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architectural portfolio ALINE CORRĂŠA ZANCHET

Observation Sketches (2011) - Hand-drawn with Canson paper for drawing and B/2B/4B pencils

Vegetation Sketches (2011) - Hand-drawn with B pencil, color pencil, 0.2/0.5/0.8 nankin pens, and Steadler Fineliner

Freehand drawing. Developed for the class of Graphic Languages I and II, between March and December, 2011


Hybrid Drawing - computer editing softwares + hand drawing (2013)

Marker paper + watercolor pens (2012)

Parchment paper+ watercolor pencils (2012)

Experimentations with differents methods and materials in the composition of the drawing Developed for the class of Architectural Drawing III, between May and July, 2013.


Early Stages

Finalization Stage

The Schroeder House by Rietveld, was the theme of the final work of the class Models, in the begining of the course. It was a compilation of our learnings at making models. Dated of June and July, 2011.


The Tree House Design was developed for the class of Architectural Design II, on April, 2013. Its main intention was to transmit the idea of a calm, quiet place, where you can go to recharge your batteries, and be connected with nature. My inspiration was, literally, in the clouds.


Academic Designs

Located in a inner neighborhood of Porto Alegre - RS, this exercise proposes a space for the local community to use and enjoy.

Santa Maria Goretti Community Center This design was developed for the class of Architectural Design I Orientors: Edson Mahfuz and SĂ­lvia LeĂŁo Finished in January, 2013

The building contains a coffee bar on first floor, a library on second floor and a events room on thrid floor, plus a volume of vertical circulation.

Santa Maria Goretti Community Center The outer space is constituted by a playground, a skateboard rink and a bocce court. Also, there are benches and living spaces all along the way.

Due to its construction system the floor plan is partially empty which allows the passage through the building, satisfying a request of the local people.

The façades are properly protected from insolation,without losing the benefit of illumination., with movables elements of sun protection on east and west façades. On the South façade, the light enters freely, providing a nice enviroment of work inside de building.

West façade

North façade

Santa Maria Goretti Community Center

East façade

South façade

Located in ItapuĂŁ, in Porto Alegre, the Hotel Design Nube frames a gorgeous view of nature and the Guaiba River. It is composed by sixteen independent units.

Nube Hotel Design This design was developed in colaboration with Pedro Pupe for the class of Architectural Design II Orientors: Andrea Machado e AngĂŠlica Ponzio Finished in July, 2013

The landscaping disposition was inspired in a dreamcatcher, as can be seen in its radial centrality. The decks and landscape formats’ inspiration came from the types of clouds plus the free forms of Burle Marx’s gardens.

Nube Hotel Design




Moodboards done early in the process of the design

The curves at the exterior space are delimited by different types of vegetation or paving

Nube Hotel Design

The existing vegetation were preserved as well as the natural local rocks

As it is a team work, the units were separated in two different decks. Intentionally contrasting with the free forms, my units are pretty square.

first floor plan

Steel Frame Structural Scheme

second floor plan

Nube Hotel Design

There is a propose of a furniture in the kitchen which is influenciated by the free forms at implantation.. [As can be seen in the model of it.]

Located in a central neighborhood of Porto Alegre - RS, this exercise proposal is a residential complex with a public quality space in the middle.

Cidade Baixa Residential Complex This design was developed in colaboration with Felipe Gewehr for the class of Architectural Design III Orientors: Clรกudia Cabral and Maria Luisa Sanvitto. Finished in December, 2013

Cidade Baixa Residential Complex The units are disposed inverted alternating one another, such in plan as in height. This cause a rhythm which combines with the surrouding neighborhood.

The condominium is composed by sixteen equal units of two bedroom houses with an atelier in ground floor.

Cidade Baixa Residential Complex Taking advantage of its central location, the complex also counts with a services’ volume, which are a book store coffee on the first floor, and a gym on the second floor.

The public inner space is inspired by the famous Barcelona’s block. Due to this central square, the ground floors dedicated to trade and services, can easily be accessed.

Cidade Baixa Residential Complex

The square is composed by modules of benches and pergola with vegetation, which improves the quality of open space.

The living room on third floor allows a better insolation and ventilation, and it is also more private. It also includes a open terrace where the view can be enjoyed.

Cidade Baixa Residential Complex The houses, two by two, share a private yard what enables both units’ users go to the inner square or go out to the street.

Photography is something that makes me very thrilled. I know I have a lot to learn about it yet, but I really enjoy doing it.


Born and raised in Porto Alegre, South Brazil. Undergraduated student of Architecture and Urbanism at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Already interned in a Interior Architecture Design office as a technical drawing assistant and as a 3D models developer and also at the image rendering. Have been monitor of the Art and Architecture History class for two semesters, giving extra lessons and as assistant in the research team.


Aline Zanchet - Portfolio  

Architectural Portfolio for the Application Process UUK - Sept/2014