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October 22 - October 28, 2009


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Pumpkins & Potatoes

pages 1-4 Pie Pumpkins, Decorator Pumpkins

Tidbits Around the

World: Ireland Get’em while the pickin is good! pages 5-6


Comfort Food


HANK National Boss Day

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Issue #281


4th Quarter 2009

Week 44 October 25 31 2006 4th -Quarter

laugh a Q: What is a baby potato called? bit with

Week 41

A: A small fry.

If you leave work late, no one will notice. If you leave work early, you’ll bump intoTIDBITS® the boss in the parking PICKS SOME lot.


Fall NATIONAL is time for digging potatoes, plucking pumpBOSS DAY kins from vines, putting blankets back on the by and Stanley Drummond beds forare cold weather. consider Bosses people, too. Let’s (Really!) And some everyTidyear bits about pumpkins and potatoes. on October 16, America pays tribute to them. • If you live in a northern latitude or a high • elevation, you probably picked the last tomatoes, Actually, National Boss Day was created in 1958 by anpeppers Illinois and secretary Patricia cucumbers, other named frost sensitive Haroski. Sheago, chose October 16 because it was crops weeks but pumpkins and potatoes her father’s birthday. Her father also happened keep growers busy through the fall season. to be her boss at the time. Nevertheless, she felt • Be aware, “There comes a time when it cannot thatput bosses in general be off any longer. were The underappreciated, radio warns of a and registered the date with the U.S. Chamber killing frost coming in the night, and you must of Commerce as an official observance. say good-bye to the garden. You dread it, as you saying good-bye any survey good friend; • dread Interestingly enough, ato 2005 done bybut an the garden waits with its last gifts, and you must international human resources consulting firm go with a bushel or big to receive revealed that thebasket majority of buckets employees would them.” Quote from Rachel Peden whose not trade places with their boss. The column, primary “The Hoosier Farm Wife Says…” was a popular reason given was the change that would result feature in the Indianapolis Star for many years. between them and their co-workers. They could • Pumpkins are thought to originate from Central no longer ignore or laugh at any slackers in their America. They are now grown on every continent department; they’d be responsible for any poor except Antarctica. performers.

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Music by Swing Sounds

•• If you collect your pumpkins in a basket… you Hallmark started selling Boss Day cards in better be growing the small “pie” pumpkins or a 1979. While they don’t reveal actual sales “mini” variety. Most pumpkins are big and heavy figures, they do disclose that the “holiday” is and used as fall or Halloween decorations. poised to break into the list of top 10 card-sendturn few the page ing events within the next years.for more! turn the page for more!

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Page  PUMPKINS & POTATOES (continued): • Morton, Illinois is the self-proclaimed “Pumpkin Capital of the World.” The Libby Company’s pumpkin plant is located there.

for all other fresh vegetables consumed in and Canadian Thanksgiving holidays. The U.S. Canada. holiday is the fourth Thursday in November but October 22 - October 28, 2009 Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland the Canadian holiday is the second Monday in • Idaho® Potatoes and the “Grown in Idaho®” seal are federally registered certification marks October. 4th Quarter 2009

• The largest pumpkin pie ever baked weighed Week 44 2,020 pounds kg). The (continued): feat, recognized PUMPKINS & (916 POTATOES October 25 - 31 by the Guinness Book of World Records, • How do you mend a broken Jack-O-Lantern? Page 2 was accomplished on October 8, 2005 by the With a pumpkin patch! New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers of New • Pumpkins and potatoes are excellent sources of Bremen, Ohio.

• Would you like an “original” pumpkin pie? It was made by early colonists by filling a hollowed out pumpkin shell with milk, honey and spices and baked in hot ashes. Yummm!

fiber. Both are also rich in potassium. Pumpkins are rich in Vitamin A and potatoes are rich in Vitamin C.

• Pumpkins are in the Cucurbita plant family as are squash. The Greek work for pumpkin, “pepon” means large melon. Cucumbers are in this family as well.

