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Browsing for the top 10 Christmas gifts for kids in 2009? There are so many exciting gifts you can give kids these days that I find it pretty hard to stop at just one! In fact, some of these toys are so excellent that I wouldn't mind getting one for myself either. Let us take a look at top ten toys in the market this year that has kids panting after them 1) Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid The Bakugan lineup of toys only seem to get more popular each year. Their Maxus Dragonoid is one warrior that every kid wants in their home and with good reason! This dynamic toy comes with six traps and can be assembled into the most jaw-dropping dragon robot ever. A fascinating unique toy. 2) Easy Bake Oven & Snack Center by Hasbro Nurture the budding chef in your child or introduce them to the joyful world of baking with the Easy Bake center by Hasbro. This kid-friendly oven and snack center comes with cake and cookie mixes and will entice any child to put on an apron and try their hand at making tasty treats for and with family and friends. 3) Razor Spark Scooter It is leaner, meaner and will make any kid feel like a movie star! The Razor Spark Scooter is currently the hottest scooter in the market for little kids that will have them cruising around in style. 4) Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster - Blue Banish childrens woes and foes with the latest Nerf Gun that is the ultimate in kids blasters! Their opponents won't know what hit them. 5) Mindflex Game Winner of many awards the 'Mindflex' game has to be experienced to be believed - it's that mindblowing! Kids have to move a levitating ball around the game console with the power of their minds. Gameplay is accomplished with the help of a headset that reads their brainwaves. Doesn't it sound like it belongs on the U.S.S. Enterprise? This game totally rocks and is my personal favorite in the 'Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kids in 2009' list. Highly recommended. 6) Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Set

A thoroughly engrossing kit, this doctor set will have kids engaged for hours at a time with its set of 19 plastic tools. A group of kids can play this game since there's enough for everyone to do. This doctor kit includes a stethoscope, pager, kids cell phone, cell phone, forceps, bandages, thermometer etc. 7) Crayola Glow Station can create with Light! An award-winning set, the Crayola Glow Station lets kids create illustrations with light! Enthusiastic glow-in-the-dark artists can draw with light wands and stencils on a glow canvas to create the most luminous illustrations ever. It encourages creativity in a totally novel way. 8) Snap Circuits SC-300 This fantastic toy helps budding engineers learn the basics of electronics with more than 60 parts. They can create more than 300 exciting projects with lights, motors, sounds and more. 9) Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker (The Ice Cream Ball) Children and adults alike are absolutely fascinated by this fantastic ice cream maker. All you need to do is throw all the ingredients in the ball and then play with it by rolling it, passing it or shaking it for the next ten to fifteen minutes. You can also get more adventurous and try our your very own ice cream recipes! 10) Night Vision Infared Stealth Goggles Aspiring sleuths will love finding out what goes on after the lights are out with the help of the Eyeclops Night Vision 2.0 Infrared Stealth Binoculars. Kids can see up to 50 feet in total darkness making this the perfect toy for for covert operations. If you haven't found a toy that made you swoon in the 'Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kids in 2009' list, there are other fascinating toys you can take a look at.

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kids in 2009  
Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kids in 2009  

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