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Shoukat Ali Senior System Engineer M. Tech (IIT Kharagpur), working as team lead in IBM India Pvt. Ltd Mobile1: +917829022110 Mobile2: +919980016401 Email:

Experience Summary Total experience: 6 years 1 month in J2EE(20 months in SOA,ESB,BPEL,Web Services) Company Duration IBM India SOAMatrix Software

1 year 8 months Dec-09 to present 1 year 8 months April-08 to Dec-09

Wipro Technologies

2 years 9 months July-05 to April-08

Skills worked J2EE,jQuery, JSON,Web Services, Vitria, Team management, Electronics domain SOA,BPEL,ESB,SOAGovernance, Web Services, Eclipse, MySQL, Power management, trouble ticket management, e-Governance domain Java, J2EE,Struts, Cleveland Framework, EJB,LDAP,SVN, ClearCase,Energy and utilities domain

Skill Set Technology Databases Development Tools Web Technologies Programming Languages Software Engineering Tools

Tools Oracle 9i, LDAP,MySQL EditPlus Editor, Eclipse, BPELEditor J2EE,JSP,JavaScript, jQuery, Struts, MVC, Web Services, SOA HTML, Java, BPEL,Adobe Flex Clear Case,SVN

Career Synopsis

Projects contributed in IBM: IP Protect Description Role Skills


Team Size

Application is to derive metadata for documents and user which are to be used to provide accesson documents and control the usage. Team Leader Java, JSP,Servlet, jQuery, JSON,Oracle database. Collaborated with client, onsite manager and development team. Planned work and effort estimation. Translated client’s requirement into features and divided features into tasks and allocated them to team members including me. Converted high level design document into low level design. Worked with architect in design and architecture of the application. 4

KLA Tencor support Maintenance of Web applications including e-requisition system, knowledge Description management system, middleware to connect SAPto non-SAPapplications, documentum, backweb server, SharePoint and online forms etc. Role Team Leader Skills Java, J2EE,Oracle database. Leading team to provide resolution to client’s problems in efficient and timely Contribution manner. Collaborate with onsite web applications team. Team Size 4

Projects contributed in SOAMatrix: Contributed in Solutions team, which provides application to client using SOA tools built in-house. Tools include integrator, registry & repository, human workflow, enterprise service bus (ESB), BPEL designer etc. Have driven various proofs of concepts (POC) and worked mainly in the following projects: 110805154949-034f6fb0d5884b06b5477a75dc8c30d5.file

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Power Management Core of the application was polling transformers over GSMand GPRSusing modbus application protocol and applying custom governance policies on parameters like voltage or current and generating notifications (Email/SMS) to the concerned Description technician using SOAStore repository. It also includes generation of reports like energy consumption report, transformer schedule report, and visual energy consumption report which usesGIStechnologies to show transformer parameters on map. Role Solution Engineer Skills BPEL,ESB,JSF,SOAand Adobe Flex. Developed businesslogic in BPELand ESB.Created web pagesusing JSFand Contribution represented reports in charts using Adobe Flex. Team Size 3

E-Governance Description Role Skills Contribution Team Size

Business flow of application, approval and issuance of license which involves human workflow, appointment scheduling and Email/SMS notification. Solution Engineer BPEL,ESB,Struts, SOA. Developed business logic with BPEL and ESB. Created front end using Struts and configured governance policies and notification using SOAtools. 3

Trouble ticket management system System involves Trouble tickets generation by web page or triggered by database. Tickets have to be listed in appropriate queue of a team. One agent claims the Description ticket and work on it. Tickets can be transferred to others for working or approval until closed. Ticket supported attachment. Role Solution Engineer Skills BPEL,ESB,Struts, SOA. Developed business logic with BPEL and ESB. Created front end using Struts and Contribution configured governance policies, human workflow and notification using SOAtools. Team Size 3

Projects contributed in Wipro Technologies: SOBay Description Role Skills Contribution Team Size

SOBayis an initiative by Innovation Group, Wipro to develop a platform to provide plug and play businessapplications having SaaSfeatures to which multiple services can be plugged in. Project Engineer LDAP,Struts, Web Services, Eclipse, J2EE,JSP,JavaScript, HTML, Java, SVN. Developed multi-tenant, multi-domain User Management module using LDAP, Struts and Web Services. Owned this module and completed front end and back end both. 15


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Gemini Release 4 Domain: Energy and Utilities. Client is one of the biggest gas pipeline capacity providers in UK. Gemini functionality is to auction the entry and exit capacity, to Description balance energy in the national transmission network and to generate invoice for the shippers of gas. Role Project Engineer Oracle 9i, EditPlus Editor, J2EE, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Clear Case, Rational Skills Rose Actively participated in full life cycle of one module. Worked on preparing ST Test cases and Test Data of one module. Contributed in support during ST and UAT. Contribution Worked on updating Design and Data Model in Rational Rose. Played a part in various project activities from CUT phase to Implementation. Team Size 17 Gemini Exit Reforms Role Analyst Worked on Requirement analysis, identifying changes required and impact Contribution analysis of changesrequired Team Size 11 Gemini Release 3 Role Project Engineer Skills Oracle 9i, EditPlus Editor, J2EE,JSP,JavaScript, HTML, Java, Clear Case Contribution Contributed in CUT phase of entry capacity auction module. Team Size 5 Gemini Role Skills Contribution Team Size

Project Engineer Oracle 9i, EditPlus Editor, J2EE,JSP,JavaScript, HTML, Java Played a part in Exit Capacity module. 10

Educational Qualification [GATEqualified with 99.51 percentile (All India Rank 125)] Degree M.Tech. B.E.

Specializatio n/ Board Manufacturing Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Institute/ University Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Result 8.8/10 CGPA

Year of Passing 2005

Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur (C.G)



Higher Secondary C.B.S.E. (XII std.)

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Raipur



Secondary School C.B.S.E. (X std.)

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Raipur




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Trainings • •

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Three months on job training in Java/J2EEin Wipro Technologies. (Jul 2005-Sep 2005). Developing Architectures for Enterprise JavaApplication from Oracle University Building Web Services (using J2EE1.4/JAX-RPC,JAX-WSand annotations based) Web 2.0 –AJAX Mechanics of cloud computing J2EEwith Web Services Oracle BPELProcessManager

M. Tech Thesis: Title: Collaboration in Design and Manufacturing using Web Services. In this thesis, collaboration was achieved in a Design and Manufacturing process through orchestration and choreography offered by Web Services. First, a Design and Manufacturing process was chosen in which collaboration is highly required. In this case it was a die casting design and manufacturing process in which four companies were involved. Then the Web Services were written and deployed using widely used public domain software and then they were orchestrated using orchestration engine. The results obtained were encouraging. Finally, the design and manufacturing processwas presented as a single Web Service for further use. Software used: Java, Apache Tomcat/4.1.12-LE-jdk14, Apache-AXIS, and PARASOFTBPEL Maestro for Web Service Orchestration Version 1.6.0. Link:


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resume, cv, career synopsis


resume, cv, career synopsis