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America's Schools

Image is taken from University of Oxford           

By: Alisa Brown      

A is for Academy for Allied Health Science.  

The image is taken from Academy For Allied Health Sciences. 

The colors for the Academy for Allied Health Science is maroon and gold. You can find this  school in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. They have 5  ribbons for being the best high school and from  the Department of Education.    


B​is for Bergen County Academies.

In the winter boys or girls play basketball, bowling, fencing, and indoor  track. Girls can also be apart of their  cheerleading squad.   

C​i​ s for Columbia Secondary School.

Image taken from W ​ ikipedia. 

The Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, & Engineering  is a public, sixth through  twelfth-grade school that opened  in the fall of 2007.     

D​i​ s for D​ r. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School 

Image taken from​ njcu 

Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School is a school located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Dr.  Ronald E McNair High School is 1 of 7 high  schools in the Jersey City Public Schools.  


E​is for East Carolina University.

Image taken from I​ ndeed. 

At East Carolina University girls and boys can play basketball. Boys, there can  play football. Finally, girls can be a  cheerleader or play soccer or track and  field. East Carolina University spirit  colors are gold and royal purple.     

F​​is for Fairfield University.

Image taken from F ​ airfield University. 

Fairfield welcomes a liberal humanistic approach to education, encouraging critical thinking,  working free and open inquiry, and fostering  ethical and religious values. 


G ​is for Great Neck South High School. 

Image taken from g ​ nnhshomepage   

At Great Neck North High School, there is male and female bowling, basketball, and winter track.  There is also gymnastics, boys swimming, fencing,  wrestling, and cheerleading. So, if you go there you  will get to have a fun time seeing people wearing  white outfits and fighting with thin swords.    


H ​is for Harvard University.

Image taken from O ​ YA Opportunities.

In 1635, John Harvard received his M.A. from Cambridge University, England. 1636 first College  in American colonies founded. The “Great and  General Court of the Governor and Company of  the Massachusetts Bay in New England” approves  400 for the establishment of “a school or college”  later to be called “Harvard.”     

I ​is for Ithan Elementary School.

Image taken from R ​ adnor Township School District. 

Ithan Elementary School is an elite, public school located in Bryn Mawr, PA. It has 436 students in  grades K-5 with a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1.  School District Radnor Township School District.  You can find this school in Delaware County,  Pennsylvania.  

J ​is for Jones College Prep High School.

Image taken from C ​ hicagoNow 

Founded in August 1998, Jones College Prep is a selective enrollment, college preparatory high  school, offering the best and most innovative  opportunities for student academic achievement.  Jones has gone through many changes since  opening its doors almost 150 years ago.  


K ​is for Kansas State University.

Image taken from​ Kcur. 

In Kansas University you get to compete with teams from other universities on non-varsity club  teams. K-State is home to nearly 30 club teams,  including everything from dodgeball to water polo.  Play sports you enjoy on campus without the  pressure of varsity sports.     

L ​is for Lanier High School.

Image taken from A ​ ccessWDUN. 

At Lanier High School there are many clubs and activities. There is Art Club, Beta Club, Black  Student Association, Creative Writing Club,  famous Gentleman's Program, and Drama Club.  Also, there is a choice to be in student council or if  you enjoy science or Spanish class there are clubs  just for those skills also .   

M ​is for M ​ eadow Glens Elementary School. 

Image taken from P ​ anoramio. 

At Meadow Glens Elementary School there is a club called Battle of the Books. In January, any interested  fourth or fifth-grade students can take the Battle of the  Books test which consists of questions about 20 of the  40 books on the Battle of the Books list.    

N ​is for Northwestern University.

Image taken from QuestBridge. 

Given that they had barely any money, no land, and limited higher education experience, their vision was  determined. With creative funding, an abundance of  hard work, and religious inspiration. After completing  its first building in 1855, Northwestern began classes  that fall with two faculty members and 10  students.Twenty-one presidents have presided over  Northwestern in the years since. 


O ​is for Oak Hill Academy.

Image taken from Youtube. 

Here at Oak Hill Academy as you can tell by the picture there is a boys basketball team or teams in  this case. There is the Red team and the Gold team  but, that’s not all the sports. You also have  Horsemanship trail rides and show teams. So you  get to ride a hose for a sport here. Don't worry girls  there is a cheer team for those who love to have  school spirit. Finally, you can play tennis or soccer  here at Oak Hill Academy. 

P ​is for P​ rinceton High School.

Image from ​Wikipedia. 

