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August 12 - August 18, 2010



Issue #324


3rd Quarter 2010



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Music Legend: Dr. Santosa is currently accepting new patients. Please call the Knisely Health CenterDavid at 358-7373 to schedule Bowe an appointment with Dr. Santosa today! pages 5-6

Open Access pages Clinic 7-8 TABLE OF Schedule CONTENTS Catfish

Tuesdays-Thursdays, 9 a.m. - Noon* Boss Day and 1 p.m.National - 5 p.m.**

*Must be at clinic and checked in bypages 11:30 a.m. 1-4 **All patients who are at clinic and checked in by 5:00 p.m. Debtors’ Rights will be seen on that day.

pages 5-6

Visiting Specialists: Fifty-Two Pick-Up pages 7-8 Dr. Roussell - Opthamologist Monday afternoon, August 23rd

Note: Dr. Roussell will not be doing surgery in August.

Dr. Lugg - Urologist Thursday afternoon, August 19th Dr. Wicks and Dr. Skaff - Cardiologists Fri., August 13th and Fri., August 27th We want to know if you are having problems scheduling an appointment with our healthcare providers. We are committed to your healthcare. If, for any reason, you are not able to schedule and appointment with your MHCC healthcare provider, please call 358-1444 and tell us your experience. 111 S 5th St, Douglas, WY 358-2122

laugh a Q. with What’s the best day to go to the beach? bit A. Sun-day. If you leave work late, no one will notice. If you leave work early, you’ll bump into theBEACHES boss in the parking lot.

Week 34 Aug 15 4th - 21 Quarter 2006 Page 1 Week 41 Oct 8 - Oct 14 Front Page

by Rick Dandes TIDBITS GETS FIRED UP ABOUT August: a perfect time for a wonderful endof-summer family beach vacation. It’s a timeby Stanley Drummond honored tradition where some of the best Bosses are people, too.are (Really!) every year childhood memories made. And Everyone has on October 16, America pays tribute to their favorite sands, but when it comes tothem. familyoptions, not allBoss are created equal. Tidbitsin •friendly Actually, National Day was created picks some best beaches thatnamed parents, kids, 1958 by of anthe Illinois secretary Patricia honeymooners and surfers alike are guaranteed Haroski. She chose October 16 because it was to her love. father’s birthday. Her father also happened


to be her boss at the time. Nevertheless, she felt

• Located along shore were of Lake Huron, west of that bosses inthe general underappreciated, Owen Sound, Ontario’s Sauble Beach been and registered the date with the U.S. has Chamber voted the best freshwater beach in Canada of Commerce as an official observance. by Reader’s Digest readers. There’s a good reason • for Interestingly enough, 2005 survey done by an that: 11 km (6.8 amiles) of sandy beach. international human resources consulting firm Here, the water is shallow and warm making it theand majority of employees would arevealed treat forthat young old alike.

not trade with their boss. The primary • The 7 km places (4.3 miles) of beaches within the reason given was the change that would result Lesser Slave Lake provincial park in Alberta between them and their co-workers. are simply stunning, offering whiteThey sandcould and no longer ignore or laugh at any slackers in their inviting water. But Devonshire Beach here is department; they’d be responsible anydune poor truly something special, with rare for sand performers. ecology that goes back 1,500 years. It’s also the site of annualselling sand building competition. • Hallmarkanstarted Boss Day cards in For those who like beach views, hike to the 1979. While they don’t reveal actual sales Marten Mountain Viewpoint, within the figures, they do disclose that the “holiday” is provincial park. poised to break into the list of top 10 card-sendturn few the page for more! ing events within the next years. turn the page for more!


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Newly Remodeled! 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath, 1 bath,1 Car Garage 1 Car Garage

The Tiny Tavern is

Rocking with Specials from 7pm to 11pm

The Wyoming State Bar does not certify any lawyer as a specialist or expert. Anyone considering a lawyer should independently investigate the lawyer’s credentials and ability, and not rely upon advertisements or self-proclaimed expertise.

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dunes: unique flora and fauna are protected by of National Parks’Douglas initiatives&all along the Tidbits Glenrock, Wheatland shoreline.

