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SUMMARY OF UNIT 1  The past of be has two forms: was and were EXAMPLE: Rosa Leon: “I had a pat-time job in a restaurant. I was a server. I was young – only 16. Things were really busy that first day, so I was nervous! I made a lot of embarrassing mistakes, and my boss wasn´t too pleased. But most people were nice because I was new.” GRAMMAR Simple past of be NEGATIVE I She He It You We They

wasn´t Was not working weren´t Were not

QUESTION I she Was he working? it you Were we they

POSITIVE I She He It You We They

Working Were

Short answers

Yes, No,

EXAMPLE: 1 a) Do you remember the first CD you bought? b) Yeah, it was The Backstreet Boys. They were my favorite group. 2


I She He It You We They

was wasn´t were weren´t

a) Were you at the party last night? b) No, I wasn´t. I was at the coffee shop. Grammar past questions

How was your vacation?

Where did you go?

Where were you exactly?

Who did you go with? What did you do? When did you get back?

How long were you there? What was the weather like?

Go to see

Go to the bed Go (went)

go snorkeling

Go on a trip

Get sick

Get cuong Get got

Get his autografh

Get lost

English 1  
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