• Think about this…“It’s easy to halve the potato where there’s love.” Irish Proverb Do you ever wonder about the origin of these sayings? Can you see the romantic couple buttering their halved potato in the candlelight?!

• Once upon a time…pumpkins were recommended for removing freckles and treating snake bites.

• Are you an average American? If so, you probably eat around 126 pounds (57 kg) of potatoes each year. Approximately one-third of U.S. potatoes are grown in Idaho. Canadians like potatoes too… the rate of consumption is even higher at 157 pounds (71 kg) per person. This is about the same as the combined total for all other fresh vegetables consumed in Canada.

• Do you remember the pumpkin carriage used by Cinderella to hurry home from the ball? Your children or grandchildren certainly do! But…just like the “frog-into-a-prince-kiss” it only works in a make-believe world. • People in North America love pumpkin pie. The highest consumption is during the U.S. and Canadian Thanksgiving holidays. The U.S. holiday is the fourth Thursday in November but the Canadian holiday is the second Monday in October.


• Luther Burbank, born in Massachusetts in 1849, is known for the development of the 4th Quarter 2009 Burbank potato. He sold the rights to his potato Weekand 44moved to California where he for $150 bought a 15 October 25acre - 31(6 hectares) farm on Gold Ridge in Sebastopol in 1885. Today, his farm is Page 3 listed on the National Historic Register and is open year round for tours. His home in nearby Santa Rosa, CA is now a city park.

• Potatoes are thought to originate from the Andes of South America. Some really cool looking potatoes of different shapes, sizes and colors still grow there today – many at elevations around 13,000 feet.

• Using pumpkins as lanterns (Jack-o-lanterns) was started by Irish immigrants based on an ancient Celtic custom. All Hallows Eve was the end of the old Celtic calendar year and the Irish would hollow out turnips, rutabagas and beets and put candles inside. They sat the veggie creations on windowsills to ward off evil.

• The largest pumpkin pie ever baked weighed 2,020 pounds (916 kg). The feat, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, was accomplished on October 8, 2005 by the New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers of New Bremen, Ohio.

for the Idaho Potato Commission.

• Idaho® Potatoes and the “Grown in Idaho®” seal are federally registered certification marks for the Idaho Potato Commission. • Luther Burbank, born in Massachusetts in 1849, is known for the development of the Burbank potato. He sold the rights to his potato for $150 and moved to California where he bought a 15 acre (6 hectares) farm on Gold Ridge in Sebastopol in 1885. Today, his farm is listed on the National Historic Register and is open year round for tours. His home in nearby Santa Rosa, CA is now a city park.

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ulations in place. Steer clear of the early spring when fish spawn and the late summer when fish are stressed due to lower oxygen levels from the heat. Know what the rules are, follow them and report any illegal activity you see.

Care for the land and 1420 E 2nd Street, Casper, WY • 233-3700 water as though it were your own. Don’t trash it with chemicals and discarded gear. Take out everything you brought in and leave the area as clean as, if not cleaner than, you found it. Leave wildlife alone and take You love to fish, and while you’ve always great steps not to disturb their habitat. tried to be an ethical angler and protect Should you see others not doing the same, the areas you fish, you want to do more. report it to authorities. Here are some tips to help you step up your efforts and use green fishing prac- Use eco-friendly products. There are many tices whenever possible. available, including barbless hooks and molded-type nets, both of which allow for Go at an opportune time and obey any reg- easier, safer release of fish. Browse the

The Greener, The Better By Tresa Erickson

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October 22 - October 28, 2009

Web or a sporting goods store near you and make the most of the green products you find.

Keep the spread of exotic species in check. Opt for artificial lures rather than live bait when possible. Most artificial lures on the market today are more lifelike than ever. If you must use artificial bait, be careful to select native species. Do not bring in exotic species. They could survive, reproduce and damage the ecosystem.

