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Flooring: a Essential Part of House Decoration The term ‘Flooring’ can be described as a permanent wrapper of floor. In other words the process of installation of cover to the floor is known as flooring. Through flooring, essential materials are introduced to the floor in order to cover it with a better interface, making the surface comfortable for walking purpose For floor covering there is large number and types of materials like: wood, vinyl, linoleum, stone, ceramic tile etc. Sometimes area rugs, carpets are also included in the material list. Here ‘Sub floor’ is another important term which means the base of covering. Sometimes Sub floors also serve the purpose of flooring (solid cement floors). Now the selection of flooring material depends on different factors like: endurance, cost, moisture, noise insulation, comfort etc. For example, hardwood or laminate flooring is not appropriate for damp places. Depending on these materials flooring can be classified into different categories. These are as follows: •

Soft coverings: In soft covering mostly carpets or rugs are used. They may be permanent or not. Generally this type of covering done on the solid floors. These carpets or rugs are made from soft fibers. That’s why these coverings are so comfortable.

Wood flooring: Different types of woods are used in wood flooring. Mainly they are classified into two categories: Hardwoods and Softwoods. Obviously the first one lasts long. For hardwood Calgary Flooring is very popular.

Now there are different type’s wood floorings. Some of them are: Bamboo flooring, Laminate flooring, Cork flooring. •

Hard flooring: Here mainly stones and tiles are used for the flooring. They are designed into different sizes and styles. Stones and tiles are used lot in flooring because of the durable nature. Ceramic tiles are also used apart from the stones (specially marble and slate) and for ceramic Calgary Hardwood Floor is also well known to all. These tiles are of small pieces they are joined for covering of large places.


Resilient flooring: Elasticity is the main quality of resilient flooring. It includes different types of elastic materials like: vinyl, rubber, linoleum etc. This covering is used for some different purposes like athletics, dance etc.

Now floors have become the most essential part of a house decoration. And wooden floors are the most beautiful ones. But the wooden surfaces suffer from several problems. Wooden surfaces pass sound, especially heavy footsteps. Also it is vulnerable to insects. So these wooden floors need maintenance. With proper maintenance floors can be last for long time.

Flooring: a Essential Part of House Decoration  
Flooring: a Essential Part of House Decoration  

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