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Everything good is forgotten old Fall/Winter 2015-16


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Editor: Alina Tceplukhova 2

INTRODUCTION For the last 30 years, the western world has been living at an extremely fast pace. The eastern world has now joined them in the same lifestyle. Life gets faster and faster from year to year because multitasking is now a necessity and technology continues its steady march forward. This modern, fast-paced life style has made people to want to stop, take a breath,

and re-think their lives. They have a need to re-evaluate their values and life in general. The opportunity to look into the past at the values of previous generations and to learn about other cultures, religions, and values, makes life more interesting and complete, while at the same time, somewhat more complicated as well. Traveling has become more afford3

able than ever, and gives people the opportunity to see other countries and enjoy other cultural events and places. Literature, TV shows, and movies that are based on history educate and increase our interest in very different subjects. Further, diversity of ideas is now very important to us and technology has become so ubiquitous, that we almost don’t even

notice it anymore. As a result, fashion, architecture, and interior design are now one big mix of classic items, hi-technologies, and new ideas, all influenced by ethnic diversity and a slight touch of fairy tales; something we all need so desperately in our lives.


NOBILITY OF LINES The art of wearing an ideal suit is back. High quality fabrics, perfect tailoring, and the skill of being a gentleman are required again. Popular TV shows, such as Downtown Abbey, Mad Men, and Sherlock have brought nostalgia for the tradition of costume back to the forefront. The influence of this nostalgia can be seen not only in fashion design, but also in interior design, architecture, and lifestyle in

general. The three-piece suit is back for men, but in a new manner: different patterns and colors are being put together and unexpected accessories such as parkas and sport hats are being worn. Men evaluated the old style and have converted it into the new modern classic. Ladies are trending towards men’s suit again, as well as perfectly fitted dresses. 5

People are getting tired of cold, unwelcoming, hi-tech, modern houses, and have begun to add details from different eras and styles with all kind of technologies. The old saying “My home is my castle“ perfectly illustrates new trend in interior and exterior design of private houses.


The dandy is back! English gentlemen carefully pick each detail of their outfits and can spend hours getting dressed are the reincarnation of gentleman of old. Of course, these outfits have different twists to them. For example: leather pants, three different types of plaid in the same outfit, or full beards.


Mr. Oscar Wilde should be very proud of his followers.


Berry smoothie with its dark purple, bright pink, and delicious blush and ash rose tones make it an interesting and feminine mix. The addition of some light brown and cold blue makes it the perfect cocktail for a classic suit and it does not matter if a woman or a man wears it. The retro look with its floral wallpapers, hand-written cards, and on very personal items is back. Heritage is popular again.




Clean lines are everything now. Perfect coats, perfect collars, perfect chairs, and perfect coffee tables are only a few examples of this trend. People are looking for simplicity, elegance, a mix of femininity and masculinity, and obviously, perfect execution.


FABRICS &PRINTS Wool blends are the best for suits and coats; especially herringbone, pinstripe wool, plaid, and tweed. Taffeta and cotton blends can be used when lighter fabrics are called for such as in over pieces.



WELCOME BACK, LADIES The sweet and sour mix of colors for interior design, which translates into other areas of design such as fashion, architecture, etc., is back. Flowers are presented in many forms and many colors. Women decide what they would like to wear, but TV shows and movies, such as Downtown Abbey, Mad Men, The Hobbit, and

The Hunger Games have brought nostalgia about the old times, when women were dressing up every day. This translates into a manner of dress that is elegant, but with some modern twists. There is now more appreciation for fairy-like and princess-like dresses and attitudes. 15


In an era of modern technology and declining privacy, the current generation is looking for mystery and a sense of adventure, which can be found in old books and movies. 17

Designers and artists show us that femininity is now highly desired in our society. Women can have power and social rights and still be feminine and full of mystique.





The classic style might seem to be boring in fashion terms, but there are opportunities to add eccentric details. Some conservative fashion brands with great heritages continue to have very bright, unusual accessories. We just need to check old portraits for inspiration.


FABRICS &PRINTS Floral patterns with some animal pattern additions, lace, embroidery, silk, satin, taffeta, and chiffon are the main players this season. Rococo has had its modern revival. However, it is not as intense or strong as previous iterations. Femininity and shine are everywhere.



PRECIOUS There is famous saying that diamonds are girl’s best friend, and modern ladies certainly agree with that statement. Jewelry is not considered an old-style accessory anymore. Costume jewelry has been a trend since Coco Chanel, and it continues to be popular. It ranges from affordable to very expensive depending on what you are look-

ing for. Fine jewelry has come back as life-long classic pieces, as well as more modern unique pieces. However, artists are going even further by using regal pieces as part of evening outfits, or making each dress, handbag, pair of shoes, or pair of gloves into a piece of art by using extensive amounts of embroidery, which may include crystals and precious stones. 25



Pastel colors look perfect for this trend - they can smooth the rich effect of shiny silver, yellow and white gold, and precious stones. Every piece, whether furniture or jewelry, should be covered in details. More is better. Shinier is better. More expensive looking is better.



