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Elenco Snap Circuits SC-300 is designed to teach the value of electronic components and instigate independent thinking. It creates a hands-on experience that makes for more fun than reading from a textbook. The SC-300 electronics kit will supply hours of fun, and introduce your child to all facets of science. What a wonderful tool. The kit contains over 60 rugged construction pieces that allow you to build over 300 electronic devices. The projects range from fast simple ones (can get a light bulb and a switch going in a minute or so) to more elaborate, more interesting ones (we actually built a working AM radio). The kit promotes a clear and logical way of thinking. You can't just throw things together and expect it to work. You must read the instructions and construct the kit and circuits as prescribed. The manufacturer recommends the set for ages 8-108. Younger engineers should be able to easily follow the diagrams for each project. Electronic Snap Circuits may well help young students gain and foster an appreciation for, and interest in, how electronics work and are built. There are endless projects in the two large manuals that are included with the SC-300. The easyto-follow directions clearly show how to put all the projects together. These manuals are perhaps the best manuals I've seen for anything I've ever purchased. They lay out all the projects possible with the kit, and also the principles that govern how the projects work. I am impressed by the progression of difficulty and skill level in these manuals. Electronic Snap Circuits includes real circuit components just like the circuit boards inside radios, televisions, computers, and other electronic devices. All the components have their respective symbols stamped on them, which helps you become familiar with them. The electronics of the kit come attached to thick slabs of plastic which have spring-loaded button-snap connectors (as found on clothing) on the backside. Each piece is clearly marked, especially so for those electronics that attach in one specific current direction. The kit should last for a long time. To operate, you simply snap the electronic elements onto the plastic grid, and then connect them together with wire pieces that snap easily into place. This set makes it easy for anyone to create simple electronic circuits and devices. With the kit, you get a plastic "circuit board" and over 60 pieces including: a nice range of resistors, capacitors, ICs, and special function electronics, including photo sensors, speakers, sound sensors, motors, microphones, wire, speaker, battery holder, motor fan, red led, and lamp module, etc. It's definitely a good mix of electronics. Elenco's new Snap Circuits SC-300 makes a great gift for a child (or adult) who loves to tinker with things and to understand how things work and why. Unquestionably, this is absolutely one of the

best gifts you can get a 7-12 year old, although grown-ups are fascinated by it also. It makes learning electronics easy and fun. It's durable, educational, fun, interesting, affordable, upgradeable...what else can I say?

Joanne Michaels is a retired elementary and high school teacher. She loves to cook vegetarian meals, garden, and listen to good music. Since retiring from teaching, she has started her own successful internet marketing business. For more information, or to find out how you can order Elenco Snap Circuits SC-300, go to:

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Elenco Snap Circuits SC-300 Makes a Great Gift  

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