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The Crayola Glow Station for Kids is one of the newest in the lineup of creative toys from Crayola, and has become one of the most popular toys for kids in the latter part of 2008 - moving into the Holiday Season - and will likely be quite popular in 2009 as well. Here's how the Crayola Glow Station for Kids works - it comes with a special light-sensitive canvas that reacts to a light-wand and allows for kids to be as creative as they like - over and over again, creating fun and very colorful glow in the dark images and pictures. Stencils are included to create sharper, more exact images and are useful for the younger children who use it or when kids don't want to draw freehand. However, when drawing freehand, the images are softer and kids can let their imaginations go and be as creative as they like. A crystal tip can optionally be used with the glow wand to alter the light beams and create some truly magical effects! There is another fun and interesting way that the set can be used - a dry-erase sheet (comes with the toy) can have images transferred onto it or drawn on it and used as a background for the Crayola Glow Station, allowing existing works of art or other images to be traced onto the lightsensitive canvas, making truly artistic glow in the dark works. The dry erase sheet is easily wiped clean with a dry cloth and can be used repeatedly. The complete Crayola Glow Station for Kids set includes:

Poster-sized canvas with hanging features so it can be hung on a wall Light wand with optional crystal-tip attachment Stencil sheets with various and fun images (2) Light textured sheets that images can be saved on (2) Dry erase sheet with marker

I recommend the Crayola Glow Station for Kids as a Holiday, Birthday or "just because" gift especially for creative children. It's such a unique way for kids to use their imaginations - and what kid doesn't love glow in the dark toys? The only downside to this particular toy is that the images fade after some time, but that aspect of it can be compared to other toys such as the Etch-A-Sketch that can be used to make some fun works of art, but you know when you start out that they won't last - oh well! Crayola Glow Station is for kids around 6-15 years of age, and retails for around $40.00 in offline


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