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Studio Practice 3A External Positioning EGRD3013 Alina Kostiuk

Tiru-riru Starting my jewellery company. Another thing I am doing on top of graphic design is jewellery. I have been designing my jewels for over a year now and selling it at Brick lane Market. At the moment I am working with my friend who is a web designer on my online store which I plan to open end of February. What is more, I am taking part in pop up markets. Recently I have been selling my products at Christmas market in Poland ‘Freakasy‘ (see the poster attached). Another one to come will be Milliken Christmas Craft Market in Shoreditch which has been postponed due to the snow conditions to late January. In the future I would love to open my own jewellery store not sure in which country or city but it would be great.

Hand and b


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t book fair.

Think about my future and my publications I went to ‘Handmade and Bound‘ book fair to look for inspiration and talk to graphic designers and editors. Analysing my work and what I will do for FMP book fair is a place for me. This is where I would like to see myself with my books/editorials as a professional. I think it is great that you can do less commercial work and have where to sell it. I personally preferred Handmade and bound to the book fair in Whitechapel because it was more creative, fun, independent and less commercial.

Restaurant research Researching food industry and restaurant charities. This is some research I made and as far as I am aware my ‘food charity’ idea doesn’t exist yet. Although there are some similar actions made by “Pizza Express“ and “Oxfam”. That when you have a full meal course you could have a pizza for free when you donate £1 to Oxfam. Or when you spend £5 at Oxfam you receive £5 voucher for Pizza Express. Or when you order a Christmas set menu Pizza Express will donate 50p to Oxfam. So this is not exactly what I have came up with and the main difference is that this partnership is just seasonal for Christmas only whereas my would be daily. I think it will work because I will help ‘bad‘ companies (like Starbucks) look good and attract customers and help the charity. I need to think what charities this program will support.

Charitie brief Idiea 2 Another idea I have is for food industry. Basically it would be that a restaurant gives its service charge to charity. So you to a restaurant, have a meal and when you pay a waiter would ask you if you would like to give your service charge to a charity. On the restaurants door would be a sign or a sticker saying it supports charity which makes good impression on the customers. On top of that there would be a website like “last minute“ for food in your local area. For example ‘Nandos’ put up a meal online I pay for it and the money would go to charity, so I have a meal the restaurant has more people and looks more busy to attract other people. It would be the same for take away that you could order a pizza online and the money would go to charity and the restaurant wouldn’t have to throw food away when they don’t have enough customers.

RSA competitions Charitie brief Currently I am working on a charity brief from RSA. Firstly I have researched charities and divided them into categories to help me understand how they are grouped. I haven’t realized how many of them there is so I tried narrowing them down. My initial idea for this brief was to make an online shop but just for charity. For example I have stuff I don’t need so I would put them up in the store and decide to which charity I would like to support and someone else would buy my things and the money would go to the charity I have chosen. Simple and easy just like Ebay. Unfortunately after making wider research I found out that this is exactly what Ebay has created and it launched this September so I had to cross this idea out.

NB Studio Two week internship.

From: Subject: Re: work placement Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 10:09:04 +0000 To: Hi Alina

For my ‘External Positioning‘ I am doing an internship with NB Studio on 17th-28th January. I believe that it is the wright place for me to explore how the industry works and understand what it wants from graduates to be successful. I chose this studio because I appreciate their work and this would be a place I would like to see myself in the future. They do advertising which lies in area of my interest so I hope this internship will help me decide if I would like to go into this part of the industry.

Thanks for getting in touch. We have you in our diary so we’ll see you on the 17th. If you can be here at 10 am on the first day, that would be useful. We have a graduate starting with us on that day too, called Chelsea so you’ll have some company! Have a lovely Christmas and we’ll see you in the new year. Katie Katie Hook Studio Manager

Plan ‘B’ Masters degree in editorial graphic design. If I don’t get the job of my dreams or at least as a graphic designer my plan ‘b’ is to do a masters degree. I will apply for editorial design-graphic design to Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland. I have spoken to few students and teachers to know how and when to apply. The first step of the exams is the portfolio if it’s good enough you go through to second level which is two graphic briefs which you have to do in two weeks. So one brief per week. Sounds doable so fingers crossed.

