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announce that Week 29 July 11 - July 17 2006 Ronny 4th Quarter Week 41 Santosa, M.D. Page 1

laugh a

Q: Whatwith British town makes terrible sandwiches? bit

Oct 8 - Oct 14

A: Oldham! If you leave work late, no one will notice. If you leave work early, you’ll bump TIDBITS® SNIFFS SOME into the boss in theOUT parking lot.

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TIDBITS FIRED UP ABOUT byGETS Patricia L. Cook Many locations are named after famous people in history, many after natural features or events, by Stanley Drummond and some are named after food, whether directly Bosses are people, too. (Really!) every year or indirectly. We’ll take a look thisAnd week at some on October “foodie” 16, America pays tribute to them. interesting places. you start off your morning with created a hearty •• If Actually, National Boss Day was in breakfast of bacon and eggs, you should feel 1958 by an Illinois secretary named Patricia welcomed in Bacon, Texas, or Bacon Cove in Haroski. She chose October 16 because it was Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Add in her father’s birthday. Her father also happened Two Egg, Florida, and you have a delicious to be her boss at the time. Nevertheless, she felt breakfast combo and some interesting that bosses in general were underappreciated, locations!


and registered the date with the U.S. Chamber • Bacon Cove is a part of Conception Harbor, a of Commerce as an official observance. rocky area of great interest to kayakers, scuba

• divers Interestingly enough, a 2005There surveyare donemany by an and archaeologists. international human resources consulting firm shipwreck sites in the area as well as one of the province’s last whaling wrecks that is partially revealed that the majority of employees would submerged. not trade places with their boss. The primary reason given was the change that would result • Two Egg, Florida, was originally named Allison between them and theirsawmill co-workers. They after a family-owned opened incould the area. During the or Great Depression, the locals no longer ignore laugh at any slackers in their began tradingthey’d eggs for needs at department; be other responsible forthe anylocal poor general store, so the tiny little town changed performers.

is our new Internal Medicine physician. He is in Suite 3 on the 4th Floor.

Dr. Santosa graduated Cum Laude from Columbia Union College in Maryland with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. He proceeded to earn his medical degree from St. Louis University in Baguio City, Philippines. Dr. Santosa went on to complete his residency at Maryland General Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Before pursuing his medical degree, Dr. Santosa received his MBA/Master International Management in the Philippines. Please join us in welcoming him to our hospital and community!

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its name.

• Hallmark started selling Boss Day cards in • Do you want some toast with breakfast? Toast, 1979. While they don’t reveal actual sales North Carolina, is just west of Mount Airy. By figures, they do disclose that the “holiday” is the way, North Carolina actually has a state poised to break into the list of top 10 card-send“toast,” but it is not the kind made with bread! ing events within the next few years. turn turnthe thepage pagefor formore! more!

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of the Canadian flag in 1965 and was officially recognized as Canada’s arboreal emblem in Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland Page 2 1996, it’s really no surprise that there are lots FOODIE PLACES (continued): ofQuarter places named 3rd 2010 maple in Canada. A query on “National Resources Canada” website yielded • With all of the grains grown on the prairies in Week 29 167 places. Alberta, Canada, is it any surprise that there is a place named Cereal? It is a small community July 11 -the July 17 • With increasing popularity of coffee and east of Calgary in the sparsely populated area coffeehouses Page 2 in big cities, you may be curious of Alberta known as the Canadian Badlands. about Hot Coffee, Mississippi. It is a small • In the United States, Battle Creek, Michigan, is town that got its name from an innkeeper in known as the “breakfast capital of the world.” the 1800s who put out a sign in the shape of a In June, they hosted the Cereal Festival and coffee pot to attract business. Not only did it World’s Longest Breakfast Table events. help the inn’s popularity, the area adopted the Missed them this year? Watch for them next name.FOODIE PLACES (continued): June. • Coldwater, Ontario; Buttermilk, Kansas; and • Oatmeal, Texas, along with its larger neighbor Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho, all sound like Bertram, has been holding an annual Oatmeal other great places to grab a drink. Festival every Labor Day Weekend since 1978. The water tower in town is painted to look • Since the sandwich was discovered, it has like a cylindrical oatmeal box from National been a lunch staple in much of the world. Oats, the maker of 3 Minute Oats, the only The sandwich got its name in 1762 from John oats company that responded to the festival Montagu, who was the 4th Earl of Sandwich, organizers 33 years ago. when he asked for his meat to be served between • By the way, if you visit the “down-under” land two pieces of bread. Sandwich is a small town of Australia, go south to the island of Tasmania. in Kent in southeast England. In 2003, the 11th There you will find Eggs and Bacon Bay and Earl of Sandwich and his son, Orlando, teamed Eggs and Bacon Beach. Also, there are some up with Robert Earl (not a British Earl) to start local flowers known as “Eggs and Bacon” a restaurant named Earl of Sandwich at one of flowers. the busiest places in the world – Walt Disney • Since the maple leaf became the centerpiece World in Orlando, Florida. There are now a of the Canadian flag in 1965 and was officially number of franchises in the United States. recognized as Canada’s arboreal emblem in 1996, it’s really no surprise that there are lots • There are a number of other places around the of places named maple in Canada. A query on world named Sandwich. One place originally “National Resources Canada” website yielded named after the Earl of Sandwich was the 167 places. Sandwich Islands, which Captain James Cook • With the increasing popularity of coffee and named after his sponsor, the Earl of Sandwich, coffeehouses in big cities, you may be curious in 1778. The islands are now known as Hawaii. about Hot Coffee, Mississippi. It is a small town that got its name from an innkeeper in • There are also towns named Sandwich in the 1800s who put out a sign in the shape of a New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Illinois and coffee pot to attract business. Not only did it Ontario. help the inn’s popularity, the area adopted the • Burnt Corn, Alabama; Greasy Corner, name. Arkansas; Goobertown, Arkansas; Pumpkin Center, Oklahoma; Conche, Newfoundland; Weiner, Arkansas; and Rice, California. Don’t you want to check them out?