Stone, crystals, patina, and gilding are used not only for furniture and jewelry, but also for clothing, shoes, and other accessories (such as purses, sunglasses, gloves, hair accessories, etc.).


Gold was a sign of wealth for many centuries, but these days people don’t need a fortune to have an outfit with golden details or embroidery. Today, it is question of preferences and personal style, but golden baroque and byzantine details, stones, and rich embroidery, are going to be popular once again; not only in fashion, but in interior design and architecture design as well.



FABRICS &PRINTS Satin, silk embroidery, silk satin organza, lace - the more the better; the shinier the better. That is new motto for the season. Colorful solutions look pretty on any garment. More subtle colors could be used as well, as long as the garment shines.



SILENCE Global warming has became an extremely popular topic. Until recently, the population was more concerned about warming in the future and how it would affect humankind. However, more recently, we faced very cold winters. This has altered views. Places, which never experienced severe winters and large

amounts of snow were frozen solid last two years. Some citizens saw the white substance called snow for first time in their lives without traveling up north. As a consequence, warm items such as fur, leather, wool, and other natural materials have become much more popular for the fall/winter season. The automobile industry 35

keeps improving in its products, so a motorists can drive safely no matter how cold it is. Companies, which offer new technologies to keep houses warm in an eco-friendly way will expand more towards the south. Recently, designers have been displaying the warmest collections in a very long time. Fur coats are everywhere.

These can take the form of the classic fur coat, but some have a preference for neon or abstract print furs. Winter accessories will become more important to fashion customers: more variations of gloves, more types of hats, etc. Further, scarves will become more popular, and the muff will likely have a re-birth. 36

We miss fairy tales from childhood. It is time to revisit our fantasies about uncharted lands, nonexistent creatures, and warriors with beautiful queens. The Snow Queen might be one of the most popular fictional characters in the upcoming winter, especially given all of the recent movies and cartoons in which she was featured.



It seems to be perfect for a few days in a castle in the mountains while enjoying a pretty view of a snowy forest from the window. A reunion with nature and its appreciation are needed like never before. 39

Modern classics, neutral colors, warm rugs, cozy blankets, and loyal companion will help anyone ride out the winter in pleasure and comfort.



A good bonfire outside or a fireplace inside will keep everyone warm in any weather, as well as provide a perfect place to socialize with friends and family.


Winter is cold, and we all want to stay warm and cozy. Fur, leather and wool are perfect for this time of year. Even accessories and interior objects should feel warm.



FABRICS &PRINTS Cashmere, wool, fur, leather, boucle, satin panel print for light shirts or pants, and knits were used to make this winter warm. Customers simply need to add embroidery, sequins, or pieces with shiny surfaces to make garments more glamorous.



NEW ETHNIC The desire of current society is to re-think the past, take best from it, and mix it with modern technologies and diversity. This diversity means that representatives of cultures around the world can live in the same city and even in the same building. Different cultural influences can be seen in beading (which is placed on shoes), clothing, and/ or furniture. However, cultural in-


fluence is not as straight forward as before: designers use it as a part of their overall composition. Further, we can see not only African influence, but also garments from other ethnic minorities from the east. Designers revise and apply our history in a new way. Urban life-style clashes with tribal and classic styles such as when bright colors and native patterns are used in graffiti-like prints.



The art of weaving and beading is back as a part of the retro-movement. Classic tartan print has returned as well. Neither of them are exactly what they were before, and typically contain some ethnic references. 50

The western world has become more and more interested in the traditions of eastern and African cultures. This extends not only to big cultures like India and China, but also to countries and minorities they typically know little about, like Turkmenistan and Tatary. This fresh, new view helps to not only add more details to fashion, but also to incorporate different lifestyles and values into our lives.

Ethnic motifs have successfully transferred to clothing, jewelry, furniture, and home decoration. Many times, these influences are subtle or mixed with other inspirations, but we can still recognize them. Sometimes it is only color, sometimes it is just a silhouette. Designers do not want to make it as straight forward as they have in the past.



FABRICS &PRINTS Patterns, patterns, and even more patterns this season. There is a huge selection of colors to choose from: they might be very bright or almost neon like in Asian countries, or can be more subtle and dark. Some patterns are more folkloric, and some more eastern. Almost any fabric can be used, but they should be lighter in nature.



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