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If you saw the Paul McKenna TV Show on Sky (I Can Change Your Life, 2005), you'll already know how quickly and painlessly phobias, addictions, compulsions, etc. can be cured using techniques from the Art & Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. If you have a phobia or any of the problems listed below - or know someone who has - read on, this information could prove useful. oAddictions (alcohol, class A and lesser drugs, gambling, smoking, eating, sex, etc.) oPhobias (flying, spiders, dogs, cats, water, clowns, confined spaces, open spaces, lifts, escalators, driving, etc.) oOverwhelming emotions / unuseful states (depression, stress, fear, anger, guilt, sadness, anxiety, panic, etc.) oIndecision / procrastination oLack of confidence / self-esteem issues Here at New Learning Programs our clients are experiencing the following success: 9 out of 10 who come to see us for a problem (of the kind above) achieve their outcome in the first session! Unlike other forms of therapy that we are aware of (hypno, psycho, or psychiatry, counselling, etc.) we are willing to offer you (after an initial free telephone consultation), depending on the complexity of your problem, a NO-FIX NO-FEE basis. Can we say fairer than that? We figure that if we continue to do this kind of work and do not get the results for the client it would be better for all concerned that we stop and go do something else. However, if we guarantee our work in this way and continue to get paid because clients get the results they were looking for, then everyone wins. The various 'therapists' we know are, generally speaking, well-intentioned people. And to them we offer this challenge: Charge clients on a NO-FIX NO-FEE basis. If you're good at what you do, you won't have to worry about money. If you're not, maybe you should go and do some other form of work that you are good at. What is a Phobia? The dictionary says that it's an extreme fear of a particular thing or situation, especially one that cannot reasonably be explained. In short, it is an irrational fear. Humans are born with only two fears: loud noises and falling. All other behaviours are learned. Including phobias. An Irish company suggests that for one thing, a phobia shows how amazingly fast our brain can learn a new behaviour. Sometimes, a single experience can be generalised into a behaviour that persists for years, or sometimes forever. But because the brain does learn so incredibly fast, it can

also learn other, more useful behaviours just as quickly. Do you have a phobia? Spiders, snakes, dogs, cats, heights, flying, lifts, elevators, buttons, doctors, dentists, needles, social phobia, etc... are just a few common ones. They may seem very different, but practically all of them can be cured in the same way. Take the case of doctors. Those who get sued for malpractice are not the one's who make the mistakes, but the one's who have 'communicated' in an unuseful way (lack of respect and rapport) towards a patient - or, at least, that's the way the patient sees it. One of our highly-trained coaches would sit in on a few interactions between doctor and patients, and soon be able to determine where quick, easy (and malpractice suit saving) would be made.

This article was written by Owen Pardue of [] - NLP training [] - neuro linguistic programming training, business NLP Dublin.

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==== ==== Click Here To Release All Your Phobias Easiest Way Humanly Possible ==== ====

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Click Here To Cure All Your Phobias Fastest Way Humanly Possible.....

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