• Red meat eaters may have heard of Angus, Ontario, west of Barrie and about an hour north of Toronto. But the area was not named after angus beef cattle. It honors Angus Warner who discovered the Nottawasaga River.

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World in Orlando, Florida. There are now a number of franchises in the United States. July 8 - July 14, 2010 • There are a number of other places around the world named Sandwich. One place originally named after the Earl of Sandwich was the Sandwich Islands, which Captain James Cook named after his sponsor, the Earl of Sandwich, in 1778. The islands are now known as Hawaii. • There are also towns named Sandwich in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Illinois and Ontario. • Burnt Corn, Alabama; Greasy Corner, Arkansas; Goobertown, 3rd Quarter 2010 Arkansas; Pumpkin Center, Oklahoma; Conche, Newfoundland; Week 29 Weiner, Arkansas; and Rice, California. Don’t you want to check them out? July 11 - July 17

• Red meat Pageeaters 3 may have heard of Angus, Ontario, west of Barrie and about an hour north of Toronto. But the area was not named after angus beef cattle. It honors Angus Warner who discovered the Nottawasaga River.

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July 8 - July 14, 2010

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Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

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Q: What British town makes terrible sandwiches? A: Oldham!

1. For what is Rice, California, known? 2. What annual festival is held in Weiner, Arkansas? 3. Where is Pumpkin Center? 4. What state grows the most pumpkins? 5. What city in the United States is known for chocolate candy?

1. Name the town in Oklahoma that is named after a storekeeper who gave his customers cookies. 2. Another small Oklahoma town is named after a storekeeper’s response when she was out of something. What is the name? “Bring porridge, bring sausage, bring fish for a start, bring kidneys and mushrooms and partridges’ legs, but let the foundation be bacon and eggs.” A.P. Herbert

The Sandwich Festival is held in Sandwich, Kent, England each year in August. This year it will be August 22-30. There are many places to stay, but history buffs should check out Thomas Paine’s Cottage. It was built circa 1677, and Paine lived there in 1759. In case his name isn’t familiar to you, Paine penned several revolutionary writings including “Common Sense” in 1776, encouraging American independence from England. He is also credited with creating the phrase “United States of America.”

7/11 7/12 7/13 7/14 7/15 7/16 7/17

Cheer Up the Lonely Day Pecan Pie Day Go West Day Bastille Day (France) Cow Appreciation Day Christian Feast Day Peach Ice Cream Day

Giorgio Armani 7/11/1934 Bill Cosby 7/12/1937 Harrison Ford 7/13/1942 Roosevelt Grier 7/14/1932 Forest Whitaker 7/15/1961 Will Ferrell 7/16/1967 Diahann Carroll 7/17/1935

A movement that is gaining popularity among city dwellers is patio gardening. A few pots, good soil, regular attention with water, and sunshine can yield some fresh vegetables for your table. Even if all you grow is fresh basil and tomatoes, you will surely enjoy the “fruits” of your labor. Many areas also have “community” gardens where you can pay a small amount to have the use of a garden plot. Rules require cooperation with other gardeners and requirements for keeping your space in good shape. Check out your options!



