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Awaken Your Emotional Intelligence 6 Week Series “The world needs us to AWAKEN to our greatest VITALITY & PURPOSE right now.� Ali Palisca Certified Body-Mind Mastery Coach Come learn, practice, and play with cutting edge tools for personal transformation. Ignite your awareness to liberate yourself from habitual patterns. Develop emotional intelligence as you access and unravel your defensive strategies. Learn how to utilize your newfound energy to create the life you MOST want. Emotional Intelligence: Ability to recognize key feelings (anger, sadness, joy, fear, sexual feelings) and distinguish pure emotion from thought; expression of each feeling all of the way through to completion; ability to witness others in their expression while staying aware of one's own feelings and thoughts.

February 4th- March 11th Tuesdays 7-9pm $300 for one person, $500 for two people

Peoples Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture 831-464-1605

Awaken your Emotional Intelligence 6 Week Series  

Come learn, practice and play with cutting edge techniques to develop and enhance your emotional intelligence!