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The Smith Center Heart of the Arts


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Second level

Third level 

Fourth level 

Fifth level

Moments shared that will Culture inspire lifelong values and traditions Family Community

Objectives 

To increase awareness of The Smith Center among Hispanics 

To understand the Hispanic community, culture, and values

Identify and eliminate barriers between The Smith Center and the Hispanic community  Disclose


opportunity and growth of The Smith

Consumer and Market 

Comparison between demographics 





Ideal market that fits within current segments

Secondary Research 

Hispanics are more likely to watch television programming in Spanish

Advertisements in English are 70% less effective than those in Spanish

61% of Hispanics go to amusement parks, state fairs or carnivals

60% of Hispanics prefer going out as a family

Discounts and special offers attract Hispanics




Big Idea Connect with the arts and together create an unforgettable experience

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Second level

Third level Smith Center TheThe Smith Center 

TheSmith SmithCenter Center The Fourth level

Fifth level

sense sense ofof of sense sense of community community community community

family family family family experience experience experience experience

exposure exposure exposure exposure to the to the the to to the arts arts arts arts

Guerilla Marketing ď‚› First ď‚›


Information booth with merchandise and video setup of past shows and props

Print ď‚› Symbolizes

the connection between The Smith Center and the community, it’s location in the city and coincide with the idea: Heart of the Arts.

TV  Spokesperson

 Ads

Lucy Flores

on Spanish stations

“Show Us Your Culture” 

Express yourself through a culture that has impacted and shaped your way of life.

Three month duration

Encourages all cultural backgrounds and learning about new ones while building awareness for The Smith Center

Radio ď‚›

Upcoming shows will be aired on multiple Spanish radio stations


Details about The Smith Center varying from location, how to learn more about upcoming shows and where to purchase tickets

Recommendations  Scholarships 

4 High School winners in 4 Southern Nevada cities

 Internships 

Social media coordinator

Focus on multiple strategies in Spanish

Connect with the community and build stronger brand image

Connect with the Arts Family, Community, Culture

Team Members James Baptista Nicole Bovasso Tamara Cannella Jacquelyn Chiakulas Dana Cretu Paula Flores Kelsey Fraga Natasha Roque Alisha Wexler

The Smith Center Presentation  
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