Princeton High School is a public high school in Princeton, New Jersey. Their  mascot is L'il tiger and there are many  clubs you can join. For example, Anime  Club, Arts & Crafts, Badminton Club,  and Dance Club are some activities you  can be apart of at Princeton High  School. 

Q ​is for Queen City College.

Image taken from queen city college. 

Queen City College is a college for students who want to have a barber or beauty profession. Here  you will individually be exposed to technical skills..  Now youŕe probably wondering when Queen City  College was created. Well, Queen City Hair  College became apart of the Southern Association  of Colleges and Schools, Commission on  Occupational Education Institutions, in December  1986.  

R ​is for Robert Seaman Elementary School.

Image taken from ​Robert Seaman Elementary School.

Robert Seaman Elementary has 325 students that take part in hands-on learning both in school and off-site in  order to increase the richness of their academic  experiences. The important values of respect, kindness,  and responsibility guide us as we embrace teaching and  learning in the 21st Century.     

S i​s for S​ chool for the Talented & Gifted. 

Image taken from tag magnet. 

School for Talented and Gifted mission or goal is to provide an environment that celebrates and grows each student’s special  worth, Honor, and ability. Greatly, TAG students will not only  develop the skills necessary to succeed academically but will also  grow into life-long learners, responsible people, and  contributors to the betterment of society.   


T ​is for ​Troy Area Senior High School.

Image taken from T ​ roy Area School District. 

At Troy Area Senior High School they have many clubs and activities you can take part in. For  example, there is a girls basketball team along with  a boys basketball team. Just like the Big Spring  Middle School, you can be apart of the student  council. The student council is where you get to  plan all the activities for your classmates. You get  to plan dances and fundraisers. While being apart  of student council you gain strong leadership skills.  

U ​is for​ ​University of Notre Dame.

Image taken from Wikipedia. 

Here at the University of Notre Dame, there are many sports the college students get to take part in. The  boys and girls get to participate in basketball,  lacrosse, soccer, golf, and tennis. Now just for the  boys, there is ice hockey, track, and field, fencing,  football, swimming and diving, rowing, volleyball,  and baseball.    

V ​is for Venus Beauty Academy.   Image taken from Facebook. 

For over 50 years, Venus Beauty Academy has trained some of the most famous award winning stylists, makeup artists, and top  salon owners in the area. In today's fast-paced world of beauty,  having private school training is of the greatest importance to set  yourself apart from the competition. At Venus Beauty Academy you  are a valued individual and part of our lifelong family.      


W i​s for Washington & Lee University. 

Image taken from WealthEngine. 

Washington and Lee University is a private university in Lexington city, Virginia. Here you can play or participate in  thirteen different sports. For example, bys get to be in baseball,  basketball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, riding, soccer,  swimming, tennis, track and field, and wrestling. Don't worry  all my female athletes you get to take part in nine of those twelve  sports and two others that boys can do. Us girls can do basketball,  cross country, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, riding, soccer,  swimming, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. See there are  many schools that allow girls in sports. 

X i​s for X​ avier High School.   Image taken from Youtube. 

At Xavier High School you can be in drama class. Drama class is where you act a play and have  rehearsals to perfect your lines. During the  2016-17 school year the Xavier Dramatics Society  presented a musical, Into the Woods, and a play,  Our Town, following up on last year's successful  productions of Hair and Brecht’s Baal. 


Y i​s for Yale University.

Image taken from Humanist Chaplaincies. 

Some traditions at Yale University is the Handsome Dan and founders day. Handsome Dan became the Yale mascot in 1889 when  student Andrew B. Graves saw the dog sitting in front of a shop  and purchased him from a New Haven blacksmith for $5. Yale began  a new tradition in 2014 of a “Founders Day” event for students,  faculty, and staff, to be held annually on a day close to the  anniversary of the 1701 founding. 

Z ​is for Z​ ane State College.   Image taken from Zane State College. 

At Zane State College, you can get your hands dirty at our oil and gas lab, create viral videos in the digital media studio (look out,  Hollywood!), learn from the inside out with “Bernie” the cadaver,  catch the largest fish with electricity (talk about bragging rights),  and become a marksman in our firearms training center. 


Book Summary This book is about the many schools we have in  America. This is for children who don't know their  ABC's. Our country has a variety of schools and  they all start with different letters but, my focus  was on the schools that have the letters that start  with the letters A-Z. I hope you enjoy the  mysteries of the schools in America. 

America´s Schools  

This book is about the many schools we have in America. This is for children who don't know their ABC's. Our country has a variety of school...

America´s Schools  

This book is about the many schools we have in America. This is for children who don't know their ABC's. Our country has a variety of school...