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America’s Animal Shelters A-Z  

By: Alisha Mellott   

A​ ​is for American Humane

American Humane was founded in 1877. It is an organization, committed to the safety and well  being of all animals. Their leaderships program is  first to serve in nurturing and promoting bonds  between humans and animals. 

B ​is for BisBee Animal Shelter

This is Precious. She is a pitbull terrier. She is up for adoption like many other animals at Bisbee.  Bisbee is an animal shelter with pets that are  waiting to be adopted. They are located in Arizona. 

C​ ​is for Cumberland

Valley Animal Shelter

Cumberland valley Animal Shelter is little different than normal animal shelters. They allow  donations, you can become a guardian angels for  pets, foster parents, adopt pets. You can also buy a  shirt to support them. They are located in  Chambersburg, PA.  

D​ ​is for Denver animal shelter

This particular shelter is very unique. In front, the first thing you will see is this giant dog statue. They  protect the safety and welfare of the Denver  citizens and animals. They are located in Denver as  you can tell by their name. 

E​ ​is for East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue

This is another cool and unique animal shelter as you can just tell by the name. It has very exotic  animals like peacocks to lions and tigers, more than  40 exotic animals to be exact. They are located in  Fairfield, Pennsylvania.  

F​ ​is for Frederick County

Esther Boyd Animal Rescue

The Frederick County Esther Boyd Animal Shelter was designed to accept and home stray and  unwanted dogs and cats. They achieved their state  certification in July of 1995. The goals of the shelter  are to provide care for the dogs and cats at the  shelter, reunite lost pets with their owners and  place their dogs and cats in new homes. 

G ​is for Greyhounds Pets for America


Purpose of GPA is to find responsible, loving homes for greyhounds. The shelter was founded in 1987 to  find homes for racing greyhounds when their were  “retired”. They have adopted over 80,000  greyhounds to homes all throughout the country.  They are located in Minnesota. 

H​ ​is for Habitat for Horses /

Their mission is to promote the safety and well being of horses. Also to encourage the education of  concerning the physical and mental health of  horses. They also provide a home for those horses  are no longer productive. One last thing is they help  the sick horses. They’re located in North Texas. 

I​ ​is for Indiana Humane Society

The Humane Indiana is an animal shelter. But also  they are committed and dedicated to the protection  of pets and wildlife. They also nurture the  wellbeing of animals. They have been helping for  over 76 years. 

J​ ​is for Joe Joe’s Place Animal Rescue

Joe Joe's Place Animal Rescue, they obviously rescue animals but they also have animals you can adopt.  Or you donate or foster. They have events too  including fundraisers. For example they have an  annual bowling fundraiser. 

K​ ​is for Kay’s Animal Shelter

This animal shelter is a non profit organization. They are funded mainly by donations. They have  been business since 1953. They are on of the oldest  shelters in Northern Indiana! 


L​ ​is for Last Chance Animal rescue &sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjTm7_QvIjZAhUK7FMKHZTFAOwQ_AUIDCgD&biw=1366&bih=768&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=4 GQegUw4re4eMM: 


This certain animal shelter operates in Washington DC, Virginia, and in Maryland. They take in pets  from more than 50 high killing shelters in 12  different states. They also provide disaster relief  services for pets. They have partnered with more  than 30 different PetSmarts and Petcos in the  region. 

M​ ​is for

Murray-Calloway County Animal Shelter

Murray- Calloway County Animal Shelter is located in Murray, Kentucky. Their mission is to provide  immediate shelter and care for any animals that  have been homeless or abused. They will either take  the pets back to their original owners, give them  new owners, or shelter them until they get new  owners. 

N​ ​is for Northeast Animal Shelter 

Northeast Animal Shelter is located in Boston. They were established way back in 1976. One of the  things that make them unique is that they are one of  New England’s largest non-profit, no kill animal  shelters. They have also gave more than 130,00 cats  and dogs homes since they have opened! 


O​ ​is for Oklahoma City Animal Welfare

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare is located in Oklahoma City as said in the name. Their mission is  to promote and protect the safety and health of  people and pets in OKC. They serve about more 24,000  animals each year! 

P​ ​is for Palm Springs Animal Shelter

Palm Springs Animal Shelter is located in Palm Springs. Their mission is to build a community  responsible to take care and treat animals. Since  1996 they have been raising funds to help the Palm  Springs Animal Shelters with needs.  

Q​ ​is for Quincy Animal Shelter

  Quincy Animal Shelter is located in Quincy,  Massachusetts. They are a volunteer-run  non-profit organization. They have placed more  than 7,500 dogs and cats since they opened in 1999.  

R​ ​is for Rita B. Huff Humane Society

Rita B. Huff Humane Society is located in Huntsville,  Texas. Their mission is to preserve animals well  being through adoption and rescuing. They also  strive to the safety and welfare of the animals,  children, and citizens in their communities. 

S​ ​is for Speranza Animal Rescue

Speranza Animal Rescue is located in Mechanicsburg, PA. They have dogs, cats, pigs/hogs,  goats, and cows. They’re a sanctuary and also a  rehabilitation center. They named their rescue this  because speranza means hope.     

T​ is for Tri-County Animal Shelter 

Tri County Animal Shelter is located in Charles County, Maryland. Their mission is to keep lost and  stray animals until claimed by owners. They are the  only government run shelter for the tri county  area! 


U​ ​is for Union Townships Animal Shelter

Townships Animal Shelter is located in New Jersey. You can visit the animals there and help them get  adopted. You can either adopt a cat or a dog here.    


V​ ​is for Virginia Beach SPCA

Virginia Beach animal shelter is located in Virginia  Beach, VA. They try to lower animal suffering by  increasing human compassion. They first opened  way back in 1969. They have a HOPE program that  provides pet food and discounted veterinary care  for pet owners who can’t afford it.   

W​ ​is for Wabash County Animal Shelter Buddies

Wabash County Animal Shelters Buddies are  located in Illinois. They are licensed by the State of  Illinois Department of Agriculture. Hundreds of  animals come to their shelter each year. They have  made great progress increasing adoptions and  decreasing euthanization. 

X ​is for Xenia, Greene

County Animal Shelter

Greene County Animal Shelter is located in Xenia,  Ohio. They are like a dog warden of Greene County.  They maintain animals such a dogs and cats. They  enforce dog laws and you can license your dog there  too. 

Y ​is for Yonkers Animal Shelter

Yonkers Animal Shelter is located in Yonkers, New York. They have many, many dogs up for adoption. They also  have many cats up for adoption. What makes them more  unique is that every dog and cat there is different. You  can also donate and volunteer.  


Z​ is for Zoe’s House  

Zoes place is located in Reading, PA. They are named after the dog zoe who was the manager’s dog. They  are a non profit animal welfare group. They also  offer permanent homes to those who have special or  medical needs.   

America’s Animal Shelters A-Z is a  learning book for young  children trying to learn  their alphabet. But also  kids will like it because  of the animals. You could  even get a job or  volunteer to one of these  animal shelters if your  old enough.         


America's Animal Shelters A-Z  

America’s Animal Shelters A-Z is a learning book for young children trying to learn their alphabet. But also kids will like it because of th...

America's Animal Shelters A-Z  

America’s Animal Shelters A-Z is a learning book for young children trying to learn their alphabet. But also kids will like it because of th...