Page 2 BEACHES (continued): • Slave Lake in Alberta is a hub for recreation and activity when you’ve had enough of the tranquil peace of the provincial park. While you’re in the area, enjoy the Riverboat Daze, the Lesser Slave Lake Song Bird Festival and annual fishing tournaments. • Qualicum Beach of British Columbia, is one of the “grande dames” of Canadian seaside destinations and a traditional beach resort town. Its location and sandy beaches make it a popular spot for swimming and beachcombing. It offers lovely views of the Strait of Georgia, the Texada and Lasqueti Islands, as well as the Coast Mountain Range. • Nova Scotia’s Northumberland Shore offers some of the warmest waters north of the Carolinas. Melmerby’s sandy beach is one of the finest beaches in the province and a fantastic seaside destination. • Brackley Beach, located in Prince Edward Island National Park, offers long stretches of pristine sandy beaches and majestic dunes of the sort that enthusiasts of the “Anne of Green Gables” miniseries are sure to recognize. But look for conservation measures along the dunes: unique flora and fauna are protected by National Parks’ initiatives all along the shoreline. • Set against verdant old-growth forests and punctuated by giant rock monoliths, including Haystack Rock, quaint and kid-friendly Cannon Beach lies just 80 miles (129 km) west of Portland, Oregon. While the Pacific waters here are often too cold for swimming, kite flying, along with tide pooling and sandcastle building, reign supreme on this wide sandy shore. The kites sold at the town’s weathered cedar-clad shops make the perfect summer vacation souvenir.

3rd Quarter 2010 • Set against verdant old-growth forests and punctuated Week 34 by giant rock monoliths, including

Haystack Rock, quaint and kid-friendly Aug 15 Beach - 21 lies just 80 miles (129 km) west Cannon of Page Portland, 2 Oregon. While the Pacific waters here are often too cold for swimming, kite flying, along with tide pooling and sandcastle building, reign supreme on this wide sandy shore. The kites sold at the town’s weathered cedar-clad shops make the perfect summer vacationBEACHES souvenir. (continued): • Eastern vacationers flock to Cape May every summer. Victorian-house-lined streets might not be what comes to mind when you think of going “down the Shore,” but this National Historic District in southern New Jersey is full of surprises. Indeed, while Cape May has the beautiful expanse of beach and requisite icecream shops for visitors, it also boasts boutique hotels, horse-drawn carriage rides and a toprated, seafood-centric culinary scene bound to please grown-ups. • It’s no wonder that after all these years the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts still lures families in droves. After all, aren’t vast beaches, pounding surf and fried seafood what vacation dreams are made of? But of all the Cape’s beaches, the National Seashore’s Coast Guard Beach stands out, not only for the large waves begging to be body surfed, but also for its educational and natural attractions. • Daytona Beach’s 23 miles (37 km) of sparkling Florida sand promise plenty of surfside fun to keep the kiddies content, plus a plethora of off-beach activities to keep them occupied away from the sun. Wildlife excursions on the Halifax River and the nearby Marine Science Center offer eco-education, while the racecar simulator at the Daytona 500 Experience thrills adults and kids alike. • Hilton Head Island’s 12 miles (19 km) of South Carolina beachfront are child-friendly indeed, with shallow waters, gentle waves and sand dollar-dotted shores. Watch the water for a while, and you’ll likely spot frolicking pods of dolphins; you can even see the smiling mammals up close by chartering a dolphin cruise. • If your family is more trendy than traditional, look no further than Newport Beach in Southern California. Frequented by sunbathers, surfers, and yes, families, miles upon miles of sandcastle-ready beach are open to the public.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN 1540 East 2nd Street • 307-265-7296


Cape’s beaches, the National Seashore’s Coast Guard Beach August stands out, only for18, the 2010 large 12not - August waves begging to be body surfed, but also for its educational and natural attractions. • Daytona Beach’s 23 miles (37 km) of sparkling Florida sand promise plenty of surfside fun to keep the kiddies content, plus a plethora of off-beach activities to keep them occupied away from the sun. Wildlife excursions on the Halifax River and the nearby Marine Science Center offer eco-education, while the racecar simulator at the Daytona 500 Experience thrills adults and kids alike. • Hilton Head Island’s 12 miles (19 km) of South 3rd Quarter 2010are child-friendly indeed, Carolina beachfront with Week shallow34waters, gentle waves and sand dollar-dotted shores. Watch the water for a Augand 15 you’ll - 21 likely spot frolicking pods while, of dolphins; Page 3you can even see the smiling mammals up close by chartering a dolphin cruise. • If your family is more trendy than traditional, look no further than Newport Beach in Southern California. Frequented by sunbathers, surfers, and yes, families, miles upon miles of sandcastle-ready beach are open to the public.

