns and the Assembly Minister.

The hall is used by a variety of groups dancing groups, War Games group, and Security Training company as well as for hire for various celebrations and charity events. We value it as a resource which brings church and community into contact and for which we are very grateful. We have renewed the PRS (Performing Rights Society) licence to cover all the music that the different entertainment groups play.

30 | P a g e

The Seniors

With the finishing of the Mount Pleasant Seniors Association committee at the end of 2017, a determination among the members led to a similar group with a new constitution The Seniors beginning in 2018. This has flourished during the year, with help from different members especially Jacqui, Joyce, Sue and Lilian.

We are grateful for help initially from the Dylan Thomas OWL unit and then from the STF unit who come each week of term time to put out tables and chairs, make the tea and draw the raffle. The Seniors are very fond of the youngsters who are slowly feeling more comfortable

with us.

31 | P a g e Afternoons have had varied entertainment, some familiar faces who were regular visitors to the old group have continued as well as completely new ideas. No one knows what the Vicar will dream up next but there is a great camaraderie, a warm atmosphere and a willingness to try whatever is arranged. We have had handbells, a royal wedding tea, teamwork apple crumble, exercises, dancing, music, bingo, quizzes as well as visits from schools, musicians, singers, and choirs. We even managed a trip to Fishguard having heard a lecture on the

history of the tapestry there. Part way through the year, the PCC at St Nicholas adopted the group and continue to help with administrative support. The group has welcomed new members and allows old friendships to continue. There is great kindness and friendship evident in the group and support for all in difficult times, especially appreciated by the Vicar this year. Everyone is welcome, 2pm for a cuppa on a Thursday afternoon.

32 | P a g e


33 | P a g e

Philsharmonics met as a group of singers on Sunday evenings under the musical direction of Phil Jones. We performed at a care home and in the community gatherings. Membership has declined so the future of the group is uncertain. Tony Henley

Topic House friendship

A memorial service is held each November in Topic House to remember those who died in the three day bombing of Swansea. It is a privilege to stand in silence and to pray with this group.

Study Groups Although we planned to look at Jane Williams’ Approaching Easter book during Lent, there was not enough interest to make a group. We decided to suggest a Ministry Area Group for Advent. We met as representatives of three parishes to look at “Might there be more to Christmas?” a resource based on Luke’s Gospel. This was a lively group with friendly discussion and the sessions were very enjoyable. We hope to continue with a Ministry Area group in Lent and Advent.

34 | P a g e

Deanery News As one of the elected deanery representatives for the church I have attended four Deanery meetings this year though I note there is sometimes no representation from some parishes. The format is usually a talk/lecture followed by Evening Prayer held on a Sunday afternoon in various churches in the deanery. This year the first topic was “Christians against Poverty” a scheme to provide support to people who need financial advice. In July we heard from Sir Paul Silk the new chair of the DBF, who gave a little of his background and what he hoped to achieve. We heard the plans for the redevelopment of Brecon Cathedral; given by the Dean of Brecon. He explained what they hope to do to at the Cathedral, with better access and roof repair and the remainder of the work for which the proposed budget is £5 million, most of which would come from grant funding. The annual Deanery Advent Service held in St Mary’s was well attended.

The other meeting I attended was an extraordinary meeting at which it was agreed how the Ministry Share would be divided between the Ministry Areas. The Ministry area share was subsequently subdivided at a Ministry Area Team breakfast meeting. Andrew Buller

Penderi Ministry Area The Ministry Area has seen a year of many changes which has not helped with progress towards a functioning team.

35 | P a g e

In April Padraig retired from Caereithin who are in a permanent vacancy. The proposal for a Ministry Area rota using a team of stipendiary and worship leaders was voted down in favour of retired clergy covering slots. No service changes were permitted so it became impractical to produce a rota without relying heavily on retired clergy. Cockett parish required vacancy cover until July when Jonathon Wright was licensed as Priest-in-charge and associate priest in the Ministry Area. Suzanne, our Worship Leader, led a contemporary Morning Prayer service in Townhill once a month so the vicar could provide cover in other churches and some consistency of pastoral care in Caereithin. We were not sure for some time if Andrew Holmes was moving but he did leave for South Africa in October and vacancy cover was given to Manselton by retired clergy. Further change is expected at the start of 2019 with the licensing of Ian DrewJones as Priest-in-charge of Manselton and associate priest in the Ministry Area. We have continued to have combined services on the 5th Sundays of the year, to meet monthly as a still-forming team for breakfast and prayer, and monthly for evening worship – each of these moving around the churches in turn.

36 | P a g e

Although it was difficult to find a mutually convenient time a small group did meet for prayer several times through the year. We divided up the Ministry share increase for 2019 between the parishes not by asking the same amount in each parish but by dividing the increase in the historic percentages used to calculate the share. This was a great encouragement to see the stronger congregations supporting those who are weaker and struggling to pay the existing share never mind any increase.

Diocesan Conference

The speakers at Diocesan Conference were the Bevan Foundation’s Sandy Blair, Rev Sally Rees (Bishop’s Officer for Older People’s Ministry) and Archdeacon of Brecon Ven Alan Jevons with the new ministry area development officer Tim Hollingdale. Archbishop John spoke about the importance of Evangelism, the support on offer for ministry areas and new ways of working, and the work being done in the diocese to make the best of our resources. Sandy, a trustee of the Bevan Foundation and a familiar face to many as former chair of Monmouth DBF, highlighted the many ways the Church is helping to tackle poverty through a wide range of initiatives.

37 | P a g e The new Bishop’s Officer for Older People’s Ministry, Rev Sally Rees, spoke about Anna Chaplaincy and the support and resources on offer for those who work with older people. We were introduced to Tim MADO and invited to write down our questions about Ministry Areas and their development.

35| P a g e

Facebook page and Website The Facebook page "Swansea St Nicholas on the Hill and St Jude Church” continues to record our church life, to update local community with events and to contact the Vicar. The parish website has basic information about service times.

PCC members 2018 Andrew Buller (Choirmaster). Tony Henley (Asst. Treasurer) Suzanne Jones (Safeguarding) Phil Jones John Morgan Richard Nedin (Vicar’s Warden /Treasurer) Sharon Nedin (People’s Warden) David Shaw Jan Shaw (Secretary)

The contact number for Richard and Sharon is 01792 588414

37 | P a g e

Annual Vestry Meeting – Swansea St Nicholas on the Hill & St Jude. Notice is hereby given that the Annual Vestry Meeting for the Parish of Swansea St Nicholas on the Hill and St Jude will be held on Sunday 14th April after the morning service (at approximately 11.45am). Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8.

9. 10.

Prayers Apologies Vicar’s Welcome To receive the minutes of the last Annual Vestry Meeting Matters Arising Parish Reports • Annual Report and financial statements for the previous year from the PCC • Mission and vision of the parish • Administration – Electoral Roll, fabric, insurance Ministry Area, Deanery and Diocesan Conference updates Elections • announcement of Vicar's Warden • election of People's Warden • appointment of PCC • election of Sidespersons • PCC appointment of Secretary and Treasurer. • Triennial elections Appointment of independent examiner or auditor of accounts Any other business (for which notice has been given and to which the meeting consents)

Profile for Alison Jones

Annual Report 2018 St Nicholas on the Hill & St Jude  

Annual Report 2018 St Nicholas on the Hill & St Jude