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New Version Of Smart Phones Through Arabic Language Buddy A natural language processing (NLP NLP)) technologies experts known as Sakhr has yet achieved another milestone to make their name worth a symbol in advance language experts. Their application powered by a strong machine translation technology has enhanced smart phones functionality and usage to their respective users. This does not mean that individuals are presented with some kind of an innovative gadget like software for their smart phones, whereas Sakhr has worked their expertise to live with user’s expectations and introduced their hard earned innovative research & development in form of a language buddy that involves translation facility in different languages to your native language. A total software solution company with extensive experience in the desired field is not to be underunder estimated for their efforts and international recognition has been provided from several different individual corporate businesses, a leading na name me such as Apple has awarded for the provision of their iPhone & iPad smart firmware. For more information please explore Sakhr Software’s ’s online presence that has a lot to offer than just a software solution firm.

Sakhr Technologies:

New Version Of Smart Phones Through Arabic Language Buddy