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Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

August 12 - August 18, 2010

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Q. What’s the best day to go to the beach? A. Sun-day.

1. Beaches are one of the most popular travel destinations. Out of 10 trips taken by people, how many include going to a beach? 2. Where is the famous South Beach? 3. It’s a beach island but best known for its golfing opportunities. Name it. 4. What is the name for an individual who searches the beach for valuable objects?

1. Dr. Stephen Leatherman is quite influential during the summer tourism months. What is his alter-ego? 2. This famous 1960s rock and roll group incorporated their love of the ocean into their music. Name them. “Sponges grow in the ocean. That just kills me. I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be if that didn’t happen.” – comedian Steven Wright

A woman went to the beach with her children. Her 4-year-old son ran up to her, grabbed her hand, and led her to the shore where a dead seagull lay in the sand. “Mommy, what happened to him?” the little boy asked. “He died and went to heaven,” she replied. The child thought for a moment and said, “And God threw him back down?”


This word means: Rides the waves

Some beaches are artificial; they are either permanent or temporary. Some examples of this are in Monaco,




Hong Kong’s Golden Beach.

Ben Affleck 8/15/1972 Madonna 8/16/1958 Robert De Niro 8/17/1943 Patrick Swayze 8/18/1952 Bill Clinton 8/19/1946 Robert Plant 8/20/1948 Kenny Rogers 8/21/1938

1. 1 in 10 (10 percent) 2. Miami Beach, Fla. 3. Myrtle Beach 4. Beachcomber

Eco Friendly Beach Towels 8/15: 8/16: 8/17: 8/18: 8/19: 8/20: 8/21:

Anniversary of Woodstock, 1969 Joke Day National Thrift Shop Day Bad Poetry Day Aviation Day Pony Express Day Hug Your Boss Day

When choosing a beach towel to accessorize your summer fun in the sun, the same principles of eco fashion apply. Conventional cotton is laden with pesticides that are harmful to our environment and can be toxic to your skin. Old towels that have been washed dozens of times have been rinsed of that new towel chemical smell and are better to use than brand-new towels. Whether you choose cotton or synthetics materials, think twice about what is going to be under your buns this summer. There are some amazingly soft and ecofriendly options to throw into your beach bag.



3rd Quarter 2010 Week 34 Q. What’s the best day to go to the beach?

AUGUST IS A. Sun-day. BLACK BUISNESS MONTH (U.S.) birthstone: Peridot, Sardonyx

1. Dr. Beach

1. Dr. Stephen Leatherman 2. The Beach Boys is quite influential during the summer tourism months. What is his alter-ego? 2. This famous 1960s rock and roll group incorporated their love of the ocean into their music. Name them. There are several beaches that claim to be the “world’s longest,” including Cox’s Bazar, Fraiser Island beach, 90 Mile (145 km) beaches in Australia and New Zealand and Long Beach, Washington (about 30km, or 19 miles).

1. de ho 2. 3. go 4. sea

Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

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The Right Outfitted Hunt Research Is A Must

brother-in-law just went on one and had a great time. Of course, not all outfitted hunts are created equal. Some are better than others, and to ensure you get your money’s worth, you need to do your homework.

Outfitted hunts can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, so it is imperative that you choose the right one. Get recommendations from friends and family, and if you’ve got the funds, consider hiring a booking agency. They specialize in outfitted hunts and will do all of the legwork necessary to present you with the best options.

August 12 - August 18, 2010

type of rest and nourishment you seeking after a long day out in the field. • How many hunters are involved? The more hunters covering the same piece of land, the less likely you are to bag one. If you’re looking for some privacy, be prepared to pay for it. • What kind of equipment will you need to bring? Good outfitters will provide you with a complete list of equipment and supplies you should bring. • Who takes care of any game that is bagged? Better outfitters provide ATVs to take you back to camp and staff to care for the game. • How much does the hunt cost? Are there any additional fees? Find out exactly what the cost is and what it entails. You don’t want to arrive to camp and have to shell out more money for this and that.