Driving through Chicken, Alaska, Ted saw a chicken cross the road. He noticed it looked different and was very fast. He followed it to a small farm where he was amazed to see many three-legged chickens. Farmer John came out and Ted said, “Three-legged chickens? Wow!” Farmer John replied, “Yeah, I bred them that way because I love drumsticks.” “How do they taste?” asked Ted. The farmer smiled, “I don’t really know. I haven’t been able to catch one yet!”


This word means: The science or study that deals with food and nourishment, especially in humans.

1. A shoe tree that burned in 2003. 2. The Weiner Rice Festival. 3. Actually there are over 20 places in the United States named Pumpkin Center. 4. Illinois. 5. Hershey, Pennsylvania.

3rd Quarter 2010 Week 29 Q: What British town makes terrible sandwiches?

JULY IS A: Oldham! NATIONAL HOTDOG MONTH birthstone: Ruby

1. Cookietown Slapout 1. Name in Oklahoma that is named

after a storekeeper who gave his customers cookies. 2. Another small Oklahoma town is named after a storekeeper’s response when she was out of something. What is the name? Sandwich, Massachusetts, is the oldest town on Cape Cod, incorporated in 1637. It has an interesting glass museum that has a lot of information on the art of glassmaking as well as the history of the town.

1. 2. kan 3. 4. 5. cho

Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

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July 8 - July 14, 2010

your spot e v r e s e r limited e c a p S h Boot petition m o C a ls a Enter the S nload w o d r o 0 59-501 2 7 0 3 t c in m o Conta y w k at starn io t a c li p ap

Out of Sight By Tresa Erickson

You love to garden and have a menagerie of tools and equipment to prove it. You name it, and you probably have it. While you store much of your tools in your garden shed, it is starting to get full. You need some additional storage space and a second shed is out of the question. Your spouse would have a fit. It’s time you got creative and came up with some alternative storage solutions.

build a bench running the length of your deck with storage inside or add doors all the way around underneath for a unique storage area. You may construct a low platform and fence it in for the storage of your garbage cans. The choice is yours. You don’t have to extend your garage or add another garden shed to house all of your tools and equipments. You just have to get creative and look for areas where you can tuck things out of sight. When possible, store items close to where they

There are many places around your lawn and garden where you can store your tools. Trees, bushes, planting beds, woodpiles and fences all provide excellent coverage. Just stash your large tools and equipment behind the areas and retrieve them as needed. For the storage of smaller tools and equipment, consider purchasing some sort of plastic bin. Several are available, some of which may serve a dual purpose. Some bins may serve as benches with storage inside, while others may be constructed to resemble boulders and the like and serve as landscaping features. You can place these bins almost anywhere, in the yard or on a deck.

Rural home about 13 miles outside of Chugwater, located on a 6.46 acre lot. 3008 Sq. Ft. ranch style home w/ full basement. Featuring 3 bedrooms and 1.75 baths, several outbuildings including shop, barn chicken coup, and sheds. Several different outbuildings are set up with corrals. For more info on this property or for a personal tour, call Laurel Lunstrum today. 577-5117

will be used. You will make more efficient use of your time that way. Imagine having your pruning shears tucked away in a bench under your big oak tree rather than 25 feet up the hill in your garage. How much easier they would be to retrieve and use.

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You can get creative and make your own storage solutions from wood. You may

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July 8 - July 14, 2010

Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

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you, there are truck and tractor pulls in a section of the Glenrock Town Park. There are local artists and musicians that entertain throughout the weekend at various stages set up both in the downtown district and in the nightclubs. Glenrock WY, something is always going on.....

mammal. They graze on grasses, herbs, moss, lichens, and tubers. In the winter wild yak can crunch ice or snow for water. Fun Yak Facts FUNDRAISER FOR THE GLENROCK - In winter a wild yak can survive SENIOR CENTER temperatures as low as - 40 degrees (F). * 8 AM PANCAKE BREAKFAST - A wild yak doesn’t reach full size until 6 * 10 - 4 KIDS GAMES to 8 years of age. * 10 - 3 BABY YAK ON DISPLAY - In wild yaks, births usually occur in * 10 - 5 ARTS & CRAFT EXHIBITION June and a single calf is born every * ANTIQUE TRACTOR DISPLAY other year. * 11 AM SALSA COMPETITION - Dried yak dung is used as fuel in the * 10 - 4 SILENT AUCTION treeless Tibetan plateaus. * 11 AM TACO BAR - The Sherpas of Nepal call the males * 4 PM BEER GARDEN/BBQ * 5 PM BARN DANCE (COVER CHARGE) of the species “Yak” and the females “Nak,” or “Dri.” MORE INFO: 307-259-5010 WWW.STAR-KWYOMING.COM JULY 31, 2010 HOSTED AT STAR * K RANCH, 100 BOXELDER ROAD, GLENROCK WY (PUBLIC WELCOMED)

