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Valentina de los Olivos

Fashion is all Wear the best All you can do is swag

Alison Morales Lopez

THIS IS VALENTINA DE LOS OLIVOS Valentina de los olivos , this company is about the fashion, the different clothes and colors that you can use and how you can look good the fashion is a form of expression of what do you feel , you can use a different types of looks but the important is feel comfortable, this style is modern and it has a lot of different colors . Is isnpire in the present and only for girls , older than fourteen we are going to have a lot of clothes like dresses , pants , t-shirts , skirts ,shoes, sleepers and also heels and accesories and more , is going to be all modern and also a Little of clasic its going to be like a combination of that styles , we hope that in the future we can export our styes and clothes to other countrys like France , Spain , New York , Itali , Barcelona etc‌.. beacuse is important give us a recognition in other places we are going to be installed in a big and modern place in the zone more central and perfect for us, when all the people can go easy and with care, the sore is going to be decorated in a form unic and with all the necesary

colors and its going to be with a lot of lights and also when the people enter to the store there gonna be like a special people for the fashion like a advisors for the comfort of the customers this gonna be something unic that no one have ever seen we are going to do the clothes by hands and with the fabrics more sophisticated ever , its going to be juts four of five clothes of the same style we are going to try that the customers feel so unic and well and also in all of the pieces of clothing its gonna apear the logo of the company this gonna be so incredible we are going to do events and also gateways of our new clothes every month, we are going to do discounts in the store and more this is just the beginning this is VALENTINA DE LOS OLIVOS and remember wear what you love .

Valentina de los Olivos Valentina de los Olivos is the best store ever! , because is so vintage , elegant and of course modern , it gives you authenticity ,passion and vision , imagine yourself using this clothes in the streets or in the most important events of the year , many of the important people use this clothes , for all the different types of events ,because of how they feel , the comfortable and also to look so nice , the style is unique you won´t see this in other stores, we give you authenticity. Remember girls , the important thing is to look nice. This era its gonna be epic , you most choose this brand If you want to be recognized in all the places that you go , feel the way of the fashion and live your style , our style ! Why we have to look so well ? easy question , remember

that the way that you wear have a big meaning, it defines you. And is important that the people always remember you like a good person with a style so unique , you gonna look with much glamour, imagine the other girls gonna be gelaous of you great style ! we are that type of store that wants the best of the

coustumers in this case the best of you ! and how you gonna feel ? and how you gonna look ?this store is awesome all love it and of course you gonna love it too this store its gonna be part of you I AM SHURE , this is VALENTINA DE LOS OLIVOS and remember , wear what you love ,. - A

The store Ours stores gonna be unique no just because the clouthes , its gonna be unique because the decoration will be with a lot of colors lights and a lot of mirrors around the place , there gonna be special persons like instructors for the coustomers for feel comfortable and try to gives you

the best , every month the soter gives you sales in some products of our store and also there gonna be shows of pasarela for show you the best clouthes and the new ones of the store there gonna be models and also free products for you , we are going to have our own magazine with all the products and clothes also you can buy in our page in internet and we send you what you buy free ! You can ask for our asociaty card that gives you off in some products every month in all the stores Remember wear what you love THIS IS VALENTINA DE LOS OLIVOS . -A

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Alison Morales López 2ndo. B # 18