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Mystic Sparrow issue 21 - dec 2018 | digital artistry


Ali Oppy 1

ALI OPPY - New Zealand I’ve always enjoyed creating art, and I have tried many different art forms. One of my most enjoyable was creating paintings using spray paint to the accompanying sound of upbeat music in front of a live audience. After many years of doing this, however, I decided it was time to move to something new. I soon discovered the digital world and fell in love with Photoshop. With no digital art skills, I started to create using Photoshop and a few other editing programs. And after many hours spent watching tutorials and many dedicated hours spent practicing, I started creating fantasy artwork in what I hoped might become my own style — limited only by my imagination.


I discovered Sebastian Michaels, his Photoshop Artistry course, and then “AWAKE” Living the Photo Artistic Life.” and now doing the ‘KAIZEN” course. I thought here is my chance to try and improve my art and try and refine how I do my art. Looking for my own artistic name was something I wanted from early on, and it ultimately came to me through the sadness of my father passing away. At my father’s funeral a sparrow flew in and stayed for the whole time of the service to the end and then flew away. This was how the creation of my artistic name ‘Mystic Sparrow’ came about. When I first started, I created work in a variety of styles, from fantasy to surreal, trying to discover my own unique style. I now love to create what I think of as “Fantasy Female Portraits.” My world of mystical and magical fantasy art seems to carry a touch of mystery, which I think further brings my “Mystery Sparrow” to life in my art. In fact, I incorporate a small sparrow within all of my images, sometimes obvious sometimes not so obvious. A specific process I tend to follow when I work is ... I start with a general idea of what I want to attempt, and pick out my model ... then I build the background ... and bringing those together, I begin layering in other images. Everything else grows from there. I just keep adding different images, and most times what I have in mind never quite ends up the way I expected. I will add an image ... and what do you know ... another idea occurs to me,so I run with that one until I am happy with how it looks. Add another image, and off I am again, chasing down another idea that struck me. When creating my images, I often get so lost in the process, I feel I end up in the world of fantasy. The outside world ceases to exist. I usually have about four different compositions on the go at any one time so when I get stuck and don’t know what to do next, I leave that image and move to another. Later on, I will come back to my original piece with fresh eyes. In the end, it probably takes me on average about 40 hours to complete any one piece of art. Many artists now inspire my creativity. As do fantasy movies, like Maleficent (my all-time favourite). I also surf the internet for fantasy artwork to see what sparks my imagination. My most loved artist is the painter Jim Warren with his fantasy and surreal type art. He is a great inspiration. For me, I think it’s that I now see life itself as an artistic creation ... one that I can enhance and carry further within my fantasy world — a world of pure creativity, without boundaries. My artistic journey so far has seen my art published in the “Artists Down Under” magazine [featuring the AWAKE artists of Australia and New Zealand] as well as “Fine Art Photography from Around the World” magazine. Most exciting of all was being featured in the April 2018 edition of “Living The Photo Artistic Life” magazine, and having one of my images on the cover, was something I thought was going to only be a dream. When creating my art I like to run by the rules of, set your own goals, create for your own satisfaction, and enjoy every artistic creation you create. Decide from the start to leave your mark as an artist for the universe to enjoy. We are all our own unique creators, each of us living our own artistic life. So most of all, just love what you do and have fun doing it.



D i s gu i s e M e M au v e


P r i d e A n d Pl ac e


Da n c e O f D i s gu i s e


Pi x i e P e r f ec t


Siofr a


Fo r e s t S pi r i t


T h e Hou r G l a s s


Whi te Wi ngs


E ncha n te d Sky


F ly i n g Sou t h


H i dd e n So r row


A n g e l O f D i s gu i s e


Sou n d s O f S i l e n c e


S ta i rway To M y T h oug h t s


S pi d e r e l l a


T h e Fa e Fa l l s


Au t u m n Fox


S e n s ua l Fa l l s


F i r e bi r d


S w e e t S c o r pi a n


S u bt l e D i s gu i s e


P h a n tom Blu e


Wi se Wi ngs


I n c y W i n c y S pi d e r


Au t u m n Fa i ry


M i n d Sou l


Be au t i f u l M u s i c 1


D r e am s O f F l i g h t



Be au t i f u l M u s i c 2



B r a i d e d Fa l l s


Ca l i s ta


Ca l l a


Devil De sire s


T w i l i g h t Ro s e


E l ec t rov i n e


Lady C h r i s s a


Fad e d F l i g h t


R e d W i n d O f T h e Fo r e s t


Got h i c Qu e e n


I l lu m i n at i o n


S to r m


Lady I gua n a


Em e rg e


B ro k e n D r e am s


Qu e e n F lo r a


Vo i c e s



D r e am O n


Au t u m n B r e e z e


H i bi s c u s Fa l l s


L e t ’ s F ly Away


Se a N ymph


Release Me


Tree N ymph


E s ca p e


W i l low


D r ag o n f ly So S h y


Adr ia na


D r e am i n g


R e r ly da n


S wa n So n g


S e n T h e Wood Fa i ry


W i n g s pa n


Lu c i d D r e am s


T h e Zod i ac S e r i e s


F ly L i k e A n Eag l e


M ot h e r T i m e


D e l i cat e D e s i r e s

- Tau ru s


So l i t u d e

- Ge mi ni


Awa k e n i n g


Hau n t e d V i s i o n


Lady O f T h e Lot u s


Co c oo n

K e e pi n g Watc h

- Aqua r i u s - Pi s c e s

- Arie s

- Ca n c e r - L eo - V i rg o - L ibr a - S c o r pi o - Sag i t ta r i u s - Ca p r i c o r n 5

Disguise Me Mauve 6

Dance Of Disguise 7

Siofra 8

The Hour Glass 9

Enchanted Sky 10

Hidden Sorrow 11

Sounds Of Silence 12

Spiderella 13

Autumn Fox 14

Firebird 15

Subtle Disguise 16

Wise Wings 17

Autumn Fairy 18

Beautiful Music 1 & 2 19

Braided Falls 20

Calla 21

Twilight Rose 22

Lady Chrissa 23

Red Wind Of The Forest 24

Pride And Place 25

Pixie Perfect 26

Forest Spirit 27

White Wings 28

Flying South 29

Angel Of Disguise 30


Stairway To My Thoughts 32

The Fae Falls 33

Sensual Falls 34

Sweet Scorpian 35

Phantom Blue 36


Incy Wincy Spider 38

Mind Soul 39

Dreams Of Flight 40

Mia 41

Calista 42

Devil Desires 43

Electrovine 44

Faded Flight 45

Gothic Queen 46

Illumination 47

Lady Iguana 48

Broken Dreams 49

Voices 50


Dream On 52

Hibiscus Falls 53

Sea Nymph 54

Tree Nymph 55

Willow 56

Adriana 57

Rerlydan 58

Sen The Wood Fairy 59

Lucid Dream 60


Fly Like An Eagle 62

Mother Time 63

Delicate Desires 64

Solitude 65

Awakening 66

Haunted Vision 67

Lady Of The Lotus 68

Cocoon 69

Storm 70

Emerge 71

Queen Flora 72

Keeping Watch 73

Autumn Breeze 74

Let’s Fly Away 75

Release Me 76

Escape 77

Dragonfly So Shy 78

Dreaming 79

Swan Song 80

Wingspan 81

The Zodiac Series



Aquarius 84

Pisces 85

Aries 86

Taurus 87

Gemini 88

Cancer 89

Leo 90

Virgo 91

Libra 92

Scorpio 93

Sagittarius 94

Capricorn 95

© Ali Oppy


mystic sparrow  
mystic sparrow