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Yaks are divided into two species: domestic and wild. Domestic yak are smaller, have a less shaggy coat, and probably originated from wild Tibetan yak. Domestic yak are used for travel and as draft animals. They are also valued for their milk, meat, wool, and dung. Domestic yak are more varied in colors than wild yak. Wild yak live in alpine meadows and on the steppes in Asia. They live at the highest altitude of any

Freeman 10. Legion Paul Bettany

DEER CREEK DAYS AUG 6, 2010: Every year in August, the Town of Glenrock comes out in force to celebrate Deer Creek Days. It is three days filled with parades, pancake breakfasts, barbeques and games in the middle of bright summer days and warm summer nights. The week begins with local artists displaying their artwork at the Glenrock Town Hall. Ranch Rodeo takes place at the South Recreation Complex. If rodeo does not appeal to


Top 10 DVD Sales 1. Alice in Wonderland (PG) (BueTOP OF THE CHARTS as of na Vista) July 3, 2010 2. Shutter Island (R) (Paramount) Top 10 Video Rentals 3. From Paris With Love (R) 1. From Paris With Love (R) (Lionsgate) John Travolta 4. Avatar (PG-13) (20th 2. Shutter Island (R) Leon- Century Fox) ardo DiCaprio 5. Wolfman (NR) (Universal) 3. Alice in Wonderland (PG) 6. Dear John (PG-13) (Sony) Johnny Depp 7. True Blood: The Com4. Wolfman (NR) Benicio plete Second Season (NR) Del Toro (Warner) 5. Dear John (PG-13) Chan- 8. Life (NR) (Warner) ning Tatum 9. The Blind Side (PG-13) 6. Valentine’s Day (PG-13) (Warner) Bradley Cooper 10. Toy Story (G) (Buena 7. Edge of Darkness (R) Mel Vista) Gibson 8. The Road (R) Viggo (c) 2010 King Features Mortensen Synd., Inc. 9. Invictus (PG-13) Morgan

Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

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Hollywood stars often change their names to help advance their careers, but most ordinary citizens keep the names bestowed on them at birth. Still, name changes are not uncommon in many arenas. Throughout history, towns, cities and even coutries have undergone name changes for a wide variety of reasons. • In 1950, when preparing for the 10th Anniversary of the radio show “Truth or Consequences,” producer Ralph Edwards commented in a meeting that he wished, “some town in the United States liked and respected our show so much that it would like to change its name to ‘Truth or Consequences.’” The New Mexico State Tourist Bureau passed the news on to the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce, and they jumped at the chance! There are many towns named Hot Springs, but only one Truth or Consequences. Edwards and his crew aired the first live, coast-to-coast broadcast of the show in its namesake city in 1950. He visited on the anniversary every year for 50 years. The townspeople have voted many times to retain the name. • With an estimated population of 180, Clark, Texas, had only been incorporated for five years when it changed its name to DISH. Yes, all capital letters, like the satellite television company. DISH Network agreed to give residents of the town 10 years of free basic service, including a DVR (digital video recorder) in exchange for the name change. The official renaming was on November 16, 2005. Let’s see if they keep the name after the free TV runs out! • When Google announced plans to “develop a trial network in one or more communities that reaches at least 50,000 people” for faster and better internet, Topeka, Kansas, renamed itself “Google” for the month of March 2010.

July 8 - July 14, 2010

3rd Quarter 2010 Week 29 July 11 - July 17 Page 7

Consumers Bailing on Bailout Program The government's Making Home Affordable mortgage bailout programs haven't been as successful as was expected. The programs were designed to lower mortgage payments, allowing homeowners to keep their homes and avoid foreclosure. As it's turning out, the vast majority of homeowners who get a lowered mortgage end up defaulting on their mortgages anyway. There are quite a few reasons for the failure of the programs. --Banks weren't initially asking for proof of income, automatically putting homeowners into a trial program. Once paperwork was completed during the trial period, it was discovered that many homeowners had

too much income to qualify and were taken out of the program. (This happened with nearly half a million homeowners.) --Paperwork was lost or homeowners failed to send in required documents. --Homeowners are giving up and selling their homes. (Those who agree to a short sale or just give the house back to the bank qualify for $3,000 in moving expenses.) --Homeowners haven't been able to get through the trial program successfully (payments have to be made on time) before the new modification deal is final. -Even with mortgage modification, homeowners still have other debts to juggle. Not only did they have late mortgage payments, but other bills had stacked up as well before they applied for help. Those bills must still be paid. The number of people applying to the programs has plunged, but a new one, starting in August, could encourage thousands to seek help: the Unemployment

