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Every so often a truly educational toy comes onto the market with the potential to stimulate the imagination as well as the brain cells. Such a one is Electronic Snap Circuits by Elenco, and the SC-300 model includes over 60 parts which may be assembled to create more than 300 useful and exciting projects. The SC-300 kit includes parts such as motors, sounds and lights and provides an opportunity to learn basic electronics through constructions that will entice eager young minds. These include real circuit boards, just like the ones found inside TVs, radios and computers. devices can be assembled by simply snapping the components into place on a plastic grid and connecting them with wire. You can imagine some of the electronic devices that are possible when you consider that items provided include whistles, alarms, LED, a speaker and a fan motor. It's also possible to buy additional pieces to enable more elaborate projects to be undertaken. Following the color-coded instruction manual, which has been designed for ease of use, projects such as a simple light switch or more advanced devices, such as a burglar alarm (noise activated) can be undertaken. The manual has been organized so that new users can progress from simple projects to more challenging and advanced ones. As well, the different levels introduce electronics concepts so that the young engineers will not only understand the theory but see how the principles are actually applied. Diagrams assist with assembly and acquiring an understanding of how things work. The kit is intended for children from about the age of 8 years to around 98 and those who participate, including parents, can be assured of a great deal of satisfaction as projects are successfully completed and demonstrated to work! For instance, you can understand the excitement of building a flying UFO with the basic electronics pieces available, so it is a small leap to appreciate that young students will surely excite an interest in how electronics work and can be used for practical applications. Naturally, those who are already studying electronics in their school classes will find that applying the theory is even more fun than simply reading about it in a text book. So don't be surprised if enthusiasm is fired and grades also begin to reflect this. The Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300 is more than an educational experience - it is also a bonding one as interested parents get involved and contribute a little extra knowledge and encouragement. When new creations triumphantly emerge, could the parents of Tesla and Edison

have been prouder?

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Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300 Review  
Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300 Review  

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