Handle the fish you catch with care and keep only what you need. Use a damp towel to remove lures; this will keep the protective layer on the gills intact. If you must use barbed hooks and see one caught deeply in the fish, cut the leader rather than try to remove it. The hook will eventually rust out. Take home only what you need and are allowed, and properly release whatever fish you aren’t keeping. Finally, spread the word. Take every opportunity to teach other anglers about the importance of protecting the environment and using green practices. The more you get the message out, the more other anglers will do their part and the better off the environment will be.

October 22 - October 28, 2009


Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

by David Uffington

Block Drafts to Cut Home Heating Costs Heating fuel prices are down, but now that there’s a nip in the air, you could be discovering all the air leaks in your home. Here are some things you can do yourself to block the cold. --If outdoor temperatures are less than 50 F, you shouldn’t caulk outside; however, plastic sheeting on the inside of windows can go a long way toward keeping the heat in. There are two methods you can do yourself: 1) Plastic sheeting that comes in a kit with double-sided tape. Leave as much space as you can between the glass and the plastic because it’s the space that blocks the cold air before it gets into the room. Use a hair dryer to shrink the plastic, and it becomes nearly as clear as glass. At the end of the heating season when you remove the plastic, you may need vinegar to remove the last remnants of glue from the tape. 2) Removable interior panels that can be reused year after year. You’ll need basic supplies such as one-by-two boards, foam strips and plastic sheeting. These panels are sturdy and hold back drafts even better than plastic sheeting in kits and are cheaper over the long term. For detailed plans to build your own, go to and scroll most the way down the page to “Thermal Windows.” You’ll find a materials list with estimated pricing and lots of photos and instructions. --Caulk around pipes under sinks. Use expandable foam, and wear disposable rubber gloves. (If you get any your hand, it’s hard to get off.) Let dry around the pipes and trim with a sharp blade. --Put another layer of insulation in the attic, if you have one. --Replace your furnace filter if you didn’t do this in the fall. Buy an extra and keep it on hand to change in the middle of winter. --Install storm doors on exit doors. --Hang insulating drapes on windows. Open them up during the day to let the sun warm the rooms, and close them when the sun goes down. The more cold air you block from getting into your home, the more comfortable you’ll be -- and the lower your heating costs. David Uffington regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Write to him in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Whether baked, fried, boiled, mashed or smashed… potatoes are popular all over the world in every culture. They are among a number of foods considered “comfort food” in North America and other countries as well. • Webster’s Dictionary added the term “comfort food” to its pages in 1972. It is “food prepared in a traditional style having a usually nostalgic or sentimental appeal.”

October 22 - October 28, 2009

4th Quarter 2009 Week 44 October 25 - 31 Page 7

• If you think of foods that bring back pleasant memories of your childhood, those would be your particular “comfort foods.” Usually there are accepted foods in a culture or location that are known in the area or even worldwide. • If you think of Mexico, you probably think of tacos and enchiladas. Beans, quesadillas, and huevos rancheros are also favorites. • Peach cobbler, gumbo, fried chicken and fried catfish are on the top of most southerners’ lists of comfort foods. • Popularity of television personalities such as Bobby Flay, Emeril, Rachel Ray and others have really brought comfort foods increased attention. They show us how to prepare popular dishes and make it look easy! • Do you remember Jim Croce, from the 1970s, who sang “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” and “Time in a Bottle?” His widow, Ingrid, opened a restaurant in San Diego, CA. One of the fabulous entrees on the menu is Croce’s Prime Contemporary Meatloaf. It is served on top of mashed potatoes…comfort food at its finest! • Meatloaf is one of the first foods most people think of when you ask for their favorite comfort food. Is it yours?