However you go about finding an outfitted hunt, make sure you shop around and find By Tresa Erickson out as much as you can about the hunts that You’re accustomed to flying solo when you interest you. Here is a list of questions to ask: hunt, but lately, you’ve been thinking you • How long has the outfitter been in busimight like to go on an outfitted hunt. Your ness? The more experience they have, the more likely they are to provide you with a good hunt. • What kind of hunting does the outfitter specialize in? If you are a bow hunter, then you want an outfitter who specializes in bow hunting and can provide you with a hunt 112 South 4th Street • Glenrock centered on that. • Who will be guiding the These are just some of the basic questions hunt? How experienced you should ask about the outfitted hunts that are they in general and with the area? Don’t assume the outfitter will guide the hunt. They may take on the duty themselves or delegate it to someone else. Whoever serves as your guide should be familiar with the game and area. If your guide has never hunted One-Stop Shopping (307) 358-3255 the game you’re after or (For late wild game drop off, give us a call) been in the area for just We Guarantee It’s Your Own Meat a few weeks, chances are you are in for a rough hunt. In Stock Only. • What kind of accomTaxidermey While Supplies Last! modations are provided? Studio Usually, the more the hunt & Tannery costs, the better accomBob & JJ Davis modations you can ex1120 East Richards • Douglas • 358-2924 351-0642 or pect. Don’t count on this, 351-1063 however. Find out. PopSUMMER HOURS: Mon - Fri 8 am - 7 pm NEW 119 Center Saturday 8 am - 6 pmFILLER PAGE 2up campers and campfire L Douglas, WY 82633 ocation food may not provide the


1Q08 WEEK 1 • Researchers at Johns DEC 30 - JAN 5 Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania conducted a joint word for "little reward."

study on Americans' weight. They concluded that if current trends continue, 86 percent of adults in this country will be obese by 2030. • Before H. Ross Perot became a successful • It was American drama critic and author businessman -- and had a brief, somewhat less John Mason Brown who made the following successful career as a politician -- he broke sage observation: "Reasoning with a child is horses for a living. fine if you can reach the child's reason without by• Kara Kovalchik & Sandy destroying your own." Statistics show thatWood three out of four married women over the age of 50 are on their second • The first Wal-Mart was located in the town of marriage. In the same age range, five out of six Rogers, Ark. When it opened in 1962, it had a men are in the same marital situation. total of 16,000 square feet of space. Today, there are Wal-Mart Supercenters all over the United • Fireflies start to glow in order to attract a States, and they measure at least 100,000 square mate, and they die soon after finding one. feet and can range up to 220,000 square feet. • Experienced boot makers reportedly can • The original Maytag company was known get three pairs of the footwear out of a single for making horse-drawn buggies rather than ostrich hide. appliances. (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. • The word "pretzel" comes from the Latin


1. Who portrayed the truancy officer in the Olsen twins’ big screen debut, New York Minute? 2. Which member of rock group KISS had a solo hit single called “New York Groove”? 3. Who wrote Tom Jones’ hit single “What’s New, Pussycat”? 4. Before they changed their name to New Kids on


Eugene Levy Ace Frehley Burt Bacharach Nynuk Hans Christian Anderson


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Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

August 12 - August 18, 2010


Merchants of Glenrock Wyoming Serving Their Customers

Call Brenda Stark for details at 259-5010

Many of us take for granted the ease with which we can find a card at the local gift shop, have our hair coiffed at the corner salon, grab a bite at a familiar eatery or get copies made while having a friendly conversation with the proprietor. But what if it were all gone? Poof! Not if the members of the New RAMS of Glenrock can help it. In fact, many merchants are going out of their way to accommodate customers, thinking up new and innovative ways to keep the doors open and business bustling. That’s good news for consumers. Sometimes, it’s not just the price of an item or service that is the bottom line for customers, but it’s the total value of the experience. RAMS dedicated to the community and businesses of Glenrock/ Converse County...bringing exciting weekend events,

annual celebrations and the upholding of the organization’s values to preserve and protect offers countless patrons to the district the kind hospitality, and the sense of community that is truly Glenrock. Glenrock merchants are in a class among themselves, adding character and diversity to the city while putting their customers first. Each customer experience is distinct and knowing that Glenrock businesses care about patrons as individuals is an added benefit that is hard to come by elsewhere. WWW.RAMSGLENROCK.ORG RAMS, founded in 2005 with a mission of strengthening local pride, and promoting tourism in and around Glenrock WY