T +44 (0)20 7633 9046 M +44 (0)7710 780 888 4–8 Emerson Street, London, United Kingdom SE1 9DU NB Studio Limited. Registered office: 4–8 Emerson Street, London SE1 9DU Registered in England No. 3861746

On 11 Dec 2010, at 14:53, Alina Kostiuk wrote: Hi Katie, it’s Alina here a graphic design student from UCA at Epsom. Sallyanne has contacted you mid October about a work placement for me in January form 17th to 28th at your studio. I just thought I would write to you to remind about myself and confirm the placement in January. Thank you, Alina

Competitions D&AD and RSA competitions. I am also taking part in external competitions. The D&AD briefs I am doing is illustrating a song, it will help me develop my illustration skill and take me out of my comfort zone. Second brief is packaging for the Body Shop, I always wanted to do packaging but never had a chance so this is time to do it. Another brief is unconventional ad campaign for McDonald this would challenge my understanding of advertising and hopefully its outcome will help me get into the advertising industry.

Now the RSA briefs one of them is designing ‘British fashion stamps‘ this is perfect for me due to my interest in fashion, I will use my knowledge of fashion and combine it with my graphic abilities. Lastly, it is the brief I am doing at the moment which is to make “giving and getting“ easier for the charities. I intend to work on each brief for a month.

Why Not Associates Andy Altmann’s lecture. The Why Not Associates is one of the places I would like to get when I graduate. I love their approach to typography and their unconventional designs. What strikes me about the Why Nots is how playful and fresh their work

is. Andy Altmann was giving a lecture at our university and I was quick and lucky enough to get a poster he designed for this talk with his signature. At his lecture Andy was saying that they are trying to have a student like fresh approach to the briefs they get and be experimental and avoid a clichĂŠ. I think this is what they expect from graduates as well who would like to join their team. Be brave, experiment avoid what everybody else does and just do it. For them every problem is a creative challenge and this is how it always should be.

Pentagram Harry Pearce’s lecture at D&AD. Pentagram is one of the graphic design studios that influence me a lot. I admire everything they do. Recently I have been at Harry Pearces lecture at the D&AD and I absolutely love that guy. His passion for typography is very inspiring I even got his book after the talk “Conundrums“ which shows lot of English phrases just with typography. You can have fun, learn and admire good design all at once. For me Pentagram is on the top of my dream list where I would like to be possibly at some point of my graphic career.

My future Venn diagram. Analysing the diagram with my skills, influences and goals it seem that I am multidisciplinary. I am interested in many parts of graphic design industry like editorial design, advertising, typography, screen printing and many others. It would be difficult for me to concentrate on one thing this is why I would like to leave my doors open and not narrow down just to one aspect of graphic design. Researching graphic studios and the disciplines they work in I picked you ones that do everything. Studios that I am interested in are Pentagram, Studio 8, Atelier Works, Air Side, Why Not Associates, Studio Myerscroft and NB Studio. Those are the studios I am aiming to get into after I graduate.

Evaluation I have enjoyed this unit because it pushed me to do more things outside uni, get in contact with the people from the industry and think about my future as a graphic designer, and where I see myself after I graduate. I have arranged to do an internship at the NB Studio on 17th28th January. Unfortunately I can’t comment on it now because our unit deadline has been moved so I won’t be able to complete the internship before the hand in. Although I am sure it will be beneficial for me, I will learn a lot and have a better understanding of the industry. What is more, I am taking part in D&AD and RSA competitions. It made me aware of the competition of other student in the country which boosted my expectations of standard of my work and will help me develop my skills. I have planed to work on one competition brief per month as well as on uni projects at the same time. This will help me improve my time management and prepare me better for working in the industry where you have a lot of projects going on at the same time.

External Positioning  
External Positioning  

Studio Practice 3A External Positioning EGRD3013