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October 22 - October 28, 2009

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PRESENTS TRIVIA NEWSFRONT™ by Kara Kovalchik & Sandy Wood

1. Who portrayed the truancy officer in the Olsen twins’ big screen debut, New York Minute? 2. Which member of rock group KISS had a solo hit singleBY: called “New York Groove”? MAGIC MAZE SPONSORED 3. Who wrote Tom Jones’ hit single “What’s New, Pussycat”? 4. Before they changed their name to New Kids on the Block, what name did the boy band go by? YOUR CONVERSE COUNTY’S 5. #1Who DEALER wrote the classic children’s story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”?

NUMBER PUZZLE Fill in the grid so that every column, every row, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.

8 2 1 7 5 2 6 9 8 1 2

4 1


4 .


5 ANSWERS 3 7 9 8 .



Short Supply 2008 FEDERAL HOLIDAYS

7-55 Ranch Road1. •. .Rolling • 436-6055 Tuesday, January . . . . . . Hills . . New Year's Day Monday, January 21 . . . . . . . . . . MLK’s Birthday Monday, February 18 . . . . Washington's Birthday Ranchway Monday,Feeds May 26. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Memorial Day Friday,Nutrena July 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Independence Day Monday,Feeds September 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Labor Day Monday,Wy October Hay13. . . . . . . . . . . Columbus Day Tuesday,Cubes November 11 . . . . . . . . . Veterans Day Thursday, November 27 . . . . . Thanksgiving Day Thursday, 25. . . . . . . . Christmas Day Smart December Lic Tubs NUMBER PUZZLE ANSWER Monday-Friday • 9Saturday 6 3 5• 8 2 7 4 1

3 6 4

Eugene Levy Ace Frehley Burt Bacharach Nynuk Hans Christian Anderson


8 1 4 6 7 5 2 3

4 7 2 5 3 1 8 9


2 5 1 9 8 4 6 7

9 3 8 1 6 2 7 4

7 6 5 2 4 9 3 1

1 4 3 7 9 8 5 6

5 9 6 8 1 3 4 2

6 2 9 3 5 7 1 8

3 8 7 4 2 6 9 5


New Year’s Eve 2007 is the second time that the nice folks at Charmin will provide 20 public restrooms for Times Square holiday revelers. Their comfort station is located at 46th and Broadway.


Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

October 22 - October 28, 2009




¥ The beloved children’s book “Green Eggs and Ham” would not exist if it hadn’t been for a bet. Bennett Cerf, Dr. Seuss’ By Samantha Weaver editor, bet the author $50 • It was Ogden Nash, well- that he couldn’t write a loved American author book using no more than 50 of humorous poetry, who different words. Dr. Seuss made the following sage used precisely 50 words, observation: “The door of a collecting the $50 and bigoted mind opens outwards creating a classic at the same so that the only result of the time. pressure of facts upon it is to • You might be surprised to close it more snugly.” learn that about 29 percent • The modern dishwasher of people who go to beauty was invented all the way spas are men. back in 1889, and it’s no surprise that it was a woman, • If your family is like most not a man, who came up with American households, you the labor-saving device. It is waste approximately $600 interesting to note, however, every year by throwing away that it wasn’t her own labor unspoiled food. Josephine Cochrane was saving when she invented the • The world’s tallest tree can device; Mrs. Cochrane had be found in Redwood National servants to do the washing Park, in California. The tree, up. In fact, she wasn’t known as “Hyperion,” stands interested in saving labor at nearly 380 feet tall. all -- she was simply tired of *** the servants chipping the fine Thought for the Day: “I never did give them hell. I china. just told the truth, and they • You had more taste buds thought it was hell.” -- Harry before you were born than S. Truman you do now -- more than you’ve had at any time in (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. your life, in fact.

Tiger Woods. . . . . . . . . 12/30

Burton Cummings . . . . 12/31

Don Novello . . . . . . . . . . . 1/1

Cuba Gooding, Jr. . . . . . . 1/2

Danica McKellar. . . . . . . . 1/3

Patty Loveless . . . . . . . . . 1/4

Marilyn Manson . . . . . . . . 1/5

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