Program. Some of the eligibility requirements include: • Mortgage must have originated prior to Jan. 1, 2009. • Home must be the principal residence. • The mortgage wasn't already modified by one of the programs. • Mortgage payments are late, but not more than three months. • The payment is more than 31 percent of the homeowner's income. • The homeowner can prove unemployment by receiving unemployment benefits. At this point there are a number of programs available: Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), Second Lien Modification Program (2MP), HomeAffordable Unemployment Program (UP) and Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA). For more information, go to www.makinghomeaffordable. gov, click on Resources, then click Frequently Asked Questions by Borrowers, or call 1-888-995HOPE (4673). (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.

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July8 8- 14, - July 14, 2010 July 2010

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Page 8 NAME CHANGES (continued): • Another temporary name change with a longer history is Dr. Pepper, Texas. Dublin, Texas, is home of the oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant in the world, started in 1891. Dublin becomes Dr. Pepper for one week each June during the town’s birthday celebration. Dr. Pepper was invented in nearby Waco. • Many changes in China in recent years have opened the country for tourism. Realizing the importance of attracting tourists for monetary purposes, Zhongdian was changed to Shangri La in 2002. Shangri La was the name of the paradise in James Hilton’s 1933 novel, “Lost Horizon.” Located in Yunnan Province near Tibet, Shangri La is home to Potatso National Park, China’s first national park, opened in 2007. • The most recent big name change in China was in January 2010, after the great success of the movie “Avatar.” The movie has become the most popular movie ever in China and has made over $102 million in that country alone. A strange-looking craggy peak in Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province that was known as “Southern Sky Column” was renamed “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.” • Have you heard of Pile O’ Bones in Canada? Hunting bison for food, clothing and shelter in the 1800s in Saskatchewan was a way of life. When finished with the bison parts, piles of bones remained, hence the unique name. When the railroad was built across Canada in the late 1880s, the community was renamed Regina in honor of Queen Victoria. (Regina means “queen.”) It became the capital when the province of Saskatchewan was formed in 1905.

Tidbits of Glenrock, Douglas & Wheatland

July 8 - July 14, 2010

3rd Quarter 2010 Week 29 July 11 - July 17 Page 8

Down Payments Interest TIL’ 2011


Welcome to the City of Douglas - one of the best 100 Small Towns in America. In addition to being the Official Home of the Jackalope and a Tree City USA, Douglas is also proud to be the home of the Wyoming State Fairgrounds and Pioneer Museum, Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy, Douglas Railroad Interpretive Center, Douglas Community Golf Course, Douglas Motorsports Park, and the final resting place of Sir Barton, the first thoroughbred colt to win the American Triple Crown.

Historic Walking Tours Douglas has a rich history as a storied western town. History enthusiasts can take advantage of three unique walking tours depicting a selection of historic homes, commercial buildings, and cemetery plots. The Historic Residences of Douglas tour features 18 homes in the stately tree-accented north side of town.

PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! One-Stop Shopping (307) 358-3255 (For late wild game drop off, give us a call) We Guarantee It’s Your Own Meat

Taxidermey Studio & Tannery Bob & JJ Davis

351-0642 or 351-1063

NEW 119 Center Douglas, WY 82633 Location Wyoming State Fair - August 14 - 21, 2010 This year’s theme is Wyoming’s Barnyard Mardi Gras. Features include • Grandstand events • Free stage entertainment • Yampa Valley Boys • Lanky the Clown • Pippi the Clown • Younger Brothers Band • Marty Davis • Brady Goss • Washboard Willy • The Eric May Band • Michael Mezmer - Hypnotist • The Great American Petting Zoo • The Doggies of the Wild West • Jillybean - Master Storyteller • Crabtree Carnival • Commercial Vendors • Food Court • Wyoming Pioneer Museum • Stick Horse Rodeo • Sheep Dog Trials • Wyoming Stock Dog Cattle Trials • PRCA Steer Roping • Wyoming Pioneer Day • Wyoming Department of Agriculture Awards • Wyoming State Fair Parade Day • Mustang Challenge • Wyoming Farmers Market • Championship Arm Wrestling • Wild Horse Adoption Day • Arts and Crafts Exhibitions Check out for all the details.

Tidbits of Glenrock,Douglas and Wheatland, 07/08/10  
Tidbits of Glenrock,Douglas and Wheatland, 07/08/10  

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