�� 10. Green Zone (R) Matt Damon

TOP TEN VIDEO, DVD as of Aug. 7, 2010 Top 10 Video Rentals 1. The Bounty Hunter (PG-13) Jennifer Aniston 2. Hot Tub Time Machine (NR) John Cusack 3. Brooklyn’s Finest (R) Richard Gere 4. The Crazies (R) Timothy Olyphant 5. Our Family Wedding (PG13) Forest Whitaker 6. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (PG) Pierce Brosnan 7. The Book of Eli (R) Denzel Washington 8. She’s Out of My League (R) Jay Baruchel 9. When In Rome (PG-13) Kristen Bell

Top 10 DVD Sales 1. The Bounty Hunter (PG-13) (Sony) 2. Our Family Wedding (PG-13) (20th Century Fox) 3. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (PG) (20th Century Fox) 4. Hot Tub Time Machine (NR) (20th Century Fox) 5. Brooklyn’s Finest (R) (Anchor Bay) 6. Avatar (PG-13) (20th Century Fox) 7. Alice in Wonderland (PG) (Buena Vista) 8. The Book of Eli (R) (Warner) 9. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (R) (Music Box) 10. Psych: The Complete Fourth Season (NR) (Universal) (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.

Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

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CATFISH (continued): • Channel catfish prefer cool, deep, clean water, with slow to moderate currents and a sandy or rocky bottom. They live in a wide variety of waters—rivers and streams, swamps and backwaters, lakes and reservoirs. They are found throughout much of the eastern twothirds of the United States.

3rd Quarter 2010 Week 34 Aug 15 - 21 Page 8

• Like all catfish, channel cats will eat pretty much anything. Their diet includes insect larvae, crayfish, mollusks, small fish and clams, snails, worms and seeds. Channel catfish mainly feed at night, and use their barbels to find food in the deep, dark water. • The glass catfish is mostly transparent and often seen in home aquariums. Catfish are also included in aquariums as scavengers, to help keep the tank clean. • In late spring or early summer, male catfish build a nest in a crevice or hole at the bottom of the river. They may use submerged logs, hollow containers or other dark, secluded spots. The female then lays her eggs in a large, sticky, jelly-like mass. • A female blue catfish can produce as many as 100,000 eggs at a time. • Catfish spawning usually occurs in May and June. The male drives the female from the nest after she has laid her eggs, and he cares for the eggs, which hatch in five to 10 days. The male then guards the new baby catfish. • Catch your own! Catfish are easy to catch on cut bait, worms, crickets, dough balls and a wide variety of natural and prepared baits. They can be caught at any time of day, but bite best at night. They are not fighters.

August 12 - August 18, 2010

FDIC's Consumer Newsletter The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation puts out a free quarterly newsletter for consumers. The latest edition includes: --An overview of consumer protections on credit cards. The article lists eight pitfalls to avoid, including keeping an eye on your credit limit, periodically using all your credit cards (only keeping the ones you really need) and staying vigilant about your interest rate when it comes to fixed versus variable-rate cards. In addition to the new changes to credit-card fees, the Federal Reserve Board is considering a new rule that would ban card issuers from charging penalty fees in excess of the amount in question on a consumer's bill. This would

include over-the-limit fees and late-payment fees. Keep an eye on this one as final decision is to be made near the end of August 2010. Check www. for updated information. --The risks and costs of borrowing with a reverse mortgage. Aimed at seniors, this article covers the many potential pitfalls of taking out a reverse mortgage. One point the article makes is that not all reverse mortgages have the protection of the government. --Questions to ask when brokers or agents make deposits for you. If you have a brokerage account, a broker there may make a deposit for you or purchase a Certificate of Deposit in your name. The concern is whether the money is going into an account at a financial institution protected by the FDIC. Another concern is about protection of your existing funds. If, for example, your money is put into a bank where you already have funds and that new amount takes your balance over the protected

limit, you won't be completely covered. The reason: The new amount is added to your existing balance. The FDIC consumer newsletter can be accessed online or a paper copy can be mailed directly to you. You can receive e-mail notifications that online issues are available, and news stories can be downloaded to your MP3 player. Archive editions also are available online. Additionally, if you have e-mail, you can opt to receive the "Consumer Tip of the Week," practical tips to help you stay informed about consumer-finance issues. Check online at www.fdic. gov or call 1-877-275-3342 to subscribe. David Uffington regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Write to him in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Tidbits Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland Tidbits ofof Casper - For Advertising call 307-473-8661 • 161 South Fenway, Casper, WY

August - August August 512 - 11, 2010 18, 2010

garage and car port, fenced yard, yardwork done by owner. $1,200 per month plus deposit, lease required. 259-8454 or 265-0036.


RE/MAX THE GROUP, AMY LUND, Call 1-800-651-9004 & Enter ID#. Rural Property! 3 bd, 2 ba. on 4 acres, large 34x28 shop with 10’ door. Priced at $108,900 Enter ID# 3555



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Part-time position that conducts daily programs & activities for children. Experience working with youth desired. 20-25 hours per week. Wages DOE. Apply or submit resume to Boys & Girls Club, ATTN Susan, 1701 E. K Street, Casper, WY 82601

Charming & Unique! 4bd, 1.75 ba, 2 car gar. 1 Ω Story, Light & Bright rooms. Beautiful landscaping & mature trees. Priced at $182,000 Enter ID# 3405

AMISH LOG FURNITURE TRUCKLOAD SALE!I While supplies last. Call 797-1543 BOOKCASE BED! Brand New, never used. Lots of storage. Retails for $1100. Will sacrifice for $634. Call 797-1543 LOG BED W/ PILLOWTOP MATTRESS SET-Brand new... Cost $990, will sacrifice for $625. Call 797-1543.

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POWER LIFT CHAIR-FULL layout recliner. Brand New. Retails for $875, will sacrifice for $579. Call 797-1543

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Wonderful Ranch! 4 bd, extra room, 2.75 ba, 2 car gar. Seller paying $5000 in closing costs or allowance. Priced at $224,000 Enter ID# 3375


CHILD CARE Full time openings for all ages, dfs accepted, preschool program offered, open 6-6. Reasonable rates! Casper west, Growin young daycare 307-333-2121


SOLID CHERRYWOOD, BRAND NEW, bed, dresser/mirror, armoire, nightstand, tall chest, all dovetail drawers, ball-bearing glides, beautiful. Cost $12,000 sacrifice $2,920. Call 797-1543


100’s of designs to choose from. CUSTOM TATTOOS AVAILABLE! 10 year experience. Walkins WELCOME! 4717 West Yellowstone Hwy (Mountain View Plaza-next to Family Dollar). Call 251-3082

MISC. BUY VIAGRA, CIALIS, Levitra, Propecia and other medications below wholesale prices. Call: 1-866-5068676. Over 70% savings.


Alisha Collins Collette Bracken Owner/Publisher

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Cozy! 3-4bd, 3 bath, 2 car gar. Stunning home that has been completely Updated & Remodeled! Priced at 232,500 Enter ID#3015 Spacious Home! 5-6 bd, 3.5 ba, 4 car garage with shop. HUGE Addition & Many updates. RV Parking Priced at $265,000 Enter ID# 3335 Visit website: For deatailed info, see pictures, virtual tours & request more information. Also get Pre-qualified for FREE! Call Wendy Brown Direct at: 307473-8344 VALLEY ROAD ADDRESS 3 minutes to Crest Hill, Ft. Casper and new CY. 3 bedrooms, 1.75 baths, double garage, fenced, evaporative cooling, lawn irrigation, appliances. Call owner for showing 259-0652, $193,600. FOR SALE BY OWNER 3 BDRM 2 BATH NEWLY RMDLD HOME ON 3 LOTS W/ DTCHD GARAGE! NEW WINDOWS, SIDING, INSULATION! LOCATED IN HANNA, WY! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! $93,333 - 307-321-0577


“The NEATEST Little Paper Ever Read!”

Published and Distributed by Alimon Publishing, LLC Locally Owned and Operated by Alisha Collins

Delightful Home! 4 bd, extra room, 2.5 ba, 2 car gar. Newly finished basement. $2000 yard allowance. Priced at $198,000. Enter ID#3535

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HOMES FOR RENT 143 S FENWAY 3-4 bedroom, 2 full bath, washer/dryer,

30 FT CAMPER. REMODELED. VERY Clean. 2 propane bottles. Electric or propane. Call 436-8726.


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Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

SHOP DOUGLAS! Call Brenda Stark for details at 259-5010

One-Stop Shopping (307) 358-3255 (For late wild game drop off, give us a call) We Guarantee It’s Your Own Meat

Taxidermey Studio & Tannery Bob & JJ Davis

351-0642 or 351-1063

NEW 119 Center Douglas, WY 82633 Location

August 12 - August 18, 2010

Tidbits of Glenrock,Douglas and Wheatland, 08/12/10  

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